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  • Title: Wild Angel
  • Author: Shari Copell
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  • Page: 229
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • New Adult romantic suspense with paranormal elements Here are the usual warnings about sexual content, naughty language, and there s also a bit of brutality and violence I promised you all a happy ending after Rock n Tapestries though, and I never break a promise Hello, Pittsburgh You ready to rock Nicks Sorenson, guitarist extraordinaire for the band Wild Angel,New Adult romantic suspense with paranormal elements Here are the usual warnings about sexual content, naughty language, and there s also a bit of brutality and violence I promised you all a happy ending after Rock n Tapestries though, and I never break a promise Hello, Pittsburgh You ready to rock Nicks Sorenson, guitarist extraordinaire for the band Wild Angel, has a lot going on during her last year of high school In fact, she sometimes wonders if someone has painted a bull s eye on her forehead.Stone Jensen, lead guitarist for the band Heavy Remedy, shows up everywhere she plays despite the bad blood between them The high school principal is targeting her with endless detentions for some reason And she s starting to wonder if her mother is losing her mind Life soon spins into chaos for the Sorenson family It began when Nicks learned the name of the dead musician who d willed her his four guitars Then came the dreams of a man shrouded in mist She doesn t recognize him, but he seems to know her As the strange occurrences escalate, Nicks goes on an unexpected and painful journey into the past.She s about to learn what you don t know can hurt you.Author s Note I m trying my best to make this a stand alone read, but it really will make sense if you read Rock n Tapestries first.
    Shari Copell
    Shari Copell is the pen name for S.L Jesberger, the award winning author of the historical fantasy lainnshire series.She is a native of central Pennsylvania.Email her at sharicopell AT gmail


    *ARC Given to Blog for Honest Review*4 “Stone In Love" KissesOkay…so in all seriousness, the second I finished Rock’n Tapestries I was dying for this book…and for the record, I finished Rock’n Tapestries in one sitting. So really…excited beyond words barely covers it. Why? Because of how much I loved these characters! I wasn’t ready to let go and the thought of continuing the story with Asher and Chelsea’s daughter just made me all kinds of giddy. So before we move forward, if yo [...]

    Debbie Saraceni
    I was unsure of what to expect with Wild Angel especially after having read Rockin Tapesteries and loving the story of Asher and Chelsea and Tage. I figured Rock'n Tapestries would be a very hard act to follow. But I can tell you that Shari Copell got it right again. I just hope I can do the book justice with my review. This was absolutely fantastic. Just having the story continue after all of what Chelsea had gone through to know that she found her HEA in Tage was wonderful. But to get to know [...]

    For those who have read the first novel, Rock and Tapestries, this is the story of Nicole/Nicks, Chelsea’s daughter and it picks up 20 years later.We’re still at the Tapestries where Nicks and her band play every weekend. Yes, she’s in a band and playing guitar. Sounds familiar, right?Well, she doesn’t know anything about her mother’s past and how Chelsea and Tage ended up together. Or at least, she doesn’t know the whole story.When the Nicks, Pip and Charm became the Wild Angel, Sto [...]

    This is the sequel to the heartbreakingly awesome book Rock'n Tapestries and it is amazing!!It occurs 19 years after the events in the first book, and it helps to have read the first book. I could not put this down until I had finished it early this morning. I got teary-eyed in places (view spoiler)[ but this one has a happier ending! (hide spoiler)] Ms. Copell writes so amazingly well, the characters and events seem to be based upon real life events.This book has sexual tension galore and is se [...]

    Susan Gottfried
    I actually wound up with a DNF on this one because I didn't like Nicks. Too pat, too formula, too predictable - and very little of what I'd liked so much in the first.

    I was really looking forward to Wild Angel, the follow-up to Rock’n Tapestries, by Shari Copell because I liked the first book (although the second half of the book Chelsea and Tate’s relationship seemed forced and convenient to me, and also made me bawl for a douche-y rockstar who may or may not deserve a girls tears), and because it was about Chelsea and Asher’s daughter all grown up, taking Pittsburgh by storm with her (daddy’s — unbeknownst to her) tabacco sunburst guitar. I always [...]

    Mikki _At_A Bookish Escape
    Oh.GodWhat in the world just happened?? I'm still in shock!!! The last few chapters of this book have left me breathless! I did not see that coming at ALL!!!! Holy Crapola! This book was AWESOME!!!I had high expectations for this book since Rock'n Tapestries totally ROCKED!!! I knew that this story was going to be another roller coaster ride and that is exactly what I got! Without giving anything away, I just wanted to mention that most of the characters in Wild Angel are characters from Rock'n [...]

