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  • Title: The Day After Tomorrow
  • Author: Allan Folsom
  • ISBN: 9780316288293
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Touted as a blockbuster, this assured debut thriller delivers in full and then some A young American doctor haunted by his father s murder stumbles into a chilling international conspiracy and crosses paths with, among others, a weary L.A cop investigating a series of surgically precise decapitations, a naive physical therapist and a hypercompetent German assassin Dr.Touted as a blockbuster, this assured debut thriller delivers in full and then some A young American doctor haunted by his father s murder stumbles into a chilling international conspiracy and crosses paths with, among others, a weary L.A cop investigating a series of surgically precise decapitations, a naive physical therapist and a hypercompetent German assassin Dr Paul Osborn, visiting Paris, recognizes the man whom he witnessed stab his father on a Boston street in 1966 Determined to learn the reason for his father s unsolved death and take revenge, Osborn hatches a plan that unexpectedly leads to the gruesome execution of a hired PI and to other killings Clearly some serious powers are involved Soon Osborn, aided by Vera Monneray, a Paris medical student, is hiding out from Paris police, Interpol and the L.A cop who has been summoned to Paris Meanwhile, Joanna Marsh accompanies Elton Lybarger, a Swiss national whom she has helped recover from a stroke in a posh New Mexico sanatorium, back to Zurich, where he is greeted rapturously by high ranking German business leaders As an extensive Nazi resurgence plot emerges, Folsom adds extra flashes Joanna in a drug induced sex marathon, a massive train wreck, Vera s other affair with a very important French leader to heighten the suspense on these rapidly turning pages A huge explosion in secret chambers under the streets of Berlin sends Osborn on a final chase through Europe and up into the Alps, where the high tech hopes of an earlier generation are finally exposed This is a one sitting novel and readers will have to choose a full, sun burning day at the beach or, for those who can t wait, a springtime all nighter 300,000 first printing BOMC selection movie rights to MGM and the Zanuck Co.
    Allan Folsom
    Until the international success of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, Allan Folsom was a jobbing screen writer, contributing to such series as Hart to Hart He lived in Santa Barbara with his wife, an artist, and their young daughter Mr Folsom died of complications of melanoma.


    You've read this next line a million times: It had me from the first page. I can assure you that it may never be more true than in this book. Further, it's more likely true not just form the first page, but from the first sentence. Then it's a roller coaster ride across an amazing plot line that crosses generations and continents. This reader was left almost breathless in the end. Speaking of the end, well, ok, I won't speak of the end other than to say "wow" as it sneaks up on you and then leav [...]

    The Day After Tomorrow was one of the first thrillers that I ever read, at age 12, from my school library.(I presume that the librarian had not read it herself, so as to include in the shelf, considering it had liberal doses of 'between the sheets' activities!)And I LOVED it!Err, not the 'between the sheets' part. The book. On the whole. ;)The plot deals with a doctor who gets drawn into a web of international conspiracy when he chances upon his father's killer in a small cafe in Cafe. What ensu [...]

    OMG. This was one of the best books I've ever read. I still remember it - 14 years later! It is amazing how the stories are wound together and the ending is - it just is. I don't remember all the details of the book - its been so long. But any book that I can remember the name and enjoying it and the ending so many years later, gets 5 stars from me!

    Rabbit Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!
    This book was a long, crazy journey. I loved every moment of it.Rating: 4.5 stars

    I read this book years ago. The only reason that it still sticks out in my mind so clearly is that I can still recall how disappointed I was at how ordinary, if not mediocre, I found the book to be. Shocking, in light of all the hype it was getting at the time.This book is a standard, breakneck pace action thriller. Now, in all honesty, this type of pace blew me away the first time I came across such a thing in "The Bourne Identity", but that was even more years past - so perhaps I am just not a [...]

    Jill Berry
    this was a wildly imaginative page turner. My only complaint was that it went on a tad too long for me, but that won't matter to most people. What a story! My friend Alice recommended it and she was right on the money. I do too.

    Awesome book. The kind you can't put down. Seriously. Perfect summer beach read!

    A LONG RIDE TO NOTHING"The Day After Tomorrow" speaks the language of the thrillers and can be put in the same line of Frederick Forsyth's blockbusters "The Day of the Jackal" and "The Odessa File", however "The Day after Tomorrow" is unable to attain the outstanding quality of the mentioned Forsyth's masterpieces. It is a very long book with and intricate plot, breakneck pace and too many twist and turns (just too many, one gets tired of them) as well as a lot of action packed suspense in short [...]

