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  • Title: The Harem Midwife: A Novel
  • Author: Roberta Rich
  • ISBN: 9781476712802
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback

  • In the opulent palace of the feared and revered Murat III, Hannah Levi, midwife to the Sultan s vast harem, is forced to ensure heirs for the kingdom If she fails, the entire Ottoman Empire will collapse, but the woman who is chosen to be the Sultan s mistress is not all she seems.And when a mysterious woman turns up on her doorstep, claiming to be her late brother s bridIn the opulent palace of the feared and revered Murat III, Hannah Levi, midwife to the Sultan s vast harem, is forced to ensure heirs for the kingdom If she fails, the entire Ottoman Empire will collapse, but the woman who is chosen to be the Sultan s mistress is not all she seems.And when a mysterious woman turns up on her doorstep, claiming to be her late brother s bride, Hannah must find the courage and wit to defend herself both against the threat of the palace and the widow imposter or lose everything she has ever loved
    Roberta Rich
    I was born on January 9th Not the best time to be born if your birthplace happens to be the buckle on the snow belt, Buffalo, New York Buffalo remained my home until I struck out on my own and managed to get 73 miles down the New York State Freeway to Rochester My life took a turn for the better better climate, better opportunities.Writers of a certain vintage always seem to boast of the variety of interesting jobs they held before settling down to write Jobs like fire breather on the Reforma in Mexico City, or turkey plucker I have not done anything so exotic Moving from present to past, I have been a divorce lawyer, student, waitress, nurses aide, hospital admitting clerk, factory assembly line worker and child.I live in Vancouver, B.C and in Colima, Mexico I have one husband, one daughter, three step children, a German Shepherd, tropical fish and many over sexed parakeets When in Mexico, I nurture my husband, and my vanilla vines When in Vancouver I try to keep dry.


    Ok seriously? Great story, but just like the first book the ending is so ridiculous. Oh everything's falling apart! Then in one page, everything works out perfectly. Our heroine is happy ever after. It's as though Roberta got bored or hit the deadline -what? Ok I'll just end it now. Pfft

    SO. MUCH. DRAMA.I put this book on my to read list several years ago before realizing it was a sequel. I wasless than thrilled with the first book, but hoped maybe the second would be better.Nope. Just like the first book, it revels in irrelevant but unpleasant details. Not "let's really show a slice of life" details but "how can we make this as gory and disgusting as possible for no reason" details - the gore version of shoehorning a sex scene in a movie to guarantee an R rating.And just like t [...]

    This interesting read is a sequel to Midwife of Venice, which I read after our trip to Venice. I loved reliving the many places described in the book. The Harem Midwife gives the reader a glimpse into the life of the harem midwife living in Constantinople in the 16th century. Following the same characters from the first book, one learns again of the brutality of the time. It was recommended that I read this book before my visit to Istanbul in a couple of weeks. 3.5 stars

    I absolutely loved the The Midwife of Venice, and so I was eagerly awaiting Roberta Rich's sequel, The Harem Midwife. This novel truly is a sequel. Unlike many current series out there, you cannot read book two without reading book one. The novel continues the story of Hannah Levi, a skilled midwife, and her beloved husband Isaac as they make a life in their adopted city of Constantinople. Hannah, as in The Midwife, is faced with choices she must make to help another or maintain her professional [...]

    Kate Hilton
    Roberta Rich's new novel, The Harem Midwife, is a gift to lovers of historical fiction everywhere. Set in 16th-century Constantinople, the Harem Midwife is a great feast of a book: power, sex, intrigue, betrayal, and a woman's struggle to protect her family, her moral code and her own life. As with The Midwife of Venice (the first novel in this excellent trilogy and also highly recommended) Rich's meticulous research is evident on every page. To read The Harem Midwife is to be immersed in the sc [...]

