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  • Title: Evil Lurking Within
  • Author: Matt Shaw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The plan was simple snatch the child and get the ransom money They had found their victim a young boy from a posh school They had done their homework he came from a wealthy family who d surely pay the earth to get him back.They had even justified why they were right in carrying out such an act they had served their time and both felt as though they were being cheatedThe plan was simple snatch the child and get the ransom money They had found their victim a young boy from a posh school They had done their homework he came from a wealthy family who d surely pay the earth to get him back.They had even justified why they were right in carrying out such an act they had served their time and both felt as though they were being cheated from what was owed to them by the cruel society they were trying to integrate with This was their plan and their time to put themselves on the straight and narrow It was just a shame that no one told themThey never stood a chance.From Matt Shaw the author of The Cabin , The Lost Son and The Infestation Expect twists, turns and unexpected friendships in this horror you ll still never see them coming.
    Matt Shaw
    BiographyMATT SHAW was born, quite by accident his mother tripped, he shot out September 30th 1980 in Winchester hospital where he was immediately placed on the baby ward and EBay Some twelve years later wandering the corridors of the hospital and playing with road kill when he was on day release , the listing closed and he remained unsold, he was booted out of the hospital to start his life as a writer and hobbit beginning with writing screenplays and short stories for his own amusement before finally getting published when he was twenty seven years and forty five seconds old.Once Published weekly in a lad s magazine with his photography work, Matt Shaw is also a published author and cartoonist Has to be said, can be a bit of a flirt and definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, somewhat of a klutz.Favourite books Roald Dahl s Collection of Short Stories Tim Burton s Melancholy Death of Oyster BoyAnything, really, written by himself Because he is that good.


    Paul Nelson
    Evil Lurking Within follows John & Frank, not long out of prison they kidnap young Tom from a private school for the privileged with thoughts of a big ransom to follow. What then follows is an absorbing look at the relationship between John the kidnapper and his victim. John pretends he’s an uncle and appears to be getting away with it, even during the brutal killing and dismembering of someone who didn't agree with him.He decides to take young Tom on a little holiday, all the time promisi [...]

    Stuart Keane
    Matt Shaw has proven himself to be a very adaptable horror author. It seems he has a knack for writing a little bit of everything. Gore, psychological, extreme - Matt has tried them all. However, with Evil Lurking Within, Matt tries something a little different. In the process, he poses a very good social question about the human conditionTwo men abduct a boy from his school. The reward? A huge financial pay-off. However, paranoia begins to creep up on them and before long, one of the men is on [...]

    ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    2.5What should have been a quick and easy way to get some money by kidnapping a rich kid turned out to be much more sinister and horrible for Frank and John, two former cellmates. They had this plan that after they get out of prison, it would be easy for them to kidnap a child. Fast and easy.Since the actual horror doesn't start until 65% mark, I won't comment what it is about. Let's just say that John, who is telling us this story, comes to realize that he isn't a real monster after all. I woul [...]

    James DeSantis
    This was a strange story. I kept fighting back and forth with the score. At first I thought it would end up being a steady 3. Good read but nothing special. The writing was solid (though some slang and such was odd or looked wrong but it could because we live in different parts of the world) and I enjoyed the characters for the most part. As I read on I really began to feel the connection with the main character and Tom. It felt well balanced and even cute at times. When the twist came around, I [...]

    Shadow Girl
    I'm not ready to discuss, I want to be sure most of you have finished the story. It's different, not what I expected - not that I can ever 'expect' anything from Matt! Maybe I have a cold soul, but I did anticipate something totally effed up, in a different way. Maybe it's there, and I'm becoming one of the sick & twizted myself?You decide.I loved the characters, and thinking that a kidnapper (fresh from a stint on the inside) is a 'likeable kind of guy' might say something about me that I'm [...]

    Kim (Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews)
    This is the story of John. With the help of his friend and cellmate Frank, they conspire to kidnap Tom, in the hopes of a large ransom. It goes from bad to worse almost from the beginning however. This is their story, set over the course of five days. Five days that culminate in a horror that no one could have foreseen.I enjoyed this as much as I have Matt's other books, even though it was something slightly different for him. As ever, I invested my time in the characters to find a huge unexpect [...]

