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  • Title: A King Ensnared
  • Author: J.R. Tomlin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback

  • On the dangerous stage of medieval Scotland, one man in an English dungeon stands between the Scots and anarchy Robert III, King of the Scots, is dead, and Scotland in 1406 is balanced on a knife s edge As he eyes the throne, King Robert s ruthless half brother, the Duke of Albany, has already murdered one prince and readies to kill young James Stewart, prince and heirOn the dangerous stage of medieval Scotland, one man in an English dungeon stands between the Scots and anarchy Robert III, King of the Scots, is dead, and Scotland in 1406 is balanced on a knife s edge As he eyes the throne, King Robert s ruthless half brother, the Duke of Albany, has already murdered one prince and readies to kill young James Stewart, prince and heir to the crown James flees Scotland and his murderous uncle Captured and imprisoned by the English, he grows to be a man of contradictions, a lover yet a knight, a dreamer yet fiercely driven Hardened by his years in the Tower of London and haunted by his brother s brutal murder, James is determined to recover his crown and end his uncle s misrule But the only way may be to betray Scotland and everything he believes in.
    J.R. Tomlin
    J R Tomlin is the author of seven historical novels She has also co authored several fantasies with C R Daems.She has close ties with Scotland since her father was a native Scot, and she spent substantial time in Edinburgh whilst growing up Her historical novels are set for the most part in Scotland Her love of that nation is traced from the stories of the Bruce and the Good Sir James her grandmother read to her when she was small, to hillwalking through the Cairngorms where the granite hills have a gorgeous red glow under the setting sun Later, her writing was influenced by the work of authors such as Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo, and of course, J.R.R Tolkien.When JR isn t writing, she enjoys spending time hiking, playing with her Westie, and killing monsters in computer games In addition to spending time in Scotland, she has traveled in the US, Europe and the Pacific Rim She now lives in Oregon.


    Caddy Rowland
    I really loved this book. It is my favorite of J.R. Tomlin's historical fiction, for a very unique reason. Ever since I was a child, one of my greatest fears has been that I would end up in prison or (when I was in school) sent away to a boarding school. I guess it's because I've always been a nonconformist and don't do well serving authority figuresbut for me, it would be the worst thing imaginable to have my freedom taken away and be a prisoner.James was treated decently enough, but make no mi [...]

    The more I got into this book, the more I liked it. The author's writing mechanics were good, and the subject was excellent. The book was very descriptive. At times, I found it too descriptive to my taste, but I count for only one person. The author did not clutter the book with obscene language or overt sexual scenes.James the First of Scotland was captured and indentured for ransom by the English in the 15th century. He got his military training and book learning during his captivity which las [...]

    "A King Ensnared" which I won from Giveaways is an intriguing look at the tumult in Scotland after Robert III, the Scottish King dies and his merciless brother ascends the throne. After murdering King Robert's eldest son, the youngest Stewart while escaping the Duke of Albany is captured by the English and incarcerated in the Tower of London. What is fascinating about this story is not only James Stewart's struggle to be free of the English, to recover his crown and to save his realm from a for [...]

    Historical fiction account of King James of Scottland set in 1400s. At age 12 he is taken prisoner by the King of England and this book tells of his years in captivity under King Henry 4 th and 5th. Much of the narrative is about his years fighting under the King's flag to take France.

    A King Ensnared, the latest release from J.R. Tomlin, is the first book in a planned series about Scottish King James I. This opening novel chronicles James' life from his childhood in Scotland to his eighteen years as prisoner of English King Henry IV and then his son, King Henry V.The novel begins in Scotland, where King Robert III's hold on power is tenuous. After Robert's death, his son and heir James is forced to flee Scotland when it is revealed that his uncle, the powerful Duke of Albany, [...]

    Viviane Crystal
    Prince James Stewart, son of the weak King Robert of Scotland, begins his youth lamenting that his father refused to save James’s brother from starving to death in prison. Even after James is taken captive by the King of England, his father does nothing about a ransom and James is confounded when he tries to mourn his spineless father’s death and yet mourns the loss of a father. King Robert’s half-brother, the Duke of Albany, refuses to acknowledge James as King of Scotland and fights with [...]

    Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I didn't have many expectations going into J.R. Tomlin's A King Ensnared. This being my first experience with her work, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, but looking back on the book I can I honestly say I was somewhat surprised by this piece. First off, and I'm grateful for this since it's a pet peeve of mine, Tomlin doesn't overwhelm her readers with an overabundance of political exposition. Those familiar with the facts d [...]

    I am very much looking forward to reading this. I know I'll enjoy it as much as I did her other books set in Scotland.I'm going to try this ONE more time! I loved this book. James is fascinating. I found parts difficult only because I got frustrated with the English King. Imagine his frustration! Despite his he grows to be an honorable, loyal man. Ms Tomlin brings life to her characters. She wraps her story around historical facts and instead of being a dry essay the characters jump off the page [...]

    Thoroughly engaging. My husband is more of a historical novel reader than me, but I really enjoyed this book. Tomlin truly evokes sympathy for the plight of James Stewart. The reader easily becomes frustrated with the length of his imprisonment as James Stewart is in the novel.Tomlin doesn't overuse detail or get bogged down with facts not needed for the story. This makes it easy and enjoyable to read.I looked forward to getting through my day so that I could sit down and read the book. Incident [...]

