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  • Title: Cold Cold Heart
  • Author: Tami Hoag
  • ISBN: 9780525954545
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover

  • 1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag delivers a shocking new thrillerDana Nolan was a promising young TV reporter until a notorious serial killer tried to add her to his list of victims Nearly a year has passed since surviving her ordeal, but the physical, emotional, and psychological scars run deep Struggling with the torment of post traumatic stress syndrom 1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag delivers a shocking new thrillerDana Nolan was a promising young TV reporter until a notorious serial killer tried to add her to his list of victims Nearly a year has passed since surviving her ordeal, but the physical, emotional, and psychological scars run deep Struggling with the torment of post traumatic stress syndrome, plagued by flashbacks and nightmares as dark as the heart of a killer, Dana returns to her hometown in an attempt to begin to put her life back together But home doesn t provide the comfort she expects Dana s harrowing story and her return to small town life have rekindled police and media interest in the unsolved case of her childhood best friend, Casey Grant, who disappeared without a trace the summer after their graduation from high school Terrified of truths long buried, Dana reluctantly begins to look back at her past Viewed through the dark filter of PTSD, old friends and loved ones become suspects and enemies Questioning everything she knows, refusing to be defined by the traumas of her past and struggling against excruciating odds, Dana seeks out a truth that may prove too terrible to be believed
    Tami Hoag
    Tami Hoag is the 1 internationally bestselling author of than thirty books published in than thirty languages worldwide, including her latest thrillers BITTER SEASON, COLD COLD HEART and THE 9TH GIRL Renowned for combining thrilling plots with character driven suspense, Hoag first hit the New York Times Bestseller list with NIGHT SINS, and each of her books since has been a bestseller She leads a double life in Palm Beach County, Florida where she is also known as a top competitive equestrian in the Olympic discipline of dressage Other interests include the study of psychology, and mixed martial arts fighting Visit her at tamihoag, Facebook TamiHoag and on Twitter TamiHoag


    Alex is The Romance Fox
    Cold Cold Heart by Tami Hoag had a great start. Then after the prologue, it was downhill all the wayright until the last page. The story opens with Dana Nolan, the protagonist killing the serial killer than had kidnapped and tortured her. Enter detectives Liska and Kovac, who are trying to close the investigation of the serial killer known as Doc Holliday. Now, before you think that this is another book in the author's Kovac & LIska Series isn't. They only make a quick appearance in the begi [...]

    Patrice Hoffman
    In Tami Hoag's latest standalone thriller, we are introduced to the once beautiful and successful Dana Nolan. She has survived the most horrific ordeal that has claimed the life of countless victims before his serial killer escapades took center stage around the country. But, she is not that woman who killed her attacker, she is the After-Dana. Dana moves back to the small town of her youth as she struggles to come to terms with her new self. She suffers from brain damage where her short term me [...]

    I think there was a story in here somewhere, between the long, repetitious, dramatic passages about John's PTSD and violent hatred of his father and Dana's ongoing and kind of boring struggle to reconcile the "Before Dana" with the "After Dana" while dealing with her recovery from a TBI at the hands of a serial killer. Unfortunately, the story was not especially interesting. The serial killer and Hoag's detectives Liska and Kovac are all just red herrings, since they barely make an appearance an [...]

    where there's life, there's hopeDana Nolan spent ten months in rehabilitation at the Weidman Recovery Centre; when she was found, she had been extremely close to death at the hands of the notorious serial killer Doc Holiday. A TV reporter, Dana had been abducted on her way to work with the killer wanting to add her to his already long list of victims – Dana’s terrible injuries included a traumatic brain injury. Her physical injuries had healed in time, but her psychological and emotional tra [...]

    Dana Nolan has everything going for her – she is young, attractive, intelligent and has recently started a job as a newscaster – when she is abducted by a serial killer. The man, nicknamed Doc Holiday, plans to make her his ninth victim, but Dana manages to escape. However, survival is not that easy; Dana has suffered severe brain injuries, she has scars – both visible and unseen – and the killer has marked her forever. Now, she has to adjust to being a new Dana and to cope with her memo [...]

    Susan W
    "Where there is life, there is hope"Yah.but not in this book, sorry. I honestly do not know if it was because I was coming off a Tess Gerritsen high and her books pack a wallop or it truly was the most draggy book I have ever read. This book had a great start. Then chapter after chapter, again and again it was the same shit over and overNo new details, nothing to keep me interested. Read chapter 1-6 maybe then a bit more near the end and you will be satisfied. I really wanted it to be a good one [...]

    Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    This book will always be a memorable one for me as I read it after difficult surgery whilst recouperating. It was a great book to take my mind off things. With a great plot that builds up at a nice pace the book is easy to connect with and get absorbed into really quickly.Surviving the nightmare is only the beginningDana Nolan was a promising young TV reporter until she was kidnapped by a notorious serial killer. A year has passed since she survived the ordeal, but Dana is still physically, emot [...]

    A journalist is almost killed by a serial killer and returns with PTSD to her hometown to open up old wounds unexpectedly and recover from her trauma. This is a tale about communities and how they can isolate us and inflict heartbreak.The narrator did a great job on the character voices and mannerisms. MY GRADE: B plus to A minus.

    What happens when you're young and full of potential & everything comes crushing down in one moment? More on the point, what happens when you're an up and coming reporter and you're kidnapped by a seriel killer who tortures, rapes, and gets under your skin? What happens when you're forced to kill him in order to be saved? That happened to Dana Nolan, who's the only surving victim, and last one, of a serial killer. She killed him when he was driving and like we all know psychopaths tend to be [...]

    This supposed thriller is in no way thrilling. Without the prologue about the serial killer and wondering whether Dana Nolan, the protagonist, would escape him, the book had zero suspense. And of course she escapes, otherwise there would be no story!So the setup is that Dana has escaped from a serial killer by killing him. She spent months in recovery and had to relearn everything. When she finally returns home, she is harassed by the media. For Dana, who used to be a reporter, the shoe is now o [...]

    Dana Nolan's life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped and tortured by a serial killer. She does survive her ordeal, but not without a traumatic brain injury. After ten months in the hospital, she has returned to her childhood home. Dana doesn't remember her time in the killer's hands. She also doesn't remember large portions of her past. When she remembers that her best friend, Casey Grant, disappeared seven years ago right after their high school graduation, Dana delves into the mystery [...]

    Three Stars*** SPOILER ALERT ***Tami Hoag fans, please don’t hate me. This one just didn’t work for me. The more books I read and the more authors and genres I experience, the higher my expectations have become. My expectations of this book were raised even higher by quotes of praise on the book jacket like “Cannily plotted and peppered with some of the sharpest dialogue in the business” or “Outstanding! Tami Hoag continues to set the standard for excellence in her genre” or “Gripp [...]

    Really enjoy Tami Hoag's style of writing.Though I figured this one out, I still felt the characters and their development was top notch. Plus there were a few surprises along the way. Well done characters and several plots that are interwoven. My second book by this author, and I will likely be reading them all. Though part of the Kovac and Liska series, this is arguably a stand alone as the detectives only make brief cameo appearances in the beginning of the book.TBI and PTSD and their implica [...]

    Tami Hoag delivers another top notch thriller with her usual rock solid, tried and true style. Dana Nolan, although she may not agree at times, is a miracle. She is the lone survivor of the serial killer dubbed- Doc Holiday. Her mantra of “Where there is life, there is hope” got her through her ordeal. But, the once beautiful woman, an up and coming news anchor people loved, is now disfigured and suffering from a brain trauma that has robbed her of her memories. But, when a reporter jars her [...]

    RachelW (BamaGal)
    2 Stars for the first part, 4 Stars for the last 170 pages. If the reader can manage to trudge through the slightly dry and sloooow moving first 200 pages; they will be (finally) rewarded with a pretty darn good thriller/murder mystery. I appreciate the author's meticulous research into TBI, but it slowed the pacing to a crawl and was ultimately TMI.The book ended a little abruptly and seemed unfinished. I would have liked an epilogue on Dana and John's recovery from their individual traumatic b [...]

    Linda Strong
    COLD COLD HEART by TAMI HOAGWhat an extraordinary book! I've been following this author for more than 10 years and her books still amaze me.Dana is young woman, working on being an investigative journalist when she is abducted by the serial killer she is writing about. This is one really really sick individual. Dana, being the ninth victim, is used as a punching bag, raped, carved up like a turkey dinner, and had knees and hands and head battered by a hammer. She is more dead than alive.When she [...]

    I was thrown a bit at the start of this one. We had Liska and Kovac interacting with Dana, then all of a sudden they were gone. I kept waiting for them to show up and do their police thing, however this wasn't about them, this was Dana's journey. It might have helped had I read the blurb about the book, but this author is an auto read for me so I didn't bother.I felt for Dana, for her to live through what she did was a miracle in itself. I hated how Dana struggled with life in the aftermath. I t [...]

