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  • Title: Collide
  • Author: Gail McHugh
  • ISBN: 9781476765341
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback

  • A missed first encounterColliding with a second chanceOn the heels of graduating college and trying to cope with her mother s death, Emily Cooper moves to New York City for a fresh start.While harboring secrets of his own, Dillon Parker takes care of Emily through her grief Knowing he can t live without her by his side, he s sweet, thoughtful, and everything EmiA missed first encounterColliding with a second chanceOn the heels of graduating college and trying to cope with her mother s death, Emily Cooper moves to New York City for a fresh start.While harboring secrets of his own, Dillon Parker takes care of Emily through her grief Knowing he can t live without her by his side, he s sweet, thoughtful, and everything Emily has ever wanted in a man.Until she meets Gavin Blake a rich and notorious playboy who is dangerously sexy and charming as hell Emily tries to deny the instant connection she feels, but Mr Tall, Dark, and Handsome is not inclined to let go so easily Recovering from his own painful past, Gavin will stop at nothing to win Emily over.This unexpected encounter compels Emily to question her decisions, forcing her to make a choice that will destroy friendships, shatter hearts, and forever change her life.
    Gail McHugh
    A self proclaimed chocoholic, married mother of three, and a lover of writing for as far back as she can remember, Gail McHugh is the author of two New York Times bestselling novels The COLLIDE series which includes COLLIDE and PULSE , was acquired by Atria Books on September 17th, 2013 The first of two sexy contemporary romances about a woman torn between her seemingly perfect boyfriend and a dark, mysterious stranger who will stop at nothing to have her Publishers Weekly on COLLIDE, a Top 10 Romance pick Gail s next novel also publishing through Atria Books , AMBER TO ASHES, is slated to release June 9th, 2015.You can follow Gail on the below social media sites and email Facebook facebook AuthorGailMcTwitter Gail_McHugh author gailmchughEmail authorilhugh gmail And her blog at authorgailmchugh


    Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    5 KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF- FANF*CKINGTASTIC GAVIN BLAKE STARSOH.GODOH.GOD.OH.GOD this book!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I'm giddy over this book! I feel like I'm on top of the world. It easily falls into my "BEST F*CKING BOOK EVER" category without a doubt, it's up there with Fifty Shades and the Thoughtless Series for me. If you love angsty love triangles, STOP what you are doing and look no freaking further this is the book for you. I swear I want to scream it from the mountain tops!!! Please READ THIS BOOK [...]

    Miss H
    Spoilers are likely, so if that isn't your thing, feel free to ignore this review entirely.I should’ve put this book down and spared myself a headache. While I didn’t hate it, I certainly didn’t love it, either. Actually, I take that back. It was pretty awful.Where to start with this mess? I cannot begin to explain how ridiculously annoying it is when a character laughs with almost everything they say, as if every word out of their mouth is funny enough to warrant a laugh. Not to mention t [...]

    "That's All" Ash
    Okie dokie.I just need to get a few things out of the way before I can tell you how awesome this book is. I know what you’re thinking… “Wait. But you gave only it three stars, Ash. WTF?”Right you are, friends!But there’s a very specific reason as to why I downgraded this book from having a four-star reviewE HEROINEEmily Cooper.AKA the heroine who couldn’t make a decision to save her life.Let me break this down for you:Emily’s boyfriend, Dillon, is a narcissistic, money-greedy assho [...]

    5 Drop whatever you’re doing are read this book RIGHT NOW stars :D Absolutely fantastic! This story kept me on the edge of my seat and completely held my attention. I couldn’t put it down, just had to know what was going to happen next!Attracting, compelling, colliding, their chemistry- to say the least- was explosive.

The summer after her senior year of college, Emily moves from her home in Colorado to New York City to be closer to her boyfriend Dillon. Since her mother died of breast [...]

    SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    ★★★★! Collide (book 1). One woman, two men & one heck of a roller-coaster of lust, jealousy, seduction, betrayal & an intense against-all-odds love!“Damn it, Emily, I want us! You belong with me, not him.”Spoiler alert! Though the book blurbs in the Collide series do not make a secret of who the intended hero and heroine are for this love triangle, I’d say if you rather remain surprised stop reading right now, don’t peek at the blurbs and just enjoy the unfolding!The Coll [...]

    I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewAttracting, compelling, colliding, their chemistry-to say the least-was explosive.Where to begin? Emily Cooper is a beautiful young woman who is as unmistakably genuine as she is decidedly naiveEmilyShe has just lost her mother to cancer and is moving away from her small town to join her boyfriend, Dillon Parker, in New York. Dillon has been there for her in every way imaginable when it came to her mother's illness. Flying ba [...]

    Pearl Angeli
    "When you want something this badly, you don't just give up. You fight and fight until you absolutely can't fight anymore."4 Angsty Stars!You know it's a good book when it takes you into this roller coaster ride of emotions. I swear this book brought on many feels! Normally I don't appreciate books that have something to do with complicated love triangles, but this one seemed to be an exception. Collide, the first book of Collide series, started when Emily Coooper moved to New York to attain a c [...]

    Yes, there is a massive cliffhanger at the end, but it is soooo worth the ride.-----------------------Holy roller coaster ride from cover to cover!! And I LOVE roller coasters!-----------------------You will fall in LOVE with Gavin Blake over and over again. click here for my image of a very frustrated, (add a few more adjectives of your own ;-) )Gavin-----------------------------------------------As they argued in the rain, my heart ached and broke for Gavin“Tell me right here and now that yo [...]

    I FUCKING LOVED HATED IT!!!! Can't write a review until I get back from my therapy session. I think I may be permanently scarred by this one.So after contemplating a review for this book, all I can tell you is that I feel like I'm sitting on the scariest and most exhilarating roller coaster ride I've ever been on. But the ride has ended, and I don't want to get off not yet I want to go again. and they're MAKING ME GET OFF!!!! The park is closing and they've called the security guards to kick my [...]

    Katy Loves Romance ❤️
    5 OH MY GOD GAVIN BLAKE STARS!!!I've always been a reader and there have been periods of times in my life where I took a break maybe to study or when I had my children etc.I loved the babysitters club when I was a teenager then a few years later I found love with the twilight series and read them all in a week, I couldn't find anything at the time that hooked me so stopped but then the one and only Fifty shades of grey came out which left me like HOLY SHIT where do I go now? but then Facebook is [...]

    ~ Becs ~
    I picked this book up because one of our blog followers emailed me and told me how good it is (Thanks Cavell!) and I am so glad that I did. I do so love an emotional, angsty story that holds my attention, affects me soul deep and pretty much rips out my heart and this book did all of that to me. I felt fully connected to the characters, understood all their terrible predicaments and despaired that the course of true love never did run smooth. I guess there must be a latent sadist somewhere deep [...]

    Ok, you all know I love my Badass Alpha males, but now and again I like to read about a decent, nice, honourable guy and Gavin Blake sure is one of them. How did I miss this book before now? I am kinda glad I did because it did end on a sort of “cliffy” and I was able to dive straight into the next one straight away. Not usually a fan of love triangles but if you meet the one you are meant to be with what can you do?Gavin is sheer perfection. Emily sort of annoyed me a bit when she automatic [...]

    Okay, what the hell? This book actually made me want to swear. The writing itself wasn't too bad (I've encountered worse), but the characters/content? Oh sugar, big problem for me.I have to say, of the three major characters -- that is Gavin, Dillon, and Emily -- Gavin was the least objectionable. He was a tad too mushy and "in-touch" with his feelings for my taste; otherwise, not horrible.Dillon, what a d-bag. I do not understand Emily's relationship with him. We, as readers, are supposed to bu [...]

    Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️
    Well well well, I have a serious love/hate relationship with this damn book. Being a self-professed angst whore, I've officially found a book that has so much angst and senseless drama, it drove me batshit cray-cray! Ah, I feel slightly better getting that off my chest. The bulk of this book my feelings were a bit like this-Seriously. If you hate love triangles or wishy washy heroines who've got men falling over them for NO reason, this book is NOT for you. Now, upon meeting Gavin Blake, I was s [...]

    5 INFURIATING STARSCollideBy Gail McHughGenres: Contemporary Romance/DramaCollide is a love story. It's a story about a girl called Emily Cooper . Emily moves to New York City with her boyfriend Dillon Parker, Dillon takes care of Emily, he provides everything she needs and especially after her mother's death, he was there for her, emotionally and financially! and she loves himThen she meets Gavin Blake New York most eligible bachelor, he's sexy, smart,and charming as hell! At the time she didn' [...]

    Bookhooking (Tanya Childress)
    Holy hell of a good story here! If I could give it more than five stars I most definitely would!! Gail McHugh introduced me to my first book boyfriend of 2013 and his name is none other than Gavin Blake!!Oh my, how I adored him in every f***ing way! She had my undivided attention from the first page until the very last and let me just say that it takes a pretty, awesome author to do that to me because I can get easily distracted, but here? oh hell no there was none of that happening! I didn't wa [...]

    2 ~This book would have been so much better without Emily in it!~ StarsDear Emily,My Emily:I didn't hate this book. I enjoyed the story. The writing wasn't anything special, but the overall book wasn't that bad. Gavin was the best part of this book. He is a sweetie pie who does says some really swoony stuff. I even got turned on a couple times, so that's always a plus.My Gavin:I can't even talk about Emily without getting upsetSo I will just say thisEmily = CowardDillon doesn't even deserve to b [...]

    Ash Wednesday
    I'm having a hard time composing my thoughts because seriously, WTF did I just read?!And Jesus, its going to be a series?! Okay, coming into these kinds of books, you have certain expectations. I expect a serious amount of fluff and aww-shucks-ain't-that-sweet moments, drama is also requisite (some jealousy-induced punching, some crying in the rain), parties where everyone dresses up, non-graphic sex with dirrrrty talk you know the usual. This book had everything and our backyard in there. All t [...]

    Jennifer Kyle
    Grab a beverage this could take a while…Gail McHugh’s writing was sexy, entertaining and completely angsty. I loved all the characters in this story. Well some more than others. Gavin Blake will have readers swooning. Emily tested my patience but she partied on Staten Island, so that’s something. Olivia, Fallon and Trevor were kick ass best friends and I even liked Dillon believe it or not. I have to give him props for knowing exactly what he wants. The story was a great read and had me ex [...]

    Hulya Kara Yuksel
    Emily, baby girl you're so stupid!!! I mean come on girl, how couldn't you see the facts huh?Gavin honey. I can eat you up!!! You're just gonna be fine. I mean, I hope so :(Dillon. You're such a dick and please------------------------“I want you to give in to what I see behind your eyes every time I’m near you. I want you to give in to the way you trembled in my arms when I touched you… the way your breathing becomes faster when I look at you. I loved the way your lips felt against mine, a [...]

    Por fin he tenido tiempo para poder terminar la primera parte de esta historia. Me ha encantado, me ha venido de lujo después del último libro que leí para el Reto Rita, tiene un poquito de todo. Emily la protagonista femenina a veces te saca un poco de quicio y Gavin es mucho Gavin, te gusta desde el minuto uno que empiezas a leer. Dillon no lo soporto es el típico personaje odioso pero es indispensable en la historia. veremos que pasa en la segunda parte

    This is one of the most wonderful books in 2015 and although it has a lot of controversy around it, I loved it.This is a story about betrayal and suffering, but also one about love and second chances.The main plot surrounds Emily Cooper who begins a new life in NY together with her boyfriend, Dillon. In the first chapters we see a happy couple,that is trying to settle down and enjoy their relationship. Dillon was there for Emily in her terrible moments of grief and due to all the background they [...]

