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  • Title: The Ha-Ha
  • Author: Dave King Richard Poe
  • ISBN: 9781419320729
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Audio CD

  • Howard Kapostash has not spoken in thirty years Ever since a severe blow to the head during his days in the army, words unravel in his mouth and letters on the page make no sense at all Because of his extremely limited communication abilities a small repertory of gestures and simple sounds most people think he is disturbed No one understands that Howard is still th Howard Kapostash has not spoken in thirty years Ever since a severe blow to the head during his days in the army, words unravel in his mouth and letters on the page make no sense at all Because of his extremely limited communication abilities a small repertory of gestures and simple sounds most people think he is disturbed No one understands that Howard is still the same man he was before enlisting, still awed by the beauty of a landscape, still pining for his high school sweetheart, Sylvia Now Sylvia is a single mom with troubles of her own, and she needs Howard s help She is being hauled into a drug rehab program and she asks Howard to care for her nine year old son, Ryan The presence of this nervous, resourceful boy in Howard s life transforms him utterly With a child s happiness at stake, communication takes on a fresh urgency, and the routine that Howard has evolved over the years designed specifically to minimize the agony of human contact suddenly feels restrictive and even dangerous Forced out of his groove, Howard finds unexpected delights in baseball, in work, in meals with his housemates His home comes alive with the joys, sorrows, and love of a real family But these changes also open Howard to the risks of loss and to the rage he has spent a lifetime suppressing The Ha Ha follows Howard down his difficult path to a new life It is a story about the cost of war and the infinite worth of human connection.
    Dave King Richard Poe
    Dave King holds a BFA in paintingand film from Cooper Union and an MFA in writing from Columbia University King s debut novel, The Ha Ha, was named one of the best books of 2005 by The Christian Science Monitor and The Pittsburgh Tribune Review and was among eighteen books included on The Washington Post list of the season s best novels The Ha Ha was a finalist for Book of the Month Club s Best Literary Fiction award and the Quills Foundation Best Debut Author award and won King a 2006 07 Rome Prize Fellowship from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.King s poetry has been published in The Paris Review, among other venues, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize He has taught English at Baruch College and cultural studies and poetry at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and he divides his time between Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley of New York.The Ha Ha is currently in development from Warner Brothers Pictures, with Tod Williams slated to direct The book has also found success in several foreign language editions, with forthcoming.


    I kept waiting for this book to veer into mawkishness, and it is to Dave King's enormous credit that he managed to avoid this particular trap. For a first novel, this is pretty impressive, and I will definitely be on the lookout for further work by this author. Not a perfect book by any means, but a very good one. It has an understated power that creeps up on you. I recommend it highly. I'm deliberately stingy with my five-star ratings, but I did consider it here. Which probably translates to 4. [...]

    Phenomenal story of redemption. Howard had barely made it to Viet Nam when a head injury sent him to the VA hospital, then rehabilitation, and ultimately back home to his parents' house. While his faculties are intact and he moves just fine, his ability to form words - written or spoken - has been taken away by the brain injury. But Howard still can think - very clearly - and what he has to say as the story's narrator is excellent. Imagine a highly intelligent man stuck in a menial lawn mowing j [...]

    I picked this up as a harcover on sale for 5 bucks, read the flap and thought, ok, this might workWow. It is such a great story written in such an easy, down to earth, everyman (but not, as youll soon see) tone.The main character had severe head trama in the war at a young age, came home, had surgery, but lost the ability to speak, and write and sometimes has trouble reading. He is normal in every other sense of the word. Holds down a job, has a few close friends, manages to get by on his own un [...]

    I listened to the unabridged audio, and can highly recommend it. Howard is mute, yet you're hearing his thoughts, a far more intense experience than reading them in print. Moreover, the narrator does a great job with the other characters as well, especially Laurel's soft Texas twang.

    Although the title might lead one to think that it's funny, this book was described to me as "depressing." In fact, the title refers to a type of hidden retaining wall, rather than laughter. Either way, though, I wouldn't describe the book depressing myself, aside from the steep slide downward toward the end.Rather, I'd say this book is astonishingly hopeful. Our main character has overcome a great deal of adversity, and managed to make a life for himself despite an injury that has left him unab [...]

