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  • Title: Cinders
  • Author: V.M. Sawh
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  • Welcome to Good Tales For Bad Dreams, a short fiction series of re imagined fairy tales Each story is set in a different time and place Some will be familiar, others will not So, strip bare your assumptions, open your mind and see these tales told like never before As a slave in the bawdy Black House, Rella longs to escape the whips and chains of her existence She isWelcome to Good Tales For Bad Dreams, a short fiction series of re imagined fairy tales Each story is set in a different time and place Some will be familiar, others will not So, strip bare your assumptions, open your mind and see these tales told like never before As a slave in the bawdy Black House, Rella longs to escape the whips and chains of her existence She is chosen for a dangerous mission and offered a chance at freedom There is only one condition first she must assassinate the Prince Quote Death by god or death by man but never as a sister of the Black House Please note that this is a short fiction piece approx 28 pages or 10k words and only a taste of things to come Suggested for Mature Readers Cinders has a follow up story called Anastasia which adds a little background to the Sisters of The Black House.
    V.M. Sawh
    It all began with Alan Moore s The Anatomy Lesson.When I was far too young to be reading such things, I picked up a small, dirty, plastic wrapped comic digest from my local library The first and featured story was a piece by Alan Moore which started with the line It s raining in Washington tonight It tells the story of a mad doctor who is awaiting the resurrection of a character whose name I won t reveal here.Suffice it to say, I was both horrified and intrigued My young mind had never encountered such a dark and twisted tale, whose ending at the time shocked me I remember being transfixed by the power of Alan Moore s imagery and the depth of his narrative That story still haunts me to this day.I first picked up the pencil at age 6 to start creating a few stories of my own Haven t stopped since My first trilogy was completed by age 16 Despite the urging of my Writer s Craft professor, I never published it At that time, I found the entire publication industry far frightening than anything I had ever read.I graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Degree in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in English which included extensive coursework on Short Story Writing, Novel Writing, Cinema Studies and Poetry.It was my pleasure to attend the Ontario Writer s Conference in May 2013.I was featured in the Toronto Sun in the January 2014 virtualrontosun doc torConnect with me on Twitter VMS_authorFacebook facebook vmsawh Featured Author Interview by Ann Livi Andrews annliviandrews book re Sign up for my Newsletter here goo Od45Ew


    Owen O'Neill
    Among short works, “Cinders” is a jewel. I use that term advisedly. The use of language is masterful: lucid, evocative, and revealing. But what V.M. Sawh has done with this well-known story is every bit as interesting as the language he’s uses to describe it. The prose maintains the feel of a fairytale, conveying the setting and personalities in a way that seems at once familiar and very much not. The description says this is a “re-imagined” fairytale, but I would personally call it re [...]

    Christina McMullen
    Typically, I'm not a fan of the 'gritty' reboot of a classic tale, but Cinders proved to be one heck of an exception. This twist on the Cinderella story is dark, yes, but vivid and written with an almost poetic beauty. Perhaps that is what makes this different. This is not a 'gritty' reboot as much as it is a beautifully constructed story that borrows very sparingly from the source material. I will admit, it took a little time for me to warm up to Rella, but by about one third of the way in, I w [...]

    Jessica Jesinghaus
    "Cinders" is a fresh reselling of the classic Cinderella tale. In this version, however, Rella is a resident of Black House and her "sisters" are all doxies in the employ of Stepmother. How Rella ends up at the ball and all the other events in the tale have a dark quality that harkens back to the Grimm version. A wonderful read!

    Davyne DeSye
    This short story is a well-done retelling of the Cinderella tale. I love retellings because, as a reader, I start with a familiar, timeless tale. The story is known. What is not known, and what is always a pleasure to me, is to step into the imagination of a story-teller to discover a new way to conceive of an old and (in the case of Cinderella and fairy tales in general) beloved story.I’ll be up front… the subject matter was disturbing to me. (Yeah, yeah, I have one friend who would tell me [...]

