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  • Title: The Chaos Balance
  • Author: L.E. Modesitt Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780812571301
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • The saga of Recluce by L.E Modesitt, Jr has become one of the standard works of fantasy in the 1990s VOYA says, Modesitt s logical structure of the interrelationship of order and chaos, magic and technology, is one of the most through in modern fantasy The personal growth of his characters and the depiction of their world, it well written and credible and involvesThe saga of Recluce by L.E Modesitt, Jr has become one of the standard works of fantasy in the 1990s VOYA says, Modesitt s logical structure of the interrelationship of order and chaos, magic and technology, is one of the most through in modern fantasy The personal growth of his characters and the depiction of their world, it well written and credible and involves the reader The serious fantasy reader will revel in Modesitt s work Launched with The Magic of Recluce, the novels of Recluce have gone on to sell over a million copies in paperback.The most recent of the Recluce novels, Fall of Angels, introduced the engineer smith Nylan, the only man among the leadership of the company of angels marooned on a high plateau in the west of Candar, and perhaps the one person most responsible for their survival But the angels are a matriarchal band, and so Nylan must leave his companions and seek a life elsewhere He travels down from the plateau into the world of warring kingdoms and strange magics with his companion, Ayrlyn, the healer, and his infant son They are in search of a place to lead a peaceful life, but they look different from the locals, and their talents are most valued in battle and so the war between chaos and order begins again.The Chaos Balance is the seventh book of the saga of Recluce.
    L.E. Modesitt Jr.
    L E Leland Exton Modesitt, Jr is an author of science fiction and fantasy novels He is best known for the fantasy series The Saga of Recluce He graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts, lived in Washington, D.C for 20 years, then moved to New Hampshire in 1989 where he met his wife They relocated to Cedar City, Utah in 1993.He has worked as a Navy pilot, lifeguard, delivery boy, unpaid radio disc jockey, real estate agent, market research analyst, director of research for a political campaign, legislative assistant for a Congressman, Director of Legislation and Congressional Relations for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a consultant on environmental, regulatory, and communications issues, and a college lecturer and writer in residence.In addition to his novels, Mr Modesitt has published technical studies and articles, columns, poetry, and a number of science fiction stories His first short story, The Great American Economy , was published in 1973 in Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact.


    This is 4th in chronologically taking place just 2 years after Fall of Angels in the year 403. Nylan leaves Ryba & Westwind to make his way in Lornth, a country formed by women who have fled Cyador. That says a lot if Magi'i of Cyador (#1 chron, #10 pub, year 1) & Scion of Cyador (#2 chron, #11 pub, year 8) have been read. If nothing else, it tells us that Modesitt has another book or two that he can fit into this 400 year gap, one that I am looking forward to reading.It was a bit long a [...]

    Bryan Brown
    The continuation of the historical record of Candar carries on as the first recorded Black Mage descends from the compound at the roof of the world to assist the locals in their conflict against the lingering remnants of the, now degenerate, White Mage civilization. The moral conflict in this book is primarily about restoring balance to the white and dark forces in the world. Nylan the smith struggles with reconciling his need to continually use more and more black "order" against the white "cha [...]

    I think I've figured out how Modesitt writes so many of these damned Recluce books. I feel bad giving away the secret in detail, so I'll summarize: find and replace. Saying that these books are formulaic is like saying that Piers Anthony has a mild fondness for shitty puns. I've read seven Recluce books (more than half of the series- I'm a glutton for punishment), and I now know that if I read an eighth it will contain: someone learning that order needs to balance with chaos; someone using heret [...]

    Final book of the second Recluce duology as chronology goes - Nylan becomes the first Black Wizard and has to face the might of Cyador and its white wizards; superb conclusion to the story staretd in Fall of Angels

    9/10While the self-doubt and whining of Nylan is tiresome, this is a solid installment in the Recluce series. We learn more of the early history of Westwind and the Black and White Orders. And we learn, as do the characters, there is a price to power and cost to change.

    The main character goes through events that are just the same as people have gone through in earlier books. Yeah, this book is farther in the past so Nylan did them first, but that doesn't change the fact that this book is just a rehash of previous material. Not worth reading.

    Really liked this one!

    Chip Hunter
    This books chronicles the fall of Cyador and the rise of Naclos. Even though the history and information about chaos/order relationships contained in this one are important for a reader wanting to understand the world of Recluce, I was somewhat disapointed by the fact that this book reads almost exactly like the others in the series. Basically, Nylan, your typical smith/order-mage, spends most of the book struggling to understand and master his powers. The book ends in the same way most of the o [...]

    Vegetable Princess
    Some of the excellent things in this book:- Revisionist history, inline with the actual events. It was fun & thought-provoking to see alternate perspectives represented this way.- An intriguing proposed alternative to basing low-tech culture on use of force.- Characters putting their foot in their mouth and other characters reacting realistically.Less enjoyable:- Supposedly likable, precocious child continues to whine, always about water. It has been multiple books now, and this better turn [...]