    I enjoyed this book, but not a lot. The main character, Howard, suffered a severe head injury in Vietnam and cannot speak. He has much difficulty reading, and can barely write as well. So how did he tell this story? I know I probably shouldn't wonder about this, but I do. It was a sweet story, with mostly well-developed characters.Howard is asked by his ex-girlfriend to care for her 9-year-old son while she is in rehab. Predictably, the veteran and the boy form a bond. It is not all sweetness. T [...]

    This book, the author's first novel, centers on Howard, a man whose Vietnam injury left him speechless yet still sound of mind. This malady makes for a very interesting story, especially as other characters misunderstand his actions, especially at the book's climax. King's talented work brings to mind Mark Haddon's "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" and Emma Healey's "Elizabeth Is Missing," each of which also tells a story from the perspective of a "disabled" narrator. King is no le [...]

    This story deals with difficult issues in a very believable manner. I felt as though every character played his/her part well, from the 9 yr. old, to the former jock 20 somethings to the drug addict mom and the main character Vietnam vet, head-injury Howard. King was into Howard's head and I could feel his pain. I kept wondering what would I do to help and what could the people around him do. A few of the reviews felt as though the war happened 20 yrs ago and he should have found a way to commun [...]

    This is a book I would not have picked up without the recommendation from a friend -- and I really enjoyed it. It is about a man injured in the Vietnam War and now cannot speak. A Ha Ha is a burm or wall errected so that an illusion is created. A person looking out would see a landscape, for example, and not see what is really there -- like a highway below the burm.

    Book Club Mom
    A ha ha is a turfed ditchWarning: Some spoilers belowThe Ha Ha is an excellent novel about a Viet Nam vet with a severe brain injury, leaving him unable to speak. Thirty years after returning from Viet Nam, Howard Kapostash suddenly finds himself taking care of 9-year-old Ryan, whose mother Sylvia (Howard’s high school girlfriend) is in rehab for a cocaine addiction. Howard is middle-aged. His parents are dead. He lives in the house he grew up in with a detached group of boarders. Laurel, the [...]

    Meeting Howard and reading his thoughts, things he's been unable to voice for thirty years was a like meeting a new friend that seems as if you've known forever. The first 3/4 of The Ha-Ha was mild and entertaining. The idea for this book and character was inspired. The whole cast of characters is well thought out. After a huge setback in his life, Howard still hangs on to every word and every movement and the tentative friendship of Sylvia who can do no wrong in his eyes. When she calls on Howa [...]

    30 years ago, after only 16 days in Vietnam, Howard was in an accident and suffered severe brain damage. Now he can neither speak, read, or write though he is of normal intelligence. Sounds like a sappy set-up, especailly when you through in an ex-girlfriend who is now a coked-up bitch on her way to rehab leaving her 9 year old son with Howard. King is able to do more than I anticipated with this character and his circumstances, all without becoming overly trite and 'redeeming'. Howard doesn't c [...]

    I originally bought this book for Dan at a yard sale last summer but ended up reading it myself this summer. It's a sentimental tale of a mute Vietnam war veteran who must care for a boy while his mother's recovering from a drug problem. King does a good job of helping the reader to empathize with the narrator's frustrations as he struggles to communicate with the people around him and build more meaningful relationships. King is also skilled at tracking the mundane chores and behaviors of daily [...]

    This book was an easy listen and held my attention. My only complaint is that it seemed to only brush the surface of the complex emotions boiling beneath. This may not be the fault of the author as this version was abridged and I typically avoid abridgements for this reason and the fact that I hate to miss anything when listening to a novel.I found it interesting to read a book from the point of view of a character who cannot communicate with others via speech or writing and who has isolated him [...]

    I really liked this book. All of the core characters are so richly developed, and the author puts us right into the main character, Howard's, head. The story vacillates from heartwrenching to joyous and everything in between. From Howard's situation of being appointed caretaker of a 9-year-old boy, the reader sees Howard's life transform from almost robot-like with only token interaction with others, to one of depth and rich relationships.And maybe Howard wasn't ready to feel so "human", as he u [...]

    The only issue I had with this book was I couldn't believe that a man who can't speak and can't write but understands what is being said around him did not learn how to read lips or sign language. Something about this character willfully relying on others to understand and interpret the world around him rang false. Why be so independent yet so unwilling to engage the world around you? I understand he's broken by what happened to him and still in mourning for a life that he thought was his, but t [...]

