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  • Title: Mañana Means Heaven
  • Author: Tim Z. Hernandez
  • ISBN: 9780816530359
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover

  • In this love story of impossible odds, award winning writer Tim Z Hernandez weaves a rich and visionary portrait of Bea Franco, the real woman behind famed American author Jack Kerouac s The Mexican Girl Set against an ominous backdrop of California in the 1940s, deep in the agricultural heartland of the Great Central Valley, Ma ana Means Heaven reveals the desperate cIn this love story of impossible odds, award winning writer Tim Z Hernandez weaves a rich and visionary portrait of Bea Franco, the real woman behind famed American author Jack Kerouac s The Mexican Girl Set against an ominous backdrop of California in the 1940s, deep in the agricultural heartland of the Great Central Valley, Ma ana Means Heaven reveals the desperate circumstances that lead a married woman to an illicit affair with an aspiring young writer traveling across the United States When they meet, Franco is a migrant farmworker with two children and a failing marriage, living with poverty, violence, and the looming threat of deportation, while the college boy yearns to one day make a name for himself in the writing world The significance of their romance poses vastly different possibilities and consequences Ma ana Means Heaven deftly combines fact and fiction to pull back the veil on one of literature s most mysterious and evocative characters Inspired by Franco s love letters to Kerouac and Hernandez s interviews with Franco, now in her nineties and living in relative obscurity, the novel brings this lost gem of a story out of the shadows and into the spotlight.
    Tim Z. Hernandez
    Tim Z. Hernandez Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mañana Means Heaven book, this is one of the most wanted Tim Z. Hernandez author readers around the world.


    Jane Mettee
    Amazing research and that it all came together near where the author lived. I enjoyed reading about life in the Central Valley where I lived for many years. As a nurse, the farm workers and their families were my patients. Nothing has changed much. Maybe a toilet in the field. A very hard life. These hard working families will always have my respect!

    The Other Side of the Road - Jack Kerouac's On The Road is a landmark, iconic book in American literary history. It was the first book to articulate post World War II "youth culture." It helped kick off a revolution that is still evolving. It signifies freedom to explore one's world wherever it leads, to join with other free spirits in some quest for enlightenment, to break free of middle-class domesticity. Kerouac's style is to take in all experience, to keep learning, to go with karma, stay on [...]

    Melissa Franckowiak
    A lovely and captivating story of lovere review to follow

    My book finally arrived & I began the read.I felt sad ~ the real Bea had died in August~before the book was actually out & about. I love the photograph of her holding the book in her hands. This book was such a great read ~~ as I read page 76 & 77 "They trudged up the slope toward City Terrace, zigzagging the narrow roads past the cramped houses on Boulder, then Malabar Street, until finally they reached Blanchard. " I immediately stopped & pick up my copy of "On The Road" & [...]

    Jennifer Abbott
    Honestly, I had no interest in reading this book. When entering to win books, I skipped this one because the title and cover were boring to me. was acting up that day. I don't know how I was entered to win, but I was, and I make it a point to read every book I win. And I'm so glad I did! This was definitely an interesting book. I couldn't help but want to know what happened next. That's one thing that sucked about the ending. I wanted more! What happened next?! There were few things I didn't li [...]

    Rebecca Nunnelee
    I decided to read this book because it takes place in the Central Valley of CA in the 1940s, and I was intrigued by the idea of Jack Kerouac hooking up with a married migrant worker who is desperate to escape the cultural and financial bonds that keep her shackled to an abusive husband and poverty-ridden life. Ultimately I was most impressed by the writer's ability to create characters that are multidimensional and incredibly human. Although many reviewers refer to this as a "love story," I tend [...]

    Christopher Newton
    Beautiful and heartbreaking. Tim has somehow inhaled Kerouac's writing style and sometimes I almost got confused as to who was writing what. But Tim is far more understanding of a young woman's heart and soul than Jack ever was, and I loved that new dimension - looking at "Jackie" through a young mother's 1947 eyes. Beautifully written, full of truth, full of America in the longago, full of what it was like to be Hispanic in California in 1947, it's a short novel, but it's a big novel.

    It was an enjoyable read, but not one that I couldn't put down. In the beginning, it tended to ramble quite a bit about the couple doing sex, drugs, and alcohol. Similar to Keroac's ramblings in "On the Road". I must say the sex scenes are rather hot,though.

    Nate Jordon
    In the canon of literature written about Jack Kerouac, "Manana Means Heaven" deserves special recognition. Award-winning writer and poet Tim Z. Hernandez brings to life the mysterious “Mexican Girl” who Kerouac fell in love with in his famous novel “On the Road”. Their romance was intense and short-lived, fraught with impossible odds, and ultimately ended with broken promises and broken hearts, and Bea Franco was left behind, disappearing into the campos and small towns of the San Joaqui [...]

    An engaging story. A little bit of a look at migrant workers in the California San Joaquin Valley in the 1940's.

    I was surprised I ended up liking this as much as I did considering the subject matter. Very well written.

    Marnie Lansdown
    Beautifully written, and such an interesting story.

