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  • Title: Switchers
  • Author: Kate Thompson
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  • Page: 314
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Switchers is the introduction of a major fantasy writer of astounding originality.Tess is a switcher she can take on the form of any animal she chooses But she must be alone, as is true of all Switchers Soon she realizes that Kevin is also a Switcher who has been summoned to save the Northern Hemisphere from being destroyed And Kevin needs Tess s help to do it.
    Kate Thompson
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Kate Thompson is an award winning writer for children and adults.She has lived in Ireland, where many of her books are set, since 1981 She is the youngest child of the social historians and peace activists E P Thompson and Dorothy Towers She worked with horses and travelled in India before settling in the west of Ireland with her partner Conor They have two daughters, Cliodhna and Dearbhla She is an accomplished fiddler with an interest in Irish traditional music, reflected in The New Policeman.While Kate Thompson s children s fiction is primarily fantasy, several of her books also deal with the consequences of genetic engineering.She has won the Bisto Children s Book of the Year Award four times, for The Beguilers, The Alchemist s Apprentice, Annan Water and The New Policeman The New Policeman was also awarded the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize, the Whitbread Children s Book Award and the Dublin Airport Authority Children s Book of the Year Award for 2005.


    Clare dooley
    I read the book "Switchers" by Kate Thompson for an honest review. I wanted to give it 3 1/2 stars but the rating system didn't allow for that. By Mousehead standards this book received 4 $ $ $ $ and $0.50 ( 4 1/2 ). Just for the cover alone this book earned points. It caught my eye immediately. It's defiantly a head turner IMO. The book itself is another matter. It was put in the genre YA/ fantasy/sci-fi. I'm a fan of all those categories so I jumped at the chance to read it. It is defiantly me [...]

    So funny how I got to reading this one! The kids & I went to the library to sign them up for the summer reading program & to check out some books for them. Asher went down the YA aisle & came back carrying this book, saying, "Book, Book." I informed him that he was not quite ready to be reading that kind of book yet & placed it on the table to give back to the front desk. After finding some appropriate books for the children, I picked that book up again & got to looking at it [...]

    A short, quick, fun read (probably aimed mostly at the younger end of YA and younger) - I'd have adored this book as a kid, I think, but it was enjoyable enough, if very straightforward, even now. I'm glad I got the entire trilogy, as I'll be wanting to read on!As an added bonus, after spending four days in Dublin last year, I got extra enjoyment out of all the mentions of places and areas I'd been to. It always adds an extra dimension to imagining the settings.

    Amusing but this author needs to learn to keep track of time.

    Switchers was a very interesting concept from the start; the cover is unique and catches the eye. The premise draws the reader in. There were great points about this book, but it wasn't without its flaws. So, though it was an original piece and the journey was interesting, I can't give it more than a 3.One of the best ideas about this story was giving each of the animals a different point of view. I thought this was interesting, as most shape shifters have complete control over the animal and th [...]

    Read when found at Stirabout B&B, Rathdrum, Ireland.Really enjoy Kate Thompson's story-telling and interweaving of fantasy / mythic elements with the current world.

    Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
    Shapeshifters in Ireland.

    N.T. Embe
    Wow. I am seriously delighted and impressed with this book. While it has some concepts in it that weren't exactly aligned with my own thought processes, and while it introduced some other concepts that were surprising, even when they made perfect sense once you had them introduced to you, it was a book that was overall wonderful with fantasy and imagination! It's so great to pick up a book and read about things that are so creative and wonderful. I love being able to experience a story that says [...]

    Amber Scaife
    All children have the ability to 'switch,' to change into whatever animal they imagine, but only a very few realize it. Tess is one of those few, and when she meets up with another switcher, they set off on a quest to figure out why the world seems to be diving into another ice age.Sounds a little scattered, and it is. It's a neat premise, but the two main elements (the switching and the ice age bit) don't gel.

    Olivia Teague
    I rated this book two stars because I felt like it didn’t really have a storyboard to it. Also it kept changing what was happening way to much every like ten sentences it would change and at times it got very confusing. I almost rated it one star but I added the second star because at the end was where all the action started coming in.

    I think at least one of these stars is for nostalgia's sake, as I read this when I was young and found the idea of shapeshifting fascinating. But the plot is very silly and the main character is a classist little prick and I hate her.

    An intriguing premise and plot (although I don't remember much from when I read it). This probably should be read in a full series, though.

    Paula Soper
    Somebody explain to me why they like her books (Yes, I'm going to read one more, just in case)

    I first read this book years ago, probably when I was a grade schooler. Back then, this book was amazing to me and that's why when I saw the title and cover of this book, I instantly remembered this. All I could remember was the beginning when Tess became a squirrel and the ending. I loved this book back then, but this time around, many years later, I didn't enjoy it as much.Tess is a quiet girl who doesn't have many friends. She lives in Ireland and recently moved to a new city, a new town with [...]

    What I learned when I read this book was to never underestimate one. I had just picked out a book from the library, unsure, and this one just sort of appeared. I have a certain taste for certain types of books, and this was obviously the type of book I read in elementary school, though I know that some part of me that had been denying myself the pleasure had always wanted me to keep reading those books. The best thing about them, and I think Katherine Paterson will agree with me on this, is that [...]

    Book InfoKindle Edition, 220 pagesPublished June 18th 2013 by Open Road Media Young Readers (first published September 4th 1997)original title Switchers (Switchers, Book 1)ASIN B00D00WAJQedition language Englishseries Switchers #1other editions (19Source:Kindle version borrowed from Public LibraryBook Buy LinksB&NBOOK SYNOPSISSwitchers is the introduction of a major fantasy writer of astounding originality.Tess is a switcher—she can take on the form of any animal she chooses. But she must [...]

