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  • Title: Etched in Shadows
  • Author: K.G. MacGregor
  • ISBN: 9781594933738
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback

  • For 39 year old Johnelle Morrissey, the American Dream is a successful career in medical technology, a stately home in historic Charleston, SC, and happy times with the people she loves most her husband Dwight, their teenage son Ian and her oldest friend Alice Choate That dream shatters on a routine business trip when her plane goes down shortly after takeoff, leaving herFor 39 year old Johnelle Morrissey, the American Dream is a successful career in medical technology, a stately home in historic Charleston, SC, and happy times with the people she loves most her husband Dwight, their teenage son Ian and her oldest friend Alice Choate That dream shatters on a routine business trip when her plane goes down shortly after takeoff, leaving her with only clouded memories of her former life.Devastated by the tragedy, Alice teams with the family to help Johnelle recover For hours on end they talk about their lives, reminiscing on the moments that formed their friendship over the years, with Alice guarding her most closely held secret that she s been in love with Johnelle for as long as she can remember.Johnelle begins pulling the memories together, eventually recalling the significant events of her life the college years, her wedding and the joys of raising her son What she can t remember are feelings of love for Dwight As her physical injuries heal, the depressing return to her marriage is than she can bear especially since her heart wants Alice.
    K.G. MacGregor
    A former teacher and market research consultant, KG MacGregor holds a PhD in journalism and mass communication Infatuation with Xena Warrior Princess fanfiction prompted her to try her own hand at storytelling in 2002 In 2005, she signed with Bella Books, which published the Goldie Award finalist Just This Once Her sixth Bella novel, Out of Love, won the 2007 Lambda Literary Award for Women s Romance, and the 2008 Goldie Award in Lesbian Romance In 2009, she picked up Goldies for Without Warning Contemporary Romance and Secrets So Deep Romantic Suspense.Other honors include the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Royal Academy of Bards, the Alice B Readers Appreciation Medal, and several Readers Choice Awards An avid supporter of queer literature, KG currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Lambda Literary Foundation KG MacGregor divides her time between her homes in Miami and Blowing Rock, North Carolina When she isn t writing, she s either on a hiking trail, a golf course, or if she s really lucky, a cruise ship.


    For me, the best thing about this book was the friendship between Johnelle and Alice. Their deep emotional bond transcended marriage. Even if it was entirely platonic, their love for each other was very evident. I love that Alice stayed in Johnelle's life even after she knew she could never have her. It seems to be more reflective of real life than what we normally read in lesfic--the usual trope that if she can't have the love of her life, then she should stay as far away as possible. It shows [...]

    The main premise of Etched in Shadows hits a bit too close to home for this reader,minus the plane crash. Those of us who conformed to society's expectations do and don't regret the choices we have made in our lives.My only beef with the book is the age old need to come up with unique names for the characters. Johnelle?! Dorky name. Annoyed me every time I read the name.

    With this author you always get a well written and pacy novel.Why this isn't a 4 stars book in my opinion is the handling of the whole altered perception after the incident. Strange as it seems, I ended up having sympathy for husband!Couldn't understand the whole way the he became an arse in the second half of the book. Wow, feel like I need to talk to the wife about this ;))

    Rach (Les Rêveur)
    Etched in the shadows by KG MacGregor This book shook me a little bit. I love KG MacGregor books but this one has left me thinking about it days after I've finished it. The Story follows two strong southern woman. Alice owns a real Estate business that she runs with her Mother. She a lesbian and has been in love with her best friend Johnelle for all of her life. Johnelle seems to have the perfect life. She is married to her college sweetheart Dwight. They both seem to genuinely love one another [...]

    Velvet Lounger
    Who is Johnelle Morrissey? Is she the successful wife, mother and career woman who seems to have everything, including the most amazing lesbian BFF? Her life seems complete, she is happy, she has everything she worked and planned for.But when her plane comes down shortly after takeoff she is left in a coma for weeks, while her husband, son and BFF Alice try to deal with the possibility of loosing her, or getting only a part of her back.When she finally starts to come round Alice is there for her [...]

    Sweet story about long term friends finally finding each other. I think Johnelle and Alice are realistic characters, and what they've gone through (probably minus the crash) mirrors something that even normal people would gone through. The friendship between the two is beautifully written, and I do think that the bond in friendship can sometimes just be as deep.

    A very good and interesting book.

    I very much liked this one. I'm still debating if I'll write a full review but I really liked it.

    Let me first say that the friendship between Johnelle and Alice is heartwarming. Everybody should be honored to have a friend like Alice.The story really appealed to me. And to about 50% of the book I thought this would be a five star book for me.(view spoiler)[ that Johnelle discovers that she is in love with Alice when she awoke from a coma, was a twist that I liked.But after a while I could only think "When is she going to share these feelings with Alice"?And then when they mention these feel [...]

    I kept thinking Alice was a doormat. Then I understood that maybe for Dwight she was just a tool, but for Johnelle she was everything. Even if Johnelle lost herself in the dreamworld everyone wanted her to live in. Goes to show, sometimes all you need is a good smack in the head to see things clearly.

    This was a good book. It read like a romance novel that was really light on the romance. I think it would have been better if the situation between Johnelle and Dwight had been resolved earlier in the book and then have the story focus more on Johnelle's new life and recovery.

    It's a good written book, for some reason it didn't grab me that much.I never really got into the characters, not sure why.It was an enjoyable read, but my favorite KG book.

    The Reading Panda
    MacGregor's work is very hit or miss for me. I loved Rhapsody and Just This Once, but Trail by Fury and Etched in Shadows were lukewarm at best. My problem with this book was that I empathized with Dwight instead of Alice. I do not know why MacGregor thought it would be a good idea for Johnelle to be married. At the time of the accident, Johnelle and Dwight had been married happily for 19 years. Dwight was not a perfect husband (who is), but they were both devoted to one another and in love. Joh [...]

    F/F romanceWhat a morbid little fantasy- loved it!Just how long would you wait for that one woman who makes you complete? Would you still love her forever if she wasn't "whole"? What if you could only have her if she were deeply damaged and might never be her old self again?The questions posed here might not be something we like to think about, but sometimes, terrible, terrible things happen. I was totally engrossed in this premise and eager to find out just how permanent the damage would be. I [...]

    Johnelle Morrissey appears to have the perfect life - a loving husband, a wonderful son, a supportive and fun best friend, and a great job that she enjoys. All of that literally comes crashing down when the plane she's on has engine failure. One of the three people to survive the crash, Johnelle suffers a traumatic brain injury that puts her memories and feelings at risk. Alice Choate, Johnelle's best friend, has been in love with Johnelle for almost as long as she can remember, but she's stood [...]

    I normally really get into books by K G MacGregor, but I found this book was not to her normal calibre. At first I couldn't place what was different. The story line isn't far fetched and it flows reasonably well; on reflection I think there just isn't the same degree of attraction or yearning between the characters to keep you page turning and in suspense. Good read but disappointing compared to her other books.

    Ginger Miller
    Very good book.This book is just good! Perfect characters, great story, wonderful setting, tons of emotion and a little sad too. McGRegor does a great job here. No one is the villain things just happen that can't be stopped. A great couple not in the same league as Lily and Anna or Judith and Carmen but still good. Speaking of Lily and Anna I would LOVE to hear from them again.

    It's nice to know that after twenty years, they can still rekindle their love.

    Gloria Windholz Robbins
    couldn't put it down. had moments where it was slow but overall a good read

    one of the best stories I've read this year. for sure book that it is very hard to put down. loved it !!!

    Leslie Burd
    Lovely book!

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