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  • Title: Scottish Brides
  • Author: Christina Dodd Stephanie Laurens Julia Quinn Karen Ranney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • A land of legend and wild beauty of clans, lairds, honour, and passion Scotland forever stirs the soul of romance Now, in one incomparable volume, four of Avon Romance s bestselling authors present stirring tales of hearts won and weddings to be, featuring a quartet of unforgettable heroines about to discover the rapture of love in a world as untamed as the men they wA land of legend and wild beauty of clans, lairds, honour, and passion Scotland forever stirs the soul of romance Now, in one incomparable volume, four of Avon Romance s bestselling authors present stirring tales of hearts won and weddings to be, featuring a quartet of unforgettable heroines about to discover the rapture of love in a world as untamed as the men they will one day marry
    Christina Dodd Stephanie Laurens Julia Quinn Karen Ranney
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    Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness
    Summed up Rating of all 4 novellas ! - 3.5 Stars~4 Stars :D Under the Kilt by Christina Dodd- 2 Stars :/No content at all really. Only completed this because it was a novella.Otherwise a definite DNF !Rose in Bloom by Stephanie Laurens -5 Stars ! This one was by far the best of the bunch ! I just did NOT want this book to end ! Loved it <3 Gretna Greene by Julia Quinn-4 Stars As a JQ fan,I found it quite easy to pick this one as hers out of the lot.So if your a fan of her usual reads filled w [...]

    Cuatro historias entretenidas, sencillas y en las que como todo relato corto que se precie, la trama queda demasiado colgada y en algunas de ellas habría necesitado más chicha para que me acabara de gustar.Aún así, las que más me han gustado han sido las dos últimas.

    Under the Kilt: Hadden storms back into Andra's life after a brief but passionate affair to see the famed marriage kilt of her family and to win her back.This was one of the weaker installments, with Andra being too lofty and shrewish, and the romance was too incomplete, since we come in on the middle of it.Rose in Bloom: Childhood friends Duncan and Rose are reunited at Duncan's home with both of their potential spouses and discover that their adversarial relationship has turned to something de [...]

    Overall 3.5 stars. My favorite one was "The Glenlyon Bride" - it had all the Scottish magic that I love so it gets 5 stars.

    leído en Enero 2014**3.5 estrellasSon 4 relatos cortos de estas autoras que a pesar de ser muy cortos logran emocionar, enamorar, divertir y suspirar y lo más importante entretener!!Bajo la Manta Escocesa por Christina Dodd: Hadden Fairchild es un inglés acaudalado que no está acostumbrado a que le rechacen, sino más bien a que le persigan por su fortuna. Es por esa razón que Hadden ha estado enfurruñado los dos últimos meses a causa de la escocesa Andra MacNachtan, la última de su clan [...]

    I'm not a huge fan of novellas I always feel that there isn't enough time for character development.I was pleasantly surprise by this short story collection as I felt that the character building was great. Although the conflicts resolution and feelings realisation at the end of the story was a bit rushed. That why this book doesn't get more stars from me.Ligth and easy read overall. My favorite story is of course, JQ's one <3

    Yelania Nightwalker
    Cuatro Novias es una antología de novelas cortas de romance histórico, por ello les dejaré mis comentarios sobre cada una de ellas para que puedan hacerse una idea. Al final a mí me ha encantado completamente. Bajo la manta escocesa, Christina Dodd -->4/5 En un principio me pareció confusa y como no sabía por dónde iba la cosa estuve a punto de saltarme esta historia (ahora sé que forma parte de una serie que tiene esta autora). Me encanta poder decir que no lo hice porque una vez p [...]

    i have a great time reading this. since the book is a compilation of short stories by 4 authors i have to say it allows me to experience different styles of writing. the main reason i read this was because thereare no other books by Julia Quinn in the campus's library resulting me to grab the only available book by her. well here's my opinion on the stories. please be noted that english literature is not any of my major.Christina Dodd (Under the kilt)honestly, i was frowning nearly all the time [...]

    Anna D.
    4 stars - Rose in Bloom (Duncan & Rose)I really enjoyed this short story. Even though we only see glimpses of their shared childhood we get a sense of how well the h/h really know each other. I liked that the hero is the strong, brooding, silent type (but he’ll sing at the request of his motherhaha) and the heroine is mature, capable, and independent (but melts when near Duncan) – their weaknesses (if you can even call them that) are very sweet. **Spoiler alert** One thing I didn’t lik [...]

    Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    An anthology full of hot Scottish dudes was I supposed to resist?Under the Kilt by Christina Dodd3.5 StarsOne slippery Scottish lass with abandonement issues and the wily Englishman determined to catch her, let the fun begin!I know this one is part of a series, and if the series is as cute, romantic and a touch naughty like this short story was then I think I need to look for the first book! It was a good start to the anthology.Rose in Bloom by Stephanie Laurens3 StarsRose was always a thorn in [...]

