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  • Title: Season of Saturdays: A History of College Football in 14 Games
  • Author: Michael Weinreb
  • ISBN: 9781451627817
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover

  • From an award winning writer, journalist, and college football expert an entertaining cultural history that highlights the key moments, games, personalities, and scandals of the popular and controversial American pastime.Every Saturday in the fall, countless college students, alumni, and sports fans wake up filled with a particular kind of hope and excitement, ready for tFrom an award winning writer, journalist, and college football expert an entertaining cultural history that highlights the key moments, games, personalities, and scandals of the popular and controversial American pastime.Every Saturday in the fall, countless college students, alumni, and sports fans wake up filled with a particular kind of hope and excitement, ready for their team s game Half of them finish the day in joyous celebration, and the other half in abject depression, but all of them are ever ready to do it over again the next weekend.College football is one of the unifying cornerstones of American culture Since the first game in 1869, football has grown from a stratified offshoot of rugby to a ubiquitous part of our national identity Today, as college conferences fracture and grow, amateur athlete status is called into question, and a playoff system threatens to replace big money bowl games, we re in the midst of the most dramatic transitional period in the history of the sport.Michael Weinreb s Season of Saturdays examines the evolution of college football, from the moral and ethical quandaries that informed its past to the fascinating changes that may affect its future Since its nascent days on elite Ivy League campuses, college football has inspired both school spirit and controversy Weinreb explores the game s inherent violence, its early seeds of big business greed, and its impact on institutions of higher learning Filtered through the stories of such iconic coaches as Woody Hayes and Joe Paterno and Steve Spurrier, Season of Saturdays also celebrates some of the greatest games of all time while exploring their larger significance Part popular history, part memoir and always uniquely American Season of Saturdays is both a look back at how the sport became so fraught with problems, and a look ahead at how the sport might survive another century.
    Michael Weinreb
    Michael Weinreb is the author of Bigger Than the Game Bo, Boz, the Punky QB and How the 80s Created the Modern Athlete His previous book, The Kings of New York paperback title Game of Kings , won the Quill Award as the Best Sports Book of 2007, was named one of the best books of the year by Publishers Weekly, and The Christian Science Monitor, and was a New York Times Book Review Editor s Choice.He is also the author of Girl Boy Etc a short story collection He has written for The New York Times, ESPN, GQ, Grantland and Sports on Earth His work has also been anthologized in the Best American Sports Writing collection His next book, Season of Saturdays A History of College Football in 14 Games, will be published in Fall 2014 by Scribner.


    Mark Poons
    Maybe it's me, but I just had a really hard time getting into this book. And I LOVE college football, so I was really disappointed I did not like it more. I did enjoy some of it, I think my problem was in the way it was written. It's just a hodgepodge of random stories about the history of college football and the authors own experiences. Maybe I just need a more linear structure. I did like the idea however that one of the things that makes college football great is all the reasons people hate [...]

    Aaron Arnold
    College football fills a very specific sports-related need for tens of millions of Americans like myself, and you couldn't ask for a better introduction on why exactly this particular jumble of athleticism, loyalty, egalitarianism, hierarchy, tradition, greed, and (oh yeah) academics exerts the hold it does on so many people for the back third of the calendar year. Weinreb mixes in a bit of straightforward game recap, but the majority of the book is the good stuff that both hardcore fans and cas [...]

    Tom Gase
    A fun book to read on the history of college football in 14 games, or chapters really. I thought this book would be a critique on 14 different games, and it was, to a certain extent. An enjoyable read, but I felt it kind of goes all over the place a little too much and has more sidenotes on the bottom of the page than a Bill Simmons column. That being said, very well researched and written well, just not what I was expecting. The author's Penn State bias is evident, but it's not too bad. Really [...]

    Jacob Baker
    Weinreb paints a poignant portrait of the American college football landscape. This book is equal parts history lesson, social commentary, humor, and unadulterated personal nostalgia. In the first few pages Weinreb mentions that if his readers did not attend a state school, or grew up in a professional sports market, they might be missing the "point" of college football. He spends the next several hundred trying to explain that point. I'm not sure if those readers understand anymore by the end, [...]

