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  • Title: Much Ado About Magic
  • Author: Patricia Rice
  • ISBN: 9781402251979
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback

  • Her scandalous painting ruined his reputation, and now he s about to return the favor Lady Lucinda Malcolm Pembroke s paintings may have caused scandals in the past, but never one of this magnitude Somehow she s painted a perfect likeness of a man she s never met and depicted him as a murderer Determined to flee the gossip surrounding her and the mysterious Sir TrevelyanHer scandalous painting ruined his reputation, and now he s about to return the favor Lady Lucinda Malcolm Pembroke s paintings may have caused scandals in the past, but never one of this magnitude Somehow she s painted a perfect likeness of a man she s never met and depicted him as a murderer Determined to flee the gossip surrounding her and the mysterious Sir Trevelyan Rochester, she assumes a disguise and escapes to a remote cottage, only to find herself face to face with her dashing nemesis
    Patricia Rice
    With several million books in print and New York Times and USA Today s bestseller lists under her belt, former CPA Patricia Rice writes emotionally charged contemporary and historical romances which have won numerous awards, including the RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice and Career Achievement Awards.Her books have also been honored as Romance Writers of America RITA finalists in the historical, regency and contemporary categories.A firm believer in happily ever after for good reason, Patricia Rice is married to her high school sweetheart and has two children A native of Kentucky and New York, a past resident of North Carolina and Missouri, she currently resides in Southern California, and now does accounting only for herself She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Authors Guild, and Novelists, Inc.She also writes under the pen name Jamie Quaid


    Rather an unusual story about a heroine who draws and paints the future (possibly) who is one of an entire family of ladies who have assorted "gifts".The story is well paced for the most part, although it felt as though there was just too much going on in the final section.I liked the way the heroine, Lucinda (frequently called 'Cinda, which I really wasn't keen on), who had been rather retiring and shy of the spotlight - found her independence and showed herself to be a formidable woman. The ha [...]

    My friends have highly recommended this series but despite their urgings to read it I really wasn't looking forward to it because I haven't enjoyed very many romances in the past few years. Honestly, I only started it because I conveniently had a copy on audio and figured I would finally be able to contribute to the discussion. Much to my surprise I really enjoyed it. Set in the 1700's, the heroine is a 20ish woman of well-to-do stature who couldn't snare a husband because she's tainted with an [...]

    Zel Polev
    I didn't really like this book. It had the elements of a lovable book but the characters weren't charming enough to pull it off. Well, specifically, the heroine wasn't a lovable character. I thought she was kind of a bitch. She got better at some point when they instantly loved each other. I kind of got tired of her accusing him as a murderer. I did take offense at her self-righteous attitude. As far as I was concerned, she started the trouble so she should at least take responsibility for it. I [...]

    BLOG: adictaxictoxicoeste libro duro en mi biblioteca como 3 años desde que lo compre y hasta ahora lo leo :( *soy una acumuladora* y la espera valio la pena porque me gusto.Al comienzo me demore en meterme en la historia, a medida que avanzaba queria saber como terminaria todo!! (Ya quisiera yo tener el "don" de la protagonsita, aunque no negare que es algo tenebroso de alguna manera).

    Paranormal Romance
    Cursed with the ability to predict the future through her art, the heroine has yet again brought scandal upon herself and her family. She only wanted to paint her dream man and though she should really have seen the outcome of such a thing, she's horrified to realize the man she's paint is indeed a real person. Not only that, she's painted a horrible scene of death in the background therefore convincing the masses he is a murdered and ruining this poor man's life. She flees her family to the saf [...]

    Wrenna Walker
    This was my first romance book. I like the writing of the story. I like the characters in the book. I just learned that i just do not like romance book. I read the back of the book I thought it was going to be a murder mystery and a artist that can see in to the future. I thought that is a cool concept and she hides the murder. That is what i thought it was going to be about. It was kind of like that. The artist does not know that her painting are about. The first painting cause a scandal which [...]

    Tracy Emro
    3.5 stars - I liked this book - but I didn't love it. I thought both Trev & Sinda were great characters. I believed that they loved each other and that they will have a HEA. I had a hard time swallowing that her gift caused such scandal. Really? She paints a picture of a man she has never met and in the background is a ship sinking - so of course that means he killed his cousin - silly me. I just could not wrap my mind around her paintings causing scandals - it was unbelievable to me. So I h [...]

