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  • Title: The Porcelain Thief: Searching the Middle Kingdom for Buried China
  • Author: Huan Hsu
  • ISBN: 9780307986306
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A journalist travels throughout mainland China and Taiwan in search of his family s hidden treasure and comes to understand his ancestry as he never has before In 1938, when the Japanese arrived in Huan Hsu s great great grandfather Liu s Yangtze River hometown of Xingang, Liu was forced to bury his valuables, including a vast collection of prized antique porcelain, and uA journalist travels throughout mainland China and Taiwan in search of his family s hidden treasure and comes to understand his ancestry as he never has before In 1938, when the Japanese arrived in Huan Hsu s great great grandfather Liu s Yangtze River hometown of Xingang, Liu was forced to bury his valuables, including a vast collection of prized antique porcelain, and undertake a decades long trek that would splinter the family over thousands of miles Many years and upheavals later, Hsu, raised in Salt Lake City and armed only with curiosity, moves to China to work in his uncle s semiconductor chip business Once there, a conversation with his grandmother, his last living link to dynastic China, ignites a desire to learn about not only his lost ancestral heirlooms but also porcelain itself Mastering the language enough to venture into the countryside, Hsu sets out to separate the layers of fact and fiction that have obscured both China and his heritage and finally complete his family s long march back home.Melding memoir, travelogue, and social and political history, The Porcelain Thief offers an intimate and unforgettable way to understand the complicated events that have defined China over the past two hundred years and provides a revealing, lively perspective on contemporary Chinese society from the point of view of a Chinese American coming to terms with his hyphenated identity.
    Huan Hsu
    Huan Hsu Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Porcelain Thief: Searching the Middle Kingdom for Buried China book, this is one of the most wanted Huan Hsu author readers around the world.


    Thanks to and Crown Publishing for the advance copy. There has been much written in recent years about the emergence of China and the changing culture and its impact on the global economy. As with any change, it's vital to understand the history and background that lead to the current evolution. So many have done this with detailed historical analysis and broad, high-level observations. But, what about the story through the eyes and life of one individual? Huan Hsu tells the story of emerging C [...]

    I've read many China memoirs and Chinese history narratives, so was excited to see a new take in Huan Hsu's "The Porcelain Thief." I was drawn in from the very beginning and felt like I was parting with a good friend when the book ended. Hsu is a fabulous writer. I love his honesty and his bluntness when things don't go according to plan in China. And he weaves in Chinese history that makes it fascinating even for those who know how things turn out along the way. I found myself laughing, crying, [...]

    Beth Cato
    I received this book through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program.This is a rare case where reading this as a galley doesn't really give an adequate picture of the book. Hsu has penned a book that's part memoir, part genealogy quest, part history lesson on China. As he says at one point, trying to explain Chinese history is like trying to get a drink while drowning. The beginning of the books has placeholders for maps and charts, and that content would have helped immensely to understand the [...]

    I have mixed opinions about this book. I liked how the author added Chinese history as a way to put his family's story into context, both in terms of dates and how the bigger picture affected his family personally. After finishing the book, I was put off by the likelihood that the compelling details of his great-grandfather burying his valuables were imagined and not necessarily real. Also, the multi-page details of the personal stories of distant family members didn't add much to the story and [...]

    Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley.This is an interesting book, taking us through a journey of discovery with Huan Hsu, the writer. He takes us along his quest of his family china, which is also a quest to unknot the complicated and forgotten threads of his family history. Actually, the china feels more like an excuse for all this, no matter how focused he might have been on the subject at the time.So this book is not quite a treasure hunt as it is a memoir of his [...]

    A very interesting read which gives a good overview of the last 150 years or so of China as experienced by one family and their descendants. From :A journalist travels throughout mainland China and Taiwan in search of his family’s hidden treasure and comes to understand his ancestry as he never has before.In 1938, when the Japanese arrived in Huan Hsu’s great-great-grandfather Liu’s Yangtze River hometown of Xingang, Liu was forced to bury his valuables, including a vast collection of priz [...]

