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  • Title: Toughen Up!
  • Author: Claude Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780989576338
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback

  • Basic training for leadership and success
    Claude Hamilton
    Claude Hamilton Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Toughen Up! book, this is one of the most wanted Claude Hamilton author readers around the world.


    Phil Wall
    Think YOU are tough? Can you fight? Can you hit level 50 in Call of Duty? Can you do 50 pushups? Can you bench press 100lbs? Can you hold your breath for 60 seconds? Well GOOD FOR YOU! Unfortunately this is NOT the tough Claude Hamilton is talking about. The tough Claude Hamilton is talking about is mental toughness! This is a totally different toughness that most of us think about. Yes there are some that can knock someone out with one punch, BUT maybe then Quit everything that's worth while in [...]

    Andrew Rockwell
    This is an amazing book that needs to be read by the masses. No matter what venture you are working on, Claude will inspire you to do more, be better and help others achieve greatness with his stunning stories and superb character. The large collection of quotes make "Toughen Up" a book that can be used as a reference book to help you toughen up in many situations. A definite must read!

    Lisa Jones
    To say this is a "good read"or even a great read, would be cliche at best. For if you merely read the pages and skim the words of a book of this caliber; you have truly missed the specific intent. Rather, to give it the appropriate praise, it is a thought provoking journey through the lessons learned and reapplied of one very courageous man's life, that invokes a desire to toughen up and be courageous. Written in an uncanny, conversational style that can be perceived as a heart to heart from a f [...]

    Scott Staley
    This is an amazing book - its full of great life lessons, illustrated by stories, that will help anyone who is trying to change their circumstances for the better. Toughen Up shows how it is that people who grow up and live in the same county, with the same economy, with the same opportunities - can live vastly different lives. Ideas have consequences - Toughen Up is an illustrative road map on how to change our thinking, form different thoughts, change our actions and therefore change our futur [...]

    Tracey Bishop
    Toughen up is an extremely inspiring read!! Written by a true leader, this book has something for all.inciples described in this beautifully written book can be applied by anyone, anywhere.ese principles hold true for any situation.r people in any walk of life. Claude shares his personal struggles, and personal victories in a book that shows how everyone can adopt mental toughness. This book is a definate must for every household!!! I personally cannot wait for his next one!!

    Patrick Clowater
    I just purchased this amazing book on the weekend and I am blown away. I find myself comparing myself to the author and have realized that I have much toughening up to do personally. This is not a negative thing, it is just where I am currently. I realize that being tough is just a decision we all can make internally IF we want to be successful. This is an awesome read and I can't wait for my children to read it as well.

    Joe Defraga
    This has to be one of the best books i've read all year. Claude Hamilton brings a refreshing look at success principles. He lets us know that success will not come easy but it is worth it. He really challenges readers to not just succeed, but succeed at something that matters. He does this through real stories that anyone can relate to and breaks it down into an easy to read, fun book.

    I didn't know what to expect from this first time author, but Claude knocks it out of the park! The book is a enjoyable read with engaging stories throughout, that are straight forward and to the point. WARNING, sometimes during the reading of this book you will have to TOUGHEN UP to continue, Claude doesn't pull any punches!

    Brandon Perry
    Reading a second time really helps these principles sink in. Especially now that my life is about to dramatically change with the coming birth of our first child. His 8 areas are all examples I want to set for both my wife and children. I really believe applying what is taught here will help you on your journey to living a life well lived.

    so far the best book i have ever read. Thank you Claude for staying tough all those years and for being somebody i can aspire too.

    Henrik Haapala
    Eight strengths for toughness: • Attitude • Courage • Character • Duty • Honor • Relationships • Passion • Tenacity • Success requires toughness • "Keeping your helmet on" • You will never, ever regret working your hardest for the thing you care about the most • You've got to walk a mile to see a mile • Whatever we don't have, we do have our character • Importance of mentors to see, do and associate the right things • Heart determines ability Lessons: • Be strong [...]

    SJ Barakony
    * a more in depth review will be posted on my blog before end of year *This is a really insightful book. Mr. Hamilton didn't make it complicated to read - it reminds me of another book that I'm reading right now -- 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' -- actually. For the latter, the author didn't over-complicate the lessons and principles, and neither did this author. Often, the most valuable information is simple to grasp, so long as one's mind is like a growing pie; if you think you know it all, then you'll [...]

    Douglas Zwolski
    Wow! Put all the other books you're currently reading down and pick this one up NOW!!! life-leadership-home/S This is a high impact easy read from a high impact author Claude Hamilton through his proven experiences in his life! This is a game changer for me that has already impacted my life and will continue to be a driver to my success! I needed this book desperately and I know there are so many others that are going to agree! Thank you Claude Hamilton for being a leader of leaders! My favorite [...]