    Shelby Day
    First of all, I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I absolutely love this edition's cover. I think the waves and the ship are so much more romantic than your regular entwined historical figures. :) As for the story itself, it is very good. Lucinda has a tendency to paint the past and/or future. However, she has no idea how or why this happens or even what she is painting. She puts one of her paintings in a gallery and causes a big round of gossip because the man in the p [...]

    Poor Lucinda - she just cannot catch a break. Painting is her passion, stopping would be like cutting off a limb, but true events keep appearing in her paintings - most of the time without her even realizing it. As for Trev, he just wants to live a peaceful life - he is tired of everyone always blaming events on him, even if he was nowhere around when they happened. Together these two make a motley pair, but through a quirk of fate they keep being pushed together.With that premise, I will just s [...]

    Jane Stewart
    Not great, but enjoyable. The characters were enjoyable. Their interaction was funUTION SPOILER:Toward the end, I didn't like that she refused to marry him and would not explain why to her father and to him. Her reason was to avoid bringing future scandal to his life, but she didn't tell him that. He could have assured her that he'd want her anyway. She didn't tell her own father how much she loved him. Her father's actions might have been different had he known of her love for Trev. I don't lik [...]

    Lucinda and TrevelyanPainting as a Malcolm talent turns out to be quite disruptive as Lady Lucinda creates a magnificent portrait of her fantasy man. Unfortunately not only is he real, but the other elements in the painting have his Grandfather, the Earl of Lansdowne announcing to everyone that he killed his cousin. As you can see there will be trouble. A great romp as Lucinda masters her gift and civilizes a Captain who has been out to sea much too long. As usual, the Malcolm family members med [...]

    Jenny Q
    3.5 Stars. In its favor it has a really good storyline. Cinda paints visions she has in dreams, and she paints a portrait of Trevellian, a man she's never seen before--and it's a portrait that unintentionally implicates him in a murder. A good story unfolds from there and the characters are great. BUT, this is slow at times, and repetitive, and the sexual tension, and ensuing sex, is pretty over-dramatic. I'd try another from this author, though, in the hopes that she continues to get better.

    Sharon Plankers
    I have never read a book by Patricia Rice before and enjoyed it enough to see what else she has written. A duke's daughter has inherited the ability to foretell the future by what ever she draws. After getting a total stranger who she thought she made up accused of murdering his cousin, she goes into hiding. Who shows up on her doorstep but the accused murderer who doesn't recognize her.

    Lady Lucinda Malcolm Pembroke's paintings have caused scandals. The painting that caused this scandal is of a man she has never met before.Sir Trevelyan Rochester. She flees to a remote cottage and finds herself face to face With Trev.Trev wanted a quiet life. Its hard to do when all of England is convinced you are a ruthless killer.

    the beginning of this was confusing and scary. Duke Harry is also a Rochester. it sounds like Duke Harry is dead! but it's another Rochester that Harry doesn't know. phew!!! i'm crazy about this series of books and i've all but caught-up: 2 to go. i can feel the withdrawal symptoms already! read these books! so entertaining!

    Every so often I check out books that are not my usual genre and this was the summer for romances. Romance is not one of my preferred genres, and because of that I could sit back and watch the author's skill - and Patricia Rice is a skilled storyteller.

    This turned out to be an interesting story. I had a bit of a hard time following it at first but it didn't take too long to get into it. I really liked how the author brought about the slow earned trust between the characters. It made it interesting and fun to read.

    This book is a delight. It really shows how one's fear or perception can totally distort the truth at times. A very funny tale about life, love, hurt and redemption. Loved it

    Le faltó drama.

    A fun, fluffy read. Think 'Sorcery and Cecelia' with less worldbuilding and more sex. I was grinning throughout most of it.

    not sure how i felt about the characters in this story certainly didnt like lucy as much as some of the others

    Juanita Glass
    Found this book because my favorite narrator, Simon Prebble, recorded this audio book. Went on to purchase the book and follow all her books.


    A fun story with magic and adventure in it.

    February Four
    Definitely fun! I liked this book enough that I've just added the rest to my library queue.

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