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  • Title: What Lies Beyond The Stars
  • Author: Michael Goorjian
  • ISBN: 9781401942687
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback

  • Something in me knows of a life I was meant to live but for whatever reason, I have not Words that ring painfully true for Adam Sheppard, a San Francisco programmer who has spent the vast majority of his 30 something years lost in the dim glow of a computer screen On the verge of a psychotic break, Adam begins to have a recurring dream of his early childhood and t Something in me knows of a life I was meant to live but for whatever reason, I have not Words that ring painfully true for Adam Sheppard, a San Francisco programmer who has spent the vast majority of his 30 something years lost in the dim glow of a computer screen On the verge of a psychotic break, Adam begins to have a recurring dream of his early childhood and the hauntingly rustic town of Mendocino California where he grew up Convinced he has left something behind there, something vital to his present sanity, Adam walks away from his current life to figure out what that is.One evening, out on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Adam has a chance encounter with a mysterious woman, only to later realize that she may be a long forgotten childhood friend The coincidence of their reunion only deepens as Adam discovers that the woman has also returned to Mendocino due to a recurring dream, eerily similar to his own.Lost soulmates drawn together through time and space, or perhaps their meeting is only the beginning of a much deeper mystery As Adam awakens to the possibility that his life could be destined for than a bleak virtual wasteland, he soon finds himself a crucial pawn in a game that pits forces intent on enslaving the human spirit against those few quixotic souls who still search for meaning, beauty, and magic in the world.
    Michael Goorjian
    Michael Goorjian is an Emmy Award winning actor, filmmaker, and writer His acting credits include Party of Five, Leaving Las Vegas, and SLC Punk As a filmmaker, he achieved widespread recognition for his first major independent film, Illusion, starring Kirk Douglas Other directing credits include the Louise Hay documentary, You Can Heal Your Life, Wayne Dyer s film The Shift, and the Hay House film anthology, Tales of Everyday Magic Michael lives in Oakland, California What Lies Beyond the Stars is his first novel Website michaelagoorjian


    Sherrie Wouters
    A few months back I had What Lies Beyond The Stars pop up in front of me on the Hay House Facebook page. Both the beautiful cover and the fact that Hay House had a fiction novel for sale immediately caught my attention! Without even reading the synopsis I purchased the ebook and excitedly filed it in my 'to be read pile' knowing I'd read it when the time was right. I knew it was going to be a cracker of a novel with something hidden in it just for me. After all aren't all Hay House books like th [...]

    No lo he entendido, en muchos momentos he estado muy perdida.

    JoEllen Shannon
    A powerful journey inside outThis book surprised me. It captivated me even though at first it wasn't all that familiar. It felt obscure with all the computer gaming technology; not being a gamer, I almost halted the read. But there was an attraction to the journey that urged me onward. How does this man who comes unraveled really find his bliss?The captivating journey to come to selfhood meets many detours, as this journey presents. The deep desire to follow down the demons and make peace with t [...]

    Rae Gee
    If you life feels like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle or if you feel as if you don't fit in with the world around you, then this novel is for you.Beautiful, surreal, and wonderfully written, What Lies Beyond the Stars tells Adam Sheppard's story as he follows the breadcrumbs of a life that he knows he's supposed to lead. Battling against what many would call “The System”, he fights to get himself, and his life, on to the path that he knows he's destined to be on.This is a novel with evocative, [...]

    This was unexpectedly good. I loved the scenes and setting of the SF Bay area. It reminded me of the times I spent there. The places were so familiar. Of course the description of what it's like to work as a software developer is really accurate.As for the more meta-physical and philosophical aspects it brings up, there is a lot of food for thought here I think. I encourage people to read it and let me know what they think.

    I haven't been able to stop thinking about this book since I finished reading it. I can't adequately describe how deep and yet how readable this book is. The author Michael Goorjian has done something special here. I am so looking forward to Book 2! (And hopefully a feature film!) I initially purchased this as a 99cent eBook but I also purchased it in print form so I can have it sitting on my bookshelf with the rest of my favorite books!