    I read somewhere that this was one of the best books of 2005. I could see how some would think so.Smooth and full of life, this novel is a delightfully satisfying, believable and well written work of art that reminds me of Lori Lansens' writing. The characters are flawed and quirky, but are so well developed and evolving that they are likeable despite their failings.I would not have chosen this book by the title itself or the back cover summary, so I was glad to have come upon this book on a mus [...]

    Impressive first novel. A story that could turn to "depressing" really fast, never did that. I felt it was uplifting most of the time, and when it got sad (the first time I have cried over a novel in a long long time) you cry for the people who can't begin to understand what this man is experiencing. Through it all Howard is acutely aware of his shortcomings and deals with them in expected ways, even when he loses it! (who wouldn't under the circumstances) I would give this novel 4 and a half st [...]

    Howard, a Vietnam vet, was injured in the war, and lost his ability to speak. His former girlfriend is a coke addict looking for a place to leave her son while she goes to rehab, and Howard, who is at her beckon call, takes him in. The story, which has great potential, never takes off. Not only that, but the premise that Howard never learned sign language, or any method of communication isn't believable. This dog just wont hunt.

    This book is written from the perspective of a mute. Howie can't talk due to an injury sustained in Vietnam, and his brain's malfunctioning doesn't allow him to write or read either. Reading is a silent activity, but this is a book that made me feel even more silent. Contemplating Howie's life and reading about his struggles to communicate was even better than the plot to me.

    A very moving book with a completely new sort of protagonist. An interesting read to do right after putting down "Matterhorn." I wasn't crazy about the last fifth of the story but otherwise, I was really riveted by the writing and became very fond of the characters. Excellent writing about a boy from a man without children, also, which is impressive.

    Chana Baichman
    The best book I have read in a long time, you will fall in love with these characters. I missed them and could not stop thinking about them after I had finished reading. Just of bunch of unusual people thrown together by life. You must read this!

    Oh! I loved this book. The ones I love I can never think of anything specific to say about them. I loved the voice and the characters and the ending and the boy in it also. yes.

    A book for everyone. Beautifully written, funny, lovely, made life better for having read it.

    The Ha-Ha ● by Dave King. Ha-Ha is a boundary wall concealed in a ditch so it doesn't spoil the view (British). Howard Kapostash was wounded in Vietnam. His speech is severely impaired. He can't read or write, but has normal intellect & hearing.Now middle-aged and lonely, his old school love Sylvia shows up & gives Howard her 9 year old (Ryan) to care for while she's in rehab. He can't refuse his lost love's request. As a "father figure" his emotional wounds soon begin to mend. Howard [...]

    This book really wants us to feel sympathy for the main character, Howie, and all of his pent-up angers and frustrations at being a crippled, mute, middle-aged veteran in a world full of young, beautiful, talking people. This book really wants us to feel for his struggling attempts to connect with the young boy foisted off into his care by his passive-aggressive, drug-addicted ex-girlfriend who is forced into rehab by her sister.But we can't all get what we want, and despite the book's valiant a [...]

    I was under pressure to find a book for a trip and I picked this up at a used bookstore. Really had my doubts, but was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it.The author did a wonderful job of showing how love for a child can become a truly powerful force, and also how it can develop without one's permission. I really felt for Howard as he struggled with his condition and I was rooting for him throughout the story. (I'm in the Vietnam generation and know and know of many people, mostly guys, [...]

    Susan Miller
    A narration from the mind of a Vietnam veteran that returns state side unable to speak. After being wounded Howard looks fine, but his life is altered with a large scar and the inability to speak coherently.Howard's old girlfriend is an addict who goes in for treatment and asks Howard to take care of her nice year old son, Ryan.Ryan adapts to his new surroundings and Howie's method of communicating. The two grow close over the course of weeks. Until Sylvia gets released.

    Jane Petermeier
    I couldn't even remember why this book was on my TBR list, but I am glad it was. Howie, the protaganist, is mutedue to a war injury. This story is a snippet from his current life, years after the injury. Howie might not speak, but as he "notes" he is of normal intelligence and most certainly of normal emotions! (what a great reminder!) This is a debut novel from this author and wow!

    It was a sweet book about the love of Howie Kappstash, an injured Vietnam vet, for a neglected boy given up to his care while his mother, the vetshigh school sweetheart undergoes rehab. The book scared me because Howie had some dark periods but love triumphs.

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