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  • Title: Fehlfunktion
  • Author: Peter F. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9783404232222
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback

  • Die Situation auf dem Planeten Lalonde spitzt sich zu Immer mehr Kolonisten fallen dem geheimnisvollen Energievirus zum Opfer und jede Mission zur Eind mmung der Gefahr ist scheinbar zum Scheitern verurteilt Die wenigen Normalen werden bald das Opfer einer erbarmungslosen Hetzjagd Doch es kommt noch schlimmer Einige der Befallenen konnten unbemerkt mit RaumschiffDie Situation auf dem Planeten Lalonde spitzt sich zu Immer mehr Kolonisten fallen dem geheimnisvollen Energievirus zum Opfer und jede Mission zur Eind mmung der Gefahr ist scheinbar zum Scheitern verurteilt Die wenigen Normalen werden bald das Opfer einer erbarmungslosen Hetzjagd Doch es kommt noch schlimmer Einige der Befallenen konnten unbemerkt mit Raumschiffen fliehen und verbreiten den Schrecken nun auch auf anderen Welten Steht die Menschheit vor ihrem Untergang Peter F Hamiltons Roman der f r den US amerikanischen Buchmarkt in zwei dicke Taschenb cher aufgespalten wurde , geh rt mit zu den umfangreichsten Werken in der Science fiction Um eine gute Geschichte zu erz hlen, braucht es aber eben etwas mehr Raum Und aufgrund des wohl berlegten Gesamtkonzepts und den zahlreichen Handlungsstr ngen genie t man als Leser jede Seite, denn die Spannung tr gt einen wie im Flug durch das Buch Denn langsam offenbart sich die wahre Natur der Gefahr, die das Universum bedroht Hamiltons Universum ber das man mehr in der Kurzgeschichtensammlung A Second Chance at Eden lesen kann ist komplex und vielf ltig So gibt es Elemente der klassischen Space Opera neben Ideen aus dem Cyberpunk z.B Nanotechnologie , angereichert mit einer ausgezeichneten Charakterzeichnung, wie man sie sonst nur selten findet Beeindruckend ist dabei auch sein Konzept der Edenisten Durch den Einsatz von Genforschung und Biotechnologie ist hier ein neuer Menschheitszweig entstanden neben der normalen Menschheit , der die F higkeit zum Gedankenaustausch besitzt und in riesigen lebenden Raumstationen und Raumschiffen lebt und reist Eine friedfertige Gesellschaft, die sogar ein Weiterleben der Seele nach dem biologischen Tod innerhalb eines Bewu tseinspools erm glicht Die Night s Dawn Trilogie wird mit den drei Romanen The Neutronium Alchemist Consolidation, The Neutronium Alchemist Conflict und The Naked God fortgesetzt und geh rt bereits jetzt ohne Frage zu den wichtigsten Werken des Science fiction der 90er Jahre Florian Breitsameter
    Peter F. Hamilton
    Peter F Hamilton is a British science fiction author He is best known for writing space opera As of the publication of his tenth novel in 2004, his works had sold over two million copies worldwide, making him Britain s biggest selling science fiction author.


    This review is for The Reality Dysfunction part 1 and 2 (The American edition I read divides this monster of a book into two books, which equal book 1 of The Night's Dawn trilogy)So after reading the two books that comprise the Commonwealth Sagan and the Void trilogy, I can safetly say that The Reality Dysfunction (book 1) is my favorite Peter F Hamilton book to date. Now I've always had a problem with the way this guy writes, with his landscape porn, gratuitious sex, long descriptions of everyt [...]

    How could I have missed this guy’s stuff for so long? It is simply some of the best science fiction I have ever read! I was even living and working in Europe when this came out and I never heard of him. Actually, not until I joined . This is sure to join my all-time favorites list. I recommend you plan to read the entire trilogy in close proximity. There are so many characters and points of view, I had to reread the first half before I could start this one. And that took some time. Over 1000 p [...]

    Paul Darcy
    In his first book, The Reality Dysfunction Part 1: Emergence, Peter F. Hamilton unleashed something huge, and in Part 2: Expansion, which I am reviewing today, carried his creation even further.The scope of this work is kinda hard to explain. It’s on an equal footing with Dune or Foundation when it comes to fully realized universe. We get some very interesting projections of the future in fully changed, and barely human, combat mercenaries. Living ships and habitats and an ancient civilization [...]

    Scott Holstad
    I hated the first book in this series so much, I just read the first three chapters before throwing it aside, laughing my ass off at such rubbish. I thought it was a piece of shit and I still do. However, I had bought both books at the same time, because both had awesome reviews, so I decided to give this one a try. And this one is better. But not good enough to save it from the trash heap.In this book, you have a planet where there seems to be a revolution. Who’s behind it? No one knows, but [...]

    lame, and lazy too. also he still can't write. well, it is pulp, garish and empty. and i admit, i've been reading a lot of the new hard-science space opera stuff, Asher and Reynolds and MacLeod, which really puts this kind of throwback potboiler to shame. two more to hand, so i'll read them, but i probably won't bother to pick up the two last entries in this series.

    I LOVE sci fi. In fact, I love almost every kind of writing there is - except horror. That and gory crime novels are the two genres I basically won't read. Imagine my horror when this exceptional sci fi turned out to be bone rattling horror at the same time. And now I'm hooked. I have to stay with it. Damn!

    Damon Caraway
    Hamilton is a great universe builder. This undertaking is so massive, i understand why he put a character list in the next book. Engrossing!

    John Adams
    The story picks up pretty nicely, though the pacing remains uneven and the multiplicity of characters meant that the 500+ pages included only one brief check-in with one of the main protagonists from the first part.

    The second part of the first book, this is the payoff after all that set up. A lot of space war action and other high sci-fi drama, if you're into that sort of thing. All well done.

