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  • Title: Hotspur
  • Author: Rita Mae Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • In her well received novel Outfoxed, Rita Mae Brown vividly and deftly brought to life the genteel world of foxhunting, where hunters, horses, hounds, and foxes form a tightly knit community amidst old money and simmering conflicts With Hotspur, we return to the Southern chase and to a hunt on the trail of a murderer.Jane Sister Arnold may be in her seventies, but she sIn her well received novel Outfoxed, Rita Mae Brown vividly and deftly brought to life the genteel world of foxhunting, where hunters, horses, hounds, and foxes form a tightly knit community amidst old money and simmering conflicts With Hotspur, we return to the Southern chase and to a hunt on the trail of a murderer.Jane Sister Arnold may be in her seventies, but she shows no signs of losing her love for the Hunt As Master of the prestigious Jefferson Hunt Club in a well heeled Virginia Blue Ridge Mountain town, she is the most powerful and revered woman in the county She can assess the true merits of a man or a horse with uncanny skill In short, Sister Jane is not easily duped.When the skeleton of Nola Bancroft, still wearing an exquisite sapphire ring on her finger, is unearthed, it brings back a twenty one year old mystery Beautiful Nola was a girl who had male admirers than her family had money, which was certainly quite a feat In a world where a woman s ability to ride was considered one of her most important social graces, Nola was queen of the stable She had a weakness for men, and her tastes often ventured towards the inappropriate, like the sheriff s striking son, Guy Ramy But even Guy couldn t keep her eyes from wandering.When Nola and Guy disappeared on the Hunt s ceremonial first day of cubbing than two decades ago, everyone assumed one of two things Guy and Nola eloped to escape her family s disapproval or Guy killed Nola in a jealous rage and vanished But Sister Jane had never bought either of those theories.Sister knows that all the players are probably still in place, the old feuds haven t died, and the sparks that led to a long ago murder could flare up at any time Hotspur brings all of Rita Mae Brown s storytelling gifts to the fore It s a tale of Southern small town manners and rituals, a compelling and intricate murder mystery, and a look at the human animal relationship in all its complexity and charm.From the Hardcover edition.
    Rita Mae Brown
    Rita Mae Brown is a prolific American writer, most known for her mysteries and other novels Rubyfruit Jungle She is also an Emmy nominated screenwriter.Brown was born illegitimate in Hanover, Pennsylvania She was raised by her biological mother s female cousin and the cousin s husband in York, Pennsylvania and later in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.Starting in the fall of 1962, Brown attended the University of Florida at Gainesville on a scholarship In the spring of 1964, the administrators of the racially segregated university expelled her for participating in the civil rights movement She subsequently enrolled at Broward Community College 3 with the hope of transferring eventually to a tolerant four year institution.Between fall 1964 and 1969, she lived in New York City, sometimes homeless, while attending New York University 6 where she received a degree in Classics and English Later, when she received another degree in cinematography from the New York School of Visual Arts citation needed Brown received a Ph.D in literature from Union Institute University in 1976 and holds a doctorate in political science from the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.Starting in 1973, Brown lived in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles In 1977, she bought a farm in Charlottesville, Virginia where she still lives 9 In 1982, a screenplay Brown wrote while living in Los Angeles, Sleepless Nights, was retitled The Slumber Party Massacre and given a limited release theatrically.During Brown s spring 1964 semester at the University of Florida at Gainesville, she became active in the American Civil Rights Movement Later in the 1960s, she participated in the anti war movement, the feminist movement and the Gay Liberation movement.Brown took an administrative position with the fledgling National Organization for Women, but resigned in January 1970 over Betty Friedan s anti gay remarks and NOW s attempts to distance itself from lesbian organizations She claims she played a leading role in the Lavender Menace zap of the Second Congress to Unite Women on May 1, 1970, which protested Friedan s remarks and the exclusion of lesbians from the women s movement.In the early 1970s, she became a founding member of The Furies Collective, a lesbian feminist newspaper collective in Washington, DC, which held that heterosexuality was the root of all oppression.Brown told Time magazine in 2008, I don t believe in straight or gay I really don t I think we re all degrees of bisexual There may be a few people on the extreme if it s a bell curve who really truly are gay or really truly are straight Because nobody had ever said these things and used their real name, I suddenly became in the late 1970s the only lesbian in America.

