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  • Title: Hexes and X's
  • Author: Zoey Kane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Alt cover for ASIN B00CLRRAE4An invitation to a dead pirate s two hundred year old mansion A decrepit finger bone tied to a map of hidden passages, supposedly leading to bloody pearls A legal fight over who owns the estate, and its hidden treasure the tenacious town council, the mischievous Matilda Dread, or the kooky Coven House Witches And booby traps galore.What areAlt cover for ASIN B00CLRRAE4An invitation to a dead pirate s two hundred year old mansion A decrepit finger bone tied to a map of hidden passages, supposedly leading to bloody pearls A legal fight over who owns the estate, and its hidden treasure the tenacious town council, the mischievous Matilda Dread, or the kooky Coven House Witches And booby traps galore.What are Zoey and her daughter Claire getting themselves into now Thank goodness there s a handsome deputy, Riley Jones, and an endearing redneck named Slobber, to help them along the way.
    Zoey Kane
    Zoey Kane Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hexes and X's book, this is one of the most wanted Zoey Kane author readers around the world.


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!It continues to be fun and entertaining!This book has pirates, legends, treasure maps, booby traps (hexes), hidden passages, kooky witches, mystery, murder, and hopefully a treasure chest full of pearls.It also has a mother and daughter team, old friends, new friends, enemies, romance and ex (X)- boyfriends.Fun, fun story line!Zoey's old college friend has invited Zoey and Claire to come solve the mystery of the hidden treasure and to find out if the pirate tales fro [...]

    I like the idea of these Zoey and Claire mysteries, and the plots could be good stories, but the writing just isn't up to speed. The really bad grammar and sometimes hard to follow wording really detracts from the story. I had a really hard time picturing in my head what the puzzle rooms looked like and how they managed to get through them the way they did. I've read two of them (1st and 3rd) because they were free on my Nook, but am not willing to pay the $3.99 to read the second book. Okay to [...]

    Zoey Kane and her daughter Claire have been invited to a mansion by Matilda Dread to help her find a buried treasure in the house. The mansion once belonged to Matilda’s deceased grandfather, a pirate who possessed a large quantity of stolen pearls and jewels. A lot of people want to get their hands on the treasure and will stop at nothing to do so.It’s a fun premise for a cozy mystery, isn’t it? You’ve got a terrific setting with a houseful of people on a stormy night, a coven of witche [...]

    I couldn't read it. Thank goodness I got it for free. The dialogue was so stilted, and the humor was contrived. It was written as though everyone had read the previous book(s) -- or novella, to be exact. I simply couldn't continue the attempt. A waste of my time. I sent it to the trash heap.

    A freebie from BookBub, third in the author’s cozy-mystery series featuring mother-and-daughter sleuths Zoey (Zo) and Claire Kane, from a small town called Riverside. Zoey is a realtor and Claire was once a managing editor for a magazine, now fired, whose husband Jack left her after she got fired, for another, younger woman. (this edition includes the first three chapters of the first book in the series, in which much of this background is delineated). This story has a couple of sort of double [...]

    Karen Wright
    Another adveture for Zoey and ClaireI fell in love with this series after getting a book free from amazon. This book was really a lot of fun. Claire and Zoey are off to solve another mystery, this time for Matilda from the last book. Of course readers have gotten to know the mother and daghter team over the previous books but the new characters are beautifully described and lively. This treasure hunt seemed to be full of humor, not to mention a pace so quick I am afraid to put it down. The story [...]

    Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    This was a very fast paced mystery with lots of action. The murderer was quite a surprise and I enjoyed the treasure hunt that Zoey and Claire embarked upon on behalf of their friend Matilda (who was not all she appeared to be either). some of the characters were quirky and I chuckled at the mannequin that they named Millicent and the situations where Zoey & Claire would find the mannequin.I haven't read the first two books but think that it is ok to read this book on its own.

    Hexes and X’s is kooky, funny, and entertaining. A light quick read, great for the beach or poolside reading.The detectives are a mother and daughter pair, Zo and Claire respectively. The one who requested their assistance is a self proclaimed witch named Matilda, with whom Zo attended college. The reason for the required assistance is Grandpa was an eccentric who filled a house with booby traps so no one would find his treasure.The hunt begins with a ‘sketch,’ includes rumors of pirates a [...]

    I did not end up finishing this book. Hexes and X's was a free ebook on one day ( I think it's still free if you're interested in giving it a try). It was very campy; if you want a humorous book that doesn't make much sense and has a sort of amateur detective aspect, this is the book for you. People go missing, get sick, are murdered, etc. and everyone else seems to shrug it off and go looking for treasure. It's meant to be silly, I get that, but I was hoping for more of a typical mystery with [...]

    Dharia Scarab
    Wierd. Just couldn't get into the story.Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a [...]

    Donna Foston
    This book is problematic. Due to a lack of contractions, the dialogue is very stilted. People don't say "I am here" or "you are going" in casual conversation. They just don't. Then there is the setting. Every small-town cliche is pulled out in this book, including the toothless guy with the colorful name. The story itself reads like a little kid relating an incident at school. This happened, then this happened, then this happened. You can't visualize the settings at all. The puzzle rooms could h [...]

    Jill Martin
    Stupidest book I ever read! Reads like a young person wrote it with an immature style of writing. Author’s way of describing settings and situations in her murder mystery were so lacking that it was hard to even visualize the scene. Her details were inconsistent and I found several places in the book where she contradicts herself. The whole thing was unbelievable. Thank goodness it was a short book and I could get through it just to say “I’m not a quitter!” I will not bother with the res [...]

