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  • Title: The Eleventh Hour Trilogy
  • Author: Kathryn Dionne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Eleventh Hour Trilogy, is a fast paced, supernatural thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat and asking yourself is this fiction, or is it real 1 BEST SELLERBook 1 The Eleventh Hour The Enlightened Ones d from these fibers shall emerge the next immaculate conceptions When archaeologist, Sophia Conrad, uncovers an ancient scroll hidden deThe Eleventh Hour Trilogy, is a fast paced, supernatural thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat and asking yourself is this fiction, or is it real 1 BEST SELLERBook 1 The Eleventh Hour The Enlightened Ones d from these fibers shall emerge the next immaculate conceptions When archaeologist, Sophia Conrad, uncovers an ancient scroll hidden deep in the Judaean hills, a force greater than her conscience compels her to steal it As she begins to translate the writings she realizes three very important facts This is a book of prophecy foretelling the end times it is the personal diary of Jesus and she has been chosen to save mankind from the next cataclysmic event But when she discovers a small piece of fabric tucked inside the scroll, she and her husband David, a geneticist, are propelled into a life of science, secrecy and government conspiracyOK 2 The Eleventh Hour Day Of Atonement he who cometh next shall be the spirit and image of the Lamb of God The scroll forewarned David and Sophia about a cataclysmic event that would devastate mankind So for thirty years they secretly prepared for what Jesus called The Day of Atonement Now, as that day is upon them, they must do everything in their power to save the lives of seven very special men and get them to Old Beersheba before the Shift of the Ages can take place But a weapon so evil, so insidious, yet so unassuming threatens their mission, their lives and the lives of all humanity Who will get there first The race is on Book 3 The Eleventh Hour Resurrection if one emerges whose soul is as pure as mine, let him step forth The salvation of all mankind depends on it One look at the eerie green swirls of light slithering across the night sky, and Sophia Conrad knows the prophecies foretold in the scrolls are true The Shift of the Ages has begun And no matter how many times they perform the ancient ritual, nothing seems to work The Earth is slowing down, the magnetic fields are dropping, and time is running out One look at the guns pointed at her heart, and Sophia knows that no matter what happens, her life is about to end unless God grants them a miracle.
    Kathryn Dionne
    Kathryn Dionne lives in Southern California with her husband, Jeff, and their two Shar Peis, Bogey and Gracie.From an early age, Kathryn s love of treasure hunting sparked an interest in archaeology As an amateur archaeologist, she s been fortunate enough to uncover some very unique artifacts in different parts of the globe However, she s still searching for that very special scroll.In addition to writing, she manages their five acre property and their grove of Italian olive trees Her husband has lovingly named their business Saint Kathryn s Olive Oil.In her spare time, she makes cookie jars and throws pottery in her studio She also creates mosaics from discarded objects and sells them under the category of Found Art.Kathryn is the author of the supernatural thriller, The Eleventh Hour Trilogy and a children s book of humorous poetry called, Derek the Fireless Dragon Her most recent book, a historical novel called, At the End of the Line, was coauthored with Abby L Vandiver, under their pen name, Kathryn Longino.Kathryn is currently writing a new series called, Chasing Time, which she hopes to have published some time in 2014.

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    This is one of a very small number of books I've paid money for since I got my Kindle. I started reading it and immediately tried to return it, but was a day too late. The book had innumerable tense errors, missing plurals, and incorrect word usage. The most horrible was "shuttering" instead of "shuddering". I lol'd at "title" wave. With that being said, the series was almost worth the .99 cents. The story was deep and enjoyable until the last page, where I wanted to scream and was genuinely ang [...]

    An archeologist discovers some ancient scrolls with writings supposedly by Jesus himself. In one scroll is a swatch of cloth from which her husband has extracted some DNA. They set up a hidden village in Israel modeled after the village of Essenes where Jesus reportedly spent time. The writings predict the coming apocalypse and how to survive it. Meanwhile two CIA operatives have stolen a top secret weapon and sold it to a Saudi warlord who has dreams of becoming the lord of the world. It is com [...]

    I really enjoyed reading this trilogy. It might have gotten five stars if it had been a little better edited. There were some places it tended to drag a little, but overall it kept me reading.The basic story is Armageddon with a lot of twists thrown in. The twists are what keep the story from flowing as smoothly as I would have liked. In particular, the RHIC device, could have been eliminated and a more realistic hook used for the reason that Sophia was being pursued. This version contains all t [...]

    The first book was entertaining as we are introduced to all the characters. It held my interest right down to the end. Book 1 gets 3.5 stars. Book two was tedious, and I found myself not connecting with the characters. They did not seem to have consistent personalities throughout the book. Book 2 get 2 stars. I couldn't wait to get to the end of the third book! Not for the suspenseful ending, since there wasn't one, but just to finish and move on from this mostly forgettable trilogy. Book 3 gets [...]

    I read this trilogy awhile ago, and I've not been able to get it out of my mind. The author has set up a terrific plot filled with unique and realistic characters, intriguing places, fantastic chases and an unbelievable ending! I found the story to be very riveting and somewhat scary. I didn't know what a Remote Viewer was before I read her story. It's very apparent the author did her research. I highly recommend this trilogy!

    Eleventh hourI give it five stars. I truly thought the characters were given depth and dimension. The only issue I had was the length. I wish it could have been a bit longer, & lingered on stuff that was narrowed down to a few paragraphs. I hope to read more about Joshua and Iris and Sophia and David, especially since the ending seemed like a short or cliffhanger

    I read all three of these books separately and found them to completely hold my interest. I really like how the author combined fact with fiction to create this story. And if you can keep an open mind, it's a story that will make you think about the power of our thoughts. Well done! 5 stars all the way!

    • Best Download [Kathryn Dionne] ↠ The Eleventh Hour Trilogy || [Horror Book] PDF ☆
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