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    A fun book in many ways, mostly because Brown captures horse & fox hunting people so well. It gets 5 stars for that. Sister reminds me a lot of my mother, who is also 71 (72 next week) and still charges about on horseback 4 or 5 times a week with her local hunt. Mom's not a Master, but was a Whip for a couple of decades & she carried a .38 pistol in that job. Some scenes were just perfect. Brown really captures the thrill of the chase & the fact that's what it is. While it's called F [...]

    I'm really enjoying this series. The mysteries are okay, but the back stories and the social interactions of both the people and the animals are what make these books lots of fun to read. I love how well the author gives voices to the animals and has them talk with each other.

    I loved this.It's not the first in this series, but I totally fell in love with the whole thing: the crazy-privileged fox-hunters, the certainty within the text that American fox-hunting is very different from English fox-hunting, getting all the thoughts of the animals All of a sudden it's not so odd that Rita Mae Brown credits her cat with co-authoring her mysteries.It harked back to one of the guilty pleasures of my late teens - Francine Pascal's "Caitlin" series. I don't think Francine Pasca [...]

    Phyllis Gauker
    I've read a lot of Rita Mae Brown books where animals talk, but this is the only one where my heart beat faster at the description of the fox hunt! I grew up in Virginia so always enjoy these books set in Virginia because of the colloquial language etc. but I am from a part of Virginia where fox hunting was not well known, so it was all news to me. She certainly is able to catch (or remember?) the ways in which Virginians are able to say what they think without saying specifics. Living by hintin [...]

    The question above this dialogue box is "What did you think?" Well, only into the second book and I think that the Jefferson Hunt Club is going to be quite small at the end of the series. I like the human intrigues. For instance, Sister Jane wonders why she is attracted to the newcomer Walter Lungrun, he somehow reminds her of her deceased husband. Of course we all know this is because he is her husband's son from a dalliance long ago. Can it get better? Yes. Guess who is the murderer in this bo [...]

    Sharon Samms
    Love the Sister Jane Series!This is the 2nd time I've read the Sister Jane series and each time, I find out something I missed the last time I read the book! My favorite of Rita Mae Brown's books is Riding Shotgun ~ a fantastic time travel novel! Check it out!Although I normally don't care for science fiction unless it's time travel, then I usually love it!🐱

    way too much detail about fox hunting, which is too pompous for me. But the plot was entertaining

    DNF. Really boring.

    Very nice series progression. Miss Brown continues the reader's education on foxhunting while giving us THREE new murders to solve. And when the murderer was revealed I was surprised but my guess had been close. I have to complain about the author not paying close enough attention to her animal characters, in the previous book Aztec was a mare and in this one she is a gelding? Ugh! That and I think she forgot that Doug is supposed to be a part of Jefferson Hunt as described in Peter Wheeler's wi [...]

    Probably 1 and a half stars for me, but I was able to skim through this book quickly on a noisy train ride so I'm glad it wasn't the kind of book I normally respond to. This one is for fans of foxhunting US style, but also fans of animals with great enough insight that they talk to each other philosophically. Argh! I had never heard of author until I visited library the other day and the author was speaking there that day. ThusI did give her a try, but won't revisit this series. Perhaps the auth [...]

    I read this book which is the second in the series only because this was the book actually assigned by my bookclub. I would actually give this book between two-three stars but that is because I enjoyed it more than the first book. I think that is because I already had a basic knowledge of fox hunting from the first book, the book went faster, the murder happened early and had a much more interesting story, and much to my surprise I am actually invested in the characters now. Someday I might actu [...]

    #2 in the Sister Jane, Virginia fox hunting mystery series. The title comes from the character in Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 1 play, so there are several references to the play that help Sister Jane unravel the mystery. In this novel, two deaths from 20 years previous influence the actions and events of the story along with a new murder. A very good story with a lot of fox hunting information thrown in and a supporting cast of good characters. A different aspect to these stories are the talkin [...]

