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  • Title: Our America: A Hispanic History of the United States
  • Author: Felipe Fernández-Armesto
  • ISBN: 9780393239539
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The United States is still typically conceived of as an offshoot of England, with our history unfolding east to west beginning with the first English settlers in Jamestown This view overlooks the significance of America s Hispanic past With the profile of the United States increasingly Hispanic, the importance of recovering the Hispanic dimension to our national story haThe United States is still typically conceived of as an offshoot of England, with our history unfolding east to west beginning with the first English settlers in Jamestown This view overlooks the significance of America s Hispanic past With the profile of the United States increasingly Hispanic, the importance of recovering the Hispanic dimension to our national story has never been greater.This absorbing narrative begins with the explorers and conquistadores who planted Spain s first colonies in Puerto Rico, Florida, and the Southwest Missionaries and rancheros carry Spain s expansive impulse into the late eighteenth century, settling California, mapping the American interior to the Rockies, and charting the Pacific coast During the nineteenth century Anglo America expands west under the banner of Manifest Destiny and consolidates control through war with Mexico In the Hispanic resurgence that follows, it is the peoples of Latin America who overspread the continent, from the Hispanic heartland in the West to major cities such as Chicago, Miami, New York, and Boston The United States clearly has a Hispanic present and future.And here is its Hispanic past, presented with characteristic insight and wit by one of our greatest historians.
    Felipe Fernández-Armesto
    Born in 1950, Felipe Fern ndez Armesto was raised in London by his Spanish born father and British born mother both active journalists As a historian, he has written numerous books on a variety of subject from American History to the Spanish Armada He currently serves as the Principe de Asturias Chair in Spanish Culture and Civilization at Tufts University and Professor of Global Environmental History at Queen Mary, University of London.


    I actually only listened to about two-thirds of this book. Got tired of being bludgeoned with six repetitions per page of 'the Hispanic tradition is older than the English tradition in America' and the assumption that I didn't know anything about the tragic history of how badly Native Americans and Mexican residents of southern and western lands have been treated. There are three potential audiences for this book. Unfortunately it will insult the intelligence of those who start with some sympath [...]

    James (JD) Dittes
    In Our America, Fernandez-Armesto unveils a side of American history that deserves to come into the light: the role of Latinos throughout every state of U.S. history and many of the developments before. In this book he provides an historical re-focus in the very way that Howard Zinn was able to develop the identity of natives, workers, and women in his class, People's History.Armesto organizes the book in a unique way--focusing on diverse Latin civilizations to tell the story, more than a more c [...]

    Jared Neal
    I really liked this book. Growing up in California, I feel like I got more Hispanic history than what some others get. After reading just this one book I realized that my education was lacking. This book encourages us to look at US history not from an east to west perspective, but a joint east to west, south to north perspective. The author described it more as a plaid perspective, rather than striped. Analyzing US history this way helps later events, like the Mexican-American war, Spanish-Ameri [...]

    Gave up. This was interesting, but just didn't call to me to return when I set it down.

    Spain disappears from American history books following the Spanish-American war, in which the tired old empire was given a sound thrashing and retreated from the hemisphere, but Spanish America isn't a thing of the past. Its heritage is older than English America, not only because the Spanish arrived first but because Spanish colonialism fused itself with the peoples and culture which it found. Our America is a history of Spanish America, principally Mexico, delivered from the rare perspective o [...]

    Peter Mcloughlin
    This book is about the Hispanic (the author prefers this term to current term of Latino among academics) strands of U.S, culture past and present. To some the Spanish speaking and people who identify as Hispanic on the U.S. census may seem alien to some they are not to me. I am not religious anymore but I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school for almost all of my education. Hispanics were always a large presence among the student body and were no more alien to me than the Irish, Polish [...]

    Carolyn Fitzpatrick
    The author seems to have been writing this book without any particular kind of plan in place. The tone goes back and forth between academic and chatty. There are footnotes, so that is encouraging. But sections of useful information were broken up by pages of vague philosophizing. The first third of the book covers the exploration of America by Spanish conquistadores, the establishment of colonies, and the gradual loss of these colonies to the United States. A lot of this section is also found in [...]