    Tim Z. Hernandez bases his novel Mañana Means Heaven on the story of Be a Franco, the young Chicana woman Jack Karouac meets while on his way to Los Angeles from San Francisco, during his travels across the United States, and who later appears in his famed novel On the Road as Terry, or "the Mexican girl.""Mañana," she said. "Everything'll be all right tomorrow, don't you think, Sal-honey, man?""Sure, baby, mañana." It was always mañana. For the next week, that was all I heard --- mañana, a [...]

    Susan Eubank
    Interesting study in how the description of place affects the reader's experience. No, the freeways did not exist in the late 1940s.Here are the questions we discussed at the Reading the Western Landscape Book Club at the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden. • Do anomalies in logic or facts demean the story?• Were you able work through the Spanish inserted in the story?• Tell how the swift shifts in the point of view, (Beatrice or Jack within the same paragraph) helped or did [...]

    Linda Doyle
    Oh, how I wish I could write a book like this. Hernandez writes with insight, clarity, passion, and empathy about the love that blooms between two lonely people, Jack and Bea, during the few weeks that they spend together after meeting on a bus. The characters are based on Sal Paradise and Terry, the Mexican Girl, whom Jack Kerouac wrote about in his famous book On the Road, and they are brought to life in this partly fictionalized tale.At first the story unravels slowly but kept my interest wit [...]

    In this biographical fiction, the author teases a love story from some letters and a few lines in a book. The details filled in like shading in a sketch, Hernandez frames the story in the (his own) experience of Mexican harvesters in the California Central Valley. Everything happens while tomorrow sneaks closer, and as we watch the time go there is the dawning knowledge that the imagined tomorrow will always remain an inch beyond now and eventually sink behind an unrealized horizon. Mañana hang [...]

    This book is a bit of a slow burn. Any fan of Jack Kerouac remembers the 'Mexican Girl' segment from On the Road. For me, its where the novel transcends from a typical travelogue to something more. Writer Tim Hernandez was able to track down Bea Franco, the living Mexican Girl. At almost 90 years old, we are able to finally glimpse the life of this woman forever immortalized in Kerouac's book. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of one of the Beat genera [...]

    Leigh Sontheimer
    I enjoyed this book and really enjoyed listening to the author speak about it at a book festival. Obviously took an enormous amount of research, passion, tenderness and respect for the subject (Bea Franco) and personal experience of the place (Central Valley of CA) and cultural context to write this story. I found it odd though that there were anomalies such as references to the Grapevine and the 5, which did not yet exist in the late 1940s (wasn't the interstate highway system built in the 1950 [...]

    Luce Cronin
    I found this to be a disturbing read. Having read Kerouac's book, it was very interesting to see this fictionalized account of that part of his life. However, i found the contrast between Bea's life and the Beat Generations lives to be so far apart, that it reminded me of the disparity in our lives- how people in the same country can live worlds apart in many senses. Lots to think about here, and a very sad book.

    Melanie Figueroa
    I love this book. It's beautiful, and I've read some say heartbreaking, but I didn't feel that way. It just felt real and honest, and if the honesty at times breaks your heart, then so be it. Bea didn't seem sad to me riding back home on that train. If anything, she no longer seemed so restless. As a fan of Kerouac and On The Road, it was an amazing experience to read about Jack from another person's perspective.

    Very sweet story, and even more interesting because it is about a real woman who just died recently. I felt like I saw another side of Jack Kerouac that is more sensitive and vulnerable than is portrayed in "On the Road." The hard-scrabble life of Mexican immigrant farm workers in the 1940's seemed to parallel the struggles of immigrants today.

    Living in the Central Valley, it's always interesting to read books that 'live' there, too. Bea is a great character, though I wonder how the real-life Bea would take the explicit descriptions of the sexual part of her affair with Jack Kerouac. Hernandez did a wonderful job evoking the atmosphere of the bus ride, the camps, the bars, and tule fog.

    I devoured this book because I thought it was a beautiful tribute to our city, Los Angeles in the 1940's, through a brown woman's eyes. Even moreso, the love story was simple and poetic. I could feel Bea Franco's yearning, her anger, and her heartbreak over that writer. Good read.

    Irene Gonzales
    I bought this book and set aside, once I started it I could not wait for the end. My parents and Grandparents were migrant workers in California so I could really relate to the story and remember stories my Mom and Aunts use to tell, sad but real.

    I like the author (heard him at a book fest) and was really intrigued with his story of how he wrote this book. It is a period peace, and I was surprised at how fresh and lively some of the scenes were.

    Mary Bronson
    I thought this was a good book. Such great characters and plot. A little slow at first but it picked up the pace after the first few chapters.

    Juan Carlos
    This is a must read for fans of "On the Road."

    Daniel Grandbois
    Tim kills it as always.

    .I was a little afraid of him; not the boy himself, but of what he seemed to be, the victim of the world.

    Good review in LA Review of Books by Rigoberto Gonzalez 9-8-2013lareviewofbooks/essay/mexi

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