    Remember the tale of the beautiful, yet mysterious young lady with the glass slippers? She stole the prince’s heart, and they lived happily ever after, right? V.M. Sawh’s Cinders is a dark and disturbing version of this same tale, and well, he definitely knows how to twist a tale like a pretzel. Rella wasn’t just an abused stepdaughter and her stepmother wasn’t just a nasty old biddy, she ran a brothel for men with unique appetites and was no stranger to shady deals. This deal involved R [...]

    Sam (Rescue Dog Mom, Writer, Hugger)
    I was completely blown away by this author's re-write of the Cinderella story. The cartoon version is too sticky sweet for me. Even as a child, I would get upset over the abuse and cruelty she suffered from her step-mother and step-sisters. I know it works out well in the end, but the majority of the story is sad. This version of Cinderella is a character I can admire for having the strength to try to fight her way out of her miserable situation, rather than simply endure it without complaint. I [...]

    Dwayne Fry
    While the concept of fairy tales for adults is certainly not new, V.M. Sawh makes it seem like a new idea. There's just enough of the old "Cinderella" story for us to feel like a kid again, listening to the story being read to us. But, just enough twists and just enough adult content to remind us we're not really on Grandma's lap.

    Danielle Evans
    This review is also posted on my blog: theshortreviewer/Dark and disturbing. Torture, prostitution, murder, and romance. This is one twisted fairy tale! I loved it. If you thought Cinderella's stepmother was cruel in the original fairy tale, her cruelty is taken to a whole other level in this story. She runs a brothel, and Rella's stepsisters are prostitutes. I could feel Rella's desperation to escape, and when she is given a way out, she's not sure if she can do what is asked of her. I recently [...]

    Ann Girdharry
    There’s a wicked sense of humour in this dark re-telling which takes us a million miles from the original ‘Cinderella’, to a place of violence (and sex), where choices have to be made for your own survival. V.M keeps the style and tone of a fairy tale whilst at the same time conveying a story which is something utterly different. What I liked most, was the way the author kept it dark and yet, the reader knows the hidden heart to the story, and understands Cinders as a young woman with only [...]

    Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of fairytale. In fact, I'm not a fan of fairytale retelling either so for me to like this story came as a huge surprise. Sure, the story uses the roots of Cinderella and her stepsisters, but this is so much more. It's a dark tale, a tale of choices while we realize there might not be any in the end.For fans of fairytale retelling as well as someone like me who'd go into this reluctantly. It's entertaining and as far from the original as can be.

    Charles Hash
    Evocative, eloquent prose that reads like poetry. Dark, mature themes with a glistening sheen of grit and grime. This is the way fairy tales are supposed to read.

    Heather Osborne
    Reviewed on behalf of Readers' FavoriteCinders by V.M. Sawh is a short story included in the series Good Tales for Bad Dreams. Rella works in a house of ill-repute for the villainous “Stepmother.” All of the girls there were rescued off the street and are held in the house, subjected to cruel perversions of the men of the kingdom. When a friendly stranger, Godfrey, arrives and offers the Stepmother a proposition, Rella finds herself swept up in something beyond her wildest nightmares. She is [...]

    Riley Amos Westbrook
    NOT YOUR MOTHER'S FAIRY TALES!I was furnished with a free copy for an honest review. Read the full review here: rileyamoswestbrook.wordpress.Cinders is Twisted, without too much of a dark turn to them, and were very enjoyable to read.I love the imagery he uses. It’s very vivid and you can clearly see what he was trying to portray. I’m very much so a visual thinker, and I kept picturing Picasso like scenes as I read it. A bit from each of his periods.Now for the knocks, though there’s only [...]

    Ann Andrews
    A unique and compelling twist on the tale of Cinderella! I was completely hooked from page one with the vivid and detailed descriptions, the vibrant characters, and the dismal plot. I loved every moment of it! The length is perfect. I was able to read it in one sitting -- which is good because with Sawh's skill level of writing and the fascinating plot, I would have read it all in one sitting even if it had been 400 pages long (which would have greatly upset my toddler son). It's a brilliant ret [...]

    T. Stedman
    I really enjoyed this story. I read it very quickly and was intrigued to find out how V was going to put his twist on an old tale. It didn't disappoint. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes their fairy stories on the dark side.

