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  • Title: Writer Dad
  • Author: Sean Platt
  • ISBN: B00FXUB81W
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Sometimes, It Takes Someone Else to Inspire the Dream Inside Us.Bestselling author Sean Platt might have never started writing if not for a gift from his wife on his 30th birthday She bought him a Macbook, and told him to get started doing what she knew he was supposed to do.Cindy gave Sean the unparalleled gift of her unflagging support, fueled by the unflinching beliefSometimes, It Takes Someone Else to Inspire the Dream Inside Us.Bestselling author Sean Platt might have never started writing if not for a gift from his wife on his 30th birthday She bought him a Macbook, and told him to get started doing what she knew he was supposed to do.Cindy gave Sean the unparalleled gift of her unflagging support, fueled by the unflinching belief that he was born to tell stories.Writer Dad is a love letter to Cindy and Sean s family, but also to the craft of writing It chronicles his first painful but necessary years, through his eventual successful as a bestselling indie author.Writer Dad is for fans of Sean s work, those curious about the everyday reality of a growing writer s life, and those seeking inspiration for their own journeys forward.
    Sean Platt
    Sean loves writing books, even than reading them He is co founder of Collective Inkwell and Realm Sands imprints, writes for children under the name Guy Incognito, and has than his share of nose Together with co authors David Wright and Johnny B Truant, Sean has written the series Yesterdays Gone, WhiteSpace, ForNever, Available Darkness, Dark Crossings, Unicorn Western, The Beam, Namaste, Robot Proletariat, Cursed, Greens, Space Shuttle, and Everyone Gets Divorced He also co wrote the how to indie book, Write Publish Repeat.With Collective InkwellYesterday s Gone Post Apocalyptic LOST by way of The Stand WhiteSpace Paranoid thriller on fictitious Hamilton IslandForNever YA horror that reads nothing like YA HorrorAvailable Darkness A new breed of vampire thrillerDark Crossings Short stories, killer endingsWith 47NorthZ 2134 The Walking Dead meets The Hunger GamesMonstrous Beauty and the Beast meets The PunisherWith Realm SandsUnicorn Western The best story to ever come from a stupid ideaThe Beam Smart sci fi to make you wonder exactly who we areNamaste A revenge thriller like nothing you ve ever readRobot Proletariat The revolution starts hereCursed The old werewolf legend turned upside downGreens Retail noir comedy Space Shuttle Over the top comedy with all your favorite sci fi characters Everyone Gets Divorced Like Always Sunny and How I Met Your Mother had a baby on your KindleSean lives in Austin, TX with his wife, daughter, and son Follow him on Twitter twitter seanplatt say hi so he can follow you back


    Roberto Scarlato
    Man, did this guy face a lot of struggles. When reading this memoir, you really get a sense of how tough it is to be a writer. Not only is Sean Platt a man who is willing to take risks but his family is totally behind him. I like memoirs for the simple fact that they give you some insight into another person's creative mind. You get to read about how Sean met his wife. You get to read about him building the business of Collective Inkwell and how he met David Wright and Johnny B Truant. You get t [...]

    Dominic Bellavance
    Intéressant parcours d'auteur. Mais pour apprécier, je pense qu'il faut avoir connu l'auteur par le biais de son podcast.

    Author's journey to full time, fulfilling writing. Speaks to the need to om it fully to what you want and to have support from those who will be effected by your decisions.

    Jarkko Laine
    I have been a fan of Sean Platt's fiction ever since the first episode of Yesterday's Gone in 2011. His journey from his first blog Writer Dad to where he is today never ceases to amaze and inspire me as I work my way towards my own writing goals. I knew a little about the tough times before the success but it wasn't until reading this book that I finally realized how much effort and perseverance it really took to make the dream of being a writer come true.Sean has the talent needed for the job, [...]

    This was a story I was expecting to enjoy, but not expecting to love like I did. Sean's Enthusiasm (I meant the capital E) shines through in his podcasts and fictional writing, so I thought it would be interesting to hear his story about how he got to where he is. As an aspiring writer I thought I might learn something as well. What I got was an emotional, heartfelt story, not just about how Sean got to where he was, but why he got there and who was instrumental in that journey (sometimes holdin [...]

    Axie Barclay
    Writer dad, what a great title. Someone should tell David Wright that that’s a great title. Anyway what a heartfelt tribute a wife and family! He might leap before he looks, but no one can fault Sean Platt for not adoring his family or not being willing to do anything for them. Part memoir, part writing guide, //Writer Dad// chronicles the journey Sean took to becoming the co-king of the serial novel. From managing to a flower shop to writing copy for pennies, this will give readers a whole ne [...]

    Dylan Perry
    5/5This was phenomenal. Part of me wants to leave it at that. This book, it was one I read whenever I could. Snagging a page or two, here and there, making as much time as I could to read in spite of a crazy hectic schedule. Because their struggles were so true and fascinating. And I saw their because this book is truly about Sean and his family and not just the writer dad himself. His wife, Cindy, being there to support him, even through the toughest times. His kids and the responsibility he fe [...]

