[PDF] Download ↠ No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!, Vol. 1 | by ½ Nico Tanigawa Krista Shipley Karie Shipley

  • Title: No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!, Vol. 1
  • Author: Nico Tanigawa Krista Shipley Karie Shipley
  • ISBN: 9780316243162
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback

  • Tomoko Juroki naturally assumed she d be popular when she got to high schoolbut then cold, hard reality swooped in for the attack Turns out all the popularity points she d racked up in her video game dating sims are worth squat in real life, and Tomoko s far from prepared to navigate high school How can she possibly hope to impress her classmates when she can t even tTomoko Juroki naturally assumed she d be popular when she got to high schoolbut then cold, hard reality swooped in for the attack Turns out all the popularity points she d racked up in her video game dating sims are worth squat in real life, and Tomoko s far from prepared to navigate high school How can she possibly hope to impress her classmates when she can t even talk to them A new high school heroine is born maybe
    Nico Tanigawa Krista Shipley Karie Shipley
    Tanigawa Nico is a pen name of two manga artists

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    Osvaldo Bautista
    Kuroki Tomoko is super popular high school girl who has had 50 years of dating experience and 100 boys the Otome game world. In the real world she is a 15 year old shut in who has the qualities of a "mojo" (喪女, a gloomy or unpopular girl). When her school life isn't going like she expected and she isn't as popular as she expected, she takes a look good at herself and she realizes she isn't popular at all. I really recommend reading this story because it is funny and I mean really funny. Just [...]

    Anusha Narasimhan
    Imagine a Shoujo with a female lead who is painfully shy and awkward. You would naturally expect that she would have a tragic (or utter nonsensical) back story that made her that way. There would be the hottest guy in school who is most likely also an arrogant jerk. If he is a brat, there would be a backstory that tries to convince us that he may look cold, but he is actually a nice guy. He would be Mr.Popular and all the girls would have a crush on him, but he would obviously falls head over he [...]

    Dragomir Mirela
    Not really my cup of tea, really struggled to finish it.

    This is my life how i felt as a teen

    Sean O'Hara
    I've been a fan of Niko Tanigawa since reading Choku, her manga about a hapless high school student and the sociopathic stalker who believes herself to be his girlfriend. Tanigawa's new series, "It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular," isn't quite as good -- but then, it's hard to top something like this:-- but for whatever reason it's become extremely popular on 4chan, where users have been translating each chapter as it appears in Japan. The popularity on 4chan is so great, in fact, that the publis [...]

    FREAKING LOVE THIS SERIES. This book is basically a biography of my high school lifed colleged beyond. I think the anime packs a better punch, and is easily the best thing I have watched/read in years. 10/10 would recommend if you ever grew up awkward and a social outcast.

    Sarah ~Sehrenity~
    Totally don't understand why this is popular. The story is a one-trick plot: Awkwardly pervy otaku girl misunderstands the world around her. Painfully awkward situation ensues. Rinse. Repeat. No thanks.

    I like how Tomoko is way more of a loser than I could ever hope to be.

    Lottie Eve
    4.5 Stars!How can a manga be so hilarious and depressing at the same time?

    Alexis U
    This was okay, but occasionally hits a little too close to home to be a truly enjoyable read. Tomoko's high school experience feels so similar to my own-- I was a closeted queer teen with very few friends, was extremely self-conscious, had bad social anxiety, and had no level of self-awareness. I didn't discover otoge until college, but I did read a library's worth of smutty fanfic. So many of the more cringeworthy scenes in this manga seemed to be ripped straight from my high school life and it [...]

    Joseph Young
    Manga about a female otaku(?) who struggles with being an absolute loner in high school. By absolute, I mean absolute: no one talks to her save occasionally her home room teacher, and she is unable to break through her barrier to attempt to form relationships with people. As an occasionally sex-obsessed pubescent teenager, she obsesses about her looks, and her popularity, while mentally lashing out at the 'others' for her inadequacies. It was very reminiscent of trains of thought I've had at poi [...]

    even though this seems like night to lucky star's chibi-styled day I'd imagine this would be the little sister version of welcome to the nhk, where in that focuses on a borderline psychotic college drop out, this follows a girl in highschool, with no friends, social anxiety and abit out of touch with where shes going. Slice of life anime is nothing new, and granted there are good titles. But since there is an entire site dedicated to these types of people (tumblr) to read this, is the manga equi [...]

    Excellent drawing, nice gags, and good pacing. I especially like Tomoko, a female gamer, loner, anime/manga lover, and pervert. It's refreshing to see a girl loser for a change in these high school dramas. Although I won't be reading anymore of this sereis (the plot doesn't speak to me at the moment), I can think of a dozen people at my library who would LOVE this book. This series is good to know about.

    Maybe it is just because I am not a teenager any more, or maybe I just don't have the right sense of humor. I couldn't get into this manga because I couldn't relate to the main character or the situations at all.

