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  • Title: The Bank Manager and the Bum
  • Author: Darren Sant
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  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • When branch manager Giles Macintosh arrives to open up one morning and finds an injured bum and his battered dog lying in the doorway of the bank, he little suspects what lies in store for them all.Giles does the decent thing and calls for help, then puts the incident out of his mind However, having been witness to things he cannot explain, he feels drawn to the man and tWhen branch manager Giles Macintosh arrives to open up one morning and finds an injured bum and his battered dog lying in the doorway of the bank, he little suspects what lies in store for them all.Giles does the decent thing and calls for help, then puts the incident out of his mind However, having been witness to things he cannot explain, he feels drawn to the man and tries to track him down only to find he has vanished.But who is the enigmatic, homeless Frank Why are two very nasty men trying to find him Why has a prostitute been abducted And what does the future hold for Giles s seriously ill son, Jake Darren Sant skilfully weaves the various strands to create a compelling story that is as unflinching as it is heart warming.As the story unfolds, the tension increases and the true nature of Frank s amazing secret begins to be revealed The stakes are high as the criminal and the supernatural come together for a final, inevitable showdown.
    Darren Sant
    Darren Sant was born in 1970 and raised in Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire which is in the United Kingdom He moved to Hull in East Yorkshire in 2001.A life long avid reader he always wanted to be a writer However, teenage years, girls, work, pubs and football provided adequate distraction until his late twenties After attending a few creative writing classes he started writing poetry After moving to Hull he joined a writing group called the Renegade Writers who gained infamy by doing performance poetry with a Rock N Roll ethos Following the split of the Renegade Writers he settled down a little and didn t write for a while.He became interested in writing again when his friend, Nick Boldock, introduced him to the Radgepacket series by Byker Books These anthologies had a gritty urban feel to them and prided themselves on being Industrial Strength fiction He has now contributed to three of the Radgepacket anthologies Radgepacket 4 The Ungrateful Dead.Radgepacket 5 Back Street Redemption.Radgepacket 6 A Good DayDarren was next published by Pill Hill Press in an anthology with a story called Firestorm The anthology was called ePocalypse Emails at the end A story co written with Nick Boldock.Darren s stories have appeared in various online publications such as The Flash Fiction Offensive, Pulp Metal, Thrillers Killers N Chillers and Shotgun Honey He continues to write stories but also writes for a blog called Close To The Bone He reviews everything he reads on his own book blog Daz s Short Book Reviews.Darren also has a story in Off The Record Charity Anthology by Guility Conscience Publishing A story called Karma Police November 2011 On the 9th February 2012 Darren signed for Byker Books to publish his Tales From The Longcroft Estate The first release 18 02 12 features his stories A Good Day, Community Spirit and Rowan s Folly Link to it below Tales LongcroGet updates on my Longcroft series by liking the Facebook page facebook LongcroftTalesFollow me on Twitter Longcroft_Tales


    Stuart Ayris
    This is a novella that defies categorisation, It starts off with a tramp being beaten up outside a bank and then we meet the bank manager – a man who seemingly has it all.The author writes in such a way as to convey so much in so little time. The short chapters, the spareness of the writing and the tight narrative propel the reader on. I couldn’t help but read this book in one sitting. Some of the writing is beautiful. I had a feel for the setting almost immediately. The nuances in the chara [...]

    Ian Ayris
    I first came across the writing of Darren Sant in the fabulous Radgepacket series of books from Byker Books - short and sharp slices of Brit Grit that left little to the imagination. I followed Mr Sant as his own collection of stories were published in two editions of Tales from the Longcroft - Brit Grit stories set on the brilliantly drawn Longcroft Estate. The literary concept of 'world-building' is normally applied to the fantasy genre, but in creating a run-down council estate in which all t [...]

    Kath Middleton
    This is a wonderful novella length story about Giles, the bank manager, his family and the homeless man found by Giles one morning as he unlocks the bank. The family are coming to terms with some dreadful news and Frank, the bum of the title, together with his dog Rex, are pivotal in the family’s survival. It’s almost a modern legend and definitely has a mythic quality about it. I found it beautifully written and a real ‘feel-good’ story. It’s the first work that I’ve read by Darren [...]

    Rory Costello
    Whoever would have thought Brit Grit would meet magic realism? Well, it has, and Darren Sant has done it -- quite handily too. I enjoyed this warmhearted tale, which takes about as much time to read as an ice-cream sundae does to eat, and feels as good going down.

    Nigel Bird
    I’ve really enjoyed Darren Sant’s short fiction as it has a heart in the middle of all its sharp edges. I’d heard that The Bank Manager And The Bum was magical realism and that meant I didn’t really know what to expect from this one, even though I was looking forward to it. I think Bicycle Thieves was all I could picture in the genre.What I found was that it is magic and it is realistic, so I guess that the tag was right.A homeless man and his dog spend the night by a bank and take a kic [...]

    Keith Nixon
    Giles Macintosh is having anything but an ordinary day. First when he opens up he finds a bum (tramp) in the entrance to his building. He’s clearly unwell and Giles calls an ambulance. Second, he witnesses a very strange event. However, before Giles can properly make sense of it he learns his young son has terminal cancer.Then Giles realizes the bum has skills that can help his family. But who are the mystery men also trying to find the bum? Frank wades in to help, for the sake of his son.This [...]

    Gareth Spark
    With "The Bank manager and the Bum", the Godfather of the Longcroft has joined ranks with the Quicksilver writers and broken out of the genre straitjacket with a captivating and magical book, a book that sings with hope and terror and awe. It is also a book shot through by the uncanny, that unsettling realisation we get when we realise (to contradict Wittgenstein) THIS world is not "all that is the case". Mr Sant has always been the Brit Grit naturalist par excellence; his Longcroft tales fizz w [...]

