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  • Title: The Soup Bone
  • Author: Tony Johnston Margot Tomes
  • ISBN: 9780152772550
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Hardcover

  • One lonely Halloween night an old lady who lives on top of a hill decides to cook herself some soup As she digs in the garden searching for a soup bone, she makes the acquaintance of a lively skeleton, and spends a riotous evening playing tricks with him, finally agreeing to be friends Full color illustrations.
    Tony Johnston Margot Tomes
    Tony Johnston has written many acclaimed books for young people She and her husband lived in Mexico for fifteen years, where they raised their children She now lives in San Marino, California.


    Bookstork Buzz
    THE SOUP BONE is rather fun and with just enough spook for the kiddies.A little old lady lived on top of a hill. It was Halloween. She loved that night. But nobody every came to visit her on Halloween. Her house was too high up. The little old lady felt lonely. And she felt hungry. So she put some things in a pot.BUT:.There was no soup bone. Not one.Where could a soup bone be? In the garden? Yes! And not one bone or two bones or three bones but many, many bones - a whole ‘bone-'a-fide bone-chi [...]

    I would give one and a half stars to The Soup Bone. I thought at first that this book might be just another retelling of the old jump story about the woman finding a bone for her soup in the graveyard, but if Tony Johnston's book is based on that tale at all, then she changed it around very nicely. The result is an intriguing mix of humor and some depth, as the woman comes to realize that she didn't much like being all alone, and that when she was able to find a potential friend regardless of th [...]

    Yarima Morfin
    What do you get when you mix Halloween, a skeleton, dog and a lady? Spookiness! That's for sure! This book is great for Halloween but it also has a moral to the story that in the end will make you say "AW" it is funny and unusual. I re-read this story about 3 times, its longer than most picture books but it is worth it. The story is comedic and the pictures are really entertaining. In the end all you need is a friend who is just like you, and you will never be lonely again! Dive into the comical [...]

    This story felt a little scary to me as I read it to my three-year old. I wasn't quite sure how it was going to turn out! The old woman changes the tone, however, when she frightens what scares her. A very real depiction of the way we pass fear back and forth between us. I loved the transformation of loneliness into companionship at the end. Although my six-year old objected to the ending: "I thought they said no more scaring!"

    I had not see this title in some years. A scary Halloween story best read to school age children, even fourth and fifth graders. Who is more afraid of whom in this story. I have always enjoyed Margot Tomes' illustrations.

    This is a fun little story about friendship. The kiddo's were cracking up throughout the book and enjoyed the pictures.dragonflowersandbooks

    This was a random find on the library shelf -- and it's so good! A great Halloween story.

    Jimmy B Grande
    It's a strange story, fitting for Halloween. It was brought to me in February so that made it a bit stranger. Good use of alliteration and onomatopoeia with a nice ending.

    This Halloween story has the perfect amount of spooky-creepy vibe without being too cutes-y or too scary.

    I loved the illustrations but there wasn't really a story.

    jenna nims
    pretty good little story - skeleton and an old woman become friends

    Amanda Klich
    My kids love this book. Every Halloween we read it. It's become traditional for my family, like 'Twas the night Before Christmas is a tradition on Christmas Eve. :)

    This is a strange story about a lady who befriends a skeleton. Though it takes place during Halloween, that is only a minor part of the story. There is one scene involving a dog, who is clearly a person in a costume, but it doesn't say that so the tone is a little unnerving.

    • ↠ The Soup Bone || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Tony Johnston Margot Tomes
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