    J.C. Stockli
    I must say, if you're looking for a nice quick read to speed up your pulse and twist what you thought you knew, this novella will do the trick! Sexy - unexpected - beautifully written.

    A Red Raven Reads Review of “Good Tales for Bad Dreams 1-4” by V.M. Sawhredravenreads.wordpress // booksarefood.wordpressRecently I’ve had the pleasure to read a series of four novellas written by Mr. V.M. Sawh for in exchange for an honest review. THE STORY:We begin with “Cinders,” a retelling of Cinderella where our protagonist, Rella, must kill the prince to appease her brothel-running caretaker when her feet fit into glass slippers designed for murder. The next tale, “Anastasia, [...]

    After reading Hontas, I had to backtrack and read this one. I'm so glad that I did. I'm a huge fan of these reimagining tales and this is one of the best I have come across.It takes a lot of imagination to shake up a beloved fairy tale. Most of the time, just some characters are shifted around of a few twists are added. Cinders does more than shake things up, it rewrites the whole story. This harkens back to what a fable used to be, before they were sanitized. This is a hard life, with hard char [...]

    Cinders (Good Tales for Bad Dreams) is a lovely short story that reworks the classic tale of Cinderella and twists it around.I enjoyed the book, the twist at the end was a really nice touch, although I did wish it had been longer, to go into the complexities of the characters like Anastasia for example.However I did love the change in direction the author gave to the tale, making it something a bit darker than what it originally was, yet still keeping certain aspects of the Grimms tale within th [...]

    Carole P. Roman
    Extremely dark, Cinders by VM Sawh takes the Cinderella story and stands it on its head. Rella lives in a brothel with a greedy madam called Stepmother. She shares the house with many stepsisters, two of them, Drusilla and Anastasia take pleasure in torturing her, both mentally and physically. In order to escape, she agrees to a murderous plot to kill the future king. Sawh leaves nothing sacred, even turning the glass slipper into a deadly weapon. There is no happily ever after in this fairy tal [...]

    Emma Jaye
    interesting twist on a traditional fairy tale, and by traditional I mean dark rather than ‘disney’. For me the story is a heavily compacted version of a book I’d really like to read. We need to know more about Rella’s life in the evil ‘bordello’ run by her ‘Stepmother’ and more about the Prince. This story has all the right elements, nasty ‘sisters,’ horrid ‘stepmother’, glass stilettoes, a handsome Prince, borrowed coaches and palace balls. Oh and torture, death and sexu [...]

    Every fairytale ending you ever heard, washed away in one foul swoop! Cinders re-writes any previous fairytale ending you ever had with such a deadly beauty that has you turning pages at an almost breakneck pace! V.M SAWH has such a vivid imagination, and yet he manages to give you his vision in as short a story as possible! This man needs to keep writing!

    Really good read. Very complex and layered story for such a small package.

    Pamela Daniell
    This book is a great read for anyone looking for a quick read. It drew me in from the start and kept me wanting more until the end, and still then I wanted more.

    Larry Buenafe
    Loved this brief total skewering of the Cinderella fairytale. I won't say anything else about the content so as to avoid spoiling it; the best thing I can say is, although it wasn't funny, I was extremely amused, and in the end I think that's what the author was aiming for. Bullseye! Well done!

    Jodie "Bookish"Cook
    Book ReviewTitle: Cinders (Good Tales for Bad Dream #1)Author: V. M. SawhGenre: Retelling/Action/EroticaRating: *****Review: V. M. Sawh’s retelling of some of the classic fairytales like Cinderella are amazing. They are beautifully writing and slightly dark breathing new life into stories that have been told for decades.This story is set in a brothel where Rella’s sisters and stepmothers and women who work in the borthel and to them Rella is a great prize as she is a virign and the stepmothe [...]

    more like a 3.5 but it's all good. see my review at fangirlnation/2016/09/01/g

    monica breed
    A Short StoryI chose four stars for the rating on this book because I believe this story is too short. It left me hanging hard. Why is that?

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