    My Secret Book Spot
    Wild Angel (Rock’n Tapestries Book 2) by Shari Copell4 out of 5 Stars**Quick Note before you start my review! I read Rock’n Tapestries first so I was reading this with the backstory of Tage and Chelsea, Nicks parents, and I think that’s important to note. Had I been coming into this as a stand-a-lone it would have been a completely different experience, so please keep that in mind.**WOW! That’s my review in a nutshell for Wild Angel. Nicks Sorensen is a filthy mouthed, leather wearing, g [...]

    I really adored the first book in this series; I am totally and completely in love with this follow up. You would not have to read the first as this one takes place almost 19 years after the end of the last one, so while it may help, particularly to have sympathy for Nicks' mother, it is definitely not a requirement.As I try to think of what genre to think of this book as, I realize not only is it an enigma in that area, it really has a bit of something for everyone. There is romance, there is c [...]

    Nicks Sorensen is in her last year of high school and finds herself dealing with all sorts of stress. She is the amazing guitarist of Wild Angel and her band is gaining some popularity. Stone Jensen, guitar player for Heavy Remedy, made some nasty comments about Nicks and her band out of jealousy before he knew them. Now he finds himself mesmerized by her talent, stunned by her looks, and wishing he could take back his ignorant statement. Nicks hates Stone for humiliating her, but finds herself [...]

    Margaux Espinosa
    *Received copy in return for honest review, all opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review* Okay, WOW! I was blown away by this book, Shari Copell wrote a good book the first time around with Rock'n Tapestries but this was beyond amazing! The characters are fantastic, the story line has romance, young love, discovery of ones self, ghostly love, mystery, a bit of a scary aspect and Oh My Freaking Gods did I cry!!!! It's like a whole mess of things you wouldn't think would work [...]

    I feel privileged to have been asked to be a beta-reader for this author, I just love reading books but hers were gut wrenchingly emotional. However I will not give out spoilers.I like being so drawn into a story that I feel everything but when its finished I feel lonely and lost like I've left a little piece of me absorbed within the pages of that book, does that sound weird or wrong? That's how Shari made me feel, I am now having Asher, Nicks, Chelsea and Tage withdrawals and don't forget the [...]

    Red Cheeks Reads
    Wild Angel is the second book in the Rock’n Tapestries Series and although it could be read as a standalone, I highly recommend that you read Rock’n Tapestries first. It will make your reading experience of Wild Angel so much more pleasurable. I really feel like you need to meet Asher Pratt to really understand and appreciate his daughter, Nicks’ story. While this would be a great standalone, the emotional connection I had with Tage and Chelsea really helped me loved Nicks all the more. So [...]

    Shari Copell once again kicks me in my gut and heartI really wasn't sure about this novel when, prior to the release, the author described it containing paranormal elements. It just seemed like such a different direction than the first book. Then there's the fact that Rock'n Tapestries was amazingly good, delivering plot twists that left the reader feeling like they'd been sideswiped and had me thinking about the book months later. I wondered how could Copell make it different, but still deliver [...]

    Amazeballs Book Addicts
    I loved this book. Wild Angel in book two in the Rock'n Tapestries series. Book one in the Rock'n Tapestries series is Rock'n Tapestries. If you haven't read Rock'n Tapestries, you should read that one before reading Wild Angel.In the acknowledgements in the beginning of the book Shari Copell say, "First and foremost, this book is for those of you who shed tears while reading Rock'n Tapestries. I love a happy ending too. Wild Angel is my attempt to put the universe back into alignment." After re [...]

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I actually received this book along with the first, Rock'n Tapestries. Together I liked the story. Individually I felt the first was lacking but read together, it felt complete. The story starts off pretty fast and dramatic. You feel for Chelsea and have a love-hate feel for Asher. You come to love the outcome with all the players involved. Destiny be damned, love will prevail, true love, right? But where does that leave everyone else that yo [...]

    Alwaysreadingbooks - Reading Drinking and Relaxing
    I actually enjoyed Wild Angel more than I did Rock 'n Tapestries. I loved the fact that Nicks was the daughter of the infamous Aster and that she was just as bad ass as her father but in a completely different way. She cared more about what people thought of her and she was really out to prove herself. I did enjoy catching up on Chelsea, Tage, Willow and Marybeth and seeing that too many things have not really changed between them. Stone was the perfect addiction to the story because he was one [...]

    I read Wild Angel right after I finished reading the first book so needless to say my expectations were pretty high I wanted to know more about Asher and the reasons behind some of his decisions but unfortunately I wasn't satisfied on that.The story starts off pretty good. Nicks badass persona on stage was fantastic but you soon realize that it's not really who she is. I really liked her relationship with Stone; he was really patient with her, as he should be after the things he said about her. [...]

    4.5 Gut-wrenching Incredible stars!!!WOW!! <3 Stone In Love by Journey!!!!!!I didn't read the first book, Rock 'n Tapestries for this series. But I didn't feel lost. The author does a phenomenal job filling in details that you feel like you have the whole story. Nicks Sorenson, guitarist extraordinaire for the band Wild Angel, has a lot going on during her last year of high school. In fact, she sometimes wonders if someone has painted a bull’s eye on her forehead. Stone Jensen, lead guitari [...]