    David Schaafsma
    Manga with a pretty funny title about a girl who is obviously not popular, and who comically (and a little sadly, relatably?) tries everything she can imagine to right the situation, each chapter depicting a failed attempt. I think a lot of teens would like this. Light, pretty funny, I thought.

    Not a super-strong first book, but interesting enough. I'm curious to see what comes next, so I'll probably check out book 2. A lack of strong supporting characters made it hard to be super-invested in the story, since there was no one to connect with except for Tomoko. Yes, there was her best friend from middle school, Yuu, but I was disappointed to see her fall into the trap of being a ditsy "sexy" character, who is too concerned about how her knee-high socks look to realize that her skirt bar [...]

    Saidah Gilbert
    I am a mojyo according to this book. Definition of MOJYOThe term mojyo can refer to a girl who:1. Has no experience with dating men2. Has never been asked out by another3. Remains chasteThat's on the first page of this manga which quite obviously piqued my interest. As the story progressed though, the differences between Tomoko Kuroki were clear. I am not painfully shy and socially awkward. I'm just introverted. However, that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the story and I did! I also watched th [...]

    Dylan Castle
    This is a fun and quick read. I laughed out loud so many times when I read this book. It is a very interesting manga about an unpopular girl who tries to fit in and learn to talk to people. I am excited for the next manga. Although this manga is not for everyone I think you should at least read the first manga.

    Larissa Disney
    This was so much fun, and a ton of times so relatable. This is perfect for all those out there, that are socially awkward, have a ton of things to say but never seem to say them out loud, feels misunderstood and beholds a sense of humor, they think only they themselves are capable of understanding. A fun read, and looking forward to picking up other volumes in the future.

    Hilarious, sad and somewhat relatable all at the same time.I can see how this wouldn't be for everyone but I might want to read some more.

    This is not at all what I expected for this manga. I expected this to be cute and funny but it wasn't. It was weird and perverted and just not good.

    The Reading Puppet
    It wasn't as cute as I thought it would be. I didn't like the main character. ☹️

    Marte (TravelThroughBooks)
    ACTUAL RATING: 2.5 ⭐️ Not my cup of tea

    Main character is cringy, but reminds me of middle school me. I can sympathize though because social anxiety is horrible, and I've never been good with socializing.

    Kathleen Townsend
    Review originally found on Looking Glass Reads.You know how sometimes you stumble on something that hits so close to home it makes you a little uneasy? This manga does that. Over and over again. No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular, Vol 1 by Nico Tanigawa is a story about an awkward teenage girl who loves video games and manga, has trouble making new friends and talking to boys, and isn’t as close to her brother as she used to be.No Matter How I Look at It, It [...]

    The Brain in the Jar
    Whenever you hear someone saying the manga is the better the anime, the actual reason doesn't have anything to do with the format. It's not that something was lost in transition to a medium that has actual movement and sounds. They fail because they try to cram a long story in 12 episodes. TV schedules are probably the more to blame for it.If you want to truly see the differences between these mediums, read this and then watch the anime series (or the opposite). There is no major change in conte [...]

    Daken Howlett
    a primo impatto Watamote può sembrare il tipico manga "slice of life" con ambientazione liceale,uno dei generi più abusati e prevedibili mai comparso sul mercato,ma in realtà la serie riesce a sovvertire dal primo capitolo tutti i tipici stilemi del genere risultando subito originale e unico.Il punto focale della serie è l'idea di concentrarsi su un personaggio più realistico possibile in un mondo con dinamiche realistiche è,sebbene nel giro di pochi capitoli le situazioni in cui la nostra [...]

    When looking this manga over originally I thought this would be something I really liked. However, I'm two volumes in and I just don't think it's for me. Realistically it's probably around a 2.5 instead of a straight 3 stars.This manga is a comedic story about a shut-in lonely type of girl who has big aspirations of making friends, but things never really work out for her. The humor seems to balance a bit between dirty or perverted humor and dark humor, wherein we laugh at her misfortune for scr [...]

    This book is one of those works that targets a really specific demographic, but boy oh boy does it hit them hard. It's become popular in a lot of communities online mainly due to the main character's personality: she's antisocial, has (basically) no friends, stays in her room all day, has no job, isn't very close to her family, and relies heavily on video games, comics, and the internet to get her through the day. To put it bluntly, she's kind of a loser, and almost everyone who's a fan of this [...]

    Alison (AlisonCanRead)
    I'm always game for a new manga series. Especially one with such a weirdly funny title. Unfortunately this one is not for me.I really disliked Tomoko, the main character of this manga. She's unpopular in middle school, but is convinced that she'll instantly be super popular in high school, because she's popular in her sim games. Not surprisingly, sim game popularity does not equal real world popularity. Tomoko quickly discovers she is just as much of a loser in high school as in middle school.I [...]

    • [PDF] Download ↠ No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!, Vol. 1 | by ½ Nico Tanigawa Krista Shipley Karie Shipley
      288 Nico Tanigawa Krista Shipley Karie Shipley
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