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  • Title: A Long Goodbye
  • Author: Kelly Mooney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: ebook

  • Unable to pretend to be the perfect daughter, marry the perfect Southern gentleman, and have perfect babies like her overprotective father expects her to, Ashton Winslow and her best friend, LuLuBelle set out on a two week vacation to change all that.Two weeks of freedom is exactly what she craves and needs Ashton is tired of being told she s perfect, and tired of pretendUnable to pretend to be the perfect daughter, marry the perfect Southern gentleman, and have perfect babies like her overprotective father expects her to, Ashton Winslow and her best friend, LuLuBelle set out on a two week vacation to change all that.Two weeks of freedom is exactly what she craves and needs Ashton is tired of being told she s perfect, and tired of pretending to be someone she isn t She wants to reinvent herself, if only for a short time and she hopes Nashville is the place to do it Preferably with a smooth talking cowboy With no one watching her every move, or so she thinks, Ashton finds the one person who finally sees her for the woman she wants to be Dane Woods has just come home from fighting overseas after losing his best friend Everyone, including himself expects him to reenlist for another tour, but he can t break a promise he made to his dying friend The last thing Dane has on his mind while tailing a Southern Princess like Ashton Winslow is falling in love She s supposed to be two week job, but it turns into so much Will Dane risk everything to be with Ashton or will his lies and betrayal destroy her love for him
    Kelly Mooney
    Young Adult New Adult author Lover of books, fine wine, chocolate, and movies Mom to two awesome kids, and one insanely crazy boxer, who keeps me busy You can find me on Facebook username facebook kellymooneyauthor


    SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    FREE on US today (1/31/2015)BLURB:Unable to pretend to be the perfect daughter, marry the perfect Southern gentleman, and have perfect babies like her overprotective father expects her to, Ashton Winslow and her best friend, LuLuBelle set out on a two-week vacation to change all that.Two weeks of freedom is exactly what she craves and needs. Ashton is tired of being told she's perfect, and tired of pretending to be someone she isn't. She wants to reinvent herself, if only for a short time and s [...]

    4 Stars~Arc provided by the author in exchange for an honest review~Ashton has grown up in a privileged life but grown up as the Mayor's daughter isn't easy and comes with a price. Ashton and her best friend LuLu have decided to escape reality of Ashtson's over protected father with 2 week vacation with no supervision. Nashville is just the place to reinvent herself as Grace and have some fun with real country boy! But what Grace finds on her Vacation is so much more. Dane Wood's aka Woody, just [...]

    I really enjoyed this book it was very cute and romantic and I am a sucker for a HEA. I loved the two main characters and how they had just met and had that instant connection. There were def parts of this book that i wasn't crazy about and wish i could of changed or added to. for starters the book was a little on the annoying side because they wanted to be together but couldn't be together but were never really apart was really driving me crazy. with that being said the author did a pretty good [...]

    Heather andrews
    Ashton she knows how to get a response out of her man, "I almost dropped the flowers and swallower my tongued when Ashton had opened the door earlier. I swore I could've fallen to my knees asking for her hand at the sight of her." Dane I loved him, "any chance I missed sex on an elevator on that list? Cause, girl, you say the word and I'll stop this thing." He doesn't like other men touching his girl, especially scum, "I almost spit my beer out with what she was wearing, and then was ready to ge [...]

    Amy Malek concepcion
    I absolutely loved this story. Whats not to love about sexy war vet Dane (Woody) Woods? He's a little broken, like most war vets are but nothing Ashton can't fix. After spending just a short amount of time with her he realizes she is not the spoiled little rich girl he thought she was when growing up. He tries to fight the attraction, but she draws him in. She falls for the hansom stranger she met on her road trip but what will she think of him when she finds out the truth about who he really is [...]

    Nicole Naranjo
    I absolutely freakin loved this story! "Woody" was so yummy, sweet and sexyI mean really, who doesn't love a southern man?!?! The chemistry was instantly there. "Every time I touch you, I feel you shiver. Every single time, Grace. I don't even know if you're aware of it, but kt does something to me" I loved how everything fell into place for everyone and I loved the epilogue even more!

