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  • Title: Drifting
  • Author: Katia D. Ulysse
  • ISBN: 9781617752407
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback

  • Katia D Ulysse s debut provides the rare opportunity to peer into the private lives of four secretive Haitian families The interwoven narrative spans four decades from 1970 through 2010 and drifts among various provinces in Haiti, the United States, churches, vodun temples, schools, strip clubs, and the grave Ulysse introduces us to a childless Haitian American coupleKatia D Ulysse s debut provides the rare opportunity to peer into the private lives of four secretive Haitian families The interwoven narrative spans four decades from 1970 through 2010 and drifts among various provinces in Haiti, the United States, churches, vodun temples, schools, strip clubs, and the grave Ulysse introduces us to a childless Haitian American couple risking it all for a baby to call their own a Florida based predatory schoolteacher threatening students with deportation if they expose him and the unforgettable Monsieur Boursicault, whose chain of funeral parlors makes him the wealthiest man in Haiti This daring work of fiction is a departure from the standard narrative of political unrest on the island Ulysse s characters are everyday people whose hopes for distant success are constantly challenged but never totally swayed by the hard realities accompanying the immigrant s journey.
    Katia D. Ulysse
    Katia D Ulysse is a Haitian born writer, and founder of the Blog VoicesfromHaiti Ulysse written work has appeared in numerous publications included but not limited to The Caribbean Writer, Meridians feminism, race, transnationalism, The African Calabash Magazine, Peregrine Magazine, and Smartish Pace.

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    I won this ARC book from ank you very much.I found Drifting to be a compelling read. I enjoyed learning about the culture and customs of the Haitian people. I found the writing to be lyrical and profound. The story line of Sagesse was heartbreaking and left me grieving for her.I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to get lost in a page turner of a novel.

    The short stories that make up Katia D. Ulysse’s Drifting are not an uplifting read, but part of their value lies in just that fact. These stories, set in Haiti and the Haitian immigrant community in New York, present difficult moments in the lives of people who have very little to begin with. The stories aren’t unrelentingly bleak, but they have their bleak stretches, and Ulysse doesn’t make things easy for the reader by providing happy endings. She gives us moments of friendship, moments [...]

    Drifting, Katia D. UlysseI won this book for review from Librarything and the main thing I have to say about this arrangement is that it gives me the opportunity to read authors I’ve never heard of and discover voices that sing in my heart. This is another fine example. Ulysse provides several interwoven stories that bring all the flavor, love and heartbreak of living in Haiti under the harshest of conditions and splashes them about in their new world haven, the U.S.A where sometimes what you [...]

    Drifting is a collection of interconnected tales about fictional Haitians and Haitian-Americans spanning several decades and all walks of life. There is hardship and laughter and love and sorrow and superstition and abuse and hard work on nearly every page - it runs the gamut of human experience, but from a uniquely Haitian point of view. I don't know much about Haiti or about the Haitian culture, but considering the author is a Haitian-American who lived in Haiti until her teen years, I trust t [...]

    I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers program.This is an illuminating look at the trials and tribulations of four decades (1970-2010) of Haitian family life, both in Haiti and as immigrants in the United States. The narrative does, indeed, drift as the title implies. There is a thread, sometimes thin, that connects the segments. We wander through various neighborhoods, spy on tourists at a posh hotel, observe spiritual practices, dream im [...]

    No Place Like HomeIn “Drifting,” Katia D. Ulysse lays it out—exploitation, hardship, love, loss, hope, determination. This collection of stories is set in Haiti and New York. It’s not an easy read as it’s both compelling and harsh. Ulysse paints a vivid picture of customs, culture, and experiences. And like the characters, readers are engulfed in a vast array of emotions. I didn’t realize ahead of time that it would be a collection of stories as opposed to a novel. Though the stories [...]

    Diaspora babies like me thirst for stories where our experience is told. The glimpses I found in Drifting took me back to my childhood and let me peek into that of many of my contemporaries. These snapshots are unemotional and oftentimes harsh. They end in ways that left me hanging, wondering what the point was, why there was no resolution. Then I remembered that struggle, hope, disappointment, faith can't be tied up in a bow. For good or bad, they leave us hanging, and we go on. We write what w [...]

    So much triumph and heartbreak in one book. I did find it interesting that all of the characters came to America by way of New York. Wives and children reunite with their husband/father, except one who finds a new husband once she lands in NY. In one story, a sibling meets an implied unfortunate ending. In another story a girl falls into the job-for-right-now trap after she and her mother find themselves homeless.A wife sells everything she owns to keep her husband alive.Definitely a good read.

    A pretty close to perfect debut from Ulysee, a Hatian-born writer who immigrated to the United States when she was a teenager. This could be read as a collection of inter-related short stories or as a novel with an unusual structure and some mysterious loose ends. The characters (who are almost entirely women and girls) bridge the space between Haiti and the United States and between adulthood and childhood. Sad, but mostly warm, and with a focus on the intense need for friendship that is famili [...]

    There are parts of this book that I found interesting and some of the writing was almost magical, but overall I had a hard time following this book. It might have been because there were some larger gaps between my readings. It was unclear how different sections were related to each other. I may read another by her some day.

    The Tick
    I don't know. Part of me really wants to give this more than 3 stars because I enjoyed what there was of it, but I really wish that there had been more of a resolution. I desperately wanted just one more section that would bring things together. The book feels incomplete as it is.

    Amazing stories that haunt you for years as well as very descriptive writing that paints a vibrant picture of Haiti.

    Kim López
    Interesting short stories of characters that often intersect. Some felt like they would have benefited from longer stories but over a fast and interesting read.

    Purple Iris

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