    I have followed Claude and Lana Hamilton's journey for many years in his various business ventures. He is one of my favorite (and at the same time one of the most annoying)speakers out there.He served as one of the Canadian divers, think U. S. Navy SEALs, and has that chip on his shoulder. A true leader, and intensely competitive, his story and his Eight Strenghs will inspire and fire you up to do more. He is direct and can make you feel small at times, but he can also make you gnash your teeth [...]

    Toughen Up is just what I needed.Thanks Claude for a KICK in the Butt. If you are struggling with confidence in yourself, this book gives you the tools to get back on track from someone WITH RESULTS IN HIS LIFE! So many books out there are written by Authorst Doers. Claude Hamilton shares personal experiences that you can relate with to get your confidence back on track. Toughen Up, that's all it takes to make it in this world.

    I love how I was challenged by this book. By that I mean this: Claude Hamilton knows hard work and success. He is very descriptive in issuing a challenge to each and every one of us; stop being lazy, do the right things over and over and over again, and you will enjoy success. I admire Claude for being so brave to share his stories with the readers. I will strive to emulate Claude. Read this book and apply it, and celebrate your personal victories.

    This is a fantastic book by Claude Hamilton! I love listening to his CD's through LIFE Leadership, so I could hear him talking while I was reading this book. This book provides great training that propels me into action mode and belief that I can do more (I have never been a tough person!). The Eight Strengths gave me focus areas. Time to trash the excuses and live the life God has called me to live. Thank you Claude!

    Sarah Mitchell
    I loved this book! I had the immense pleasure of meeting Claude in person shortly before reading it, and it made the experience so much richer. Claude writes how he talks, and has poured so much of his personality and wit into this book that it was like he was there reading it to me. He doesn't sugar coat things, and shouldn't have to if we all just TOUGHENED UP!

    Great book, having boys 16 and 18, I'm excited to have them read it. The traits Claude Hamilton talks about in TOUGHEN UP will sever them their whole life. Even though this is not a kids book my 7 year old daughter, presently looking over my shoulder, want me to say she is even part way through the first chapter and recommends it. God Bless and Lead On.

    Wendi Witkowski
    what an amazing book that will inspire you to go after your dreams and toughen up for the journey. There are so many great quotes in this book to apply to your life and the story of Claude and lana's dream, struggle, victory is encouraging. It's great to read a book like this to know that your on the right path to get your own victory in whatever you apply yourself to.

    Ashley Beaubien
    my husband and I read this together every night before bed a few months ago. It made us laugh, cry and decide that together we could toughen up and get through any of the storms in life together. love this book, it truly gets past the theory of what it means to be tough and teaches from heart level.

    Adam Williams
    Love Claude's attitude. Never give up, it's something that is fading in today's society. People don't often get a look at what goes on behind the scenes of successful people. In my opinion this book gives you the perfect view of a normal person and with his wife (Lana) setting out to achieve more and doing it. Well done and congrats to both of you.

    As in life Claude saves the best value for last in his book "toughen up", I can see how motivational this book is and how many people in my life could benefit from the knowledge of these values if only they would pick up the book and of course, read.

    Dean Boyer
    Power Packed book! As you read Mr Hamilton's battle tested principles you understand he is a man who has applied them in his military and business life for true success. His book teaches others practical ways to do the same.

    Great principles. Simple yet applicable. Many incredible stories of the author's life and imparting to the reader, the leadership experience learned. It was a book of ah-ha's and uh-oh's (as in gut checks I doing my best, could I do more, etc.) Great read!

    Evan G
    This is a great book outlining the eight strengths needed to toughen up. This book was very relatable as the author, Claude Hamilton, used many stories from his own life. It was part biography part leadership/self-help book.

    Janet G
    I absolutely loved this book. So much inspiration, full of one-liners and quotes. A fresh read even though it has many of those old familiar quotes. Read if you need a pick me up or need a good kick in your essential area of focus.

    David Smale
    this book is an awesome, easy,every day read. will help in business and your every day life situations. you can pick up this book, read a little bit and you are ready to tackle the world. Thanks Claude

    Geralyn Wichers
    Toughen up was more than I expected. I expected a fairly typical leadership book. But Claude Hamilton's emphasis on honour and duty, passionate style, well chosen sources, and personal stories made it an inspiring and often emotional read for me. An excellent book.

    WOW! Taking real experiences from life to teach the mental toughness required to succeed at anything and make it so readable you can't put it down is no small feat! The chapters on Duty and Honor really kicked my passion up a notch.

    • ✓ Toughen Up! || ↠ PDF Download by ↠ Claude Hamilton
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