    Elizabeth Emily Browne
    I liked this book but felt like there was something missing. I liked Ashton and Dane shes so independant but she needs him and hes missing his brother and he needs her just as much. They're obviously falling in love.Its so nice to read. It just wasnt as exciting as I'd like. However overall not a bad read.

    Jennifer Wilson
    I struggled to finish this. Ashton sounds like a teenager, and acts very immaturely. At 22 she was still living with her daddy and needed to buy a clue about life. There was also several missing words in the book causing some confusion and bad grammar.

    I'm not one who's really into the New Adult genre but something about this story made me want to give it a try. I LOVED it! I can't say that I didn't want to reach through my Kindle and shake "Grace" quite a few times. All in all a great read & I'm looking forward to Anabelle & Cole's story.

    I love every second of it. The story was so good. I really loved it. & of course Dane/Woods is the reason why this book was so great ;)

    According to my Kindle I got about 20% into this book before I gave up. The writing just felt contrived and very simplistic.

    Eugenia Gwynn
    Ok, I struggled with this one. The story line itself was decent; however, the writing sounded more like a teenager's diary and I constantly wanted to poke my eye out with the beyond horrible editing! The saving grace for this book was actually the epilogue. It was good to see what happened to the characters although it was weird having Ashton's father tell Dane to call him "Dad." Really? After the way he pined after Dane's mother even after her husband passed away. Ugh! And LuLu was just as tras [...]

    I loved this story! I got it from amazon and read it inside of two days more like 24 hrs. :) Once I got past the sample excerpt that amazon let me see, I was hopelessly lost in the story. In the beginning, I thought I was going to go crazy with all the southern country phrases; but it really wasn't so bad. I will say, all the little crazy phrases the characters use are real things I've heard (I live not far from where this story takes place) haha!

    3.5 StarsGood read. Great characters. Review to come!

    Danielle Calabrese
    I have liked Kelly Mooney for awhile now, and this story didn't disappoint! Good characters and plot line!

    It was a struggle to get through this book. I couldn't stand most of the dialogue. It didn't seem like we were dealing with adults. Also, as someone from Charleston, there isn't a lot of people that still talk like that.

    This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandI was looking for a cheesy read one night so I picked up A Long Goodbye. I didn't think it would be anything that would really draw me in, but I was wrong. I enjoyed this story so much more than I thought I would.Ashton has a very overprotective dad who tries to control her entire life. He has everything planned out for her. Who she is going to marry, what she will do (stay home and take care of the kids of course) and everything. Only problem? [...]

    Celia Kennedy
    In book one of The Southern Comfort Book Series, we meet Dane Woods, Ashton Winslow, and Lulu (Ashton's best friend). Three divergent personalities thrown together for a once in a lifetime journey.Determined to have an epic weekend before she says yes to marrying the man her fathers has chosen for her, Ashton and Lulu head to Nashville for a little bit of fun. Unbeknownst to the two, Dane has been hired to ensure their safety by Ashton's father, and is hot on their heels.Dane's connection to the [...]

    Cassandra Kutchara
    I really enjoyed this book. Ashton (AKA: Grace) wants to break away from her over protective father. Grace is 22 years old and can't do anything without her father's permission. Grace wants to go on a vacation and her father finally agrees to let her go for 2 weeks. But what Grace doesn't know is that her father hired Dane (AKA: Woody) to keep an eye on Grace. Grace has no idea! First night out and Woody decides that he likes Grace and can't stand to watch her dance and kiss up on other guys so [...]

    Kaprii two ordinary girls and their books
    4****We was given a copy of this novel in return for an honest review.we thoroughly enjoyed this love story, who couldn't!! :DAshton is a well known daddys girl who wants 2 weeks holiday to let her hair down before daddy tries to marry her off to his perfect idea of a husband Trevor. Woody secretly Dane woods is sweet, hard working family man who has recently left the forces after losing his best friend and brother in arms AJ.Daddy pays Dane to track Ashton and keep an eye on her both of them ge [...]

    Shanoff Reads
    This is such a sweet read. I really enjoyed the main female character, Ashton/Grace, as well as her partner in crime LuLu. I enjoyed the plot of this book and it was well written well written that at one point I wanted Mr. Bill Winslow and Mr. Trevor Owens would just fall right out of the book, but they were handled and I was happy with the results. Now lets talk about what most people want to knowMr. Dane Woodsholy hot guy with feelings. I really really liked this guy. He was tough, a little da [...]