    Kate Baxter
    What a fascinating memoir involving a family myth resulting in the quest to ascertain the legitimacy of that myth. Along the journey, author, Huan Hsu, discovers his family's history through the memories of aging relatives. He explores Chinese culture through living, working and traveling within China and through conversations with many who have endured the myriad of revolutions encountered over the last few generations.Hsu, is a gifted writer whose vivid descriptions of the lanscape and his enc [...]

    The Porcelain Thief is by an American-born Chinese who relocates to China in a bid to find out what happened to his ancestor’s porcelain collection several decades earlier. He takes a job in Shanghai, working for his uncle’s business, and painstakingly interviews his relatives to help him reconstruct some of the family history. The sections with his redoubtable grandmother are particularly fine – she leads him a merry dance, telling him so much about some things, so little about others.The [...]

    The recent TLS review lamenting lack of scholarship got this book all wrong. It is about a young man's attempt to understand China as he tries to find his family's stash of porcelain.

    Thanks to Goodread I got the book for free

    Steven Yenzer
    I loved this account of Hsu's exploration of his family's history in China, which is motivated by his interest in recovering potentially legendary porcelain that his great-great-grandfather's family buried during the Japanese invasion. It's a fascinating and sometimes funny account of modern China and also provides a solid 20th century history lesson.

    Jason Chen
    A Chinese-American's journey from Salt Lake City, to China, to Taiwan, and back to China in search for his family's long-lost porcelain. A really interesting primer to Chinese history since the Opium war and a great addition to the growing corpus exploring the Chinese-American identity.

    I hoped to learn more about porcelain, but this truly was a family memoir. The book meanders and unfortunately lacks a strong ending.

    Would have been 4 stars if it hadn't been for the lack of an ending.

    Treasures, legends, tales and a catching story, all the ingredients for making a good book; all of which can be found in The Porcelain Thief by Huan Hsu. The Porcelain Thief is a combination of treasure hunting, nonfiction and historical information all crammed into a well writing book. Huan Hsu, curious after hearing a treasure of porcelain, silver coins and other valuables his great grandfather had buried during the Sino - Japanese war, sets out on a quest to China in search for his family his [...]

    Salt Lake City Public Library
    In 1938, during the Japanese invasion of China, Liu Feng Shu was forced to flee his hometown of Xingang with several members of his family, leaving behind his valuables in a secret, underground vault. Neither Liu nor his family was able to return and reclaim this buried treasure, and memories of the vault’s location faded with the passing generations. The Liu family’s prized collection of antique porcelain, some of which reportedly dated back to the Ming dynasty, remained hidden. When Huan H [...]

    Hsu successfully juggles various plot lines: family history, Chinese history, his own story about coming to terms with Chinese culture, and the story of porcelain. Hsu provides interesting insights into Chinese culture through his own experience, and when he overcomes his frustrations, we can see his admiration begin to creep through. Interesting, too, is the information about Chinese porcelain and its importance within the context of the past.

    How intriguing growing up knowing that somewhere far across the seas in a foreign land there may be a priceless heirloom collection of the world's finest porcelain, buried in a huge hole by your great great grandfather, as he escapes with his family from the advancing Japanese army! Author Huan Hsu is an ABC - American Born Chinese, having grown up straddling the three worlds of the US, China and Taiwan. As a journalist he has a desperate curiosity to find out if the porcelain collection is stil [...]

    I really wanted to like this book and I completely admire the author, but it seemed long and drawn out. If you care about in-depth porcelain knowledge then maybe this is the book for you. It also provided some interesting perspectives about modern China and the his struggle of repatriation.

    This is very much a story about stories: about family stories (some of which may not be as true as they seem), about history stories, and about modern China's frequently terrible stories, ones full of suffering. It's also a book of stories about places: Shanghai where the Chinese, en masse, appear to be concerned only for themselves, road rules seem non-existent, and rubbish is ‘someone else’s problem.’ Or Jingdezhen, the great centre of porcelain production, which is gradually coming to l [...]