    Brilliant read!Read this book in one weekend. Such a moving story and easy to "connect" to for so many today. A perfect blend of fiction and self-help, lovingly wrapped in fairy dust, and enough technology to make it present day relatable. Highly recommend! One of the best books I've ever read.

    Valerie Davidson
    A beautifully written first novel which ignited my imagination. I can't wait to read more by Micahel Goorjian.

    Adam Sheppard lives in the Bay Area and writes code for games. He works with his ‘friend’ Blake; their company has skyrocketed to the top, and has been acquired by the near mythical Rene Adiklein. They work near the top of the tallest building in San Francisco, which has a mysterious pyramid on top. But no one stays on the top for long if they don’t keep innovating; the pressure on Adam to fix bugs and create new things is tremendous. He lives in a gated community with a wife who runs his [...]

    Too bad I cannot add more than 5 stars I've read a lot of books, but none have held on to my heart the way What Lies Beyond The Stars has. This books fills me up with longing, questions and answers. I wish I could explain how much I loved reading this. I definitely will be reading it again for a deeper understanding and things that I've missed. So many hidden treasures, everything tied together in this book. Nothing was added in just for the hell of it. I loved it!

    Elizabeth Herrera
    Thought-provoking enjoyable readLoved the in-depth insights into the human psyche, the flawed characters, and journey to the center of the soul. Highly recommend.

    This is a book about mindfulness/higher consciousness disguised as a pretty engaging novel. If it resonates with you, you likely found it at just the right time.

    Deborah V
    It started slow, but was well worth the read.

    Patricia Birkholz
    Loved this book. Couldn't put it down.

    Michael Larson
    What lies beyond the stars? You have Adam in a nicely set up world where his best friend Blake has gotten him a job working with games and even found him a wife that can handle the high maintenances of Adams long time mental estranged life. Blake and Adam's gaming company Pixilate got bought up from virtual skies which is being over seen by Adiklein a large business man that decided to focus all his talent with this company to head it. Pixilate is in jumping leaps and bounds with Adams codes and [...]

    Allie Cresswell
    This book works on a number of levels, is complex and sometimes even profound, asking fundamental questions about life and existence.Adam is a brilliant and successful computer programmer and creator of computer games but struggles with real life and ordinary social interactions. He has a sort of feeling that he might have been destined for a different path, and even, sometimes, that there is an alternative, better life out there waiting for him if he could just crack the code. A homeless man se [...]

    Teresa Little
    The cover caught my eye and the title, so I loved that both played into the theme. For a debut novel it deserves 6 stars considering the story is far from simple,builds on itself and the writing is superb.Cons: The beginning. For some reason I stopped reading this book. I think because this is not a normal fiction book. So if you are looking for brain junk food you won't find it here. When I went to reread it, I had no problem getting into the story. It really hit its stride 40% in and sunk in i [...]

    Anne Horsley
    A solid 3.5 stars (rounded up – debut effort, and after finding out there’s a planned sequel which will hopefully resolve some of the ‘unfinished’ feelings I was left with)This is a creative story with philosophical undertones – exploring the struggles of finding a higher meaningful life in today’s high-tech consumer driven world. Adam is a 30-something genius computer programmer, who struggles with increasing anxieties as he recognizes the shackles of his disconnected, emotionally u [...]

    Moza Aldoseri
    This book quickly became a favourite of mine I loved it. I love when a book comes to me at the right time. I don't usually check amazon's kindle deal but for some reason that day I did and after flipping through pages of books I found this one. The title and the cover caught my attention I'm always drawn to butterflies and so without reading the description I got it started reading it and couldn't put it down. It's always good when I find characters I relate to in a book and in this one I relate [...]

