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  • Title: They Cage the Animals at Night
  • Author: Jennings Michael Burch
  • ISBN: 9780451159410
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback

  • Burch was left at an orphanage and never stayed at any one foster home long enough to make any friends This is the story of how he grew up and gained the courage to reach out for love.
    Jennings Michael Burch
    Jennings Michael Burch Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the They Cage the Animals at Night book, this is one of the most wanted Jennings Michael Burch author readers around the world.


    Caging More Than Just AnimalsInterestingly enough, we got to read this in middle school. We also got to keep the books that were assigned to us. I still remember certain scenes where Jennings, the narrator, and the author of this autobiographical novel either received amazing amounts of love or terrible amounts of abuse.Set in the 1950s, in New York City and its environs, we get the unforgettable account of a few years of Jennings's childhood. With his mother too tired, sick, and beaten down to [...]

    I can't, with this book. I literally can't.The writing isn't perfect, and the character's voice wavers between an innocent, naive 9 year old and someone who is much, much older. It works sometimes, because someone who's been through his experiences will be older beyond his years. It just seemed at times the author was trying to include that "out of the mouth of babes, incredibly insightful" voice. However, I did appreciate that no one was really cast as the "bad guy," because everyone in his fam [...]

    Winter Sophia Rose
    Insightful, Touching, Eye Opening, Heartbreaking & Mesmerizing! A Courageous Read! I Loved It!

    They Cage the Animals at Night is the inspiring story of a young boy's childhood life. The boys name is Jennings Michael Burch. His mother gets very sick and sends Jennings and his 4 brothers into foster homes and orphanages. Follow Jennings through his childhood as he deals with poverty, sickness, and unfairness. Two of his brothers are drunks, Larry and George. His other brother, Walter, is too busy studying and doing school work, he cannot take care of Jennings. And his final brother, Jerome, [...]

    Ricky Ceniceros
    It's a true story thats really shocking,The book “ They Cage The Animal At Night” is a very sad and depressing book(I cried). It talks about a little boy named Jennings Michael Burch. He is a little boy who was left by his mother at an orphanage. He is 8 years old, curly red hair, white with freckles. Also while he was their at the orphanage he was being teased and laughed at by all the other boys in their. It took place mostly in a small room in the orphanage, very plain gloomy feeling , cr [...]

    I have just remembered this book right now. I remember that it was a really great inspiring book and it was just when he was a-little boy:( I know that I cried in this book. I remember reading this book in either 8th grade or 7th and the whole grade got to meet Jennings. He looked really old with blondish grayish hair, I think, I don't remember much details but we got to ask questions and he first told us his life story when he was little. The little boy on the cover isn't him, they used a diffe [...]

    Sandy Yang
    They Cage the Animals at Night, written by Jennings Michael Burch, is one of the many abuse-related books that I have read, and this one, like the Dave Pelzer series, is one of my favorites. The first time I read this book, I was still a tween, and rereading the book now, five years later, I understand it more deeply. By understanding the main points of the book, I paid more attention to other aspects of this heart-throbbing book. For example, I explored the emotions that the protagonist, little [...]

    I wish I could tell you why They Cage The Animals At Night popped into my head tonight, of all nights. I read this book probably 20 years ago, when I was a small child myself. I feel that I need to read this book again to perhaps gain more insight than I did as a child. But from what I do remember of the book, it's this: Jennings was bounced in and out of orphanages & homes At one orphanage, they had stuffed animals, but they were taken away (caged) each night Doggie was his companion who wa [...]

    Bri Leibold
    This is one of my favorite books of all time. It is a true story about the struggles of a young boy as he is sent to various foster homes, boys' homes, and other awful places. He strength is inspirational. I like this book because it is a true story. Have some tissues ready, this book will make you cry!

    Emily Vance
    I absolutely love this memoir. I read it for my Honors 9 English class as a summer assignment and at first I was really bummed because I thought it would be so boring. Well, it's not. It made me realize what's important and to be grateful for everything and everyone in my life. I definitely think everyone should read it.

    I didn't care for the book because it is not my type of book but I do know that many other people loved this book more than I did. I know that this was based on a real life event but I like fiction books more. The story was based on Jennings Michael Burch and his child hood and what he went through. Jennings meet great life long friends and some that are not life long. Jennings family had rough edges and that caused Jennings to go into the foster care system.The main characters in the book are M [...]

    Nicole Verriello
    I loved the book They Cage The Animals at Night It captivated me from the beginning. I love how there was detail of every orphanage. I thought the book really shows how foster cre is and how some orphanages aren't good. The book was very sad that it had happened to a real kid. Even though it was sad, I loved the book

    They Cage the Animals at Night is about kids that have to move from family to family. This is an important book to read because this is a problem that a lot of kids have to go through. This book focuses on one specific kid, Jennings Michael Burch, that has to go into the foster homes system after his mom gets sick. The first time he went into a foster home he was very scared and confused; the environment of this group home is very cold and impersonal. With no caring adults or friendly kids to he [...]

    They Cage The Amimals At Night. Genre: Memoir By: Jennings Michael Burch This book is a tragic book about a boy, named Jennings Michael Burch. He is in and out of orphanages, foster homes,, and institutions over a four year period. It is based in mostly Brooklyn, New York. While he is in and out of orphanages, his mother is in and out of hospitals. She is dealing with physical and mental illness. He feels left out and alone. He has to deal with the physical abuse of the hands of strangers. But h [...]