    5 Stars Light, Fluffy, Sweet with a whole lot of Southern Sexy for sure:)OK, I love to read and I love to read pretty much anything but I have to say that every so often I just want to read a light, mindless, drama and angst free read and this book definitely fit the bill for me! I, like most people, read to escape the stresses of every day life and sometimes I am in the mood for a much lighter read than normal. I truly loved this book. Yes, it was fluffy and corny at times, I mean that in a goo [...]

    Sienna Logan (Lost to Books)
    A cute, easy read to get lost in for a couple of hours. A Long Goodbye is one of the better freebies I've read recently. It was a sweet read that held my interest well. The plot centres around Ashton, a twenty-something year old with a controlling father. Before marrying the guy her dad has picked out she wants one last trip with her friend Lu. On the trip she lets go, has fun, and starts to find herself. She also starts to fall in love with Woody. However, Woody is hiding something big from her [...]

    Stacy Kamerer
    Great read! Love Ashlyn & Dane. Ashlyn's best friend Lulu is a riot and a great friend. Ashlyn is a daddy's girl. Her dad plans on being in the senate & wants Ashlyn to marry the "perfect" boy Trevor. What Ashlyn wants is 2 weeks of freedom to go on a vacation with her best friend without having one of daddy's chaperones. Her dad agrees but then hires someone to watch her from a distance.Dane is a war hero and has been home for 6 months. He decides to work for his brother at his security [...]

    Michelle Ballard
    Ashton wanted to let loose before she gave up on her life and dreams to do what her daddy wanted her to do. She decides to go on a two week vacation with her life long friend LuLu. What Ashton doesn't know is that her daddy sent a spy after her to keep a watchful eye. Dane thinks he going to go babysit some spoiled brat but little does he know Ashton is nothing like he remembers Dane has to step in an help the girls the first night they arrive in Tennessee because LuLu vets drugged by someone in [...]

    I loved it. It was so sweet and refreshing. It is so nice to read a book that was not heavy on the love scenes; however, those not so elaborate love scenes were still passionate, sensual, steamy, and left more to the imagination than a more descriptive one. The old adage less is best still remains true. I love Dane and Ashton. Dane wanted her to grow up and be the woman that she needed and wanted to be; while, Ashton just wanted to break away from her father's hold, fall in love and find someone [...]

    Diane Holtry
    Dane aka Woody has been to hell and back and yet life goes on. Ashton aka Grace needs to come out of the shelter that her father insists on keeping her in and truly find herself. Their paths cross and an immediate connection is felt. Yet feelings are denied for the sake of family and obligations. Can the right path lead to something so wrong or could possibly the the wrong path lead them to something so right? The battle to follow your heart for love's sake or fight for family and all that it re [...]

    Llevaba una buena racha de libros con protagonistas bastante decentes, pero por lo visto se acabó, porque Ashton es de esas protas que se dejan pisar y manipular por todos, que es débil hasta dar coraje y que llora cada dos por tres, y en su caso casi siempre por no ser capaz de plantarle cara a los demás, no porque le pasen muchas cosas malas. Aunque creo que lo que ha masacrado definitivamente este libro para mí ha sido su relación con su padre. Me provocaba dentera leer como le llama "Da [...]

    Beautiful fun love story.She is a spoiled sheltered girl who wants to live for herself, but her overprotective dad doesn't seem to want to let that happen.The trip was a way for her to be able to find herself, to figure what she wants in life, but she found even more.The sex scenes are great, and the characters are relatable, you really get to know them and love them right away.There's a lot of romeo and Juliet going on, parent against real love and all, which I found exciting and entertaining.T [...]

    Fran Gray(Emergency Book Blog)
    Ashton is highly privileged girl with a heart of gold but not much of a backbone. Dane is a war vet from the wrong side of the tracks trying to get over the death of his best friend. Brought together by a sneaky and vindictive father Dane and Ashton fall in love all the while living a lie. Truths surface and heart get broken. Bound to keep them apart Ashton's father takes the means of blackmail to make sure they stay that way. After finally giving in to his heart Dane will do anything to get his [...]

    • Unlimited [Manga Book] ↠ A Long Goodbye - by Kelly Mooney ✓
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