    RECIPE FOR COLLIDEIngredients:1 cup of TSTL heroine – Emily.1 cup of Douchebag Boyfriend - Dillon.2 cups of Hot and sexy millionaire friend of Dillon – Gavin.1 cup of great fun loving BFF – Olivia.3 tbsp. of wonderful secondary characters - Trevor, Fallon and Colton.Huge handfuls of drama and angst.And of course a dash of tears.Method:Mix well in a huge bowl, put in a non-stick pan and place in a moderately hot oven for about 1 hour until brown. Voila you have a wonderful love triangle tha [...]

    E.L. Montes
    I was given Collide as an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.4 ½ Beautiful Colliding Stars!After the devastating death in her family, Emily Cooper made the ultimate decision to start new and fresh, by leaving her small town and joining her boyfriend, Dillon Parker, in New York City. Even though this was a huge step in their relationship Emily wasn’t quite ready to live with Dillon and therefore moved in with her best friend Olivia.While trying to cope with the loss, Emily bega [...]

    Smitten's Book Blog
    OH MYYYYY LIFE!Ok, I'm going to start off with a warning. Only read this book when you have bugger all else to do for the day! You will not want to put it down!Jesus, what a rollercoaster! This book has totally messed up my day. I read last night until I physically could not keep my eyes open. I was so tired that I was falling asleep half way through a chapter and dreaming the rest of the story. In the end, I gave up. I picked it up when the other half left for work and said to myself 'Oh, I'll [...]

    I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review4.5 Stars!! Collide is Freaking Phenomenal! I'm so glad that this was the book to start off my 2013! I love the way Gail McHugh writes! Her prose is so smooth, the story flowed seamlessly. I think one of my favorite things about this book was the fact that there was so much raw emotion that bled from its pages. Emily: Her character developed beautifully. Broken, but hanging on to the things she holds dear. Her boyfriend, her [...]

    Crystal~BIG book addict~
    Oh boy, I don't even know where to start. I had high hopes for this book but it definitely fell short for me. Emily has moved to New York to be closer to her boyfriend, Dillon. She moves in with her best friend from college, Olivia. Olivia was one of my favorite characters. She was hilarious.I never had a good feeling about Dillon, he was a complete douchebag. He was horrible to Emily and always made it out to be Emily's fault.Enter Gavin, the one good thing about this whole book.He meets Emily [...]

    Jenny - TotallybookedBlog
    I so wanted to love this book, I really did.I did start out enjoying it. The opening couple of chapters hooked me in and I was feeling a connection to Emily as we join her in her move to New York where she is making a fresh start following the death of her mother.These initial scenes drew me in and I was feeling for Emily at this point and thought, here it is, I’m going to love this girl and love this story. She’s independent, compassionate, sweet and came across quite strong at this junctur [...]

    Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*No, just no*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ I hated this book. I couldn't stand the main character Emily ‘Em’ ‘Country’ Cooper (24). I hated her boyfriend, Dillon Parker and I didn't like the story at all. The only thing that I did like was Gavin Blake (28). And maybe Emily's roommate and one of her closest friends, Olivia ‘Liv’ Martin who actually tried to make some sense into idiot and naive Emily, but didn't try heard enough. I hate weak characters. I hate naive characters a [...]

    Kim Person
    I was provide an arc in exchange for an honest review of Gail's Collide and I have to say in the end it was I who is extremely honored that she blessed me with a copy of this book!If I could this would be rated TEN HOLY MOTHER GIVE ME MORE NOW STARS!! I was Stunned, shredded and left speechless at the end of the book but I'm absolutely in love with Collide!! This is the story of Emily who moves from Colorado to NYC with the encouragement of her boyfriend Dillon. Emily has graduated college and m [...]

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