    Rik De
    Big story continues. Can't stop.

    Die Review zu Peter F. Hamilton's Armageddon-Zyklus stellt den Rezensenten vor einige Probleme. Nicht nur der Umfang von ca. 5800 Seiten, sondern auch die über 200 handelnden Personen der Story sprengen jeden üblichen Rahmen innerhalb der SF. Der Versuch, jeden Band einzeln zu rezensieren, wird durch den Umstand einer durchgehende Story zunichte gemacht. Deshalb darf und kann nur die gesamte Geschichte betrachtet werden, unabhängig von den inhaltlichen und stilistischen Höhen und Tiefen der [...]

    It's getting better. We're learning more about the nature of the threat to the universe in this massive story (six fairly large books). We're still not sure where a couple of side stories are going, but that's okay.The central government has been alerted to the threat and have sent a fleet to investigate the colony planet where it all started. I don't think it's a spoiler to reveal that it doesn't go well. I mean, there are four more books left. If they nip the threat in the bud, who needs all t [...]

    *Absorbed in Countless Worlds*
    Heiliger Strohsack!Ich will nicht mehr all zu viele Worte verlieren, da es sich hierbei um den zweiten Teil eines im englischen Original einbändigen Werkes handelt, dem Beginn einer Trilogie, und ich der ersten Hälfte schon genug Worte gewidmet habe, die genau so - wenn nicht noch mehr! - auch auf die zweite Hälfte zutreffen.Ein wahrhaftes Meisterwerk, was Hamilton hier abliefert, und Fans des Genres, die meinen schon jede Idee in Bezug auf Space Operas 30 mal rückwärts hochwürgen zu könn [...]

    I started off annoyed at the author for two reasons. 1) He seems to go out of his way to add more characters, more details, and more everything, just to frustrate me. 2) His target audience is apparently the 15-year-old male who thinks that yes, of course the future consists of nothing but nubile young women who can't WAIT to have no-strings relations with everyone they meet.So yes, I was annoyed but once I got over that, I started to notice that this book actually introduces several cool new id [...]

    Very much enjoyed this. Perhaps this first book of the trilogy shouldn't have been split into two parts - this was a strong finish to the setup from part 1. It's clearly a trilogy as there are numerous storylines to workthrough still.The Reza mercenary character was great as was Shawn Williams. I will say I'm glad there aren't visuals for some of the things that have been described. It is a lot of reading, and there are still several quite divergent storylines, but I do look forward to picking u [...]

    Wer riskiert nicht gern einen Blick in die Zukunft? Was für Fortschritte die Menschheit macht: lebende Raumschiffe, aufgerüstete Körper, die Möglichkeit, sein Gedächtnis zu speichern und in einen Klon zu laden Aber natürlich gibt es auch die Schattenseiten des Fortschritts.Viele Planeten sind inzwischen besiedelt worden, da scheint plötzlich ein Virus ausgebrochen zu sein. Menschen benehmen sich wie besessen, es geschehen grausige Dinge. Doch es ist nicht leicht, der Ursache auf den Grund [...]

    The second volume in the series ended abruptly… But it ended well Now I just need to wait to get the rest of the series, which is proving to be a bit of a problem… the 5th volume is out of print and out of stock at all warehouses… bummer, maybe will have it. The enemy is well out in the open now (to the main characters) conflicts are escalating, hope is stretched thin. I’m sure the rest of the series will prove just as fantastic as the first two volumes. Hamilton is a master of blending [...]

    OMG. It's a TRILOGY. When you pick up a book by an unknown author make sure it's not part of a mildly interesting multipart bore. This getting worse and worse. I read the cover blurb and Benford liked it. Jeez. It also been compared with Simmons Endymion stuff. Give me a break. Those were discrete entertaining novels in their own right about a common locus. This is interminable blathering. It's one 1200000 page thing that you have to pay for in segments.

    It is still hard to review this book. Even though a complete book has been finished, the story has only been started and Peter Hamilton makes no motions in the direction of self-containment of this story.It continued to be interesting and fast paced though it occasionally lapsed into blow by blow battles that I had a hard time keeping track of (someone with a more tactically-oriented mind might find them a lot of fun to read).

    Richard Houchin
    Sci-fi space zombies have never been done as well as. Sheer amazingness. The entire philosophical concept of the after life and souls as handled in the The Night's Dawn trilogy is worth the entry ticket alone, nevermind the brilliance hard sci-fi and action and hot chicks and zombies andAbout that entry ticket, the first 200 pages or so of the first book are pretty boring. But the subsequent 3,000+ pages are pure happiness. Enjoy!

    Jay Dee Archer
    Warning: Do not read this several months after part 1. Read it directly after finishing part 1. It's difficult to remember the characters, since there's a huge cast. Despite that, this was an excellent book to read. I highly recommend it. Check out my full review:ireadencyclopedias.wordpress.c

    I was primed to like this, and I did, but it was still slower than some books. I also am beginning to dislike one of the major protagonists. Seriously, did Rand al Thor mean that every guy gets to keep several women on a string, or is that just author fantasy projection? *eyeroll* (Am trying to find the next book today.)

    This was an unexpected and extraordinary saga in three large books. Absolutely riveting and compelling.


    Loved it

    I continue to enjoy this series. Only complain is there are too many story lines and too many pages between getting back to some of them. But overall a great sweeping space epic.

    It's a higher 3 than the first half, but I still find myself awed by the scope more than I actually end up enjoying the book.

    As fun as part 1 of the series, but it can not be read stand-alone.

    John Devlin
    Not as strong as the first, but still epic sci-fi w/enough great ideas and wonderful characters to keep the franchise going.

    Some parts dragged, but picked up again later.

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