    As a whole, I loved this book, and I always find anthologies are a great way to learn about authors you may not have picked up before. The only story I had an issue with in this book was the first one by Christina Dodd. I didn't really find a "story" in it. It was more like the man was saying "Remember that one night we had? Well I am going to force that upon you again until you agree to marry me." And then it was over. Thankfully it was the first story in the book though and the other three qui [...]

    I've had this anthology for years, not even sure where I got it. I usually don't do romance anthologies, though I'm a huge fan of non-romance short stories. I was going to put it in my swap/sell pile, but as three of the authors in this collection are authors I really, really like, I think I'll give it a read first. Ok finished. Took my time with this one, lots of breaks, but finally got it done. Call me silly, but I liked it, all four of the stories were nice. Will get a review done up soon :)

    This is a collection of 4 short romance stories set in and around Scotland during the Regency. I couldn't finish the first story (the Christina Dodd, "Under the Kilt"), because of the really nasty rape-but-she-wants-it scene halfway through. The other three stories were fun, and light, and I enjoyed them.

    I had varying ratings for the stories in Scottish Brides, so I'm not giving it an overall rating. Under the Kilt by Christina Dodd: 1 starRose in Bloom by Stephanie Laurens: 3 starsGretna Green by Julia Quinn: 3 starsThe Glenlyon Bride by Karen Ranney: 2 stars

    I wanted to give it a 3.5

    Déborah Muñoz
    Reseña relato por relato y más en escriboleeo

    Laura J.
    sugary sweetI'm a fan of Karen Ranney but thought her story very bland. Julia Quinn's story tried for humour but came off as too cute. And Stephanie Laurens' was dull.

    Overall rating: 4 starsUnder the Kilt by Christina Dodd: 3.5 starsWhile we eventually get the backstory further into the novella, the beginning was too vague on explaining why Hadden seems to be pursuing Andra who is just not interested. I liked the ending.Rose in Bloom by Stephanie Laurens: 5 starsThis one was the most believable of the four short stories. We're told the backstory, there is tension provided by other love interests, and there is a rather exciting adventure that seems to solidify [...]

    Four overall stars. Four very different stories, skillfully told by four talented authors. Under the Kilt - Christina Dodd 3 stars. This one is the weakest of the four because it's very obviously part of a series and there is not enough space for the back story to be explained. Rose in Bloom by Stephanie Laurens 4.5 stars. This is the best of the four. It's a complete book on its own with a very engaging story. Gretna Greene by Julia Quinn. Four stars. Very entertaining read from a favorite. Ang [...]

    Some great stories from some amazing women. I had never read Stephanie Laurens, but I was familiar with the other three. Christina Dodd's story was my least favorite and seemed most out of place. Both main characters were shallowly made and there was no romance, only a guy wanting to have another row in the sheets. As for the other three authors, they each spun a beautiful Scottish romance, some of them I wish would have been longer, especially Laurens and Quinn's parts (Quinn is definitely the [...]

    Yohana Arrows
    En realidad leí la historia corta de Julia Quinn. Me gustó mucho.Es un poco de lo mismo, una historia de romance. También es un poco remoto que algo así pase, sin embargo no olvido que es ficción y que lo importante es sentarse y disfrutar la historia.

    La mejor: Duncan y Rosa (aunque me faltó saber que paso con La mala leche de La chica que pretendia Duncan)La que menos me gusto: la manta matrimonial (o como se llame) En general un poco simplonas y que queda con bastantes interrogantes para mi gusto en una historia corta

    Cada historia tuvo su encanto, aunque las 2 últimas se llevan de encuentro a las primeras. :D

    Camila Cullen Masen
    El último fue el que más me gustó, están increíbles todos <3

    Maxi Bolongaita
    I didn't like all of it, but it was good. The cherry on this super sweet cake was the Gretna Greene story by my favorite Julia Quinn. Good stuff, perfect to read while waiting in line or something.

    I give this 4 stars for the last three stories. The first story I'd only give maybe 2 stars. Too non-consensual for me.

    me gustaron los cuatro relatos pero el que me pareció muy tonto fue el primero

    Four historical romances. Varied in quality and interest.

    I loved the Julia Quinn story.

    Difficult to review an anthology. It was overall sweet and entertaining, my personal preference was the story by Julia Quinn because of the light hearted humour that was weaved into the plot.

    • [PDF] Ä Free Read ↠ Scottish Brides : by Christina Dodd Stephanie Laurens Julia Quinn Karen Ranney ✓
      343 Christina Dodd Stephanie Laurens Julia Quinn Karen Ranney
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