    Joy E. Rancatore
    This book follows James Stewart, heir to the throne of Scotland, during his years as prisoner of the kings of England. The reader skips along from his boyhood on a tragic and defining day in his life to his adulthood.I may be alone in this thought, but I just didn't see much deep development of the characters. Yes, the story moved along. Yes, the young king learned things, including how to be (or not to be) king. But what I missed was a real depth in the characters. I really wanted to like this [...]

    Dean McIntyre
    Just finished A KING ENSNARED by J.R. Tomlin a historical novel of early 15th century Scotland and the life of young James Stewart, prince and heir to the throne. He has to flee Scotland and his uncle who intends to kill him. As he is fleeing Scotland, James is captured and imprisoned by the English King Henry, who over years educates and trains the prince, enlists him in his battles, and eventually makes him a knight. James declares he will never swear complete allegiance to the king, but serve [...]

    Helen Robare
    I know quite a bit about ENGLISH history but am not well versed in Scottish history(except for Mary Queen of Scots) so this book was new knowledge for me.I found it to be quite interesting. It did not read like a history book as it was written in first person from James' point of view. He lived a sad life.I did not know he was captured by the English at the age of 12 and stayed in England (not by choice) for almost 25 years.If I had a problem with the book was the ending. It ended much too abrup [...]

    An interesting account of the years King James I of Scotland spent as a prisoner of Henry IV and Henry V, before assuming the throne. Unless you already know the history, and more so, the many characters, it can be confusing with the author's use of various names referring to the same person. I'm sure it was meant to enhance the reading, but unless you are familiar with all their names and titles, you may not realize it's the same person. I had to look up even James and Henry by association to f [...]

    David Brown
    I found this book tedious. There was a significant amount of action but the author did not bring it to life. I often found myself falling alseep and it was an effort to read the book to the end. If you do choose to read the book, a dictionary will help as the author uses an extensive range of archaic words. He does provide a glossary at the end of the book as well.

    Barry Edstene
    This may not be an accurate review because I love historical novels. I thought this one was great, it Grabbs you from page one and pulls you into the century. You become emersed in what it was like to suffer the Royal instutation. What a great work of blending wonderful story telling with facts.I will grab the next one in the series and hope it will continue on.

    All J.R Tomlin's novels related to Scottish history are splendid in the quality of deep and emotional feeling they guarantee. Very few liberties are taken with the basic historical background against which the characters move , so giving them an aura of reality lacking in many historical novels.

    Ed Fultz
    This was an interesting story in the beginning. However, it rapidly became the same thing over and over again. I suppose I should have expected this as how much excitement can there be for a king who is a prisoner and under the thumb of the English kings. It was a struggle to finish the book but I did succeed. I would not recommend this for others.

    Glenda Griffin
    PerseveranceI love history, and this time period is one of my favorites. Tomlin as a storyteller, is close to my favorite Nora Loft who I regarded as the best in the field of mixing historical fact with fiction to totally engage the reader in the adventure. Well done, I would recommend this novel to fellow history buffs.

    Slightly Lacking.This is an interesting historical novel. A portrait of Henry, the English king is very well done. However, I couldn't give a full five, because I feel the main character, James, king of the Scots is not so descriptive. At the end of the tale, a clearer picture of this man, and his feelings, are still scant.

    Ann Marie Curry
    This story was interesting!The story held my interest the whole way through. Amazing how a king can get away with murder and mayhem. I would say King Henry V got what he deserved in the end. But who am I to judge an English king!

    Margaret Frost
    Well researchedCarefully researched and well presented, a chronicle of the period. It needed, perhaps, a few more touches of daily dress and activities of the period, but battle portrayals were vivid and well done. More a novel for a man than a woman.

    Interesting historical novel. However it did drag at times as Scottish King James is a captive for just about the entire book. It did prompt me to do more research on this king about whom I knew very little.

    Carole D Hutchison
    Good torical novelA story like this is a great way to learn about history . There is much about old history that is Campli

    This is good historical fiction. Easy to read and interesting while letting me learn a bit more about that time period. I will look for more in this series and by this author.

    Karyl Carlson
    InterestingAn interesting story about a historical period that I had not given much thought to before. I think I may want to read more about this piece of Scottish history.

    This book was so slow and not what I expected. 60% the king hangs out in a castle and the book moves slowly.

    Laure Olson
    Good beginning.I want to read the next installment and the next. I am thoroughly enjoying JR Tomlin's writings and want to read more.

    Jim Galford
    Deals with the lead-up to the Rising, with James coming to the throne of Scotland.

    Jan Herman
    Can't wait to be kingThe author did a great job of showing how it was possible to be a royal and yet treated as a vassal. I enjoyed the historically accurate intrigue.

    Colleen Turner
    I reviewed this book for historicaltapestry.I am embarrassed to admit that, even though my dad was born in Scotland and the majority of his family still lives there, I am woefully ignorant of Scotland's history. Sure, I've seen the movies and read little bits here and there, but I've never actually read a book that dives right in and gives me a comprehensive view of the rulers, wars, struggles and successes that made Scotland the country it is today. It is for this very reason I decided to read [...]

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