    I picked this book up at Half Priced Books on a lark. I knew very little about foxhunting but I enjoy books about horses and people who ride so I gave it a chance. It turned out to be a really nice decision. After 20 years a body is discover buried on the hunting grounds of the Jefferson Hunt Club. The body belongs to Nola Bancroft who disappeared, along with boyfriend Guy Ramy. This discovery sets the who hunt club into a spin and secrets are revealed one after the other until the thrilling fin [...]

    Becky Galambos
    Original read March 2012 - Excellent series. Very glad that she has a glossary for those of us who are not familiar with foxhunting. Just wish it was in the front so we'd find it before we finished the book2014- still very good and easier to follow now that I am getting the hang of foxhunting speak.2016 - Same as 2014, except now I know all the characters in the series very well and can pick up on things I didn't before.

    I just discovered this author. I'm really enjoying it and am learning so muhch about American fox hunting as opposed to the sport in England. Ms. Brown is a good writer; each book develops the characters more, and "Sister" Jane Arnold becomes more interesting to me. I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I love the way we hear the animal's thoughts and conversations with each other.

    R.E. Conary
    It was hard to decide if "I liked it" (3-stars) or if it was 'Just OK" (2-stars). I liked the major character, Sister (Jane Arnold). She's bright and sarcastic and puts up with a lot. But for the most part the story was pretty pedestrian and lacked the drive and passion of Brown's "Ruby Fruit Jungle."

    Love retreating into the Virginia countryside, even though the mystery and its resolution is silly. Sister Jane and company unearth the remains of two lusty riders of the hunt club after 20 years. To flush the murderer from their riding club, she and her trusty allies mount a ghostly appearance. Great fun.

    Sister and her maddening group are at it again. Murder most foul, if you count the horse dung, or the behavior of the rich and obnoxious, at the Hunt club. But don't count Sister out yet. She 's a clever old broad, and sh knows her people. From the top of the food chain to the bottom of the barrel. But just because some one is poor doesn't make them guilty of murder?

    Horses, foxhounds, beautiful scenery, and people living a lifestyle I could never afford in a million years… what's not to like? Sister Jane is the person I want to be when I grow up.Although I found the climax pretty unlikely, it was still an engaging read. I know I'll come back and read more in this series.

    I learned a lot about fox huntingbut there were many times when I felt like I needed to know more before I read would have been nice to have the glossary in the front of th book, where I would have noticed it before I finished the book. The neatest part was having the animals as characters - I enjoyed their conversations with each other!

    I really liked this book. I like the author's writing style. You see things from the people's perspective and also the animals. This book is quite similar to the first book. I am worried that the books will follow the same plot/story each time. I'm going to try the third book in the series and hope for something just a bit different to make me really glad that I kept reading this series.

    Funny and witty mystery novel. Very light, but good read. As an animal lover, enjoyed how the animals interacted too.Sometimes it was silly, but good to the last page. I plan on reading others by Brown.

    Susan Miller
    Enjoying this series very much. I can picture myself out riding with Sister and the other characters. Love reading the animals point of view. Horseback riding with a good, juicy, murder to solve, what fun!

    Carole Anderson
    The story of this was good; I wasn't sure until the end who-done-it. But there was a little too much information about fox hunting for me. I normally like Rita Mae Brown, but prefer some of her other stories.

    I enjoy Brown's mysteries - light hearted and interesting.

    Another great addition to the series! This really helped me understand the characters better, and being both a horse and dog lover, it was hard to go wrong with me.

    Diane Dean

    With a long list of characters, RM Brown drag-scents her best mystery so far. I wanted to learn about Harriers and Foxhounds, this was a good choice.

    Kae Cheatham
    Personification of animals came off as furry 4-legged humans. Not believable or bearable for me.

    I am so in love with the character Jane Arnold she is 71 yr old Fox Hunt Master and she is fantastic. Her attitude, her wisdome and she just loves her hounds and horses.

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