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  • Title: Camelot's Cousin: The Spy Who Betrayed Kennedy
  • Author: David R. Stokes
  • ISBN: 9781482661699
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback

  • 50 Years After the Kennedy Assassination, We Know When and Where Now a Spy Novel May Explain WHYWhen a Dad tries to dig a hole in his Northern Virginia yard to bury the remains of the family pet, he chances upon a mysterious briefcase Its contents include a journal with cryptic writing He turns to his friend, and boss, Templeton Davis, a Rhodes scholar, popular natio50 Years After the Kennedy Assassination, We Know When and Where Now a Spy Novel May Explain WHYWhen a Dad tries to dig a hole in his Northern Virginia yard to bury the remains of the family pet, he chances upon a mysterious briefcase Its contents include a journal with cryptic writing He turns to his friend, and boss, Templeton Davis, a Rhodes scholar, popular national radio talk show host, and best selling author of spy novels and history books, for help figuring out what he s found They soon realize that they possess materials concealed than 60 years earlier before by Soviet intelligence and espionage agent, Kim Philby and also clues to the last great secret of the Cold War There was another highly placed spy Someone never discovered until now This traitor had unique access to the White House, and was perfectly positioned to influence President John F Kennedy as he faced challenge after challenge in the era now remembered as Camelot.Templeton Davis becomes obsessed with a story so many found in the spy books he loves to read and write And some of those very espionage spy thrillers come in handy The trail of mystery and suspense leads to a picturesque town in Vermont, the streets of New York City, the corridors of power in Washington, DC, and most importantly, Oxford, England He learns that the beautiful city of spires on the Thames was once also a city of spies The Oxford spies may never have reached the level of public notoriety as those from that other British academic stronghold Cambridge But clearly the story had never been completely known or told And it was a very dangerous mine of intelligence and espionage detail in which to dig, a fact borne out by a couple of suspicious deaths left in the wake of Templeton Davis s travels Davis discovers that during the Cuban Missile Crisis, secrets were being betrayed at the highest levels And what he learned also connected to a time of great sorrow for mankind the Kennedy assassination At a crucial moment, Templeton Davis develops a bond borne of necessity with a beautiful young woman from Russia, someone with her own secrets And when what she knows is combined with what the famous broadcaster has learned, the two unlikely heroes find themselves in danger, yet poised to rock the world Camelot s Cousin An Espionage Thriller is a page turner for readers who enjoy suspense thrillers and mysteries.
    David R. Stokes
    Though creating compelling copy has always been a part of his work as a minister and broadcaster, it wasn t until David R Stokes moved into his fifties that he got serious about writing books Since then, he has written several highly regarded works of fiction and nonfiction, as well as three screenplays His first book, THE SHOOTING SALVATIONIST J Frank Norris and the Murder Trial that Captivated America Steerforth Penguin Random House, 2011 , a narrative non fiction thriller set in the 1920s, quickly became a national true crime best seller BOOKLIST, in a starred review, said The book is engagingly written, in an immediate, you are there style, and the story is as compelling and surprising as any Grisham thriller Top of the line His next book was an espionage novel CAMELOT S COUSIN The Spy Who Betrayed Kennedy now has than 300 enthusiastic customer reviews David has also written a screenplay adaptation, and the story has been optioned in Hollywood He has also written a sequel it s called NOVEMBER SURPRISE.Two of his books are based on a true story novels JACK DICK When Kennedy Met Nixon describes the very first Kennedy Nixon debate which took place in 1947, thirteen years before the two men ran against each other for the presidency in 1960 David brings this long overlooked story to life and recreates a fascinating conversation between the two future presidents that took place on an over night train ride back to Washington, DC.JAKE CLARA Scandal, Politics, Hollywood, and Murder, is a dramatized, but factual account of a fascinating story that captivated American in 1921 A wealthy oil man who bankrolled much of Warren Harding s successful run for the White House, was shot and killed by his mistress before Harding could reward him with high office.David s flair for historical detail and accuracy evident in both his nonfiction and fiction reflects his life long passion for stories from the past Most of the books in his personal library of than 7,000 volumes deal with international, political, and military history.David first began working in radio during college days in the mid 1970s Since those days, he has had his own national XM satellite radio talk show and is a regular guest host for talk shows in across the country Over the years he has interviewed hundreds of political leaders, authors, media personalities, historians, and business leaders In addition, he has done voice over work, including projects for a Smithsonian affiliate and a presidential library Political commentator Bob Beckel says Here s a preacher who can range from ancient history, to political history, to current events with ease An ordained minister for nearly 40 years, he has led congregations in Texas, Ohio, Illinois, and New York Since 1998, David has served as Senior Pastor of Expectation Church in Fairfax, Virginia In conjunction with his ministry work, he has written several books related to issues of faith and inspiration For information about these resources, please visit the ministry website.David has been married to his wife Karen for than 40 years, and they have three wonderful daughters and seven incredible grandchildren.