    Ruth Mccurry
    This is the first of the Zoey and Claire Mysteries I've read,(It's book #3) but I enjoyed it very much. Light reading, fun and enjoyable.Zoey and her daughter Claire unravel the mystery of the Coven House, for the Coven House Witches and the City Council.Bodies pile up, some old and some new. Claire and her mother find old friends and new ones and they find lots of treasure, even though they have to go thru lots of booby-traps to get to it.They even find a long dead pirate, lots of spiders and l [...]

    Victoria Case
    The book was pretty much horrible. I certainly wasn't expecting high literature but i though this might be a fun whodunit and it was poorly written, poorly paced, and downright stupid in places (ouch - sorry but really a guy drops dead in the kitchen and they just move him???? smh). While they was some witty repartee between the mother and daughter, it seemed like the whole book was just geared to riffing one liners. Sorry, won't read another one.

    This was my first Z&C Mysteries book. It's a very light and quick read. I have to admit that this will also be my last Z&C Mysteries book as it felt like I was reading the storyline for a Scooby Doo cartoon. Really. I was expecting to read the words "These meddling kids and their dog" or "Zoinks! Zaney!" and rather surprised that I didn't. The book is that campy. But hey gang, the mystery is solved and I'm about to go fix myself a snack!

    Marilyn Groves
    Silly read. This is the first I've read in this series (it's #3) about Zoey and her daughter Claire, owners of a hotel and apparently amateur sleuths.They're invited to Coven House to solve the mystery of where an ancestor hid a treasure. The story was pretty ridiculous in many ways.Three stars because the author got two grins out of me in the first chapter, but that reaction was short-lived.*Very* light read; not sure if i'll buy any more in the series.

    Diane Wachter
    Zoey & Claire Kane Mysteries, Book 3, NB-M @ 2013, 7/20/14. A silly mystery, not very well written, of a mother/daughter team of amateur detectives fumbling their way around mysteries, in this case an old masion previously owned by a pirate who left a large treasure chest hidden behind booby trapped rooms and a cast of greedy characters. Did not like, although the sheriff's name was Too-Tall "Riley Jones" grand-dog's name!

    This had an interesting enough, and kind of fun, setup and then the whole thing just went nuts. There's probably a mystery buried somewhere in the endless cast of characters, weird dialogue, small town hijinks, and bodies piling up, but it felt like a really draggy special episode of Ducktales. Not a series I'll be reading any more of.

    This lighthearted mystery features a mother and daughter team of sleuths, as well as a bevy of colorful supporting characters and a locale redolent with atmosphere. I enjoyed the witty dialogue and a plot that involved witchcraft and lost treasure. It's the third story in the series, but the first one I've read; I think I will enjoy reading further installments in the future.

    Sharon Kennedy
    I felt this was very weak, and got annoyed by the way the author kept switching between contractions and 'proper' English, and then had the characters using slang, often just a couple of lines later. Either keep the full words - did not, rather than didn't, will not rather than won't - or use contractions. Anything else smacks of bad proof-reading and editing.

    Julie Wittekind
    Mom and Daughter Investigation TeamZoey and Clare are invited to the Coven House to find a hidden treasure of the pirate that owned the house in the 1700's! Such an adventure with many villains and possible true love! This was definitely a thrilling mystery tale to read I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    This book was ok. I feel sometimes that the story is good but you hit someone's name and it slows down the reading. People's names in this book is about the only thing I didn't like. The story flowed well and they characters are taken on a journey to find a treasure that has caused a murder. However when one of the main characters contemplates marrying a man named SLOBBER it was a little rough.

    A simplistic feel-good mystery about some hidden treasure in a house. The amount of space required for all the booby traps and treasure hiding is kind of ridiculous - you'd think someone would have notice the house is tinier on the inside than it appears for the decades the treasure was hidden. No depth to any characters, however it was a quick light read.

    Neena Christianson Martin
    Mom and daughter are up to their necks in murder, mystery, and mayhem. This is a very cute story, with lots of twists and turns. It can be read as a standalone, but they do make mention of escapades from earlier books. I think anyone who wants a little light mystery with no sex, will enjoy this book.

    This is a very funny and cute mystery series . Claire and zoe are getting into one mess after another. This was a great mystery with a lot of twists and turns. When you think you know who the bad guy is something happens to Change your mind. If your looking for a fun mystery this is a good book for you yo read .

    Love this series!!!Zoey & Claire are out to solve another mystery! I can't seem to put these books down they are a fun, exciting read and there is always something crazy going on! Excited to start the next book!!!

    This is the 3rd book of a series. While it works as a stand alone book, there are references to other people and cases. There were a lot of editing errors, and the plot was frankly stupid. I don't think I am interested in this series.

    Wish I could give a half starthis is one of the WORST books I can remember reading in a long time. The dialogue was stilted, the characters undeveloped, and the author seems very uninformed about witches and covens in general

    Nancy Brady
    X marks the spot in this mystery that features a mother-daughter team looking for treasure in a creaky, booby-trapped house. Can the treasure be found before too many bodies end up dead?Cute mystery, but way too many typos and wrong words used. On the other hand, the price was right.

    Kristi | Hidden Staircase |
    Three stars is generous. If I could do half stars, I'd give it 2.5. The book started off well with lots of promise. I felt like it lost steam towards the end.

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