    Judy Collins
    Talented Tami Hoag,delivers COLD COLD HEART, with a likable heroine with PTSD and TBI, for a roller coaster page-turner crime suspense, leaving you guessing the identity of a brutal and clever mystery killer.Dana Nolan was a beautiful,successful, and promising young TV reporter until a notorious serial killer tried to add her to his list of victims. She has recently survived a horrible tragedy; lucky to be alive, and suffering from physical, psychological, and emotional scars. Her mind still doe [...]

    Sarah Anne
    This was so much fun that I almost burst into tears at the grocery store because of the emotions involved in the climactic final scenes. It's been years since I've read Tami Hoag so I had forgotten how much I like her work. This was a particularly interesting one because it deals with a woman with PTSD and a Traumatic Brain Injury, along with a vet who also has a TBI. Apparently Hoag was thrown from a horse and had a very delayed diagnosis of TBI. She also has a friend who was a vet and has the [...]

    Angela Oatham
    I'm new to Tami Hoag and I'm afraid on the strength of this novel I probably won't be rushing out to buy anymore.The idea is excellent, Dana has survived a serial killer and has now returned to her hometown to recover and rebuild her life. Whilst she is there she begins to reinvestigate the mysterious disappearance of her best friend Casey. She is suffering from PTSD and mild brain damage and her memories of her previous life are sketchy, a situation not helped by the fact that her hometown is p [...]

    Jackie Lane
    I really enjoyed this book and the author is one that I've been reading for years, so I was excited to read this book.The two detectives in the beginning of the book never made a reappearance and I hoped they would. The tragedy that befell Dana was so horrible, I felt bad for her, but I was rooting for her from the beginning.I like he Dana divided her thoughts in BD and AD (before Dana/after Dana). I loved how the author had her forget things, but at times I thought she should have not found wor [...]

    2.5 stars. Liska and Kovak are in the first few chapters of this book. Dana Nolan was attacked by a serial killer, Doc Holiday, but she managed to save herself. Though After-Dana has suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and is no longer beautiful or tactful. Dana becomes obsessed with the disappearance of her best friend from high school, Casey Grant. This is not a happy or particularly suspenseful tale. Two characters with TBIs and PTSD made for a depressing story. Besides being plagued by p [...]

    Bev Taylor
    surviving is only the beginning dana was abducted by a serial killer. severely tortured and maimed she managed to escape by killing her abducter - the only one to survive. but as whom and what? after nearly a year in treatment she returns to her hometown a shadow of her former self and her brain really ceases to function in a normal way she begins to look into the disappearance of her best childhood friend nearly a decade ago but finds things r not quite as she remembered. is this her brain fai [...]

    As someone who has had a brain injury from sepsis 13 years ago, I must say that this author has really done her research. Ms. Hoag must have interviewed dozens of survivors, and asked them how they feel. Her writing was spot-on.I found nothing in this novel repetitive at all, like some readers have. I was not very sure which character was the killer until they struck again at the end, and I had been waive ring between a couple of guys, actually. The ending might have even been possible, given th [...]

    Rhonda B
    This book is an excellent read. Tami knows how to keep you guessing until the end. So many characters looked guilty all the way through and then it was revealed. Usually my taste in characters is not the high school/post high school time in life but really, the story held my interest. If you enjoy a story about high school friends, read this.

    Christina T
    My Thoughts: While this book is marketed as a standalone it does loosely tie in to her Kovac/Liska series whereas the main character, Dana Nolan, makes an appearance in the 4th book of that series The 9th Girl. I've not read that series and can state that you do not have to read any other Hoag book to understand what is going on in this one. However, if you do not like spoilers, this book gives the name of the killer in The 9th Girl. Just an FYI.The Good Stuff: I think what really shines in this [...]

    4.25-stars The prologue sets it all up nicely. Seven years after her best friend had gone missing, the summer after graduating high school, Dana is a news anchor that was abducted by the killer she was reporting on. After being raped, tortured, and disfigured, she manages to kill her abductor and wakes in a hospital with no memory of the ordeal. Then, we're off to chapter 1!I've often encountered this author’s name, but this is the first book I’ve read from her. And I'll certainly be reading [...]

    Jo Anne B
    2.5 starsThis book was mostly about Dana's life after a traumatic brain injury and John's PTSD. Secondary to those issues was trying to find out what happened to Dana's best friend and John's ex-girlfriend Casey when she disappeared 7 years ago. The fact that there was someone currently raping and attacking women. There was too much repitition about "Before Dana" and "After Dana" and not enough about investigating the crimes. Not much police work at all. It was also very easy to figure out what [...]

    D.B. Reynolds
    After several books set in the past, Hoag is back with this taut, unconventional thriller. A riveting story that doesn't go where you expect it to.

    Another great one by Tami Hoag! A nice listen as I drove across Arkansas and Texas!

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