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  • Title: Rumors that Ruined a Lady
  • Author: Marguerite Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780373297610
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback

  • SPOTTED LONDON S FAVORITE FALLEN HEIRESS, TAKING UP WITH THE ROGUE MARQUIS Amongst the gossip hungry ton, no name has become synonymous with sin than that of Lady Caroline Rider, cast out by her husband and disowned by her family Rumor has it that the infamous Caro is now seeking oblivion in the opium dens of London There s only one man who can save her notorious rSPOTTED LONDON S FAVORITE FALLEN HEIRESS, TAKING UP WITH THE ROGUE MARQUIS Amongst the gossip hungry ton, no name has become synonymous with sin than that of Lady Caroline Rider, cast out by her husband and disowned by her family Rumor has it that the infamous Caro is now seeking oblivion in the opium dens of London There s only one man who can save her notorious rake Sebastian Conway, Marquis of Ardhallow Soon Caro is installed in his country home, warming his bed, but their passion may not be enough to protect them once news of their scandalous arrangement breaks out.
    Marguerite Kaye
    Marguerite Kaye is a prolific historical romance author hailing from Argyll s West Coast She is a voracious consumer of books, Scotland s world class larder, and the occasional cocktail.Find out on her website at margueritekaye Join her on Facebook page at facebook margueritekayepageChat with her on Twitter at twitter margueritekaye


    We meet Lady Caroline Rider when she is off her face on opium in some dodgy place, where she is found by a notorious rake, Sebastian Conway, Marquis of Ardhallow who had sworn to himself he would never have anything more to do with that blasted woman. So obviously things are off to a great start.To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if their self-destructing tendencies, angst and misgivings lasted longer but that just tells you less about the book and more about some issues of mine which should probab [...]

    I've given this an A- at AAR, so 4.5 stars rounded up.This is my first read for the 2016 TBR Challenge, and the prompt is We Love Shorts!, which means choosing a novella, short story or category novel.Marguerite Kaye is someone I know can always be relied upon to deliver a well-written, character driven romance that plays out against an interesting and well-researched historical background. The fact that she can do all that so very well in under three hundred pages never ceases to amaze me; and [...]

    Rebecca Not reviewing at the moment
    'Her hair was as vibrant as ever, shimmering in the flame of the candlelight, and her eyes were still that remarkable shade of summer blue. Four years. He thought he had forgotten her. He was mistaken.'(view spoiler)[PlotLady Caroline's name has become a popular source of gossip among polite society, ever since she was cast out by her husband and disowned by her father. Now, it's rumoured that Lady Caroline is in London, seeking oblivion in the opium dens.Sebastian Conway, Marquis of Ardhallow i [...]

    A darker romance that's lovely all the same. Rumors That Ruined a Lady is not your average romance. An already married heroine who we first see dying from opium overdose. A hero who was in love with the heroine but left her. And a truly scandalous romance. This book is very different and that's what made it so wonderful.Caro has not had the best few years. She fell in love with a rake (Sebastian) but, when her reputation started suffering for the time they spent together, he left for her sake. S [...]

    Captivating!Two people who really were soul mates. Circumstances, duty and family kept them apart.Caro, Lady Caroline Rider, always wanting evidence of her father's love, is used as a pawn in her father' larger game of Marital Chess for his daughters. (As her sister Cressida calls the whole debutante Marriage Mart process).Sebastian Conway, Marquis of Ardhallow, all his life rejected by his father, is conversely both a rake in society and a recluse when on his estate.Both are shaped by their upb [...]

    My Book Addiction and More MBA
    RUMORS THAT RUINED A LADY by Marguerite Kaye is an exciting Regency Historical Romance set in 1819-1839 London. Series: Harlequin Historical Series , #1161. "Armstrong Sisters" #4, but can be read as a stand alone. Visit the author's website for a more on the previous "Armstrong Sisters" series. See," Innocent in the Sheikh's Harem (Celia)", Harlequin Historical, June 2011" The Governess and the Sheikh (Cassandra)", Harlequin Historical, August 2011 and"The Beauty Within (Cressida)", Harlequin H [...]

    Fiona Marsden
    I will say up front, I felt uncomfortable with one aspect of this story. It is no spoiler to say that Caro is a married woman through most of it apart from flashbacks. It is in fact the whole premise of the external conflict that will be the thing that prevents a happy ending. I couldn't quite forget that, which is why I couldn't give it five stars.The story itself is beautifully written and the characters are well rounded and very appealing. You couldn't help but be sorry about the whole mess t [...]