    Budd Bailey
    Here's a lesson about jumping to conclusions when it comes to books."Season of Saturdays" looks rather straight-forward in its cover description. Michael Weinreb must have picked out the most important 14 games in college football history, and then thoroughly reviewed them in the book.That's not quite what we have here. Luckily, it's probably better this way.Weinreb has bigger things in mind. He essentially points to important trends in the game's history, and then picks out milestone games to p [...]

    This book takes a unique approach to telling the history of college football. The author chose 14 (I think) games from the sport's entire history, selected because in some way they represented some moment in the evolution, or devolution, of the sport. He describes each game by way of various tangents or undercurrents occurring on the team or on campus or in society that were somehow manifested in the game itself. These histories are enmeshed among stories of the author's personal relationship wi [...]

    Rating: 4 ½ of 5 stars (excellent) – rounded to 5 for and Review:College football is a uniquely American institution that can bring out the best and worst of everyone involved – players, coaches, schools, students and fans, just to name a few. The moral and ethical questions that can be raised by this passion are examined in this excellent book on the sport by Michael Weinreb. He covers the history of the sport from its beginnings as an Ivy League activity to today’s system with a 4 team [...]

    Paul Pessolano
    “Seasons of Saturdays” by Michael Weinreb, published by Scribner.Category – Sports/Football Publication Date – August 19, 2014The sub-title for this book is, “A History of College Football in 14 Games”. The author, his prejudices aside, takes what he believes are the most influential 14 College Football Games and explores the games themselves and their impact on the game. He further looks into the key figures in the games and how they affected College Football. He also looks into the [...]

    Ryan Splenda
    This book is more than just a history of college football in 14 games. This book is the explanation of my soul! Weinreb perfectly explains the passion of every die hard college football fan like me (while additionally pointing out that most of the hero-worshipping and cult status that it has gained over the years is quite ridiculous). I present two quotes from this book that perfectly explain ME: "There is a thing that happens to me when I'm watching certain (in my case ALL) college football gam [...]

    Mike Kennedy
    Above average book that takes you through a lot of the history of college football. The title is a little misleading. The author picks 14 games, one for each chapter, which I assumed would lead to him talking mostly about these games. That is not the case at all, as Weinreb, uses each chapter to write a number of short essays. The essays all revolve around the same subject that the chapter is about. It is not a bad thing, but keep in mind this is not a chronological timeline. The author's jumpin [...]

    This was an enjoyable read that really does a good job getting at what those of us who have loved college football, as I once did, saw in the institution--the tradition, the pageantry, the underdog stories. I especially liked the chapter about Boise State and other such metaphoric statute of liberty play moments. However, the chapter about the University of Miami teams from the 1980s and early '90s is, like the ESPN documentary "The U," absolute bunk. For the record, "racism" does not justify ob [...]

    Must confess, I picked primarily because there was a chapter about Boise State's first Fiesta Bowl appearance and I was curious what a non-BSU fan would say. But the overall theme of the book was the evolution of college football and its uneasy relationship with the 'college' part of it. It IS a business closely associated and in a co-dependent relationship with academic institutions. Makes for an uncomfortable alliance that doesn't always work out right. The book discusses the violent nature of [...]

    Nick Ohrn
    This book isn't bad, but it definitely wasn't what I expected from the title and summary. I was anticipating something along the lines of Breaker Boys with a definitive history of these 14 games with some added information about a particular player or something for each one. Instead, I got 14 chapters that were made up of 6-8 sections with only one discussing the actual game in question. A lot of it was the author's "growing up" story as a Penn State fan.It was an easy read - something you can f [...]

    I think of myself as a college football fan, not FANATIC, but I was surprised at how nostalgic it felt to read anew about classic football games and coaches and controversies and rivalries over the decades. Weinreb does a fine job of exploring why college football has such a hold on so many millions of fans, both in spite of and because of the game's inherent violence for a century-plus years. This is part sports history and part personal memoir, and it all comes together like a Hail Mary with n [...]