    Jack Rochester
    This novel kicks butt from the very first page. The main character, Paul Osborne, is a great combination of intuitively smart and naive about the way a lot of stuff works in life. The writing is a near-perfect blend of description, narration and dialogue that kept me glued to it for days [I do almost all my reading in bed before I drift off to sleep, which Folsom's novel made difficult to do.] It also kept me guessing and wondering how it was going to wind up - or down, if you will. That's due i [...]

    Immediately there's action and you're pulled bodily into a mystifying and violent world, where there are few answers, but more and more questions. Evil is lurking around every corner, you can just feel it. Headless bodies are piling up. Police are baffled. And our hero seems ill-equipped to face an enemy he can barely comprehend. What diabolical plot is soon to reach its chilling goal? Or will there be a final solution? Take a journey into uber-darkness, and a sinister world will be revealed. Of [...]

    I seemed to have a knack for picking up thriller books these days. And for some strange reason, I'm beginning to like it. You know how as a kid, you love to ride the roller coaster? Then as you grow older, the ride comes in books, or relationships, or love life, or getting hooked Then at long last, you get the same sensation as when you're in a roller coaster OR in a rocking chair. That's when you realize, your younger days are over. Of course, the kind of ride you're getting while reading a goo [...]

    This book is about a man who is haunted by his father's murder many years earlier, that went unsolved and he is obessed with finding the killer. All he remembers is the mans face, and while on a business trip to Europe, runs into him, starting an international uncovering of murder, big money involved in a rise of neo-nazi power. This book was gripping, page turning, although at times kind of slow, but well worth it.

    (This is not the same story as the movie by the same name - it is entirely different and much better.) While this was a preposterous story in the end about world domination, I could not put it down!!! I read it several years ago, but wanted to add it since it was so good. It was extremely well written, well crafted story, lots of chases, escapes, much suspense - a real thrill ride! I would highly recommend to those who like thrillers.

    Kruti Joshi
    The book was very intriguing and made me more and more curious as the story progressed. The ending, however, was a little disappointing. I was hoping for something that would blow my mind. But it became a little predictable.

    Jorge A.
    This was a great book! Looking forward to his new book!

    This book was very entertaining. All the stories weaved together into a very interesting story. I am intrigued by WWII so I liked reading about that part of the story. The ending however was very strange. Was not expecting that at all. Overall enjoyed this book.

    Just when you think nothing else could possibly happen does. Wow what a ride.

    Ceritanya berawal pada Paul Osborn, ahli bedah dari Amerika yang lagi duduk-duduk di sebuah cafe di Paris. Dia baru aja selesai mengikuti seminar di Jenewa. Nah, pas lagi duduk-duduk inilah Paul lihat sekelebatan wajah orang yang membunuh ayahnya waktu Paul umur 10 tahun. Paul langsung berusaha untuk menyerang orang tersebut tapi orang tsb berhasil melarikan diri. Sementara itu polisi di seluruh Eropa lagi dipusingkan dengan adanya indikasi pembunuhan berantai. Tujuh badan tanpa kepala di temuka [...]

    Dennis D.
    My brother-in-law once told me that he could never trust my opinions about movies, as he purports that I think that "every movie is the greatest movie ever." Clearly, he exaggerates. C'mon, Rich- everybody on the planet thought "Battlefield Earth" sucked!But I was called back to his comment as I look over the three- and four- star ratings that I've given to all of the books I've reviewed so far, which got me to thinking: what's the worst book I've read from start to finish? Sorry, darling wife: [...]

    The Cats Mother
    This was published nearly 20 years ago, and while a lot of it holds up and it could still be set today (although the characters would save a lot of time if they had cellphones and Internet) I think it would not be so popular as there's now a lot more of this kind of fiction out there, both in books and on TV. This felt like a season of 24, rather than a single movie. It starts well, American orthopaedic surgeon in Paris recognises the man who killed his father 30 years earlier and determines to [...]

    Any novel that keeps me entertained for 700+ pages has to have SOMETHING going for it. For a violent, plot-driven thriller, this is quite good. While in Paris, American doctor Paul Osborn spots the man who murdered his father 30 years ago. His decision to pursue the killer sparks a chain of events so ridiculously epic and over-the-top that you can't help but be sucked in. The action unravels in Paris, London, Berlin, and the Swiss Alps, and anyone who likes deliciously complicated mysteries will [...]

