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  • Title: What My Heart Wants to Tell
  • Author: Verna Mae Slone
  • ISBN: 9780813101743
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback

  • God knew that it would take brave and sturdy people to survive in these beautiful but rugged hills So He sent us His very strongest men and women So begins the heartwarming story of Verna Mae and her father, Isom B Kitteneye Slone, an extradordinay personal family history set in the hills around Caney Creek in Knott County, Kentucky.
    Verna Mae Slone
    Verna Mae Slone was an Appalachian author from Knott County, Kentucky In the 1970s, she wrote what she felt was an honest account of her forefathers for her grandchildren She had only a few copies of these accounts printed, never intending for anything to become of it But after her grandchildren read the works, they enjoyed it so much they passed it around, and the writings built up so much popularity they gave Slone a chance to publish her stories In 1979, her first book, What My Heart Wants to Tell was published by New Republic Slone had always been a strong advocate for preserving the Appalachian way of life, disproving many of the myths and stereotypes that follow the culture.


    Douglas Koehne
    I bought this book while on vacation in Kentucky with my girls and parents. One of my favorite vacation activities is to find local bookstores selling regional literature written by local authors. What My Heart Wants to Tell is a beautiful collection of memories by Verna Mae Stone on her father and growing up in the eastern part of Kentucky back at the turn of the century. She's not poetic and won't win any writing awards, but the emotion and love in her writing speaks deeply of the pride and af [...]

    Verne Mae Stone has done a significant thing in writing her memories of life in the hills of Kentucky. Her book encapsulates a time that is gone and may never return. The people are unique and the family structure admirable. Her purpose was to dispel stereotypes. She has done this and much more. The men and women in that time and place were royalty of a sort.

    This quaint little book is a must read for anyone who is kin to, or has ever known any "mountain people". Verna Mae Slone and her family (past seven generations i think she said???)have lived on the same little mountain spot (Caney) in Eastern Kentucky for ever. She tries through this book to dispel the myths about ignorant and violent "hillbillies". She tells stories of her father, Kitteneye, mostly, and how he and everyone else on the mountain worked together tirelessly to provide for their fa [...]

    I enjoyed this book, written by Verne Mae Slone about her family, mainly her father, called "Kitteneye." She tells memories of things they did, wisdom sayings of the folks in the area and her father, and how they did everything from killing a hog to growing vegetables. I especially enjoyed reading how her family preserved their food with no refrigeration or canning equipment or jars. This is not really a story, with a beginning, middle, and end, but is more a book of memories from a lady who rea [...]

    Rev. Bobbie
    I re-read part of this book again last week and thought I should add it here. This simple elegant and moving story of one woman's life is inspirational and challenging, heartwarming and endearing and such a good read.It's not long but the simpleness of it language draws you in and leaves you smiling.

    Jenny Harrison
    Short nonfiction stories about growing up in Appalachia in the early 20th century. Set in the area around Pippa Passes, Kentucky.

    Darrelyn Kelley
    I saw Verna Mae Slone on KET TV and was intrigued with her and her stories. I just had to get this book!

    Really enjoyed this book. I will prolly read her other 5 now. Made me want to grow a garden.

    • [PDF] Download ☆ What My Heart Wants to Tell | by ✓ Verna Mae Slone
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