    Donna Brown
    The seventh book in the Saga of Recluce gives us more information about chaos and order and had me question what it would take to actually live in a balanced society. The hero's realistic struggles with the use of force made me ponder. Our polarized society looks a lot like the two opposing factions in this dramatic read.

    Ron Souliere
    My go to series right now.It's no name of the wind, but the next book is available now.It's nice not having to wonder what good book can I find to listen next. And get the occassional snooze. This serieshas been just right for commuting.

    More depth on the nature of magic in this world, it leaves me curious about the next stage of the story.

    Abu Bakar
    $1 book. Love it.

    Debra Meyer
    its a good series and improving with each book but the narrator still drives me nuts with his verbal sound effects but I'm getting used to it.

    James Singh
    I think this is one of the weaker Recluce books

    Katy M
    This one isn't for everyone as it's more philosophy than adventure.I never put spoilers in my reviews.This book can be dry but it's invaluable in understanding this world Modesitt has built. The ending is a climactic as any would wish.L. E. Modesitt, Jr. writes epic fantasy with political commentary overtones. His world building is impeccable, taking the familiar and giving it a unique twist.His protagonists are usually underdogs who don't fit into the mold cast for them by others in some way, c [...]

    Mary Soon Lee
    This is the seventh book in "The Saga of Recluce," and, for me, probably the second weakest entry. While the book successfully filled in pieces of the world's history, many of the elements were already familiar from earlier installments. Nonetheless, as ever, and despite a gripe I shall put after a spoiler warning, I liked the main character and enjoyed the book. And one scene, in chapter XVIII, brought me close to tears.(view spoiler)[I believe this is the fifteenth fantasy novel that I've read [...]

    Tantor is releasing all the books on Audio so I am "re-reading" these books as they are released. This is my second, third, fifth, who knows how many times to read these books. This series is absolutely one of my favorites and deserves a high spot on everyone's book shelf.Fall of Angels and The Chaos Balance are a pairing within the series, they are books 6 and 7 in release chronological order and books 3 and 4 in date chronological order.This book details the eviction of Nylan from the Roof of [...]

    This is the same as most of Modesitt's books. A lot of walking (or horse riding) from one place to another. Momentus battles that last only a couple of pages. Besides that, Modesitt is getting lazy in his writing. A "lutar" that mysteriously shows up in this book, but actually came from another universe in another series written by Modesitt. The two protagonists came fromt he previous book in the series where they first came to this world and discover the "field lines," but don't know that they' [...]

    Jeremy Preacher
    I really want to like this more than I do. The characters are fine - a couple with a kid, for a change - and the adventuring is reasonably epic, but it really never comes together for me. I'd be much more interested in what happens immediately after this (which we get, to some extent, in Arms-Commander, but the real founding of Naclos is the part that's missing here.)It is interesting to see the degenerate descendants of Cyador, given that those books are among my very favorites, but they're red [...]

    Eric Moebius
    I gotta admit these books were always reminiscent for me of Michael Moorcock's eternal champion series. What can I say the perpetual battle between law and chaos make for a common thread. While I enjoy his fantasy work Modesitt's Sci-Fi is at times bordering on epic. That's a lot coming from me.

    Fredrick Danysh
    The battle between Chaos and Balance continue as Nylan leaves the Top of the World with his son and the healer Ayrlyn to avoid conformation with the Marshall in a country increasing becoming intolerant of men. Traveling to Lornth which becomes embattled in a war to survive. While of the Recluse series the story centers on other societies.

    Stephen Coatsworth
    The Chaos Balance is possibly the weakest of the recluce series that I have read so far. The book is far too overblown and could have been better at 200 less pages. Overall, this really felt like a trawl, albeit a neccessary one, in the continuation of this usually good saga. After reading the previous 6 back to back I may have to read something in another trope and return fresh.

    Ethan Beck
    Excellent. I'm reading (for the first time) the Recluce saga in Chronological order (as listed via Google at ). Thoroughly epic novel and by far the most enjoyable so far. The scope of the novel reaches into the distant past makes clear aspects of the development of the planet and its civilisations. This is a long book and was very hard to put down.

    Steven Allen
    So far one of my favorite books in the Recluse series. I like how this book explained a lot of the earlier books, clarifying the difference between order and chaos. This author is one of a few that I like which can combine SciFi with Fantasy.

    This one also wanders. The characters get painted into some corners and then are magically out of the corners. The ultimate resolution is somewhat expected given the other books in the series of course.

    As always, Modesitt delivers political maneuvering, well realized characters, and a complex, consistent world. Not the sort of story for those who want the hero to bash the villain on the head a then live happily ever after. Another great installment in the Saga of Recluce.

    Siran McKenzie
    I must admit that this volume to me seemed to be a little 'phoned in'. I found myself not really caring for the characters and their trials which is not a good thing to chapter the heart and attention of the reader. A middle of the road book for me.

    Yet another one I reread prompted by reading #16 in the series. Good as always.

    great series

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