    I found the book's style, characters, settings, and descriptions all to be above average.The two things that kept me from rating the book higher:First, the "Organization" -- the cabal of bad guys in this story -- seemed way too organized and omnipotent to be believable.Second, the ridiculous ending, which I and probably most readers saw coming miles away. In a strange way, the possibility of such an ending is what kept me going through the book. "Oh no, the author couldn't REALLY be taking us TH [...]

    Roos Boum
    Waanzinnig. Waanzinnig goed. Waanzinnig goed in elkaar gezet. Een toppertje deze. Drie prachtige verhaallijnen waarvan je je afvraagt waar het elkaar gaat raken. Extra leuk als je (zoals ik in Frankrijk woont en) de sfeer van Parijs herkent. Lugubere details. Zieke gedachten. Net als Boys from Brasil, vond ik het eng en fascinerend als je bedenkt wat men kan doen met moderne wetenschap en dan was dit boek geschreven begin negentiger jaren. Afijn, het plot is mega, mega, megageweldig, ik voelde h [...]

    -Pura evasión si se compra lo que ofrece al autor.-Género. Novela.Lo que nos cuenta. El cirujano ortopedista Paul Osborn se lanza con muy malas intenciones sobre un sujeto en una cervecería de París, aunque el individuo consigue evitar la agresión y la posterior persecución de Paul. Y es que ese hombre es el que, veintiocho años antes, había apuñalado al padre de Paul en su presencia en las calles de Boston y cuyo rostro nunca pudo olvidar. Este incidente le llevará a ser interrogado p [...]

    I love a book that takes you on a ride from the very beginning. I've read some of the other reviews and yes, it is terribly far fetched and the "Organization" is over the top. Regardless, I loved the book and I absolutely loved the character development. There are many comparisons that can be made between Paul Osborn vs. Detective McVey; Paul Osborn vs. Van Holden (the evil bad guy). I imagined McVey as an almost Dirty Harry like character; who doesn't love Clint Eastwood?!? There were definitel [...]

    Sean Peters
    Hi,Firstly I am lucky(or unlucky) to have had a bad back for three days and needed to rest, so have read 70% of this book in three days, and it's a large book at 672 pages.This book is gripping, tense, fast paced filled with nasty characters, and great characters. It is so hard to book this book down, very hard.Multi-layered with murders, revenge, love, shocking , character filled satisfying and action packed story.Highly recommended, the author Allan Folsom is a screenwriter and of date has onl [...]

    The book imeediately caught my attention as it begins in a Parisian cafe and by coincidence I'd just returned from a short break there. The pace of the book is quite fast and although , throughout, the story line does become a bit ludicrous, ie:Dr Osbourne's immediate transition into a James Bond type character,it remains quite a gripping tale. One criticism may be that the final edit could have reduced it by around 100 pages. However i would be a liar if i said that I didnt enjoy it, so much so [...]

    Joanne Parkington
    Im ashamed to say that i had never heard of Allan Folsom before & just picked this up from a bookshelve in a cottage i was staying at . what a good read fast paced from the first page you really hit the ground running with this book maybe a bit to soppy in parts for me and i didnt take to Vera at all but Mcvey & Osborn i liked and although i'd sort of guessed what Von Holden was up to towards the end i still thought the final chapters were very good . this was a debut novel impressiv [...]

    Chris G Derrick
    I've probably read this particular book from cover to cover about three times since I purchased it in 1997.For years it was my book of choice to keep in the car. I used to drive long distamnces to and from work. If I was ever stuck in traffic on the motorway then I'd sit and read this novel.From the very first page it never failed to grabbed me.d didn't let up until the end.In my opinion it really is good enough for every one of its 5 stars.In fact now I've seen it again on the bookshelf it migh [...]

    TOP read. Reminds me of Robert Ludlum, which I don't really usually read much due to the overwhelming political content. However this one balances it out with fast-paced action, and it keeps you guessing all the way to the end, where you'll be shocked. Long after I finished reading this book I was still a little disturbed with the implications of what unfolds at the end. To be exact, imagining if the story happens in real life, I felt very uneasy. It was a massive book but I was absolutely hooke [...]

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