    Leslee Anderson
    Received for an honest review. I fell in love with Chelsea, Tage, Nicks, Stone and the kids. Their story is quite unique, tragic, volatile, loving. It's just crazy. Nicks is a strong young woman who deals with way to much in a short amount of time. She uses her words to defend herself from bullies and hatred. She seems too level headed at times, but that is where her strength shows. I'm not really sure how I feel about Asher's return. I loved that he was there to protect Nicks, however there are [...]

    Lori Duvall-Robertson
    Stone In Love4.5* Thank You Shari Copell for putting me out of my misery and sending me an advanced copy of Wild Angel, after reading and loving Rock'n Tapestries I read the synopsis of Wild Angel and could not wait.This book was the perfect mix of mom-porn, suspense and a side of paranormal. And although a great follow up to Rock'n Tapestries it could definitely be read as a stand alone. ( but who would want to do that)I hate SPOILERS as that is what ruined Rock'n Tapestries for me. Wish I had [...]

    Laura Duval
    OMG!!! What's Not to LoveWhat a great installment to Rock'n Tapestries. Ms. Copell did a fabulous job with mixing some paranormal into this novel. I fell for Asher in book one and fell all over again in Wild Angel. Tage, Chelsea, Stone, Nicks and the siblings bring so much life and love to the story. This novel will make you so upset you just want to beat the stupid out of a character, break your heartd finally mend it all back together. Although I am happy with the ending I feel for Asher. He n [...]

    Jackie's Book Review
    What do you get when two guitarists from different bands collide? You get Wild AngelWild Angel is the second book in the Rock'n Tapestries series and if justice is served well you should (and I highly recommend) that you read the first book Rock'N Tapestries to get a better understanding of the characters and the storyline of this series. This book is all about Nicks Sorenson and Stone Jensen two hot and heavy metal guitarists from different bands but together they are like fire and water they s [...]

    Heather Way
    his book was amazing it started out With Nicks rocking on the stage in Tapestries her parents bar. Nicks heard this Stone guy said some crappy stuff about her with out evening meeting her.Stone He finally hears Nicks play and now he regrets ever saying one bad thing. His body aches for Nicks in a way he never experienced. Nicks Just can't even stand him! Then one day she gives him a chance to talk And he apologies.Their budding relationship continues to grow stronger this book was romantic, sad [...]

    April Roudabush
    Where to begin? Rock'n Tapestries was one of the best books that I have readybe ever. So I wasn't sure if it would be an easy book to follow. Shari did an awesome job with Wild Angel. I love her writing style and find her books captivate me from beginning to end. I am not specifically a fan of paranormal stories but the elements in this book were limited to things that are not that far of a stretch for my imagination. I don't like to give spoilers. I really hope there will be a third book follow [...]

    Oh my gosh, this book was so good. I was worried after reading the first book because it seemed to me that the antihero, or the bad boy, the one who was supposed to end up with the girl, never did. I will try not to give anything away but in the end I was little sad after the first book. But Asher redeemed himself over and over in this book. His daughter Nicks was fabulous. The rest of the cast of characters really outdid themselves. And the story was worth the read. I really liked this book. Br [...]

    Really enjoyed this book; liked it better than the first book. My only negative comment would be why Chelsea didn't tell Nicks how Asher explained his not wanting to get too close to her due to his illness. It was a dumb excuse, but he believed it was best for her. Book held my attention from the beginning and was read in one sitting. Could not put it down. There was a lot of "did not see that coming" for me along with a few things I suspected (hoped for).Have my fingers crossed there will be a [...]

    Raeline Peterson
    Boy i sure do love you Shari! I am so glad i read this book. I cried one minute and the next i was smiling. I like when i get done reading a book and i wish it would go on forever . And Stone and Nicks were so perfect together.This book made me love Asher so much more, but i'm still a little sad about him. But anyhow i would highly recommend reading this book ,but definitely read Rockin' Tapestries first.

    Both of these books were absolutely EXCELLENT. The first on Rockin' Tapestries centers around a love affair of Asher and Chelsea. While they love fiercely they were not destined for their HEA. In the second book is the continuation with the story of their daughter Nichole.In this one it has a bit of a paranormal twist but it is a roller coaster ride of emotions as well.I highly recommend both of them to be read togetherLOVED THEM

    Anna Lankirka
    We all remember brokenness and beauty of the relationship between Asher and Chelsea, this story is 19 years later from the first book. Chelseas daughter Nicks tried to find her way in life but not everything always goes right. Love, life, pride, jealousy, self-sacrifice all of that makes the heartbreaking beautiful story. Second day ahead I cried like a baby - first, story of Asher and Chelsea, and now story of Nicks and Stone. I really love this story and looking forward to the next one.

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