    Ioanna Bouna
    Ενα βιβλιο ευκολοδιαβαστο και ενδιαφερον (παντα με μαγευαν τα στορυ με σουλτανους χαρεμια και παλατια )Σαν βιβλιο δεν ηταν πολυ δεμενη η ιστορια του και η γραφη συνηθισμενη αλλα σαν γενικη εικονα μου αρεσε .3,5/5

    Angie Lippard
    When I saw "The Harem Midwife" novel up for review in the Edelweiss catalog, it appealed to me because 1) I know nothing about harems 2) how women in harems gave birth 3) that there were harem midwives (but that makes sense thinking about it now) 4) how women in harems lived and got along with each other. After reading it, I now have quite a bit of new information about harems. Hannah Levi is a Jew, exiled from her home in Venice, now living in Constantinople and working for the Sultan Murat III [...]

    Those of you who enjoyed Roberta Rich's dazzling debut novel, The Midwife of Venice, will be thrilled to know there is a sequel. In The Harem Midwife (October 2013), Hannah and Isaac encounter further trials in the intriguing city of Constantinople, and Hannah even ventures deep inside the sultan's harem, now Istanbul's major tourist attraction, the Topkapi palace. Be prepared for fun adventures, new antagonists, and exciting twists of plot!In the U.S The Harem Midwife: A Novel will be published [...]

    I loved The Midwife of Venice, the first book to this sequel, and I loved this one too. Although other reviewers differ, I do not think the first one should necessarily be read before this one. Although it would add to the richness of the story, the Harem Midwife can be read on its own. The setting in the Ottoman Empire in the 1600’s is enchanting. Life is hard for some and totally decadent for others. The examples of extravagances are quite fun, as are the gory descriptions of natural childbi [...]

    מאוד נהניתי לקרוא את עלילותיה של חנה המיילדת בספר הקודם (המיילדת מוונציה). ספר ההמשך, המיילדת מההרמון פחות מוצלח, אבל עדיין מעניין, בעיקר בזכות התקופה והדמויות. את העלילה עצמה, פחות אהבתי.

    οχι ιδιαίτερα απολαυστικό. κατι με χάλασε και στις 2 μαμες στην αφηγητικη ικανότητα της Ρις. ξεκινά να περιγράψει μια διαδρομή και πρέπει να πει απο που πηραν τις πέτρες και ποιος τις λαξευσε. ουφφφφ. έμαθα ομως κι άλλες φρικαλεοτητες των Οθωμανων που προξένησαν ενα σχετικο [...]

    Luanne Ollivier
    Roberta Rich's debut novel, The Midwife of Venice, was 'richly' received by reading audiences everywhere. I really enjoyed it (my review) and remember writing at the end of my review" it ended too soon! But it looks like a sequel is in the works - I'll be picking it up for sure."Well, that sequel - The Harem Midwife - is here. It's just as good as the first book and provided a lovely Sunday afternoon's read for me.1578. Hannah and her husband Isaac have fled Venice and made a life for themselves [...]

    I went into this book not knowing it was the second in a series. However, I did not feel it is necessary to read The Midwife of Venice to be able to follow this novel, as the plot stood alone quite well. I don't know much about the Ottoman Empire during this time, so I enjoyed reading Rich's descriptions of Constantinople. I think Rich did an admirable job of describing some of the trials of a minority group in a powerful empire. While I felt that the overall plot was good--the book did keep my [...]

    This is an advanced read copy. Uncorrected proof as the book will be sold on Sept 29, 2013.This is the 2nd in a series about Hannah, a Jewish midwife and her husband, Isaac, a silk maker/trader. They are in Constantinople where Hannah is the midwife for the Sultan's harem. The Sultan is enamored with his wife and yet there are no more children being born to the empire. The sultan's mother plots to fix this, by buying a Jewish slave girl, Leah, who was stolen from her people and left an orphan wh [...]

    ISBN: 978-0-385-67668-7The Imperial Harem, Constantinople, 1578, Hannah and Isaac Levi, Venetians in exile, begin anew in the Ottoman Empire. Isaac owns a silk workshop, and Hannah, the best midwife in the capital tends to the hundreds of women in Sultan Murat III's lively and infamous haren One night, Hannah is summoned to the palace to ascertain the virginity of Leah, a Jewish peasant girl. The sultan favors Leah as his next conquest and wants her to produe his heir, but if the spirited girl f [...]