    Liz Barnsley
    Thank you kindly to the author for giving me a copy of this novella for review.When branch manager Giles Macintosh arrives to open up one morning and finds an injured bum and his battered dog lying in the doorway of the bank, he little suspects what lies in store for them all.This was a quirky and intriguing little story – my one complaint is that I would have liked it to be longer. felt like a novel in the making. Thats not a bad thing incidentally, it meant that I would happily have read on [...]

    Ryan Bracha
    I enjoyed this. A light and easy read compared to what I'd usually go for, but by no means fluffy as mashed potato.It's the tale of Giles, a bank manager with a terminally ill son, and a fractured marriage. He's headed to work to open the bank one morning, and stumbles across the battered figure of Frank. Frank's a tramp with a particular 'power' and a pair of inept henchman on his trail who are determined to take advantage of said power.So yeah, I enjoyed it. Darren Sant is clearly a man who kn [...]

    B.A. Morton
    A story which starts by slapping you in the face with the gritty, violent underbelly of a rundown Northern town, and then just as you're getting over the sting, it teases you with a glimpse of something quite unexpected and almost whimsical in the meeting of a battered tramp and his unlikely saviour. Both parties are carrying a secret burden and both are in the unique position of being able to make a difference in each other's lives. And so begins a tale with a supernatural edge in which gangste [...]

    Warren Stalley
    I first came across the author Darren Sant in the classic collection True Brit Grit with his short story Dope on a Rope which definitely wasn’t a tourist advert for the Humber Bridge! Being curious I decided to investigate more of his work. The Bank Manager and The Bum is a gritty, magical and mystical story about a wealthy bank manager, his terminally ill son and a strange tramp who brings relief and trouble into their lives. The novella is very easy to read and engages the reader’s emotion [...]

    Robert Cowan
    Tells the story of a bank manager who stumbles across a homeless man and his dog outside his branch and witnesses a seemingly miraculous event. I’ll say no more to avoid spoiling. A good balance between the grittily authentic and the supernatural, the books is fast paced and entertaining. The characters are well developed, the writing good, crossing from genre to genre, which adds to the interest. The chapters are short, which I personally like, allowing for “one more chapter”, which here [...]

    I found this very readable (read it in a day happily) and I enjoyed the basic idea of the book. The writing was fine and it made me smile and wince from time to time. I guess it didn't quite live up to its billing/reviews for me and I found it somewhat simplistic at times. It certainly is not bad and I'd read more of Darren Sant's work (I have some Radgepacket on my Kindle) and others will enjoy it mare than me maybe.

    Son Poyer
    I loved this book from the opening page. It is dark and mysterious, supernatural but not heavy handed. It kicks off fast and runs straight into unknown territory. The bank manager, a bum, some prostitutes, the mob, and so much more all come along for a high speed ride into fantastic. The writing style and dialogue is fast, real, and genuine. This is an excellent book that deserves all the attention it gets and more.

    I enjoyed the story, but thought the writing could have been improved upon. I read an electronic copy, so perhaps the transfer was not done well, but there were missing/misspelled words At times I felt a disconnect, like something wasn't explained or thought through. For example, the couple were at odds, then without any mention of making up, they were a team again, smiling. Better editing of the logic flow and spelling, etc would have made this a solid 4-star.

    David Barber
    A great debut novella from a very good writer. The characters were strong, the writing was good and the story flowed well and kept me guessing all the way to the end. I just wanted the last third of the story to take me on a longer journey. Really enjoyed it, though, and would recommend it. Well done.

    Kay Robinson
    A tale of a gifted man hunted for his gift and befriended by a man that needs his gift. It reminded me of 'The Man With X-Ray Eyes', Ray Milland was if I remember, the star. An enjoyable yarn of the triumph of good over evil, one where two worlds collide with near disastrous results. You'll enjoy it.

    A slight change from his normal crime stories, Darren Sant has written a novella where fantasy clashes with reality. His crime roots are clear in the bumbling duo of hoodlums that appear throughout the story.A fantastic, fast paced story emerges where a gift isn't always a gift and a reminder that money can't actually buy everything.

    Patricia Hogan
    One of the more satisfying books I have in a long while. The supernatural element to it was perfect. The story had different rhythms depending on who the focus was on and that kept the story fresh and lively for me. It was beautifully crafted. This is going to be an author I look for again. And I love that title. That title is inspired.

    Good story but characters a little bit hammy and was rushed at the end

    another top readThank you Mr S @GroovyDaz39

    Loved it, very different an interesting. Recommend to anyone.

    I really enjoyed this story. I read this without putting it down!

    Paul Trembling
    The scenario is good - what would it really be like for someone to have a gift for miraculous healing? As this story demonstrates, it could be a very mixed blessing. The plot is well constructed, but let down by what I felt to be rather shallow characters. Word flow was also spoiled by too much description in places, and the fight scenes were unconvincing. But for all of that, it was still quite a readable story.

    Abso-effing-lutely wonderful! The Bank Manager and the Bum by Darre Sant is exquisite. Be warned, the f-bombs go a-flyin' everywhere, but as an old theatrical director once told me, if the cursing serves a purpose, or is true to the character or the action, leave 'em in. This short story packs quite a punch. I've read books 10 times this long that didn't develop characters as this one did. Brilliant, Mr. Sant. Exceptionally well done.

    Enganging pace.latable characters.perb writingoverall a very worthwhile read!

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