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  • Title: Steel Tiger
  • Author: Mark Berent
  • ISBN: 9780743486736
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback

  • Vietnam, 1967 America s most daring fighter pilots faced their greatest challenge in a desperate war Now on his second tour, Major Court Bannister is hunted by a new, determined breed of enemy and haunted by his brother s shocking act of treason Captain Toby Parker fights a personal battle against alcohol, while flying on the edge of disaster, and Lieutenant ColoneVietnam, 1967 America s most daring fighter pilots faced their greatest challenge in a desperate war Now on his second tour, Major Court Bannister is hunted by a new, determined breed of enemy and haunted by his brother s shocking act of treason Captain Toby Parker fights a personal battle against alcohol, while flying on the edge of disaster, and Lieutenant Colonel Wolf Lochert wages a cross border war against all enemies, regardless of the uniform they wear.
    Mark Berent
    source BN Nook StoreMeet the AuthorMARK BERENT Lt Col Mark E Berent, USAF Ret , was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota He graduated from Cretin High School and attended St Thomas College in St Paul, Minnesota Later he graduated from Arizona State University under the Air Force Institute of Technology program with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.Lt Col Berent began his Air Force career as an enlisted man, then progressed through the aviation cadet program He attended pilot training at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi and then Laredo Air Force Base, Texas flying the T 6, T 28 and T 33 aircraft and then moved on to F 86s at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada He served on active duty for 23 years until retirement in 1974 He began his operational flying career in the F 86 and F 100 flying at various posts throughout the United States and Europe He later served three combat tours, completing 452 combat sorties, first in the F 100 at Bien Hoa Air Base, South Vietnam, the F 4 at Ubon Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand, and then in Cambodia for two years to fly things with propellers on them and through a fluke in communications timing, to personally run the air war for a few weeks.He has also served two tours at the United States Space and Missile System Organization SAMSO at Los Angeles, California working first in the Satellites Control Facility and later as a staff developmental engineer for the space shuttle In his expansive career he has seen service as an Air Attach to the United States Embassy, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and also as Chief of Test Control Branch at the Air Development and Test Center at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida He also served as an instructor at the Air Force s Squadron Officer School.During his flying career he has logged over 4300 hours of flying time, 1084 of those in combat missions in the F 100, F 4, C 47 and U 10 over North and South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia He has flown 30 different aircraft.His decorations include the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross with one oak leaf cluster, Bronze Star, Air Medal with twenty four oak leaf clusters, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, Cambodian Divisional Medal, and numerous Vietnam Campaign ribbons He completed jump school with the Special Forces Later, he jumped with and was awarded Cambodian paratrooper wings He also flew with and received Cambodian pilot wings.After leaving the Air Force he lived in Europe to establish and direct international operations for the sale of spares for combat aircraft He has flown many foreign aircraft such as the Swedish Viggen and Royal Air Force Jaguar and Hawk He also established Berent and Woods Inc, a firm that managed many aviation related activities.Over the years he had published numerous articles for such publications as Air Force Magazine and the Washington Times and for 18 years wrote a monthly pilot reporter column for the Asian Defense Journal Under the name Berent Sandberg he and Peter Sandberg collaborated on three novels He now has five Vietnam air war flying novels in print, Rolling Thunder, Steel Tiger, Phantom Leader, Eagle Station, and Storm Flight.Berent states it is never too late for any endeavor he published the first of his five books at age 58, ran his first Marathon at 59, bought a T 6 warbird and flew in airshows at 64, and rode in his first cattle roundup in Montana at 74.


    Henry Brown
    Berent must mix crack in with his prose.From available information, it would seem that Mark Berent was a good pilot in Vietnam. While I wasn’t there, hence can’t confirm or deny, I can confirm that he is a great storyteller. Tom Clancy said Berent spun yarns of “good men in a bad war” and that sums up Wings of War quite well. His three primary characters work within the idiotic constraints they are saddled with, and pursue a victory that is forbidden by Washington.The author interprets t [...]

