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  • Title: The Dead Virgins
  • Author: K.M. Ashman
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  • India Sommers is a librarian and a talented historian, so when a stranger asks her opinion on an ancient coin she is happy to oblige but when the same man is murdered less than an hour later, it soon becomes apparent that there is far to the situation than meets the eye Recognising her unique talents for historical reference, she is quickly recruited by Brandon WalkIndia Sommers is a librarian and a talented historian, so when a stranger asks her opinion on an ancient coin she is happy to oblige but when the same man is murdered less than an hour later, it soon becomes apparent that there is far to the situation than meets the eye Recognising her unique talents for historical reference, she is quickly recruited by Brandon Walker, a Security Service intelligence officer investigating the strange disappearance of a very special young girl As the facts unravel, they realize that an ancient artefact linked to the cult of the Vestal Virgins from ancient Rome may hold the key to her whereabouts and Brandon draws on India s vast historical knowledge to unravel clues that date right back through history to the time of the great flood Slowly, the full horror and mind blowing truth of what they have discovered becomes clear and they become involved in a race against time in a horrific and shocking finale.
    K.M. Ashman
    Married for 31 years to the lovely Jan with four wonderful grown up children.I took the decision to write full time a few years ago and now make my living as a full time author with eighteen books published so far and another 2 due out in January and July 2017.Links to my books, poetry and short stories can be found on my website atashman


    Choosing a work of historical fiction can be something of a Marmite moment for me, you either love it or hate it, but in this instance I'm pleased to say I loved it.What makes this book stand apart from others is that the author has beautifully entwined both the historical with the modern. This creates a thrilling tale that not only provides us with a colourful insight into life in ancient Rome, through the telling of Rubria's story and that of her escape from the tyrannical Nero, it also envelo [...]

    A potentially good storyline spoiled in my view by a very unsophisticated and rather annoying hero and heroine. It was as if, at times, I was reading something from the 'Famous Five' series. Very 'jolly hockey sticks' in humour. The heroine often kicks and punches the hero in a teenage 'mock indignant' fashion throughout the book. Whilst in Rome they both drooled over beef and yorkshire pudding rather than the "foreign muck"(!). In fact the author seemed to relish talking about very plain & [...]

    Probably 2.5 stars. I enjoyed the storyline, but the writing style didn't really work for me. I didn't ever really connect with the two central characters, either.

    The story had potential but it didn't flow. The characters were 2 dimensional and very annoying. There was no tension or excitement built by the narrative. I probably won't be reading the sequels.

    Katherine Coble
    2.5So. Many. Infodumps. This book is yet another DaVinci Code clone, where comparative religious studies are mined to create a (not very thrilling) thriller, complete with typos and misspellings galore. (People do not worship at an "alter".) The historical details were mildly interesting. Nothing else was. Oddly enough the historical details--told in protracted infodumps--are the best part of the book. The rest of it is chasing around England and Greece to find clues. Both of the modern day hero [...]

    I found this book in a Facebook promotion group. The synopsis immediately caught my attention. From the first paragraph K.M. Ashman had me. I couldn't put the book down. I've told everyone about it, and now they are reading it and texting me how much they love it.It is unique in that one chapter is in 2010 and the next in 64 AD and how the two tie into each other. The mystery and flow of the story were excellent.

    So many errors it detracted from the story. Great premise, but edit your book before you publish it please!

    India Sommers, librarian and old coin aficionado, is going about her normal business when a mysterious man stumbles into her library, asks her to examine a curious ancient coin, stumbles back out, and is murdered. When the enigmatic Brandon Walker asks for her aid to tie the artifact to a high-profile kidnapping and a string of brutal murders, India is thrown into a breakneck adventure that leads her all over Europe as well as back in the past. The novel deftly interweaves the 64AD narrative of [...]

    While I appreciated the amount of research the author completed to write this and found the subject interesting, his writing was much too sophomoric for my taste. And the large number of unedited typos always annoys me.

    Michele bookloverforever
    alternates between 94 and 2010 in alternating chapters. I found the story about the Crystal virgin more interesting than the one set in modern times.

    this was an okay read. I wanted more history then i did present day but for a free book it was good

    Danielle Bonam
    **Spoiler Alert**India Sommers is a 26 year old librarian with a passion for history and coin identification, her life seems rather bland. That is until a mysterious murder outside the library brings Brandon into her life. Brandon, a member of the SAS is on the hunt for a cult that is murdering young women and is connected to the murder outside the library. Brandon recognizes India's intelligence on subject matters already present in the case and asks her to assist; adventures begin. Ashman once [...]

    Leah Speller
    When I first began reading this book I was a bit confused. I loved the story arc that was happening in the past. What confused me the most was more of what did that have to do with a missing young girl and the murders. That was the only aspect which made it difficult to readying to figure out what one had to do with the other.As far as the exact mystery went I was kept on the edge of my seat. Each time I thought I knew who the bad guy was they would get themselves killed. Needless to say, it was [...]

    Great MysteryThis was a fun and fast paced read. Lots of history with the story. After reading this 1st book in the India Sommers Mysteries, I am certainly going to have to read more. Awesome mystery with great characters.

    Susan Matthews
    The Dead VirginsI had just visited Greece so I enjoyed what was written. I found a number of missing words in the story probably just typo errors.

    Totally far fetched but engaging story in which a librarian and an SAS member AVE an adventure involving ancient Greece and Rome, nuns and virgins, and rural England.

