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  • Title: Heading East
  • Author: June Gray
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  • Page: 146
  • Format: ebook

  • The conclusion of a two part series.Luke Harrington has returned to New York, back to the place where he used to live a life of excess and lust But the city no longer feels like home, not when the woman he loves is hidden away on the other side of the continent.Kat Hollister once prided herself on being strong and self reliant, but everything changes when she ventures froThe conclusion of a two part series.Luke Harrington has returned to New York, back to the place where he used to live a life of excess and lust But the city no longer feels like home, not when the woman he loves is hidden away on the other side of the continent.Kat Hollister once prided herself on being strong and self reliant, but everything changes when she ventures from the comfort of her small town in Alaska to follow a dream.In a city of eight million people, can Luke and Kat find each other before all is lost Heading East is a 50,000 word erotic romance For readers 18 and up.
    June Gray
    I am a writer who likes to titillate and enrage, who revels in breaking the reader s heart and putting it back together again.


    It was not bad, it was just not great. Way below my expectation for book #2. I enjoyed book #1 very much even though I despised the way it ended. And for the life of me I cannot recall the reason or the details of their fights that broke them apart in book #1. I felt that it should've been mentioned a bit since this story is a continuation from that fiasco. An annoyingly selfish of a heroine kinda ruined this too.

    ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    I really want this book now!!!Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews Sizzling Pages @ Facebook Twitter:@Sizzlingpages

    Sandra Brine
    Do we have a release date yet?

    I wasn't impressed.I just couldn't stand Kat I really don't mind guys being really sweet and romantic, but I think West really lost his balls somewhere. There was this really unnecessary character as well SabrinaThen there was this weird touring thing with West It wasn't elaborated there was nothing really that came out of itKat kept on degrading herself she had this pity party going onen this jealousy rageen she's back to being all sensitiveI couldn't stand her! She kept on saying she didn't be [...]

    3.5. I really liked this. The sweetness stayed with me all afternoon after finishing the book. The story picks up right where the last left off and, to be honest, was slow and annoying for the first half. Once the leads get their shit together, you get a sweet and sexy happily ever after. If you're into a dude who's obsessed with his woman and are in the mood for a sappy HEA, this series is for you. Books 1&2 should be read together.

    3.5 StarsI really loved book 1, but book 2 lacked a bit of mystery, romance and the banter. The setting was different from book one, so of course everything was different.I enjoyed it but it was so slow paced that after the half I just wanted it to end since draging it longer was senseless.Loved West and Kat story, just this book 2 could have been so much more.

    I really enjoyed this series. It was a quick read and not too much hot and steamy scenes, just the right amount.

    Kathi Runyan
    Great ReadSo glad the author split this story into two parts. Two great reads spanned through them both. I totally enjoyed this story and found the erotic nature of the book delightful.

    GAHH!! finally here. I have been waiting for so long for more Kat and West.I started reading and started laughing. I have missed these two so much. The banter between them, Kat and her witty charm and her sarcasm, it's a breath of fresh air and hilarious. We find Kat months after the whole incident with West on her way to the big city to attend a fashion school. Once there she gives it her best effort, but Kat does not fit in and she tries her best. In a great time of need she runs into the pers [...]

    Ok, this book pissed me off. I mentioned in my review of Finding West that I hate cliffhangers. And this book is the exact reason why. (I'm gonna just spoiler the rest of the review bc I'm not in the mood to speak vaguely) (view spoiler)[ The last book ended on such a stupid note. Ok you found out your boyfriend came to Alaska to try to sleep with you as a challenge. Who fucking cares? Obviously that fuckhead doesn't exist anymore because duh he got hit with the amnesia stick (hello Eric a la Tr [...]

    I feel like I waited forever for Heading East. I follow the author on , Twitter and I subscribe to her email list and I still didn't know this book released until a month later. Can you tell I am still upset about this? Moving on. When I started Finding North I had no idea it was a two book series; I usually do not like unresolved stories. I was intrigued by the concept of Finding North and I was quickly sucked into Kat and West's story. Overall, I was happy with Heading East and I am proud of K [...]