    3.5/5 starsThis is such a gripping story, and the fact that it's a true makes my heart ache.From the age of 9 through 11, Jennings goes from home after another, suffering from loss, by losing his family when he had to leave, to losing his friends he made in the home, to dealing with sickness and death. Jennings goes through so much at a young age and it's heart breaking to read his story. This novel really gives us an insight as to how the foster care system works (though not as many churches in [...]

    An inspiring book about a boy that made it through the sometimes downright horrific foster care institutions of the 50's in New York City. The author's mother is ill, causing her to place some of her children in foster care until she is better. Jennings keeps bouncing between different foster institutions and short stints at home. The fact that anyone can survive this type of childhood and thrive (he later became a policeman, and is an adoptive father himself) is amazing. It has an easy writing [...]

    They cage the Animals at night was a great book. I found the book never boring even though it wasn't action-packed. I found myself nervous for Jennings whenever he would go to a new home. I loved how Jennings kept Doggie by his side his entire journey. I almost cried realizing all the events in this story were true, and that people can be so cruel. The story was about Jennings Burch, or Jennings Michael Burch, after he hated his first name sounding like a last name. His mother was sick and his b [...]

    Absolutely devastating and heart-wrenching, but at the same time one of the most incredible books I've ever read. Not incredible in terms of story, of plot, or of writing, but incredible in that an American child could experience such disturbing horrors, and still be able to surpass them enough to live a successful adult life, and to write about them for the world to read. Definitely recommended for those looking to adopt or foster a child (as an idea of what they might (unfortunately) have suff [...]

    Erin Vaughn Murphy
    I thought that this was a really moving story about a young boy's struggle with the foster care system in the 1960s. Jennings shows readers how good, and more importantly, how bad the situations could be. I really felt sympathy for him, and I think that readers will be touched by his story.

    Wow, this book left me speechless and brought me to tears and on quite a few occasions.

    One of those books that everyone should get around to reading at least once in their lives. Poignant yet hopeful, this book draws out so many emotions in such a manner that does not feel overdone or forced. This book is so well written that as a reader, you feel inserted into the story, watching from a distance. You begin to get so emotionally attached to the characters, and really care about them. This book was based on a true story, and you can tell that it is as well. Everything feels so real [...]

    They Cage the Animals at Night is about a young boy whose mother is going through a rough time in her life. Jennings mom sent him to a foster home.was his best friend throughout the book, with Jennings being torn between his family and Mark. Jennings met a friend names mark who While in his first home Jennings comes along a little stuffed dog in which he named doggy, Jennings would have Doggy with him wherever he would go. Throughout the book Jennings goes from Foster home to his actual home thr [...]

    Blair Morck
    This book is a beautiful mix of heart-warming and heart-breaking. I both lost and gained faith in humanity every few pages. How Jennings Burch had the resolve to write and share his story is beyond comprehension. The story follows his broken upbringing as a child thrown into the care of foster homes and child services in New York in the fifties. He was abused, neglected, hurt, and abandoned more times than I could count yet there always seemed to be a reason for him to keep going, even if it was [...]

    This book, "They Cage The Animals at Night", an autobiography by Jennings Micheal Burch, really shows how it felt like to be in a foster home. In this book, the author gives us his story of his childhood when he was put in a foster home when his mother was overwhelmed by doing so many things at a time with 5 children to take care of and another child in the hospital. His mother lets him off by saying she will come back. A few days after realizes a few days after he was sent off that his mother w [...]

    I cried harder at this book than any other book I've read as an adult. (As a child, I cried about this hard at the ending of Stuart Little.) It was a similar feeling to watching a movie about the Holocaust. It is devastating to think about what happens to children in tough circumstances like the ones Jennings Burch grew up in - because we all know children who live in somewhat similar situations. There is still a great deal of hope in this book. Young Jennings bravely seeks the right answers in [...]

    Mary Drolet
    i am in 8th grade and this is one of the best books ive ever read in school as an assighned novel. the main character in this book is jennings burch. jennings has 4 other brothers and a mom that takes of them all by herself. since there mom was going through a rough time, jennings was sent to an orphanage until his mom was all better. during his time at the orphanages that he kept being sent back and forth to he was abused both physically and mentally. as a young child his age he really shouldnt [...]

    MaryAnn Christman
    Neither of my kids enjoy reading very much and this was one of the books they both had to read in school as freshmen. They both really liked it, so I figured if the kids like it, then it's definitely worth checking out. I don't come across many books these days that I can't put down, but this was one and I read it in less than 24 hours. The story spans a time of 3-4 years in the 1950s and shares the experiences of 8 year old Jennings Burch as he is shuttled in and out of children's homes and fos [...]

    My favorite book in the entire world! Jennings story will touch your heart in a deep way and the way that he writes is real and beautiful. I remember being mad that during assigned reading in library class I was last and this was my only option. It took me about 2 days to pick it up and finally start reading. Would you know I carried that book around with me everywhere I went, and by the time it was time to return it, I had literally loved it so much that the librarian told me to keep it. I have [...]

    I cannot begin to say enough about how real the emotions in this book are, from a child's perspective. I loved how the author covered his abuse in the group homes, how hard it is to make lasting relationships because of the separation, How foster parents can make a difference for good or bad, the sad reality that although some parents love their children being the care taker is not always in the child's best interest. and the role that a caring, loving adult can plan to change a life forever.I l [...]

    Betsy Murphy
    when he first wrote this book back in 1984 hit the mass market a year later why didn't it make the best sellers list !!! Why ? would it have sparked something a person would say I know that person or the person would be ashamed at what they did to him . He changed the names and places which were more like prisons . Some run by Nuns and others just by state employees . All I can say is Thank God he found someone to take him and love him and his younger brother . RIP Mr. Burch your words live on a [...]

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