    As a fan of college football (and Notre Dame in particular) I really enjoyed this book. I was not what I thought it was going be. This book had very little to do with what happened on the field of the 14 college football games and more to do with social, cultural and political going-ons that surrounded each game and period. With the author being the same age with I could relate with how he has viewed college football over the last 35 years or so. In short, read this book if you're a fan of colle [...]

    Though the subtitle is a bit of a misnomer (most chapters barely mention the topical game), Season of Saturdays is a fascinating history of college football. Weinreb covers everything from the tension between amateurism and commercialism that existed practically from the beginning of the sport to the evolution of "The Argument" over who should be national champion (including the introduction of tiebreakers, the BCS, and finally the 4-team playoff beginning this year) to why we love the game so d [...]

    If you love college football, you will love this book! It's such a well-written perspective on all of college football (it doesn't matter what school you cheer for) from it's very beginning to current day. I really liked the way Weinreb mixes history with modern day throughout the whole book (it's not completely chronological) so there didn't seem to be an "old" or boring chapter. There are so many anecdotes about famous players/coaches/teams that I had never heard before and Weinreb tells them [...]

    Melissa Acuna
    Completely misleading title: the author barely discusses the game changing game featured in each chapter and his biases are clearly on display-- though to his credit, he is completely transparent and open about his opinions. Had the author's analysis been more insightful or had there been some new information, this would have been worthwhile. Instead it is full of commonly known anecdotes, and little thought-provoking writing.

    There are very few books that once I started to read them, I failed to finish them. This book stunk. It has nothing to do with a history of college football in 14 games. I read two chapters and it was nothing more than a free association of thoughts circling around the idea of why he thinks he hates to love about hating to love college football. It was two chapters of nothingness. I'm sorry I wasted the time to read even that much of it. Note that I rated it 0 (zero) stars.

    Terry Shaw
    I loved this book. Told from a Penn State fan's perspective, it may not be quite as appealing to my Southern Nationalist neighbors in SEC country or one of Notre Dame's subway alumni, but I read it in one take and couldn't quit laughing. He explains as well as anyone can the irrational love we have for college football, with all its faults. He also doesn't hold anything back. Weinreb is as funny as Hunter S. Thompson. Now I'm off to read his other books.

    The second book on my road to College Football literacy. I liked this very much because it focused on so many different teams and era. Most enjoyable to me was that the various games which are the topics of each chapter functioned merely as historic bookmarks in Weinreb's survey history of College Football's overall socio-cultural development.

    A good pop history of college football set around 14 famous games's not a history of the games but framed with events and meanings around the games. It also is a kind of meditation on college footballs place in our society, focused on the authors early life in State College, PA. Well written, by a writer whose work I enjoy (he writes on occasion for grantland. Well worth the read

    An obvious influence on Weinreb was The Big Book of Basketball - check out the secondary conversation in the footnotes. Interesting commentary on college football politics. Glad to see that the end of the Auburn-Alabama game in 2013 has supplanted 1982's Cal-Stanford ending (his knee was down, just saying)as the most improbable finish.

    I loved this book. The history of the evolution of college football was great, but I loved the humor even more. The epilogue that deals with Penn State and Joe Paterno made me cry. This short book examines all that is right and wrong with college football.

    victor harris
    An even-handed commentary on the world of college football. With snapshots of key games dating back to the early 20th century, Weinreb glories in the magic of the college game but doesn't pull any punches dealing with its many shortcomings.

    Great insight into the passion of my two sons and frightening in that I surely watched some of the memorable games described, but couldn't have retold you about them for my life. I've asked Graham to take me on a youtube tour of some of the more momentous finishes.

    Varies between a rolling stone series of essays and a really interesting anecdotal history of college football. I really enjoyed it.

    Matthew Fitch
    A great book for those of us that are llege football fanatics. You don't have to have gone to an football centric school (FSU) to enjoy this book.

    Rebecca Wetzel
    If you love football, you should read this book. If you love someone who loves football then you should definitely read this book.

    There were parts of the book that were insightful. However the chapters were a bit misleading as they rarely go into much detail.

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