    More of a historical fiction than a mystery, but it was well written and the characters and plot were decent. I don't think I liked it enough to read the rest of the series. I downloaded it for free, so it was worth the price. The ending felt like the author got bored or had a deadline so wrapped it up quickly and almost "too easy." Not bad though.

    Dolores Ayotte
    "The Dead Virgins" by Author Kevin Ashman is a well-written, suspense/mystery novel. I thorougly enjoyed the double plot between RubriaRome 54 AD, the ancient Vestal Virgind the disappearance of a young girl in London 2010. The author masterfully ties these stories together to create a captivating style of writing which drew me in right at the onset.India Sommers, a librarian with a penchant for studying old coins, has knowledge of both Greek and Roman history. After the mysterious murder of Mr. [...]

    4 star i think, although I do not understand how the peaceful cult became evil and corrupted. But I would like more from this author.

    Babus Ahmed
    This epic piece of historical fiction weaves modern day with Rome 64 AD. We follow the fate of Rubria, a child chosen to be a Vestal Virgin serving the Great Mother Goddess, Vesta. Meanwhile present day abductions and killings of young girls escalates in the Prime Minister's niece, 10 year old Camille, being abducted and a link to Roman artefacts. Intriguing and suspenseful though this book is I found it informative and enlightening about Roman culture. If you enjoy historical fiction about the [...]

    Catherine Amos
    My rating is actually 3 1/2 stars. This is the first in the new India Sommers mysteries, and it shoots out of the gate. India is a British librarian with expertise as a numismatist and history lecturer at a local college who has been asked to evaluate a necklace of ancient origin. (Sound familiar?) She becomes a slightly unwilling participant in a modern conspiracy that has roots in the ancient Rome of Nero's reign. The investigation takes her on a roundabout tour of locales that I rarely read a [...]

    Wendy Unsworth
    Review to follow.The Dead Virgins is a quick and enjoyable read. I don't know a great deal about the historical period in the book ( Ancient Rome) but it all sounded 'right' as if the author had done plenty of research. The book alternates back and forth between Nero's Rome and the present day where India ( a specialist in the period) and Brandon , a Special Forces operative are about to team up to solve an ancient mystery. Even though there were a few jarring moments in the historical sections [...]

    The tale was reasonably well blended between the present and past excerpts, and the history explained simply enough to be followed by someone who isn't already familiar with the timeline. Unfortunately, the heroine was just a little too annoying, which made it difficult to hold interest in following the mystery. The flirtation between the hero and heroine was juvenile, with frequent slapping and poking on the heroine's part. It was also hard to believe, and frankly felt like something that had b [...]

    An enjoyable read but from my point of view this was wrongly categorised on as an historical mystery whereas I would say this was an adventure. For me it was more in the genre of a Dirk Pitt adventure /thriller where the hunt for an historical artefact is a race against time to beat the well organised violent opposition to it. I liked the characters but I did feel it was a bit unrealistic that a librarian after discovering the body of a murder victim would willingly jump into an unknown and d [...]

    From the very first page, this book is compelling and pulls you into the story straight away.The differing timelines that the chaptering is split into, isn't confusing at all as it gives a well rounded plot. The 64BC storyline compliments the 2010 plot as the reader learns, alongside Brandon, about the history of The Vesta Virgins and the Palldium (not the theatre in London).The pace is consistent and this keeps the reader engaged and rooting for India and Brandon on their quest to find, not onl [...]

    Grace Elliot
    I 'bought' this book after being altered to it as a freebie. It isn't the genre I usually read but was attracted by the historical element. The story takes place in two different time periods - Rome at the time of the Emperor Nero, and the modern day. There are no annoying 'time-slip' passages but the distinct time periods are kept separate and help to add detail and texture to the story. I surprised myself by loving this book. The author is definitely a talented story-teller who kept me turning [...]

    I really enjoyed the story, it was different and imaginative, but the poor editing spoilt the reading for me. There were very elementary errors in the writing, such as mixing up "their" and "they're", and not just the once either. There were many instances of incorrect spelling and grammar, and also the incorrect usage of capitalization which although some people may not mind, I found it grated on my nerves. However, the biggest bug-bear for me was the constant usage of the word "okay" being use [...]

    Dorothy Gagnon
    IntriguingWhen I began the first chapter I was caught off guard with the story going years back to Rome in 54 AD. Once my interest was captured with thie start of this mystery,I continued reading Chapter 2 where the mystery began in the year 2010, and the reasons the author brought you there was quite unique and very interesting.The book keeps on in this manner every other chapter capturing your attention while relating the tale that involves Ancient Romans and it's virgin's to the present case [...]

    A great combination of historical fiction and intrigue. The novel switched between Rome 64 AD and London 2010. In Rome it was the time of Emperor Nero and the Great Fires that destroyed most of the city. The story begins with Rubria- a Vestal Virgin as she leaves home and becomes a priestess to the goddess Vesta. Later she is introduced to Nero and the story unfolds there. In modern London, librarian India Sommers becomes entangled with an ancient coin, a dead man and later a secretive British S [...]

    I abandoned this book after about 10% read. I found the characterization unrealistic and I just couldn't find any sympathy for the main character. On the one hand she had prodigious historical knowledge, yet I thought her foul mouthed and childish. I see there are many many 5 star reviews and I congratulate Mr. Ashman on publishing a book that has garnered respect. But it's a matter of taste and what appeals to one will not to another. This review is entirely personal and not a criticism of his [...]

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