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  • Title: Sworn Virgin
  • Author: Elvira Dones Clarissa Botsford Ismail Kadare
  • ISBN: 9781908276346
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback

  • Elvira Dones tackles cultural and gender disorientation and identity while seamlessly expanding upon immigrant and emigrant status and the multiple levels of transition Mark s decision to shake off her oath after fourteen years and to re appropriate what is left of Hana s body and mind by moving to the United States creates a powerful rupture The transition to a new lifeElvira Dones tackles cultural and gender disorientation and identity while seamlessly expanding upon immigrant and emigrant status and the multiple levels of transition Mark s decision to shake off her oath after fourteen years and to re appropriate what is left of Hana s body and mind by moving to the United States creates a powerful rupture The transition to a new life as a woman striving to shed the burden of her virginity is fraught with challenges, and the first generation assimilated cousins with whom Hana tentatively undertakes her new life make her task no easier.Sworn Virgin is the first novel Elvira Dones wrote in Italian She adds her voice to the burgeoning new generation of blended Italians, who deliberately adopt a dirty immigrant exile approach to their language.According to Albanian tradition, if there are no male heirs, a woman can choose to become a man and enjoy the associated freedoms as long as she swears herself to virginity for life.Clever young Hana is ushered home by her uncle s impending death Forced to abandon her studies in Tirana, she takes an oath and assumes the persona of Mark, a hardened mountain peasant her only choice if she wants to be saved from an arranged marriage.Born in Durr s, Albania, Elvira Dones is a novelist, screenwriter, and documentary filmmaker currently based in the United States After seven novels in Albanian, she wrote the two most recent in Italian, her adopted language Sworn Virgin is the first of Dones s books to be translated into English.
    Elvira Dones Clarissa Botsford Ismail Kadare
    Elvira Dones is an Albanian novelist, screenwriter, and documentary film producer Born in the coastal city of Durr s Dones graduated from the State University of Tirana In 1988 she was employed by Albanian State Television and in this capacity traveled to Switzerland, where she defected Tried for treason in Albania in absentia , she was sentenced to prison and denied access to her young son until after the collapse of communism in Albania in 1992 From 1988 until 2004 Dones lived in Switzerland where she worked as a writer and a television journalist, while also writing, directing, and producing several documentaries Since 2004 she has lived in the United States The bulk of her writing is in either Italian or Albanian, but several of her documentary films have been subtitled in English Several of these films have either won or been nominated for various awards Her most recent documentary, Sworn Virgins tells the story of women in northern Albania who swear perpetual chastity in their teenage years and become men in their society not women acting like men or women who have gender reassignment, but simply women who are now men This film was named the best documentary at the Balti Women s Film Festival in 2007.


    Elvira Dones (b. 1960) ()I took the animals out, I chopped the wood, I worked in the fields, I went to the village meetings and I drank a lot of raki. Nothing else counts.In the mountains of northern Albania, where a woman and children without the protection of a man simply have no protection, there is an old tradition. In order to protect her family, or even just herself, from violence and rape she can become a burrnesha, she can don the garb and manner of a man - forswearing any future sexual [...]

    Friederike Knabe
    "She had never regretted anything and she wasn't about to start now"Elvira Dones' novel, Sworn Virgin, intrigued me as soon as I started reading the introduction. First, it was written by a little known Albanian writer - in the English speaking world -, from a country that has been closed to international attention for so long due to the political system and its very different language. Secondly, the novel here comes with an expert introduction by none other than the first internationally known, [...]

    Mostly read just after reviewing a book about nuns, and whilst also reading Ancillary Justice: a pretty good time and place for this, one of the very few literary novels I know of that could be called genderqueer. Although on its own terms: the protagonist is a burrnesha, part of a Balkan, especially Albanian, custom whereby a woman took on a male role: she would gain all a man's rights and freedoms, adopt male behaviour and dress, take part in assemblies of elders, and go out to cafes to drink [...]

    World Literature Today
    "Sworn virgins still exist; Dones has filmed a documentary about their lives. But her novel does not simply investigate a unique custom. Rather, it explores many binary oppositions—urban/rural, tradition/modernity, wealth/poverty, West/non-West, communism/capitalism, home/diaspora, male/female, body/soul—to reveal how sociopolitical forces mold individual lives." - Michele Levy, North Carolina A&T UniversityThis book was reviewed in the November 2014 issue of World Literature Today. Read [...]

    "Nessuna mano mi sfiorerà. Giuro la mia verginità eterna"Mi aveva colpito, tanto da spingermi a leggere il libro, la notizia che in alcune parti dell'Albania (paese vicinissimo all'Italia) ci si attenga ancora al Kanun, il codice di leggi legate a tradizioni e consuetudini che risalgono al 1400 circa. Un codice che ha costruito una società patriarcale e maschilista, che consente la vendetta cruenta e prassi che non possiamo non ritenere barbariche.Questo codice non scritto prevede diritti e d [...]