    Wow, it was a book that was overall wonderful with fantasy and imagination! The funniest thing about this book is that, for its length, you'd think it would feel short. But I felt that the book ran just as long as was necessary and ended quite well.It's so great to find a book so creative and wonderful. I love being able to experience a story that says, "Well, why can't we do that? Why can't we do this? We can do the impossible. Who's to say that we can't?" . In here the sky aren't the limit.The [...]

    Young Tess keeps to herself, mostly because of her big secret - the ability to change into any animal at any time. So she is quite bothered when a young man seems to be stalking her at the bus stop. When she finally begins to trust him she finds out they have a lot in common. And for some reason the city's rats are summoning them to the home of a dotty old lady who also knows their secret. This little jaunt escalates into a full-fledged quest to "save the world". The Earth needs to be rescued fr [...]

    I decided to amuse myself on the round trip to my folks' for Easter with an audio book instead of my usual selection of mixes. I give this a big thumbs up, even having been deprived of tape #1 (dunno what happened to it, but it came out sounding so garbled it was like an alien language). It's got your typical YA situation: preteen with special powers is called upon to save the world; they reluctantly accept and succeed in the quest, along the way making new friends and finding out about themselv [...]

    I just finished reading this book and it wasokay. The time line was very bothersome. One moment they were talking about the freezing temps and how to solve the world's problem, then it shifts back to the boy and his family. They also spent way too much time at the old lady's house. It annoyed me to no end! Why did there have to be so many chapters at this house! It took a while to get into the book. Once your there you're stuck at the old lady's house. Then everything after that is rushed all th [...]

    I remember this being a beloved book of mine in junior high. I loved the adventure and the possibility of being whatever animal I wanted, whether real or myth. I'm sure I read it in one sitting and related to the awkward loneliness that comes with adolescence. This time around, I expected a bit more. I still held my childhood reverence for the book, but it didn't really have everything I hoped for or remembered. I mean, rats? You have all the animals in the whole kingdom and you choose rats to s [...]

    Krystl Louwagie
    Audio book 2007 review:I listened to this on audiobook. It was about a girl who could shape shift into any animal she wanted. Eventually a boy found her who had the same talents as her, and he let her know something important/bad was happening to the world. (There were crazy snow storms and lots of people dying). They find out because of their powers they're they only ones who can save the world.The girl, the main character, was extremely annoying, I didn't like her in the book and I would've li [...]

    Pam Torres
    Read the entire review here: soimfifty/2014/03/in-honor-of-st-patricks-day-mmgmmlWhat I found most enjoyable is how well Thompson translated the actions, senses and possible thoughts of the animals that Tess and Kevin changed to. Her characters have real depth and you want to know what is going to happen next. Lizzie, an eccentric old woman often shares wisdom from her own life, "We thinks we has all the time in the world when we's young. And sometimes we doesn't push ourselves hare enough." One [...]

    This is one of seven books I picked up the other day. Unlike the other books, I had no idea what to expect. The back cover gave nothing away. I took a chance, and I'm happy to have done so. Switchers was a very easy read. Flew through this in two days. There are definitely some crazy scenarios that are difficult to buy, but it was still fun. I especially loved the rats. With these scenes, it seemed like the author just let it rip. Overall, I'd recommend it, but it's not going to be for everyone. [...]

    Excalibur Snape
    First I would like to point out that I like netgalley's cover way better.The villains in this book were giant slugs that create ice ages which I found cool another thing that I found cool was that this book had mythical creatures such as phoenix's and dragons. Along with extinct creatures and then everyday creatures.The relationship between Tess and Kevin was adorable.My favourite character is Lizzie the crazy cat woman. She is quite the character.The setting of this story is Dubblin and the Arc [...]

    Kelsie Beaudoin (The Bookworm)
    This book was categorized as middle school, but my 22 year old self loved it just the same. The concept is that there are some people who can shape shift into any animals. Tess is one of these Switchers.She meets another Switcher, Kevin, who has lived on the streets for several years. They become friends, and Kevin asks her to help him with a very important task. Basically, saving the world. And there we have our story.Well written, fantastically imagined, and captivating. This book is a sure 5 [...]

    Tori Horstkamp
    I enjoyed this book quite a bit. The plot was fun, and a bit unexpected- snow slugs freezing everything. I did find it a bit disappointing when my 6 year old sister couldn't turn into a squirrel (jk). Tess is a lonely rich girl in Ireland, with the power to turn into animals, any she chooses. Kevin is a homeless teenager who also has acquired this ability, although he prefers the shape of a rat. They save the world from giant snow slugs, called krools, with the help of Lizzie the cat lady, a gro [...]

    I read this book in 2002 as a fourth grade teacher. When I began teaching second grade, I packed up my older books until Sloane was old enough for them. I only just now got around to unpacking them this week. Switchers was the first book I grabbed to reread. I tried to interest Sloane in it, but she didn't like it. She just finished fifth grade. I think it's the near-constant diet of Harry Potter and Rick Riordan that kept her from appreciating this much more subtle book. I still loved it, thoug [...]

    I FOUND IT! Thank you so much, .This is one of my most beloved books. I read it surely at least two times and I loved it so, so, so much! But then bad stuff happened in my life and I forgot the name and I wasn't able to remember it, but now recommended it to me and I AM SO HAPPY.Guess what I read after the other 22 books on my bedside table?!

    I really liked this book and series, though I wish it had a little bit of romance in it. Midnight's ChoiceWild Blood It seems a little wanting.

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