    I loved reading not only about how Sean Platt started his writing career and overcame so much adversity, but also how he met his wife and started a beautiful little family. It is nice to finally see a memoir where a couple were madly in love and not fighting and I thought it was awesome how his wife stood by him no matter what. As an aspiring writer this book was very inspirational to me. Every time I don't feel like writing now, I think about Sean and how if you want something bad enough, you w [...]

    Jamie Maltman
    Understand why Sean wrote and published this before you read it, since it is not indicative of the level of polish of his other work. He wrote this for his wife, and published it only because some other people told him he should share the story. He didn't do nearly the editing and polish on this (at least by the time I downloaded it), that he does on his other books.I quite enjoy Sean's collaborative fiction, and this is his story of how he became the Writer Dad he is today. It's a touching love [...]

    Phillip Berrie
    This is an autobiography of the author's life where he's gone from being a flower shop retailer to an independent author making enough to keep his family through the process of becoming an indie writer. As a long-time listener to the Self-Publishing Podcast, I had heard a lot about the events of this book before, but it was nice to see it written down and commented on by the author. Sean Platt is one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever seen and so it was interesting to see that he, at ti [...]

    Joshua Feierman
    I gave this book five stars, not because it's phenomenally written (though it is very well written), nor because it changed my life (another usual five star qualifier), but because it's one of the most genuine and honest things I've ever read. I listen to Sean talk on the Self Publishing Podcast quite a bit, so it probably helped that I could hear these words in his someway gravelly, always joking, never quite serious voice. It was just a great read, thoroughly entertaining and engaging. Hearing [...]

    eden Hudson
    Even if you don't watch the Self-Publishing Podcast or Better Off Undead or aren't a fan of Collective Inkwell or Realm&Sands fiction, this is still a great story about the author's struggle to finally find his voice and make his place in the world. I would've loved to see more of it happen in specifics and in-scene rather than summarized, but it was still a fast, fun, inspiring read. If you like to read about someone who didn't give up until he found where he belonged in the world, you'll e [...]

    Val O. Morris
    The author of Writer Dad has literally suffered for his art. He lays it all out and bares his soul in the most beautiful of ways - telling his writing story to his wife and children, whom he thanks for the push needed to begin his career. I thank them, too, because it led myself and many other readers to Sean Platt's books. Platt mentions in Writer Dad that he wasn't sure others would enjoy reading this book. I'm so glad he published it and shared it with us. As a writer myself, it's inspiring a [...]

    Kristen Otte
    Writer Dad is a memoir of Sean Platt's journey into writing full time. I follow Sean's podcast and was eager to read his book to learn more about how he got to his current writing life. He is extremely honest about the mistakes he made along the way and he pressed through the rough times to become a successful indie author. This book is more memoir then writing or publishing advice although he does give some helpful tips along the way. The book gave me hope knowing a successful writing career ta [...]

    Mighty Rasing
    This is not a writing guide. If you want Sean Platt's how-to book on writing, better check out his other works particularly Fiction Unboxed (with Johnny B. Truant) and Write, Publish, Repeat, also with Johnny and Dave Wright.This is more of a touching memoir of a struggling writer dad who thrived and pursued his dream because of the love of his wife and the joy he got from his kids. It is touching and inspiring, and shows you that the path to your dreams is not a straight road, but one that is f [...]

    Blaine Moore
    While reading about Sean's early life, I couldn't help but see a lot of parallels.ng from a "go at your own pace" program to a normal classroom (and being really bored), reading the Hobbit at a young age, etc. I'd picked up a lot of the story (especially over the last year and a half) while listening to his podcasts but it was nice to fill in the gaps. The best part of the book is that it shows what's possible with hard work, no matter where you are starting from.

    Susie Mccray
    I truly enjoyed reading Sean's journey to becoming the storyteller he was destined to be. It's great that his wife, Cindy, encouraged and continued to support him throughout the good times and bad. I was inspired by this story so much so that I am working on my my own writing.Sean, I thank you so much for sharing your story and wish you, Johnny and Dave all the success you guys deserve. Keep doing what you were meant to do."Without struggle, progress means less." -- Sean Platt

    Great book, I winced when reading through the stuff he went through. I will definitely take stock in the lesson he committed to paper. Sean you are blessed to have such a loving and supportive family. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Joe Barlow
    I first became aware of Sean Platt through his various podcasts (most notably The Self Publishing Podcast), but after reading this beautiful and inspiring autobiography, I feel like he's an old friend. A must-read for anyone who dares to dream.

    Frances Thompson
    Passionate, tender and heartfelt, I bought this to acknowledge the good work Sean and co. do on the Self Publishing Podcast but ended up getting swept away in his story and that of his family. Inspiring read for anyone with an interest in indie writing and hard, hard work required to succeed.

    Kirk Mahoney
    Sean Platt tells his touching story in Writer Dad, and I recommend this to any self-published author!

    Britney King
    I thoroughly appreciated this book. I can relate to Sean's journey very well and found his honesty on what it is really like (for most of us) to pursue a dream refreshing.

    Not as much about writing as I hoped, more of a personal family memoir. Fairly entertaining but not in a "you gotta read this" kind of way.


    Elizabeth Barone
    This is a beautiful story not only about the road to self-publishing success, but also about how important family is.

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