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  • Title: Pirate Hunter's Mistress
  • Author: Lynette Vinet
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Marlee Stafford was no fool She knew the handsome, arrogant Richard Arden had married her for her money, just as she d wedded him for his aristocratic name But Marlee wasn t about to give up all control to the too confident baron She would not sign over her inheritance until she d enticed her handsome, broad shouldered husband into desiring only her But when his hungryMarlee Stafford was no fool She knew the handsome, arrogant Richard Arden had married her for her money, just as she d wedded him for his aristocratic name But Marlee wasn t about to give up all control to the too confident baron She would not sign over her inheritance until she d enticed her handsome, broad shouldered husband into desiring only her But when his hungry kisses and fierce loving began to ignite her most intimate desires, Marlee knew that she d made a weighty error for this mysterious man harbored a dark secret, and now his masterful lovemaking was holding her helplessly under HIS spell Lark Arden s passions ran deep Before meeting Marlee, his one mission and desire was to gain the money for a new ship But when Lark took on the masquerade of being his recently deceased cousin Richard, he never expected his blue eyed proxy bride to tempt him beyond sanity Lark had planned only to borrow the money from Marlee, then flee He never planned on stealing her virtue, but how could he resist caressing her silky limbs, tasting her sweet lips, and sampling this dark beauty s fiery passions And how could he live with desiring the very woman he d soon betray
    Lynette Vinet
    Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, I have always been intrigued by the history of the city and the south New Orleans is unique, there is no other place like it and once you ve lived there, you can never forget the sights, sounds and smells of the city I am also intrigued by other countries, especially Ireland and England, probably because my ancestors were born there So, I feel it is only natural that I have combined my love of history, New Orleans, and the British Isles in many of my novels.EMERALD DESIRE was my first novel, published in 1985, and begins in Ireland and sweeps the reader to the French Colonial city of New Orleans That was the first book in the Emerald Trilogy, followed by EMERALD ENCHANTMENT and EMERALD ECSTASY Eight books followed I am pleased that ereads will eventually publish my backlist of books At the present time EMERALD DESIRE, EMERALD ENCHANTMENT and PIRATE S BRIDE are available on Kindle.


    I honestly am not sure if I like the book. The overall storyline is a tad predictable. Marlee marries Lord Arden VIA proxy groom because Lord Arden cannot make the trip. Unbeknownst to Marlee her husband is dead from an injury and Lord Arden's cousin decides to betray Marlee for her money. He feels that he is due the money his cousin took from him. Takes the poor girl's money and virginity, she falls in love with him, stays in love with him even after he reveals that he is not her actual husband [...]

    This book is now being sold as The Pirate Hunter's Mistress.My reaction to this book all the way through was WTF? If I did a review for Smart Bitches, Trashy books, I'd write one of those reviews of an outraged reader. Ok, I got the book for free in exchange for an honest review. I am sorry to disappoint those who gave me the book but it is is just too ridiculous. First of all, there is hardly any character development. To me the people read like little cardboard cutouts.Secondly, I cannot belie [...]

    Camryn Shannon
    A 'treasure' of a pirate romance!This is one of the best romances I’ve read in a long time. Fast-moving plot, well-paced, well-developed, strong and sexy characters that really care for one another and I felt transported to another time, another place. Give me a good pirate romance any day and I’m a happy reader!Lark doesn’t want to deceive Marlee, but sometimes fate has a way of intervening and things just happen…especially when desire rules and Lark and Marlee share a passion so strong [...]

    Sigh, there is so much that is really bad about this novel that I hate to even begin to dive into a review. It must have been an earlier work because I have read other things by Ms. Vinet that were written so much better. These were cardboard characters shoved into a plot full of holes. I couldn't care what happened to them and spent a long and difficult time forcing myself to finish. Besides the poorly developed characters, plot elements that made no sense in any known universe, and going on an [...]

    If dashing sea-captains are your thing then this is the book for you! As other reviewers have mentioned I found the choice of character names - Marlee and Lark - a little odd considering the era the book is set in. I also found myself wanting to shout at Lark to stop feeling sorry for himself and his circumstances and to do something about them couldn't help but love him though! That said, I read this in a day, and would recommend it to fans of historical fiction; just not to those who are picky [...]

    Dorothy Crocker
    If you love historical romances and pirates you'll love Pirate Hunter's Mistress! Marlee was no fool, but she is an innocent. She marries Richard Arden knowing all he's interested in is her money. All Lark Arden wants is the money his cousin Richard squandered away. Little do either know the mess that Richard left. Lark doesn't want to deceive Marlee but does he have a choice? Thrown together by unforeseen circumstances can they over come obstacles and come to love?

    strange names for a book taking place in the 17th century and very predictable. Not boring but also not thrilling. a quite very easy read with a not very realistic female lead. i won't read part two.

    Pirate Hunter's Mistress by Lynette Vinet is one of my favorite historical romances that involves pirates. I just love pirate romances. I just love the two main characters. I've read her other 2 books and I plan to read all the books of hers. A 4.5 star rating from me. (:

    Another great "bodice ripper" from Vinet. I plan to read the read of the titles in this series. Vinet has a way of adding just the right spice to the love scenes without going over the top.

    Angie Peoples
    What an amazing pirate tale! I loved every aspect of this book and couldn't stop reading it. Lark and Marlee were fantastic main characters. I'm looking forward to more by this author.

    The Cornish Coast of England 1725Marlee Stafford wanted a home and a husband but finding herself with a tarnished reputation, her parents dead, she’s been living with her aunt and two cousins for the last eight years.‘I now pronounce you man and wife’, from the magistrate with a proxy marriage as Marlee has accepted a proposal to Lord Richard Arden, a man she has never met, but with her reputation in shambles she feels she has no other recourse to gain what she truly wants out of life, she [...]

    I really enjoyed this book. So much in fact, that I started and finished it in one day. I liked Lark. He tried so hard to be honorable, even when what he was doing wasn't very honorable. I loved when he finally decided to be honorable to himself and not what everyone else expected of him. I liked Marlee, too. She was clever and intelligent, but also very naïve. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a cute historical romance with some action. Also, I love the cover. <3

    Farrah Pope
    SuperbCharming, complete, smart; the World is Not Enough meets Count of Monte Cristo good. There was a lot of vocabulary for me not having read many pirate-type books, but the pacing was good, it was well organized, and the events came together nicely. There were a few things that were predictable, but they fit perfectly into the story. I would like to read more!

    Louiseann Walter
    TERRIFIC!!Even better than the first book. I really enjoyed how this book tied into the immediate family of the first book. Also the story line was so different than other pirate love stories I have read.

    Marlee was soooo boring, still haven't figured out was so special about her.

    Kagama-the Literaturevixen

    Is a great book to read

    Well I don't know what I was expecting. Gotta stop getting Kindle freebies.

    Exactly what it is supposed to be-sappy, unrealistic, romantic, sexy. No great piece of literature and that's okay.

    Debbie Henderson

    Pirates and romance. I loved the easy read of this book. the plot was of pirates, of women, and the experience the two have together makes a stunning combination.

    Teresa Bennett
    I enjoyed reading this book and would love to read more of her books

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