    I won this book through the First Reads program. I haven't had the pleasure of reading The Midwife of Venice, the first book in this series, but after reading this story it is definitely on my "To read" shelf. This book can be read as a stand alone, I did not feel hindered by the fact that I had not read the first in the series. The important bits of information you need to know are worked into the story.I was surprised to see the thinness of the novel, but was pleasantly surprised with the sto [...]

    The Harem Midwife is about Hannah a midwife who has traveled from venice to constantinople to build a life for herself and her family. When she is summoned to the palace to provide support to the Valide, it seems as if telling a lie may have awful repercussions. Just when the stress of this lie seems to be at a breaking point, her son goes missing.This book is full of suspense, and adventure. It was a very compelling story. I really enjoyed this read. I have given this story 5 stars.

    This was a beautifully written book with an intriguing premise and complex characters. I absolutely loved it until the last few pages when it all became a bit too unrealistic. Spoilers:The valide was described as cunning, politically savvy and quite cruel throughout the book but really she was so forgiving and generous it didn't seem to fit! And the ending ugh! Deus ex machina. Neat little package. Totally unbelievable.

    Zoals verwacht is deel twee een erg leuk vervolg. Ik vind hem zelfs nog spannender dan de eerste omdat de setting bij de harem van de sultan het een goede omgeving maakt voor de intrige van dit boek. Constantinopel is ook nog een prachtige stad passend bij de sfeer in het verhaal. Er is nog ruimte voor een derde deel in de serie. Als Roberta Rich deze gaat schrijven wil ik hem beslist lezen.

    Nancy Kekst
    The sequel to the Midwife of Venice. The story continues with the same characters, it a quick read and interesting and they all live happily ever after. Not as good as the first but I still read it with gusto in two days as I love historical fiction, especially with Jewish characters.

    A great follow up to the Midwife of Venice. Another exploration of ordinary strong women of history!

    The story kept me wanting to find out what happens next but the ending felt too easily resolved.

    Wow. Woooooww

    Melissa Cox
    Light fluffy chick lit in the guise of historical fiction. I'm okay with that!

    enjoyable read I wanted more from the abrupt ending :)

    3.5 good, however the end wrapped up a little bit too quickly and neatly

    Robin Rivers
    There are few novels that leave me breathless until the very end. The Harem Midwife is one of them. Roberta Rich takes us through a luxurious tapestry of Ottoman Constantinople, into the harem of Sultan Mehmet II through the eyes of Hannah, the Jewish midwife.I love the way the stories of the women were masterfully woven together into a cohesive set of relationships at the intersection of three very different societies. Each woman proved flawed and beautiful, forced to concede pieces of themselv [...]

    This is the second book in the series. Hannah is now working as a midwife, primarily to the sultan’s harem, while her husband, Isaac works to set up his business in fine fabrics. The couple have two forces working against them behind the scenes; one is searching out their adopted son, and the other is a woman seeking fortune, impersonating Isaac’s brother’s wife. They are shocked to find that his brother’s wife has arrived at their home after the death of her husband. Hannah is also faci [...]

    Ann Boytim
    The Imperial Harem in Constantinople in 1578 is the setting for this book. Hannah and Isaac Levi are Ventians in exile. Hannah is called to the Harem often to help deliver babies as her skills are the best around. Hannah is called to the palace to examine a young girl who has been sold into the Harem and realizes this is a young Jewish girl named Leah who was violently abducted from her family. The Sultans mother relies on Hannah to tell her the truth about this girl if she is still a virgin and [...]

    Ray Akerboom
    The second part of the Midwife's adventures is more exciting than the first. Although it is also more unbelievable that the Mother of the Sultan, as a grand Deus ex machina, will intervene regularly in the story. But then again, it's a story as a fairy tale of thousand-and-one-nights. The story gives some interesting facts about Jewish life in the Muslim Empire. It's nice reading and quite entertaining. But not more than just that.

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