    This book had such a surprising twist. Didn't expect it at all.

    William Parker
    A fun short read.

    kevin powell sr.
    Waste of timeI usually try and give a book time to develop but most often delete it if it seems as if nothing's going to happen. I should have deleted this book and the Author's name from memory instead of finishing. First,'ll take you until chapter 11 to even see why this book is considered horror. Up until then you'll be asking yourself Why you're still bothering to read on. Boring would be too nice a word to describe this book.Once you get to Chapter 11 it's like what you read up until then i [...]

    This story was quite powerful, macabre but unbelievably tidbits of humor were there as well. Two guys who have spent jail time decide to kidnap a child from a wealthy family. Of course they are under the impression that they will get a ransom for his safe return, indeed that would be the outcome if everything went the way it was planned, but life is life. At first the reader is absorbed into the story line of the kidnapping and all the twist and turns which happen in this plot. Around the corner [...]

    Gaston Sanders
    Great read with endearing charactersThis book, Evil Lurking Within," was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I felt in tune with both the adult and the kid. The MC's insights and internal dialogue made him human and relatable. When they encountered the werewolves, I felt a true sense of terror and desperation, as he tried to figure out how to get them away. The semi-surprising ending was very well done.Matt Shaw is truly a gifted writer and I had a wonderful time reading his work. I highly recommend th [...]

    Sally K. Littleton
    An Unlikely Twist I enjoyed the last quarter of the book. The plot really moved well at that point. I struggled to get to that point. The first three quarters of the book were very repetitive and really only focused on the main characters insecurities. It really was a struggle to get through.I enjoyed the way the author writes. I just wish we would have spent less time getting to the climax and more time with the lodge area.

    M Rose
    Once again, Matt Shaw has caused me to look up from reading in awe of how weirded out I was. I loved the characters & I loved the big hint he dropped at the beginning of what was to come. Then it came. I couldn't put it down even when I had to pee!!!

    I would give 2.5 stars if I could. This is a real mashup of two different stories, possibly three. The final quarter of the book just seemed to come from nowhere and didn't really work with the preceding three quarters. Everything seemed a bit rushed.

    Kandi Branson
    I didn't see that coming!I liked the build up of the characters. By mid_book, I really started to like John, and feel sympathy for him! Towards the end, the twist was crazy! A little too crazy for my taste. I like realistic stories. Just not big on monsters

    This book was okay. There were some very long paragraphs that I pretty much just skipped over. It was written well in that I wasn't sure that the main character was going to do to the kid, but overall I think it was just a 3 star story.

    Shoulanda August
    Well writtenI really enjoyed this story of two men thinking they could get away with kidnapping a child. Partners then turning on each other. One man worst than the other. Running from the law to truly find real evil within!

    Alexa "Naps" Snow
    Something about this book didn't work for me. Matt Shaw has written good books, this one just loosing its point at some point. I hoped for better ending to Toms journey but then Can't spook me with big dogs.

    Valerie Sparkle
    I started this this book thinking it was a great abduction story and I and right away I started picturing how I thought it would end. What was I thinking? This is Matt Shaw! Anyway I won't give anything away. Amazing characters, amazing story, Just read it.

    crystal bouray
    Amazing Great book I couldn't put it Down. A great horror can't wait to get even more of his books later.

    Andrea Martin
    Great story!I chose this rating for the stories because this isn't my usual genre. And I loved it. I would recommend this book to anyone.

    Ending totally surprised me good short read

    Excellent you almost start liking the kidnapper, thinking hey he is not so bad, he is desperate and you almost feel bad about how it all ends

    GreatThis book kept me hooked from start to finish, I gotta say the twist and turns in matt shaw's books keep me hooked my new favorite horror author other than the king.

    I was very pleasantly surprised by this novel. Original, well written story which is clever and entertaining. I'll read more by this author.

    Loved this book so much I went in thinking this was " just" a kidnapping story how wrong was I??! I did not see that twist coming at all.Once again well done Matt Shaw

    Toi Mcbeth
    Unexpected evilThis book was amazingly out in left field as the story starts off one way and towards the end it's almost a completely different story but no complains here

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