    Mikena Çako
    I really loved this book. It has been a long time since I read a book that touched me so deeply, maybe because it tells us about my place, suffering that people like me,Albanian, has or it might be the way this book it's written. I just enjoyed it a lot and suggest you guys to read it if you wanna know more about a sworn virgine's world. xoxo bookish_lady

    Fino a prima di ascoltare questo audiolibro non conoscevo la realtà delle vergini giurate né chi fossero queste donne che ancora oggi nel nord dell'Albania hanno il diritto di proclamarsi uomini ed assumerne tutti i diritti ad essi riconosciuti.La protagonista di questo romanzo è Hana, una ragazza rimasta orfana che viene affidata agli zii e che per evitare un matrimonio combinato che l'avrebbe resa infelice decide appunto di diventare una vergine giurata. Poco più che diciottenne Hana abban [...]

    Anne Rioux
    We recently read this in my Lives of Girls and Women class. We found it fascinating. It's an American immigration story wrapped up in a powerful examination of how much gender informs our identity, and how gender is performed differently in differently cultures. My students and I found so much to unravel and discuss. It would be perfect for a book group because you will want to talk about this book with everyone you know. I'm recommending it all over the place.

    Una storia insolita e che mi ha insegnato ancora una volta qualcosa che non conosco.La protagonista è Hana Doda che a 19 anni, in procinto di iniziare il secondo anno di università a Tirana, si costringerà a diventare una Vergine Giurata ovvero una donna che decide di diventare come un uomo. E' il Kanun, la legge non scritta dell'Albania del nord (il Kanun esiste realmente) ad imporlo. La donna non vale, è sottoposto dell'uomo. Se non vi sono più uomini per una delle mille faide familiari o [...]

    2 and half stars.An interesting story undermined by poor execution. Flat characters, tin-eared dialogue, and prose that has not an ounce of poetry or sparkle. Apparently, Dones, a respected writer in Albania, wrote this in Italian, so perhaps some of this lackluster quality is due to the book not being written in the author's first language; or, perhaps, the translation is substandard. Either way, though, I can't recommend this novel except to those readers interested specifically in the "sworn [...]

    Molto bello e molto meglio di quello che mi aspettavo inizialmente. Ben ricostruita l'Albania degli anni '80, sia la capitale Tirana che il villaggio sperduto tra le montagne del nord; e mi è piaciuta anche l'ambientazione nella provincia americana negli anni duemila, perché non ha nulla di luccicoso e zuccheroso, non insegue affatto il sogno americano - forse soltanto un poco nell'affrettarsi del finale - è semplicemente una ambientazione occidentale e multirazziale dove la storia va a concl [...]

    Debbie Kinsey
    Translated from Italian by Clarissa Botsford.‘Sworn virgins’ are, in Albanian tradition, women who choose to become men but are not necessarily transgender/transsexual. It is usually when there are no male heirs in the family, so a woman will take the role of the head of the household by adopting a male gender and taking a vow of celibacy. They are given the rights of men and treated as such. This book is about one sworn virgin, Hana, who becomes Mark to avoid an arranged marriage and run th [...]

    Nose in a book (Kate)
    This sounds like it could be a very serious, heavy book but it really isn’t; it’s a very readable, enjoyable, gorgeous novel that deals with issues, serious and light, familiar and unfamiliar.Back in 1986, when Hana Doda was a happy carefree student in the city of Tirana, she got the news that her Uncle Gjergj, her foster father, was dying back home in the mountains of northern Albania. Hana is the last family he has left, but caring for him isn’t easy in their small village with its stric [...]

    Aaron (Typographical Era)
    Hana Doda is a hard working, independent girl from the secluded mountains of Albania who is on the cusp of transforming her life by pursuing a solid education in literature and a college degree. Mark Doda is a booze-swilling, chain-smoking recluse who enjoys firing his rifle and fixing up his Chinese pickup truck. Turns out, they’re actually the same person. Hana has made a promise to her dying uncle to obey the sacred customs of the Kanun, an ancient set of Albanian traditions which allow her [...]

    Ho opinioni abbastanza contrastanti su questo libro che nella realtà ho letto tutto d'un fiato solo perchè un'inaspettatta circostanza mi ha dato il tempo per farlo. È un romanzo che, se da una parte, ho trovato di facile lettura perchè scritto in modo lineare e scorrevole e perchè riguarda un argomento di cui ero all'oscuro e che mi ha incuriosito molto, dall'altra non mi ha coinvolto in nessun modo lasciandomi del tutto indifferente nei confronti della protagonista e delle sue vicissitudi [...]

    Books take you on a journey, telling you tales, entertaining you, transporting you to new worlds and the very best ones also teach you something - whether it's some thing about yourself or the world we live in. This one is just that. It's absolutely fascinating - Hana has lived as a man Mark for most of her life in the mountains of northern Albania. She has come to America to be reborn as the woman she once was. How she comes to terms with herself, her past and her body and her sexuality is expl [...]

