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  • Title: Diamonds are Forever
  • Author: Michelle Madow
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  • It s cold outside, but the drama is hot The Diamond sisters jet to the mountains for spring break, and Savannah s flirt mance with an international pop star heats up as her pursuit of stardom succeeds But is this romance meant to be, or has the right guy been in front of her all along Meanwhile, Courtney takes the next step with her secret boyfriend and future stepbrothIt s cold outside, but the drama is hot The Diamond sisters jet to the mountains for spring break, and Savannah s flirt mance with an international pop star heats up as her pursuit of stardom succeeds But is this romance meant to be, or has the right guy been in front of her all along Meanwhile, Courtney takes the next step with her secret boyfriend and future stepbrother and as their parents wedding approaches, the pressure s on to reveal their relationship Peyton s figuring out a plan for her future, but she still feels guilty about getting her former bodyguard fired and wonders if she can get over him in the arms of someone else But the biggest bombshell will change everything once again, because Madison s ready to tell the huge secret she s uncovered And with the boy who betrayed her but who could be the love of her life fighting for his own life, she might need the Diamond sisters than ever.
    Michelle Madow
    Michelle Madow is a USA Today bestselling author of fast paced fantasy novels that will leave you turning the pages wanting She grew up in Maryland and now lives in Florida Some of her favorite things are reading, traveling, pizza, time travel, Broadway musicals, and spending time with friends and family Someday, she hopes to travel the world for a year on a cruise ship Visit her website, michellemadow, to get books of Michelle s for FREE


    ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Diamonds are Forever by Michelle MadowBook Three of The Secret Diamond Sisters seriesPublisher: Harlequin TEENPublication Date: October 27, 2015Rating: 4 starsSource: eARC from NetGalleySummary (from ):It's cold outside, but the drama is hot! The Diamond sisters jet to the mountains for spring break, and Savannah's flirt-mance with an international pop star heats up as her pursuit of stardom succeeds. But is this romance meant to be, or has the righ [...]

    Grace (LovingDemBooks) Z.
    Buy this book HERE on , or buy this book HERE at Barnes and Noble, or buy this book HERE on BookDepository with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!!!2 out of 5 stars (Please read my rating system further below). I don't know what's up. Maybe what's up is that I finished the second book so long ago? When I began reading this book, I was very confused on why the book was starting off where it was. It made sense, but the start of Diamonds are Forever was not a smooth transition from the ending of the second [...]

    I'm sad to have to say goodbye to the Diamond Sisters. This conclusion to the trilogy did not meet my expectations, but as always the setting and characters came to life through Madow's writing. The ending felt rushed and tied up a bit too perfectly and somewhat unrealistically. Overall 3/5 stars; still one of my favorite series though!

    Kaitlin (Next Page Please!)
    Such a great ending to such a fun series!Review soon!I received this book from the publisher and for this blog tour in exchange for an honest review. All my thoughts are honest and not altered by this. I have been following the Secret Diamond Sisters Trilogy since it came out and knowing that this book was the end of it was so weird. I really loved this books and it really wrapped up and ending the trilogy nicely (with a potential spin off?). This whole trilogy has really been filled with twists [...]

    Tiffany (About to Read)
    This review was originally posted on About to Read. For Fairytale fashions, reads, and more visit abouttoread***After the cliff-hanger ending from Diamonds in the Rough, I couldn’t wait to read Diamonds are Forever! The series is just so fun and filled with explosive secrets - I love what Michelle Madow has done with it.Whereas book 1 and book 2 were filled with some pretty shocking revelations, book 3 wraps everything up. The cliff hanger we ended on is resolved (and in a way that makes certa [...]

    I can't wait for this to come out!

    Michelle Arrow
    This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more!Minor SPOILERS from the previous novels are present, I'm warning you. I'm so sad to see this series go because it it just hurt me fully. As always, I was captivated and I couldn't stop thinking about the beauty of this story even after it was all over, which is the real power that Michelle Madow's writing does. I'm in love with this book, honestly, and this whole series. It's so, so sad to see Savannah, Madison, Peyto [...]

    Nasty Lady MJ
    To see full review click here,I was sort of on the fence about finishing this trilogy. The first two books were pretty bad, but I gave them some slack as a guilty pleasure.But I couldn’t stomach seventy pages after this one.Side note, this was my second DNF of the day (I read two books on Sunday and hated both of them). I blame it on reading a really awesome book earlier this weekend, after you read something awesome it’s very easy to get annoyed at minority bad books, but the Diamond Trilog [...]

    Megan Connarton
    That cover though

    I think I've realised now that I'm a little to old for this

    3.5*Fun, but in my opinion definitely weaker than the first two.

    It's cold outside, but the drama is hot! The Diamond sisters jet to the mountains for spring break, and Savannah's flirt-mance with an international pop star heats up as her pursuit of stardom succeeds. But is this romance meant to be, or has the right guy been in front of her all along? Meanwhile, Courtney takes the next step with her secret boyfriend—and future stepbrother—and as their parents' wedding approaches, the pressure's on to reveal their relationship. Peyton's figuring out a plan [...]

    Darcus Murray
    I was super excited to get a copy of this book from Michelle because, in the past, I had managed to ARCs of the first two books when they were available for reviewers. I knew that if I didn't get a paperback copy of Diamonds Are Forever that I was gonna be super bummed because my series wouldn't be complete. Unlike the other two, however, this copy of the book that I'm reviewing is not an ARC because they weren't available this time around. As soon as I got the book in the mail I dove straight i [...]

    I received an ARC copy of Diamonds are Forever from author Michelle Madow in exchange for an honest review. I was so excited about this because I'm a huge fan of The Secret Diamond Sisters series and couldn't believe that Michelle selected our blog as one of the exclusive twenty blogs that would receive ARC copies of the book before its publication!!I've said this before in my reviews for the first two books in the trilogy - this book is like a reality TV show in the best way. Not in the crappy, [...]

    HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY! Check out my full review: analoves/2015/10/27/review"I was so engrossed with the story, I did not want to put the book down but on those rare occasions that I had to I couldn’t stop thinking about what was happening."------------------------------------------------------------------------10/17/15 Read this in nine hours with class and *some* responsibilities as distractions- SO. ADDICTIVE. I'll post a full review closer to the pub date.

    This was a really awesome end for the series.

    I loved this series so much and I am so sad it's over!

    Everyone ended up with their person. Everything wrapped up happily. They all got what they wanted, so the drama was all for naught. Oh well.

    Diamonds are Forever is a great ending for the Diamond sisters story. I loved seeing how the girls have changed and grown. Now finally settling into their new lives. Plus the Vegas setting and trip to Aspen is a great setting for the drama.So Peyton is such a lost soul. Sometimes I get really irritated with her and sometimes I really feel for her. One of my friends actually did a gap year where she spent that time in Japan. She’s a doctor now so it was obviously a good thing for her. I like th [...]

    Characters: This is what I enjoyed about Diamonds are Forever. The characters are to die for! You get insight on almost every main character’s life and get to see how they are feeling about things. I loved the multiple POVs. I read some praise for one of the books in the Diamond sisters trilogy somewhere saying that you are bound to connect with one of the girls, and that is absolutely true. Courtney is me. I am Courtney. It was amazing to see how similar we were. It was really weird. I saw Pe [...]

    Vi (the Vi3tBabe)
    There’s plenty of drama and excitement for the Diamond sisters in this last installment. It was nice to see how much growth each of the girls went through, some more than others, and nice to see them get their HEAs. Courtney still shines as my favorite and the one I connect with the most. Peyton has her moments, but she kind of fell into the background a bit in this book. Savannah, I rolled my eyes so many times with that girl, even until the very end, I just didn’t really care for her. Thro [...]

    Dazz Ross
    Alas, this trilogy has come to an end. My predictions ended up being wrong for this book, as there aren't any more secrets buried in graves, and Peyton doesn't really flail around to get with any guy aside from hanging out with one in Aspen (his name is Zack BTW). But in the end, I still liked what this trilogy had to offer, and while the final entry doesn't really offer a lot of progression until halfway through (aside from the last secret reveal (technically second-to-last)), it still was a ni [...]

    Lily Velez
    I've been following this series since the very first book, The Secret Diamond Sisters. I was so excited, therefore, to be one of 20 people chosen to receive a promo copy of this final installment before its release! I'm pretty sure I did a happy dance. Since the very beginning, Michelle takes us on a fun, awesome, and riveting journey into a world of glitz and glam that most of us can only dream we were a part of! As I read along from Book 1 onward, I found myself wishing that I was a Diamond si [...]

    Barbara Desmond
    I really enjoyed the first two books so I was eager to get my hands on the third. Thank the book gods for being able to do that because I really enjoyed this one. I've been reading more contemporary books and it turns out that I enjoy them more than I thought I did. I guess I really don't think about what genre a book is as long as it sounds interesting. I think for some people this might be considered a guilty pleasure especially if you aren't the intended audience for Young Adult. If it sounds [...]

    Heather Anne
    In the final book of Michelle Madow’s Secret Diamond Sisters series, readers who have followed the series get the answers they’ve been waiting for. Those who have followed the Diamond sisters since the beginning see them grow and flourish as they embrace the changes their lives have taken in just one year.While things haven’t always been easy for the sisters, their new luxurious life in Las Vegas with their wealthy father doesn’t necessarily take away the ups and downs. They’ve discove [...]

    Amy Halbern
    Drama, love, romance, friendship, heartache, sorrow, forgiveness, family and above else sisterhood. What a wild ride this has been! I have loved the story from the beginning, with all of the crazy and emotional situations that the sisters have gone through they have definitely have grown a lot since the first one. There was so much character development throughout the story. I felt that each character whether it be a diamond sister or one of the amazing guy characters everyone had a chance to gr [...]

    Keanna (KeyReadThat)
    *ARC provided in exchange for honest review*This book picks up right where Diamonds In The Rough let off and boy do the twists really make the situation tense between the girls. I am going to do a Book Talk on this video so that will be posted here for my thoughts:So I will try not to spoil anything. JUST GO READ THE SERIES, OKAY? There was lots of character development, especially in Peyton and Madison. In particular Madison who I originally didn't like in the first book, but I really like her. [...]

    Shanice Routh
    I really loved this book. The ending was perfect. I was so happy that everyone ended up with who they were supposed to. And this book really let me know if I had a fight with my best friend, don't go looking for new ones go back to your friend. I was so happy Courtney and Brett finally told Adrian and Rebecca about their relationship. Peyton finally got with Jackson. Savannah realized that Damien was perfect for her. She didn't need an international pop star to help her achieve her dreams, she c [...]

    This is the first book I have read from this author, and for the most part it was incredibly well written. I found what I didn't like, and yes I know it's YA contemporary, was all the drama. I found I really really disliked Madison, and maybe I was supposed to. I also could have done without the youngest sister Savannah. If I leave the drama at the door I did enjoy the sisters story and their moments with one another. I would recommend this book to any YA fan with the drama warning label intact. [...]

    This installment of the Secret Diamond Sisters read the fastest of the three books. I loved finding out what happened to the girls after all of the secrets that came to light in book two and I wasn't disappointed. All of the girls had something new going on in their lives that both kept them busy and ultimately helped bring them closer together. I love that there is an opening for another book if Madow decides to write one, but at the same time everything from the previous novels was brought to [...]

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