    I would subtitle this book "The Perils Of Marrying The Man Your Emotionally Distant Father Chooses For You." The author does a good job of detailing what little recourse women had in the 19th century to extricate themselves from a-hole husbands. The flashbacks utilized in telling the backstory work well, and there's a ton of glorious angst. One of those romances where you really do wonder, how the heck are these two ever going to get together? But they do. Yippee!

    Mrs Pauline
    I only read this book on Caz recommendations loved it. I think it could have had a much more attractive cover

    Lynette Rodwell
    This review is from: Rumours that Ruined a Lady (Mills & Boon Historical) (Paperback)Lady Caroline Armstrong, the second eldest of the five Armstrong sisters finds herself attracted to the rake 'next door' when she accidentally meets him aged 16yrs, while trespassing on the grounds of his ancestral home, Crag Hall. But her father, Lord Armstrong has better plans for this, his most dutiful of daughters; and her potential to further his own political career more advantageously, than to allow h [...]

    Review originally posted on The Book Pushers here: thebookpushers/2013/11/13/Publisher: HarlequinPublish Date: Out nowHow I got this book: ARC from the publisher via NetgalleyLondon, 1830SPOTTED: LONDON’S FAVORITE FALLEN HEIRESS, TAKING UP WITH THE ROGUE MARQUIS!Amongst the gossip-hungry ton, no name has become more synonymous with sin than that of Lady Caroline Rider, cast out by her husband and disowned by her family. Rumor has it that the infamous “Caro” is now seeking oblivion in the o [...]

    Anyone who reads my reviews will know that I love reading books by Marguerite Kaye. Anyone who reads Marguerite Kaye, will know why! You can imagine my delight when I heard that there was another book featuring the fascinating Armstrong Sisters and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, before I’d reached page 15, I was so completely hooked that it never occurred to me to put the book down or draw out the enjoyment of it.It takes a talented writer to be able to move back and forth through time the [...]

    *I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Rumors that Ruined a Lady is the fourth book in a series but, even though I haven't read the previous ones, I didn't feel like it was necessary since the story is independent, even though there is some degree of continuity. Each book is focused on one of the five Armstrong sisters and, this time, is Caroline's (Caro) story.Caroline is the obedient daughter, the one that always tried to obey her father, and the only one who mar [...]

    I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review. I was very surprised and honoured to find that I am also thanked in the book! Very, very exciting. You'll have to read it to find out why, hehe.But there are many more reasons why I love this bookThe first is that it is another sequel, so another sister in the Armstrong sisters family - though you don't need to read the others to read this book. You might find it does add to your enjoyment. There is one more sister to go now, Cordeli [...]

    I confess I haven't read the other books in the Armstrong series and there is a lot of references to the other sisters and their escapades. But that being said I don't think reading this one detracts from the story.There are three major flashbacks in the story. Each one describing a major meeting of Sebastian and Caro during their 10 year acquaintance.There were a few things I really enjoyed. I loved that there was a seance scene. It was very atmospheric and you get a sense of what a seance migh [...]

    Rumours that Ruined a Lady is about Caroline (Caro) and Sebastian. Both characters have been trying to obtain their fathers' love and approval and no matter how hard, they were unable to obtain it. Caroline ended up marrying an abusive husband and being unhappy. Sebastian ended up trying being a rakish rogue whose parents would think twice for their daughters to marry him. This is also an story that has complication between the Caroline and Sebastian's relationship with each other. It took Sebas [...]

    Teresa Jones
    I don’t know about you, but I just adore reading historical romances based around the London Society of the “Ton”. For me it is a completely enjoyable time in history to read about and although some of the stories might get predictable they are always fun.In this story we meet the disgraced Caroline that has been disowned by all those that should be there for her. Once she is tossed out it is no surprise that the London “rags” are a buzz about anything having to do with her and her sca [...]

    Maria Sanigan
    It shocked me to the core. I often read historical romance novels that are light, full of humor, and passion. This for me had been a shock for it depicted a different England. England in the height of scandals, with a touch of Opium, paramours, and being caught up by desire that it caused them too much to lose and so little to gain. I liked the story because of the passion, desire, and sanctuary Caroline and Sebastian always seemed to find with each other. I liked the fact that they fought for t [...]

    Rumors That Ruined a Lady is the fourth book in the Armstrong Sisters series and a fantastic story. This is not your typical historical romance. The heroine is married and no longer living with her husband, the first time the hero finds her after years of being away is in an opium den, and divorce is very rarely an option. Caroline Rider is one of five daughters, and the only one out of them all to marry the man of her father’s choosing. No one knows what she has endured during her marriage or [...]