    Jim A
    Book two of the five book series featuring Court Bannister as a Vietnam war fighter pilot.The problem is I know there are another three books after this one and therefore there is absolutely no suspense to air combat sequences. Although they are well written, he was there, they do get to be a bit repetitious over the course of the book. The end of the book leaves no doubt that there will be a sequel, something important 20 years ago when it was written. I generally really don't like books that l [...]

    Doug Meyn
    Agree with one reviewer about too many threads left hanging at the end, but for pure page-turning entertainment this one is a winner. Detailed information in some parts of the book get a bit tedious, but overall a very good read.

    This is one of the best air novels I've read and one of the best ones about Vietnam. Although it is critical of the American policy and conduct during the war it was able to tell the about horrors, rejections, bravery and valor of the men and women who served there.

    Stephanie Pieck
    The gripping tale of fighter pilots and Special Forces men in Southeast Asia in the late 1960s continues in this second novel. We follow the characters made so vividly familiar in "Rolling Thunder," and also meet new ones, including a brilliant Russian fighter pilot. Not content to simply train his North Vietnamese student pilots, this man defies orders and embarks on daring attack missions.The author's firsthand knowledge of Air Force and military material is impressive and authentic. His insig [...]

    Charlesvan Buren
    outstandingVerified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: STEEL TIGER: An Historical Novel of War and Politics (Wings of War Book 2) (Kindle Edition)This is both outstanding history & good fiction. It covers the incredibly venal & foolish actons of Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, & company as well as the plight of the thousands of young Americans caught up in their machinations. Most of the action concentrates on the activities of the air & Special Forces campaigns. I've k [...]

    Toni Mari
    Illuminating. Action packed scenes had me on the edge of my seat although I admit to skipping over some of the detail loaded descriptions.

    I originally picked up this book because a) it had F-4's and KC-135's on the cover and b) it was $0.50 at the local Goodwill store. I started reading it while waiting on my wife to finish her shopping. The opening sequence is in a MiG-21 piloted by a Soviet military "adviser" over Hanoi in the thick of the Vietnam War in 1967. That set the hook. The book went home with me and was my constant companion until I completed it.I had never heard of the author, Mark Berent, or his collection of stories [...]

    Steel Tiger (1990 by ibooks, New York) is a military action novel set in Viet Nam during 1967. Author Mark Berent draws on his experience with the Air Force as a combat pilot in Viet Nam to create a gripping story of pilots, spies, and Special Forces operatives engaged in both personal struggles and military assignments. With a heavy dose of military acronyms, Berent gives the reader a realistic setting complete with regulations, self-serving politicians, and anti-war protestors.Court Bannister [...]

    Excellent entry in the series, with more to come. Berent captures the air war and the politics, both civilian and military, of the era in a classic fashion, which should be of great interest to anyone studying the air war in Vietnam. Although it is presented as fiction, and much of it is, much of it is also hard and brutal fact.I hate this website. I finished it days ago and am now reading Eagle Station but can't for the life of me locate the field to change the title from being read to finished [...]

    Ed Schmidt
    Book two in a series called Rolling Thunder, Court Bannister washes himself out of any chance to get into astronaut training because he decided he wants to go back to SEA again and become the first ACE of the war. During one of his flights, he encounters a MIG pilot that appears to be a Russian. It then becomes almost an obsession to shoot down this pilot. He finds himself shot down and dug in hoping someone will rescue him.

    James Morrissey
    another GREAT bookanother great job by Mark Berent our characters continue on in the their lives and careers during a very difficult time in the United States. Mark did it again and hit another one out of the park.

    Too long too slow.

    William B.
    Too good! Phantom Leader Is NextAnother great book by Mrk Berent. When I we in Vietnam. I didn't realize so many interesting things were happening

    Ed Heiss
    Fine BookA great read. Accurate. Detailed without a lot of jargon. Well written and involving. I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended.

    Mark Berent

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