    If you put “An Espionage Thriller” on the cover as the subtitle, it would be good to make sure the book falls into the category of “thrilling.” Camelot’s Cousin isn’t thrilling, though it puts in the standard elements: car chase, life threatening situations, political intrigue, buried clues, and a woman spy who flirts with an unsuspecting nerd. Rather than “thriller,” this more aptly fits the category of “historical fiction” involving the imagining of a real (though now dead) [...]

    David Stokes
    I'm a bit biased ;)

    Fred Smith
    _Camelot's Cousin_ is a good book. Author David Stokes builds the intensity and pace chapter by chapter. This book will appeal to spy thriller fans, conspiracy theorists, and history buffs. In addition Stokes manages quite well the "sense of place" as the book moves from the Washington DC area to Stowe, Vermont, to England, and to New York, and back and forth in time between the present, 1938, the 1980s and the early 60s. Each time and setting has the ring of authenticity, a result of Stokes' ex [...]

    F.C. Etier
    Don't let it be forgotThat once there was a spot,For one brief, shining momentThat was known as Camelot.Mention “Camelot” in a group setting such as a cocktail party or church social and inevitably one or more of those present will think of, and perhaps mention, Jack and Jackie Kennedy.So where were you in 1962? October specifically. Were you doing the old “duck and cover” thing? Were you stocking up the bomb shelter?If you weren’t around in 1962, ask an older family member. Many baby [...]

    I really enjoyed the way the book was written. I have a love for books that get my mind thinking and have me guessing where the story will go next. I recently talked in a post about my love for Dan Brown books with the way the conspiracy ideas get my mind rolling. This book was very different from Brown’s work, but the research and passion can still be seen in the story that Stokes has created. I could tell that the author really enjoyed the topics he was working with (history, espionage, spy [...]

    A man is attempting to dig a grave for his family dog when he uncovers an old briefcase that was buried in his yard. Inside the briefcase was a journal filled with a coded message that he couldn't decipher. He hands the journal over to his boss, Templeton, to see if he could figure it out. Templeton is extremely interested in it and travels all over the world following clues hoping to uncover the mystery of this journal. Learning these secrets may just cost him and those around him their lives. [...]

    Harold Kasselman
    I can barely give this 3 stars.I was disappointed in the pace of the book.I found it to be tedious at times. I also did not feel that the dialogue was natural. It felt a bit stilted. The premise was very interesting. It is a search to find the identity of a Soviet spy in the highest levels of Britain/American diplomatic circles during the Kennedy administration.I did enjoy the historical nature of the fiction, and the author makes an interesting case for his theory. Some of the theories are shoc [...]

    Pam Knox
    One star for writing but three for story. Just a fun, light read. Typical example of the poor writing: "Templeton Davis starting making some notes on a yellow legal pad with his rather expensive fountain pen." Since Templeton Davis has been introduced and is the major character, there is no need at this point of the story to use his complete name and since he is the only one present "he" would suffice. Sentence should have been copy edited to "He started making some notes on a yellow legal pad." [...]

    I'm not really a conspiracy theory person but there are enough hints about Cold War espionage and Soviet spies to make you wonder, what if . . . The main character is Templeton Davis, radio show host, author, lecturer, and fan of spy novels. He mentions that Daniel Silva is currently his favorite author, mine too.No sexViolence hinted at but non graphic

    Great spy/intrigue story. I loved how the author wove some spycraft history into a modern day story. This one kept me guessing and kept me on the edge of my seat.

    Jennifer Abbott
    Wonderful book! Brilliantly done! The way the author weaves fact and fiction together is amazing! I found myself researching to distinguish the two! Wonderful imagination! Just loved it!

    Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    Roger Royer
    The book was very enjoyable and fun to read even if I did get a little bothered by the changing of the era's and main characters point of view as I think it happened a bit to often and could probably have been done in as more of a flash back instead of the route of visiting four different times and so many places. The action was good and the theory in the book is interesting if fictional and I would love to know who BUNNY really was. I think that the book is well written and the characters are v [...]

    The author had an amazingly good story. His writing style demonstrated talent, but the book seemed to lack adequate editing. Especially during the first half of the book, I felt the author kept repeating himself and I often thought that I had lost my place and was re-reading material. For a spy thriller, the book plodded along almost painfully and had a quite subdued conclusion. I was uncomfortable with the seeming common ploy of killing off only the elderly characters. It's like having the atti [...]

    Phoenix Reads
    Fascinating. I realized that this is the same author as the Shooting Salvationist, which is a non-fiction thriller. The author is actually a minister and you can tell he loves history. I was reading and loving it, but I couldn't help wondering -- were the characters affliated with President Kennedy real? So I Googled them. Indeed they were. This is a most unique take on Kennedy assasination, really makes you think: maybe this is how it happened.

    This was a unique theme that starts in WW2 and 60 years later, the mystery is solved. The characters are likeable from the former detective Sean to the Greek Nick, Dave, and little Max the dachshund. Parts of the story stretches your believability and parts had too much terrorists competing for the product.

    This is the author's first fiction effort, and it's a good start. The characters are pretty well developed, and Stokes displayed good imagination in the plot line. I thought the conversations were weak and repetitive. I'll read his next effort and expect it to be an improvement over this one. Camelot's Cousin won't be the best book you'll ever read, but it is worth reading.

    Janet C.
    Couldn't put it down! I lived through the 60's and the assassination of President Kennedy was such a shock to me. A fifth grader trying to understand why someone would kill our president. Anyway, I recommend this to everyone who might be suspicious/interested in the events surrounding the Kennedy assassination.

    Scott Taylor
    The subject was very interesting but the pace of the book made it hard to read at times. There were also so many characters that I found it hard to keep up and was wishing I would have taken notes so I could remember who everyone was. Overall, it was an interesting read but I felt it was bogged down by the side stories.

    Patricia Bergman
    I won this book through giveaway.I know this is fiction, but a few facts were thrown in for good measure, making for a fascinating read. It was hard to put this one down. For those who enjoy thrillers and good mysteries, I highly recommend "Camelot's Cousin" . What a great choice for a book club!

    Vikas Datta
    Premise appears a little flawed - why will they go to these lengths to conceal the mole - thus leading to some structural weaknesses in the narrative. Also towards the end, the narrative seesaws between putting the protagonist in a fix and then suddenly extricating him easily but for all that an engaging read

    Steve Canipe
    enjoyableThe book brought a lot of intrigue with the story. If the Cold War interest you then this is a not to be missed novel. It holds your attention from beginning to end. While some things are expected, there are also a few unexpected twists and turns. I really enjoyed the story.

    Renee Marino
    One of the best theory s on the Kennedy AssassinationCamelot,s Cousin. Very interesting theory. I always thought the Russians were involved in someway. Great read . If you are at all interested in the Kennedy assassination this a must read.

    Mark Gunnell
    The subtitle to this book is "An Espionage Thriller." This book was anything but thrilling. It was so SLOW! I honestly had a hard time finishing this book. Finally when I was about 75% through it things started to pick up, but I still think "Thriller" is not an accurate description.

    I won & received this book free through . Love this book! Very interesting, and great storyline. I was on the edge of my seat to find out what was next. I could hardly put it down, and wouldn't have had I been able to not do so lol. Well written and captivating.

    Nicole Jenkins
    I really enjoyed this book. It satisfied my conspiracy theory jones. It was well written and a fun read. I won my copy of this book for free on GoodReads First Read give-a-way.

    Mellie B
    Pretty hokey. Kept reading to see if there was anything in the plot that I didn't already guess beforehand, but no . . .

    Sandy Mckellar
    Very good Kindle edition eBook

    Daniel Ace
    I enjoyed this. It's a challenge to blend modern thriller and the history behind Philby and the Cambridge spies but this story worked well.

    I gave up on this one, it dragged along. I was getting frustrated, so it was time to close the book.

    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ Camelot's Cousin: The Spy Who Betrayed Kennedy : by David R. Stokes ¼
      248 David R. Stokes
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