[PDF] Download ✓ Erik the Red Sees Green: A Story About Color Blindness | by ☆ Julie Anderson Cornelia Spelman David López

  • Title: Erik the Red Sees Green: A Story About Color Blindness
  • Author: Julie Anderson Cornelia Spelman David López
  • ISBN: 9780807521410
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Exuberant redhead Erik always tries his best, but he just can t understand why he s missing homework questions at school and messing up at soccer practice Then one day in art class everyone notices that Erik s painted a picture of himself with green hair It turns out he s not just creative, he s color blind, too Color blindness, also known as Color Vision Deficiency CVExuberant redhead Erik always tries his best, but he just can t understand why he s missing homework questions at school and messing up at soccer practice Then one day in art class everyone notices that Erik s painted a picture of himself with green hair It turns out he s not just creative, he s color blind, too Color blindness, also known as Color Vision Deficiency CVD , affects a significant percentage of the population The tendency to color code learning materials in classrooms can make it especially hard for kids with CVD But once Erik is diagnosed, he and his parents, teachers, coach, and classmates figure out solutions that work with his unique way of seeing, and soon he s back on track.
    Julie Anderson Cornelia Spelman David López
    Julie Anderson Cornelia Spelman David López Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Erik the Red Sees Green: A Story About Color Blindness book, this is one of the most wanted Julie Anderson Cornelia Spelman David López author readers around the world.

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    Growing up, I had a really good friend named Matt. We were always in the same class together since nursery school. I remember being in art class with him in seventh grade. We were painting brown paper to make these big three-dimensional Hawaiian flowers. We were sitting next to each other (we were allllways put right next to each other, I swear) and talking and laughing the whole time we were painting. About five minutes before the dismissal bell I looked over at Matt's flower and I was a little [...]

    The moment where Erik draws a self-portrait and his hair is green and not red was fun. This story can help explain what color blindness is and how it may make someone different from you but not less. Erik does so much better in school when his parents and teacher know how to help him best. Plus it talks about how he isn't blind, but is color vision deficient.


    Caryn Caldwell
    Erik is confident, hard-working, and creative, but lately he hasn't been doing well in school, and no one knows why. It takes an observant friend to discover that Erik is color blind or, as the book refers to it, "color vision deficient." Through illustrations and Erik's own voice, the book's audience learns what it means to have CVD and how to tell if someone fits the description. And end note gives further information.While this is a fun story with lively illustrations and a sympathetic protag [...]

    Erik the Red always does his best, but he is having trouble with homework and on the soccer field. No one understands the problem until Erik paints a picture of himself with green hair. His vision is checked and it is discovered that he is has color vision deficiency (color blind). As his parents look through his books and tests they realize that he could not see the colored text properly. He also could not distinguish between the red and orange vests at the soccer games. Erik shares with his cl [...]

    Patricia Tilton
    Julie Anderson’s book is an uplifting story about a strong and self-confident boy who seems to do everything wrong, but doesn’t know why. Once he understands his visual issues, he takes charge and talks to his class about his color blindness and invites them to ask questions. Erik sees colors, but just differently. He says, “I like to think I am color vision quirky!” Because his color deficiency is diagnosed, his teacher makes black-and-white copies of math assignments. His parents and f [...]

    Kristine Hansen
    I actually read this book with my fiancee who is color-blind because I wanted to understand him better, and get an idea of how he sees the world. It was shocking, looking at the illustrations that showed how Erik saw things side by side with how everyone else sees things. This book nailed it, spot on. And I was saddened to learn in a visual way just how differently he sees the world. Perfect book to use with kids to help them understand the differences of others, and to be used with children who [...]

    This story is a cute one, but one that also informs. It addresses not just the idea of color blindness, but practical issues related to it, including what can happen if a teacher depends too much on color-coding and color difference in the classroom.The example of the blackboard didn't make as much sense as the others, since the shade of the chalk was so different from the background, but otherwise the examples were easy to understand. At least, the only people I've met with this syndrome can te [...]

    Melody Albertsen
    Erik is the main character in this book. He is a red-headed little boy who does not know he is color blind.His mother and teachers cannot figure out why such a seemingly smart little boy has so much trouble with school. (She went from writing on a black board with white chalk to a green board with yellow chalk. His soccer coach cannot discern why he can't seem to kick the ball to the red team instead of the green team.I included this in my text-set because I'd never considered color-blindness a [...]

    Samantha Ray
    This book is for Preschool to Second Grade. It is about a boy named Erik who seems to be messing up a lot. When his parents, classmates, and teachers realize he has Color Vision Deficiency, they do everything possible to make things easier for him. I think this book would be a great way for students to discuss how they would feel if they were Erik and also what they would do if Erik was their classmate?Anderson, J. (2013). Erik the Red Sees Green. Chicago: Albert Whitman and Company.

    Picture book for grades PK-2, but older students would be interested too. Use with color blindness, school, and art. I love how this story attacks its topic and the illustrations are wonderful. The watercolors are bright, detailed and expressive. I particularly enjoyed the panels that show the difference in what Erik sees compared to what a person without color blindness would see. Great information included at the end of the story.

    Confident Erik the Red suddenly feels as though there must be something wrong with him with he has trouble in school. It turns out that he has Color Vision Deficiency, once known as color blindness. The book tackles the challenges Erik faces matter-of-factly while also describing simple accommodations that make life easier for him. The text and illustrations show Erik informing his teacher and classmates about being "color vision quirky" (unpaged). Back matter provides additional information.

    This picture book follows Erik as he learns he is color blind. The book never puts Erik down or makes people feel pity for him, but rather explains color blindness so others can understand in a positive light. It demonstrates what it means to be color blind and how you can help those who are color blind. I especially liked the end where it gave facts about color blindness. I'd recommend this book for any classroom!

    This is a great book to explain color blindness to kids. There is a lot of information provided in the back, but the actual story does a great job all by itself. And it encourages those who are color blind to be happy about their individuality and the way they see the world.

    Erik is color blind and doesn't realize it until he has trouble with assignments and other things at school.

    I liked this book because it explained Erik's color-blindess in an easy to understand way. I liked the involvement of the teacher, parents and doctor to help Erik understand what he was seeing.

    Though it might be a bit on the preachy side, this is the first book I've seen about color blindness and would be a good addition to libraries. K-3rd

    Brindi Michele
    deals with color blindness

    This book is didactic, but it a good way. It was not so overboard, but did get the point across. Teachers will find it useful, even though they are negatively portrayed.

    This is a great concept for a book, but it's a bit preachy and not really that enjoyable. Seems a bit too forced.

    • [PDF] Download ✓ Erik the Red Sees Green: A Story About Color Blindness | by ☆ Julie Anderson Cornelia Spelman David López
      150 Julie Anderson Cornelia Spelman David López
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