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  • Title: Mighty Dads
  • Author: Joan Holub James Dean
  • ISBN: 9780545609685
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A new constructacular picture book from the New York Times bestselling creator of Pete the Cat, James Dean and bestselling author, Joan Holub.Mighty dads, strong and tall,help their children, young and small.They keep them safe and bolted tightand show them how to build things right.Inventively told through James Dean s colorful construction vehicle characters, MIGHTY DADSA new constructacular picture book from the New York Times bestselling creator of Pete the Cat, James Dean and bestselling author, Joan Holub.Mighty dads, strong and tall,help their children, young and small.They keep them safe and bolted tightand show them how to build things right.Inventively told through James Dean s colorful construction vehicle characters, MIGHTY DADS is an adoring dedication to hardworking fathers and the subtle ways they teach their boys and girls to follow in their tracks The Dump Trucks learn to get dirty Crane keeps his little one safe from harm The busy Cement Mixer gives his daughter a hug The Forklift cheers his son on.A surprising and touching view of a father s love for his children, MIGHTY DADS is the perfect way to say I m proud of you
    Joan Holub James Dean
    Children s book author TOOL SCHOOL MIGHTY DADS a NY Times bestseller LITTLE RED WRITING the GODDESS GIRLS series with Suzanne Williams THIS LITTLE PRESIDENT, A Presidential Primer THIS LITTLE TRAILBLAZER, A Girl Power Primer, ZERO THE HERO Lucky to be doing what I love


    Mighty Dads is a bright and lively tale filled with movement and sounds that will delight little ones.As the construction vehicle dads dig, scoop, roar, and roll they teach and encourage their children. The repetitive use of sound and motion words will inspire children to read along. Mighty Dads is a charming story that uses simple rhyme and vibrant illustrations to express love.I highly recommend picking up a copy of Mighty Dads. A perfect story for Father's Day.

    Michael Sedor
    wonderfully delivers the transcendent message from dad to son of "I'm proud of you."

    Mighty Dads pays hommage to those wonderful Dads out there who teach their youngsters how to do so many things. Featuring a crew of construction vehicles such as an excavator, a grader, a cement mixer, bulldozer, a crane and many more, the big Daddies are paired up with their tiny children who imitate them as they excavate, grade, mix, lift, roll, and so on. Children will delight in seeing these miniature construction vehicles achieving small successes side-by-side with their heroes.Reading Migh [...]

    Jenny H.
    Mighty Dads just might be one of my favorite picture books I have read with my girls in a long time. The story is playful and engaging, and the illustrations are exceptional. The author and illustrator pairing of Joan Holub and James Dean is absolutely brilliant. James Dean brings the magic of his illustrations from Pete the Cat to this picture book, and Joan Holub uses simple words and repetition to draw even the youngest readers into the story. My youngest daughter has absolutely fallen in lov [...]

    Dena (Batch of Books)
    There isn't an author/illustrator combination that I've been this excited to see in a long time. Joan Holub is a wonderful children's author, and of course, James Dean is nothing short of amazing. His illustrations are perfect for children's books. Big, bold chunks of color give life to his wobbly, carefree drawings. I think kids like his art so much because it almost looks like something they could create. I love his artwork. It's simple and uncomplicated, yet it's vibrant and full of a unique [...]

    M.M. Hudson
    I absolutely adored this book! First of all, the pictures from illustrator, James Dean, were bright, colorful, and bold. I loved how he made the "children" tiny but obviously worked hard while helping their "dad".The author, Joan Holub, made each page a semi-rhyme pun intendedd had the action in bold letters. I could hear many children imitating the sounds as I read. In fact, each page made me smile right on into the next page.I also liked the fact that the little ones did the same work as the " [...]

    My Thoughts – I always love exploring new children’s books. This one was no exception. It is nicely written in a poem form. The illustrations match the poem nicely. The title basically tells it all, it’s a book about fathers and children. The love a child has for their father and the love a father has for their child. The illustrations help to portray that love. The poem helps to show that the fathers love when their children help them create things. It also shows that the father is okay [...]

    Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
    A great read for kids who love trucks, tractors, and learning what they do. Mighty Dads is a story about what the Daddy trucks and tractors do and how they teach their little truck and tractor kids. With no human characters in this story, little fans of trucks and tractors will enjoy the brightly primary colored characters, and the repetitiveness of the story. Mighty Dads is a is a fun read for young kids. It teaches a valuable message of a father's love, and how they teach their kids. This is o [...]

    Caryn Caldwell
    Using a construction-zone theme, this picture book explores the relationships between fathers and their children. For example, Big Excavator helps his child while they dig, Big Bulldozer shows his child right from wrong as they scoop, and Big Crane keeps his child safe as they reach up high.With its large font; simple concepts; bold illustrations; array of building site equipment; and emphasis on parent-child relationships, this one seems perfectly geared for very young construction-lovers. The [...]

    Jennifer Haight
    Repetitive patterns and onomatopoeia fill the text of Mighty Dads. A book with no human characters, every child can appreciate the idea of having a strong, loving dad who teaches his children all of the skills that he knows.Illustrated in primary colors with a sky blue sky, the pages are bright and bold with white ghost shadows and fine detail lines in the tires and at the skyline. Newly released this fun and simple book will please any young fan of construction equipment and is out just in time [...]