    Roberto Macias
    The United States, as pretty much every other country, has a history built upon myths. Fernandez-Armesto has done a magnificent job of dispelling some of those myths some of which are of international relevance. The best example is dispelling Weber's idea of the "protestant work ethic" and American exceptionalism, but it doesn't stop there, the book goes deeply into the abuses of the United States after the war with Mexico in driving previous land owners away to give the land to American owners. [...]

    While this book will evoke much resonance for its contemporaneity, its good sense, it is an historical provocationof the first order; it is the wealth of historical detail which appeals to this reader. For instance, when the Jesuits were expelled from Spanish lands in 1767, "The Baja was virtually a Jesuit republic. The expulsion.ived the monarchy of its most determined frontiersmen"(112). The ways in which accommodation were reached between brothers and indios are multiple; for instance, while [...]

    Todd Thompson
    A history of the United States that tilts the story from South to North, instead of East to West, this book is a reminder that history is most often written to benefit the victors, while ignoring the vast cultural contributions of the indigenous peoples in the world. Owing much to Spanish and native American influence, Americans (South, Central, and North) are bound together in a common history that lapses that of the British, German, and French influences. Failing to reach deeply into our past, [...]

    More high quality books like this on the Hispanic history of the United States need to be written. Very little is known by the general public (and even by Hispanics) about the vast and important Hispanic history in this country. One warning though is that if you are Hispanic, you will need many breaks from the book. The book is great. It's interesting and well written and it is one of the few books about the history of the US that does not follow the myths created by Anglos about this country st [...]

    This is a good-but-not-great look at the idea of taking a look at the history and development of the United States through Hispanic lenses. The author, a native of Spain with a British mother who did graduate educational study in the US and now teaches here, has a good personal perspective to bring to this.Especially in the US Southwest, he notes how the Hispanic side never totally disappeared, even though Anglos, through legal wrangling over Spanish and Mexican land grants and other things, tri [...]

    Monica Bond-Lamberty
    This book was very informative about things I had never heard about in US history class.The firs part was fascinating and definitely changed my perspective on US history.The last two chapters become more political and less about history than suggestions for the course of the US.Some parts become a bit repetitive which I know is to make a point but you only need so many examples of abuse to get the example. Some times the author adopts a typical Spanish (as in someone from Spain) habit of using b [...]

    This is a should-read for most Americans. Looking at our history through the lens of Spanish-speakers (primarily Mexican but also elsewhere) is a very useful corrective to some of what we've been taught in school.It is of course ultimately somewhat frustrating, both because so much of the history is grim (I did not know about the history of racist terrorism (aka lynching) against Spanish-speakers in early Texas) and because such a broad, deep topic can ultimately only be given shallow treatment [...]

    Excellent alternative thought as to the South to North settling of the United States, rather than the East to West only. The author, a Spanish born, British educated scholar and university professor has an agenda towards the final chapters on the social issues created by backlash to original immigrants and immigrants both legal and undocumented. The history in the former chapters is most interesting and gives pause to the limited version our public schools typically expose students to.

    Borrowed from the library, and am interested in the topic, as a fan of histories written from the perspective of the losers in conflicts with the United States. The writing seemed designed to impress readers with the author's knowledge of uncommon vocabulary, and didn't flow well enough for me to desire to continue. The taste I had convinced me I wouldn't enjoy the meal.

    Felipe Fernández-Armesto is one of the finest historians of our time. Our America is a riveting account of US history from an immensely important perspective. As usual he writes with compassion, humor, insight, rationalism and wisdom. This is a "must-read"!

    Ann Jones
    A real eye opener, even if you know all of most of the history individually. The author tells the story of the United States from south to north instead of east to west and calls into question a lot of concepts, like manifest destiny and the Protestant work ethic.

    victor harris
    The Hispanic influence on American history is an area that needs more narrative coverage unfortunately this does not meet the goal. It is essentially unreadable because it lacks coherence, is intolerably verbose, and becomes mired in trivial details.

    Annie Shaw
    so much I am now learning about this part of our history. Glad I'm at least now having the opportunity to learn and maybe one day, school-aged individuals will have their minds expanded too with a broader focus on our multi-influenced history.


    Dioses de España

    I especially liked the first and last sections. The middle was kind of a slog. I love a historian's perspective on history! But also, on the real challenges that latinos face today.

    • ✓ Our America: A Hispanic History of the United States || ↠ PDF Download by è Felipe Fernández-Armesto
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