    I received this book as an e-ARC and once I started it I kept on reading. What an interesting book. Ostensibly a search for porcelain buried by the author's great grandfather as the Japanese were invading in the 1930s this book is much more. Although Huan Hsu has gone through life with a Chinese name his grasp of the language had been minimal because he was determined not to learn it as a child. In this book he decides to go live in China to ultimately search for the porcelain but first he needs [...]

    Amber Gregg
    Genre: Historical Memoir.Number of Pages: 400.Perspective: First.Location: China.The Porcelain Thief is a memoir about Huan’s [an American-born-Chinese man] search for his ancestors’ buried porcelain in China. I really wanted to like this book. The concept is appealing and the author writes very well. But—I do not like history. I have never pretended to have a vast knowledge of history. I don’t even like movies or tv shows that are set in the past. It just can’t keep my interest. I gue [...]

    This review is based on an ARC copy.Huan Hsu grew up in Utah trying to be as un-Chinese as possible. After becoming interested in porcelain after seeing an exhibition of it, he's told to ask his mother about her family's collection.The family story goes that his great-great-grandfather had a large collection of porcelain, including from the imperial kilns, which he buried in the garden before fleeing as the Japanese approached his village. Hsu is driven to go to China and do what he can towards [...]

    Melissa Lindsey
    This is a great approach to writing about China -- the author goes to find his family's buried porcelain and along the way provides history and art lessons related to China. He is a good story teller and was able to make really interested in the production of porcelain, which is something I never thought possible. I also learned a lot about colonial education and missions, as his family was impacted greatly by these two institutions. My biggest struggle with this book, and what keeps it from get [...]

    The book was really an amalgam of memoir, travelogue of mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, Chinese history and Chinese geography, relating everything to a quest Mr. Hsu takes to the land of his ancestors to find the porcelain collection of his great-great grandfather, after viewing a beautiful red Chinese bowl in the Seattle Art Museum. This search becomes an obsession with him. He connects with family members who help [or hinder] him in his search. Also museum and archives personnel aid as [...]

    This was a completely absorbing book. Although a memoir it is also a history lesson. Hsu is an American born Chinese who has heard the story of his great great grandfather having to buy his valuables when the Japanese invaded his hometown of Xingang.Hsu is determined to find out more about his history and moves to China. After conversations with his grandmother he learns enough Chinese to make his way into the outskirts of the city to learn about not only his history but about porcelain itself. [...]

    So, my enjoyment of this memoir comes from a weird point of view. Yes, I enjoy the history of an heirloom, the journey to track it down, and the historical background that surrounds it. I had really liked The Hare With The Amber Eyes. But also, as someone who has read a bit of Sci-fi and also loves to watch Sci-fi- this was great. In a lot of Sci-fi China is a big part of the environment. Its borders have stretched and it encompasses a large part of the world. The culture is prominent in many of [...]

    I found this book to be a really exciting read. I think part of why I enjoyed it so much is due to my own experience as an "overseas Chinese" in China, but aside from personal experience Huan Hsu has a lot of great observations on life in China. A particular favorite passage of mine touches on China's excess of history, and I loved how he tied his time in Jingdezhen with the fragmentary understanding of family and history. And then there's Hsu himself living in the present and trying to navigate [...]

    The last three generations of Huan Hsu's family have suffered every upheaval of Twentieth century China. His great-great-grandfather Liu was a wealthy landowner and porcelain collector during the last decades of the Qing dynasty. He and his children and grandchild experienced the fall of Imperial China, the depredations of the Japanese during World War II, the evacuation of the Kuomintang, and the rise of Mao and the Cultural Revolution. His memoir, The Porcelain Thief, is ostensibly about Hsu's [...]

    I expected a detailed memoir of a man looking into his family history, but did not expect a history of China. Hsu is a gifted writer; he is both funny and sarcastic about his time in China, while paying due respect to the history of his own culture. Because he is from America, I felt like his experiences would be similar to my own experiences, if I were in his situation. Hsu really pulled me into the narrative and there were many moments that I felt I was in China. While the "plot line" was an i [...]

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