    For a story this interesting, it's hard to get into with the translation. It has awkward moments in the translation, but I'm so grateful I got a chance to experience this story. This Albanian woman, Hana's, story of how she sorts out and sheds her identity in her newly found home in the US is one that really opened my eyes. Short read that packs a punch.

    Ja beigu daļa nepārvērstos primitīvā romāniņā, tad jau būtu labi, bet tagad palika sajūta, ka viss līdztamējais bijusi tikai eksotikas un literatūras piešprice, kas nevar izglābt grāmatu kopumā.

    Did you know that there's an Albanian tradition in which, if there are no male heirs, a woman can choose to become a man, as long as she swears herself to virginity for life?Neither did I until I read this fascinating novel by Albanian writer Elvira Dones, translated into English and published in 2014 by And Other Stories (a wonderful not-for-profit, largely reader-funded UK publisher).Sworn Virgin covers multiple time periods in the life of its hero, Mark/Hana Doda. We witness both her initial [...]

    Elda Limongi
    Il punto forte di questo libro è il tema trattato. Finendolo però, mi lascia una sensazione di inappagamento perché mi sarebbe piaciuto che i personaggi venissero sviluppati in modo più approfondito ed il mondo interiore della protagonista fosse messo più alla luce facendo risaltare un po' di più il contrasto tra lei e la mentalità del luogo dove era nata. Ho come avuto una sensazione di fretta nel raccontare una storia così rara.Conclusioni? mi è sicuramente piaciuto e lo consiglierei [...]

    Alison Campbell
    A fascinating account of honour motivated Albanian burrnesha (sworn virgins), who take a vow of chastity to allow them to change gender, dress like a man, drink , smoke, carry firearms, work and become head of the household.In order to avoid an arranged marriage Hana becomes Mark and not a subservient femaledeotionalgeographic/

    Valentina Delle Esperidi
    Bellissimo il tema e interessante il racconto. Lo stile di scrittura non mi ha entusiasmato ma l'argomento del libro era troppo avvincente per fermarsi.

    Culturally fascinating.

    I honestly didn't really appreciate this book as I had expected. The characters are stereotyped, but Hana is pretty impressive and deep. The story is well written though, and it made me want to know more about Albanian culture and places.

    Jamie Klingler
    It's a very interesting book and premise, and I'm not sure if it was the translation that I struggled with, or if you are meant to find Hana so awkward and unlikable, but I really didn't connect with the character. I loved the niece though and think we'll find lots to discuss at book club.

    Mia -
    Secondo il Kanun le donne albanesi (nord del paese, sulle montagne), per scelta o costrizione, possono vivere la loro vita da uomini. Le motivazioni sono svariate, la morte o l'assenza di un erede maschio, il rifiuto del matrimonio combinato, questioni economiche, questioni d'onore.In pratica, colei che diventa vergine giurata sceglie un nome maschile, veste da maschio, partecipa alla vita del villaggio da maschio con tutti i privilegi annessi e connessi. Rinuncia al suo essere donna e a qualsia [...]

    The main character Hana/Mark is a young Albanian woman who adopts an ancient but rarely-followed tradition to 'become' a man, only reverting to being 'female' when she emigrates to America 15 years later. I have mixed feelings about this book. It's great on immigration - I got a real sense of the confusion and dislocation that surrounds Hana's early life in the US - and I enjoyed the depiction of Albania under communist rule and then the early years after the fall of the Iron Curtain. But I didn [...]

    Il fenomeno delle Vergini Giurate, o Burrnesh, trova in questo periodo occasioni di approfondimento e in generale spazio nei media culturali e non solo. La voce in è stata ampliata, ad esempio. L’Unita ha dedicato due pagine intere ad Elvira Dones e al suo libro Vergini Giurate.Burrnesh è una donna che, per ragioni diverse, decide di vivere, comportarsi (bere, fumare, etc.) vestirsi come un uomo. Nelle comunità settentrionali dell’Albania (ma il fenomeno in passato eras diffuso anche in [...]

    Natalia Pì
    Un libro interessante, che mi ha fatto scoprire una tradizione che non conoscevo, nonché un paio di altre cose sull'Albania, un paese che per noi è dietro l'angolo geograficamente, ma che culturalmente ci è spesso sconosciuto.Il romanzo si concentra sulla storia di Hana, che per le circostanze in cui si trova la sua famiglia decide di diventare una Vergine giurata. Ciò significa giurare di non perdere mai la propria virtù e rinunciare alla propria femminilità, per diventare uomo a tutti gl [...]

    Publisher & Other Stories, along with translator Clarissa Botsford, are to be commended for introducing English-language readers to Albanian writer Elvira Dones and the concept of the sworn virgin.The novel opens with the protagonist arriving in America, the first time she has left her home country. Frustration at the way she has lived her life until that point can be felt in a great line on the first page of the novel, which is repeated on the same page, but which I won’t repeat to preser [...]

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