    The 4th Armstrong book, following Caroline. We first meet her as Sebastian Conway finds her in an opium den having just overdosed and he takes her back to his home. We learn that they have a history, having become friends and having flirted briefly. But his reputation and her father's expectations of a good match get in the way, and Sebastian leaves. Caroline convinces herself it wasn't really love, since she knew he'd never offer marriage anyway and Sebastian believes she's better off without h [...]

    Sebastian Conway, the Earl of Mosteyn, had never has a real relationship with his father. He is attractive, built like an athlete and have a devil may care attitude. He has done is best to live up (down) to the title of Rake. Abandoned by his mother at a tender age he chooses to keep his relationships with women at a purely business level- No emotions involved.Lady Caroline (Armstrong) Rider is the dutiful daughter, between her and her four sisters. She wants desperately to be shown love and att [...]

    First off, you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, right? So literally speaking, I have to admit that I was both curious and intrigued by the book description yet sceptical and doubting about the book cover. I can't even put into words what makes me shy away from the book cover but it makes me scale down my expectations to a pleasurable read without much depth. BUT way off the mark! Rumours that Ruined a Lady is not only a pleasurable read but both the storyline and characters are complex and [...]

    Reputation, at one point in human history, was all important, especially if one expected to keep some semblance of acceptance in polite society. In today's world it is still important but we tend to view it as not all that critical. That is not to say that we yearn for a bad reputation, but in the time of this novel it was EVERYTHING. Yet as in all romance fiction, especially good fiction, the crisis is all important as it sets the stage for what will come and how the plot will proceed and how t [...]

    Trudy Miner
    Caroline is the only daughter to marry the man her father wanted her to so why has Lady Caroline Rider become the talk of the ton for her escapades? Cast out by her family and her husband, her childhood friend Sebastian Conway, now Marquis of Ardhallow, finds Caro near death in an opium den and takes her back to his home, Crag Hall where he nurses her back to health. As they spend time together while she recovers, Caroline reflects back on her life and how she got to where she is. At the same ti [...]

    Hilary Mack
    I hesitated to read "Rumours that ruined a lady" because the first half of the book is heavy with flashbacks, something of which I am not a fan. However, it's written by Marguerite Kaye, and I trust her to deliver a satisfying story, so I stuck with it, and I am glad I did.The heroine, Caro, is a very real character. At the start of the book she is depressed and despairing. Dangerous, since a negative character can be a turn off, but in actual fact she is very real and easy to identify with. Her [...]

    Harlequin Books
    "The fourth of the Armstrong Sisters series is as unconventional a romance as Kaye's previous titles - ideal for those searching for a "different" Regency romance. The dark undertones and the prospect of redemption will have readers enthralled as Kaye's characters move toward a fuller understanding of their emotional needs, their passion and the power of love." RT Book Reviews, rated 4 1/2 starsMiniseries: The Armstrong Sisters, book 4

    This is truly a better-than-average Harlequin Historical. I don't mean to disparage a entire subset of a romance publishing giant (many of Harlequin's titles are above decent), but Rumors That Ruined A Lady is really, really good and just fun to read. The writing is top-notch and the story strong enough to draw you in quickly on a rainy afternoon or "goof off" day. I've noticed Marguerite Kaye has a title called Delectably Undone. I'll have to check that out, too. :)

    Maggie Hesseling
    Wow, what an exciting novels. Unique novels like this are a reason to get excited again in the genre! I'm not a huge fan of flashbacks, but they're so seemless in this text that i was wanting more. Also, the characters and situations call for an extra applause for the author. This novel keeps you wondering where the storyline will take you. But don't worry, it wont leave you dissapointed. Rather, we can hope that the author will have a sequal, focussing on a child of the pair in this one.

    Angela Eldershaw
    I truly enjoyed this story a great deal. I usually prefer to have a story flow in a straight line but the back and forth from present to past worked very well in this instance. The story had many of the elements of a true love story and I particularly enjoyed that the characters, especially Caro, had to deal with the very real consequences of going against society's expectations. In short, this was a wonderful book!I received this book from the author for an honest review.

    Had all the things I look for in my smutty, romance trash-reads. Quickly, but well-built characters who had great chemistry with each other. Enough historical details to make it feel realistic, and somewhat logical plot sequence. A fun, quick read.

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