    With big and bold illustrations this is a very creative version of a construction vehicle book. The illustrations of ten different construction vehicles, show a large version (Daddy) followed by a smaller likeness (son). My story time audience was mesmerized by the pictures. Simple rhyming text makes this a fun read-aloud. Even the youngest in my story time audience loved this book.

    Great Books
    Creatively told through colorful construction vehicle characters, this is a wonderful portrayal of hardworking fathers and the subtle ways they teach their children to follow in their tracks. A perfect story for all truck lovers and proud dads.Reviewer 18

    Jane Njoroge
    Mighty Dadsby Joan HolubMighty dads strong and small taught their sons to be artist and engineers.Dad explained about the internal combustion engines. He inspired his son . The book is involving and age appropriate. The teaches children how much they can learn from their parents.

    I'll have to do a construction storytime one of these days

    Great book that celebrates Dad's!!!

    Colors are reminiscent of Pete the Cat, only turned heavy construction equipment. What a fun change! Plus great use of vocabulary and word play.

    Brenda Kahn
    Endearing homage to dads featuring bright, bold, energetic illustrations. Great for little readers who adore dads and/ or big rigs.

    This very cute book was sitting out at a restaurant. It’s a book celebrating dad’s and sons through construction vehicles. My son loved it! And even though it was definitely stereotypical art and stuff, the things it talked about dad’s doing for their sons was wide-ranging. Hugs, teaching, building with, protecting, etc. It was very sweet.

    Such a sweet book with lovely rhythm and rhyme. The little trucks are so cute! (I especially love little Forky who tries so hard, lol.) And I love that the author leaves it open whether they're little boy or little girl trucks.

    Cute concept with big truck fathers and their little truck kids. Rhyming text with changing meter.

    A father-son type of book.

    A book about little trucks and their bigger daddy trucks. The daddy trucks are teaching and helping the little truck, showing them how to do their work. Large, colorful illustrations.

    Oh My Bookness
    Excerpt:Mighty dads, strong and tall,help their children, young and small.They keep them safe and bolted tightand show them how to build things rightMighty dads by Joan Holub is a picture well the title says it all in itself,Mighty Dads, I have to be honest this was a picture book I was looking forward to check out. I really wanted to see when I saw on the front that the use of illustrations would be heavy machinery, how exactly would the message be portrayed and I was not disappointed. The mess [...]

    Erin O'Riordan
    This book is an absolute treasure. Joan Holub, one of the co-authors of the Goddess Girl series, has written exactly what you want to read in a children's book. It rhymes, it's full of action and big, fun noises, and it captures the love between father and child in a way adults will find sweet and heartwarming. The James Dean who paints the Pete the Cat series has created a series of perfect, perfect paintings that reflect Holub's words. To my adult eyes, every page is gorgeous. To a child's eye [...]

    Summary: Mighty Dads is all about working together in hard situations. Great for children to think of how their dads or even moms help with everyday. Also a great book for rhyming and types of construction equipment. Activity: Mighty Dads: Ages 3 and Up. Great to read around Fathers Day. Throughout the book stop and talk about the rhyming words that the students hear. Have a discussion about things that the students and their dads do together to make things. This could also be one that you make [...]

    Peggy Tibbetts
    From dump trucks to excavators to cement mixers, backhoes and more, every big dad piece of construction equipment has a kid-size version working alongside him. The Mighty Dads show the little tykes how to get the job done. They also show them other important stuff like right from wrong, encouragement and cooperation. Holub’s simple verse contains plenty of action words to keep the pages turning. Dean’s cartoon depictions of heavy construction equipment are colorful and accurate. However he d [...]

    If you are a fan of Pete the Cat illustrations you will probably like these. The same bright, primary colors are used to create the pictures of big "Dad" construction vehicles and their little vehicles, which both have eyes and eyebrows in the windows. The rhyming story tells how Dads help their young children. As each vehicle is named the child version has a shortened version of the name. For example Boom truck helps Boomer and Backhoe Steady waits for Hoe-Hoe. What they do together basically d [...]

    In rhyming text, this picture book featuring big trucks describes what those vehicles teach their offspring. I liked the idea of the little trucks learning from the larger ones just as children learn from their parents. I also liked the descriptive language that describes how each vehicle works: "scoop, scoop, scoop" (unpaged) and "roar, roar, roar"(unpaged), for instance. The brightly-hued illustrations are filled with friendly, hardworking vehicles such as Steamroller and Dump Truck, making th [...]

    I do love that this book is about dads and their sons -- there needs to be more books like that. The rhyming scheme almost worked, but in places it was definitely clunky and forced. The illustrations were good, but not really spectacular, and were lacking the spark that made the first few Pete the Cat books really special.

    "Mighty Dads" is a great book written by Joan Holub for Dads to read with their kids, whether sons or daughters. It has a nice flow in the way it is written that children will find fun to follow along with. I would definitely recommend this book as a read with any child that loves trucks. I received a free copy of this book courtesy of and .

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