    Not quite sure how to review this book without giving too much away, to be honest as everything I want to say ends up spoiling something which I don't want to do. So I'll keep it short. The book is about Adam, who is a genius at coding, but he is different from everyone else, as we are told from the start he is mentally unstable. The book is his journey about going through the motions of life without actually being connected to the present moment, without really living. We learn about the breakd [...]

    Michele DeLuca
    For those who like their fiction to provide the profound message that we are so much more than we think we are, I suggest you give yourself a little holiday present and read "What Lies Beyond The Stars." If you're like me, it will break your heart open and provide a bright and beautiful message for the new year. A quick note, when you begin to read it, you may not think it's your cup of tea, as the story is about a closed-off computer genius immersed in his job as a game maker, but stay with it [...]

    This book turned out to be a wonderful surprise. What a story! The protagonist, Adam, is not macho sort of guy. He is humble and gentle. He is the kind of character you fall in love with. He stands in stark contrast to people who strive for power around him.Like most of us, Adam is not free. He is just a cog in a wheel. He longs for something more. But unlike most of us, he has the means to set himself free -- a vague memory of something almost mystical that existed in his life when he was a lit [...]

    D. Thrush
    Adam is in a facility in a catatonic state. We go back 3 years to find out what led to his breakdown. Adam works as a programmer and created a hugely successful video game. He married a single mother with kids who gives him the structure he needs and sees a therapist. He should be happy. But something nags at him. He feels that something is missing. Dreams and the memory of a childhood friend draw him back to where he grew up where his inner voice competes with the outer world until something mu [...]

    Annette Bissinger
    Making me think of what I give my attention to.This book made me think. I get caught up and lose track of the hours in a day on social media. I, like many others, live life disconnected from the world all because of a blue screen. I give it ATTENTION. What happens if I stop and give ATTENTION to something else. What we dream can become is the message of the book, If only we pay attention. Like the movie, The Shift, it reminds me to lose Ego and be who I was created to be. Not what have become. I [...]

    What a beautiful book. How many of us have ever wondered about the life we were meant to live and for whatever reason didn't? I know I have. This explores one man's struggle to find that life. Held back by many forces, seen and unseen, he strives to see that life. Beautiful story, hidden meanings, twists and turns, what more could you ask for in a book? Philosophical and metaphysical meanings seem to be slightly obscured to the reader just as they are to the main character.I've heard that there [...]

    Sochettra Boroath
    Great read! Incredibly profound and intriguing. I, personally, enjoy reading things that can't be anticipated and more importantly, they make you feel like you are on some sort of emotional roller coaster. Love the twists that occur throughout the story. I was initially disappointed with the prologue but by the end of the book, the disappointment perished. I would have given it a five star if the story hadn't been so convoluted (or maybe I am just too dumb). The hidden messages are still not com [...]

    Angie Vanschoick
    Who/what am I?Finished this and want more. Felt like it ended a bit abruptly, yet, it didn't. Do you feel that every day is just like the last? That you're just going through the motions and not living? Adam feels that way. His birthday arrives and it becomes apparent to him that he's really not living. In his search for himself, he discovers so much more. The story is a good representation of how many of us spend our days. It shows how we can break outside and truly find our selves.

    Kristi Duarte
    I can't finish this book. Maybe I'll take it up again because some reviewers swear that there's depth and spirituality in there somewhere. I read through the first 20% and it's just so poorly written and boring. If you're not in to tech speak, you'll glaze over the first few chapters wondering when something will happen.

    Pleasantly surprised I have owned this book for a few years, starting it a few times but always putting it down right away thinking the gaming and techy aspect wouldn't appeal to me. This time I stuck through that first bit long enough to discover there was so much more to the story. I fell in love with it and found myself highlighting all over. Definitely a worthwhile read!

    Bruce Kelly
    What a wonderful read! I don't normally read Novels, but this one will capture your imagination!The more I read, the better it got! I loved the way the characters were developed. I remained spellbound, as I read from Chapter to Chapter! I must congratulate Michael Goorjian on a Marvelous First Novel! I look forward with much anticipation to his next one!!

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