    Spanxmcb (Yovanka)
    Update to 3.5 stars! The additional scene posted by JG helped resolve my issues with Sabrina and showed Kat's acknowledgement of her emotional growth at a critical time. It improved my overall impression of how the story resolved things. -------------------------Although I felt this was worth the wait, it lost some momentum from Finding West for me. I was worried about the rock star storyline and thought it would end up cliche, but was glad it didn't go down the typical route. Wasn't a fan of th [...]

    From the moment I read the 1st book of this series "Finding West", Ms. Gray hold me into the life of Kat and WestI almost scream with how Ms. Gray left us in the 1st bookI had my fingers crossed waiting for "Heading west" to come outLoved the characters of West and KatLove how tenacious Kat wasI love a strong minded woman and that was what Kat wasEven thou there were time she felt that she wasn't to West lever in life, but she didn't gave up in herself and kept goingLove the lighthearted laughte [...]

    3.5 stars.Nice end of the series.I loved that Kat found her own path, even when she wanted to give up many times, lol. Still, she didn't, and that's what I loved about her. She was vulnerable and strong and in many things I could relate to her. :-)What I wasn't much of a fan, was Sabrina. Not only I didn't like her character, but I also didn't feel that the drama she cause was much needed. I don't know, just as she came, she left. *Shrugs* It wouldn't have mattered if she was in the story or not [...]

    Well, what can I say? I really liked the first book, Finding West, so I starded reading this one thinking that it would be equally good but it didn't happen that way. Kat annoyed me most of the time and although Luke AKA West was sexy and sweet did not convince me completely. There are many interesting things in this story that fall by the wayside because everything happens very quickly and superficially. Yet, as I said, I really enjoyed the first book :)

    I did not want the story of Kat and West to end. Their chemistry was amazing. This book focused on forgiveness and the growth of the characters especially Kat. What West had done caused a huge chasm between them and you see how West worked hard to close this gap and how Kat found strength in herself to forgive and trust. Kudos to the author for bringing such a wonderful series to fruition. I look forward to reading her other books.

    I thought the continuation of Finding West and how Kat came into her own, finally letting folks in and reaching her potential was good. What I really enjoyed was Luke a/k/a West becoming a better man and I loved the ending when she decided to trust West and concentrate on her final project even though Sabrina was placing doubts in her head. The surprise she received, I didn't see coming, but it was just so right. Definitely a goodread.

    MissIngrid Z
    I anxiously waited for this installment for a long time!It had June Gray's signature style but I will say I felt it a tad rushed but that might be with the word limit her contract requires.Regardless this installment brought a great resolution to Kat and West's story and watching Kat become her own woman, was inspiring and wonderful to read.Seeing West's devotion to Kat and his patience to win her back was heartwarming.Sweetest Epilogue as well.

    Karen Bowman
    This book picked up where the other left off and smoothly took off from there. Anyone that knows NYC it was nice to see the way they found each other through the vast crowds. The insecurity and questions were always there until the "armor" was let down completely could they move forward. I hated Sabrina and loved the ending.I recommend you read the series.

    Wow sweet story. However, I want to know what happened to Sabrina - wheres the fight between her and Kat. Hoping there's an extra story to uncover some plot holes. Overall, I quite like it. The first book got me hooked and had me refreshing amazon just waiting for this book to be accessible to buy lol

    Well, it was disappointing. After really good first book came a typical average romance with all clichés you would expect. Probably to make it more enticing or to be 'in', there werelots and lots of sex scenes which, while not strictly repetetive, were quite unnecessary. And the ending had some of the cheesest lines ever.

    I wish i could say that i liked this one as much as the first. But the whole thing was centered around the heroine's insecurities. Other things felt predictable and tiring. It missed the mystery and the unique factors that made the first book so good.

    couldn't bring myself to finish this.

    OMGAgain the conclusion of a beautiful story. I loved it.

    3.5 stars

    I was so glad to have finally gotten the conclusion to this story It was a great wrap-up

    I absolutely loved it. Great job.

    I loved the first book, but this was boring. I ended up skimming and then turned to the end to find out what happened. It didn't seem like I missed much.

    Love happy endings. Hope there will be another book to come in this series that tell us about their married life. Really enjoyed this series.

    Too many unresolved storylines.

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