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  • Title: Wild Man Island
  • Author: Will Hobbs
  • ISBN: 9780380733101
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback

  • Andy is in aworld of trouble.On the last day of a sea kayaking trip in southeast Alaska, fourteen year old Andy Galloway paddles away from his group to visit the nearby site where his archaeologist father died trying to solve the mystery of the first Americans A sudden, violent storm blows Andy s kayak off course and washes him ashore on Admiralty Island, an immense wildeAndy is in aworld of trouble.On the last day of a sea kayaking trip in southeast Alaska, fourteen year old Andy Galloway paddles away from his group to visit the nearby site where his archaeologist father died trying to solve the mystery of the first Americans A sudden, violent storm blows Andy s kayak off course and washes him ashore on Admiralty Island, an immense wilderness known as the Fortress of the Bears Struggling to survive, Andy encounters a dog running with wolves and then a man toting a stone tipped spear The wild man vanishes into the forest, but the dog reappears and leads Andy to a cave filled with Stone Age tools and weapons Running for his life, Andy retreats deep into the cave, where danger, suspense, and discovery await.
    Will Hobbs
    WILL HOBBS is the author of seventeen novels for upper elementary, middle school and young adult readers, as well as two picture book stories Seven of his novels, Bearstone, Downriver, The Big Wander, Beardance, Far North, The Maze, and Jason s Gold, were named Best Books for Young Adults by the American Library Association ALA also named Far North and Downriver to their list of the 100 Best Young Adult Books of the Twentieth Centrury Ghost Canoe received the Edgar Allan Poe Award in 1998 for Best Young Adult Mystery In outdoor stories that appeal to both boys and girls, Hobbs has readers discovering wild places, sharing adventures with people from varied backgrounds, and exploring how to make important choices in their own lives A graduate of Stanford University and former reading and language arts teacher, Will has been a full time writer since 1990 He lives with his wife, Jean, in Durango, Colorado Will s books have won many other awards, including the California Young Reader Medal, the Western Writers of America Spur Award, the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Award, the Colorado Book Award, and nominations to state award lists in over thirty states.


    Ben E
    Wild Man Island Wild Man Island is a realistic fiction novel written by Will Hobbs that tells the story of Andy Galloway, age fourteen, who becomes lost on Admiralty Island. Andy sets off on a sea kayaking trip in southeastern Alaska, in search of his father’s final resting place. His father was an archeologist, investigating human beginnings in the Americas. Perched on a cliff overlooking a waterfall, he slipped and tumbled down the side. One night, Andy breaks away from the group on Baranof [...]

    Noah Prideaux
    In the book Wild Man Island by Will Hobbs, Andy is on a kayak trip in Alaska searching for whales. On the last day of his trip he went to visit the island were his dad died. While on that island Andy realized that he misses his dad a lot. While on that island a massive storm came and blew him on a island called the fortress of the bears. When he is there he saw dogs and shortly after that he saw a weird man. Shortly after he sees him he vanishes into the forest. Leaving just him and the dogs. Th [...]

    The book Wild Man Island by Will Hobbs is a great book for those who love a good survival tale. The book is filled with pages of suspenseful moments. In the beginning we start off our main character, Andy, who is separated from his fellow kayakers by a sudden gale and washes up on ashore, freezing, soaking, and with no supplies except a credit card.I liked how in the book the tension was kept going and their was only a few dull moments. After Andy is temporarily paralyzed after desperately eatin [...]

    Another fine tale (in the adolescent literature genre) from Will Hobbs. The setting is Admiralty Island off the coast of Alaska. Although an unfortunate title for the book, there is plenty of substance. A young man, wrestling with the lost of his father some years ago, explores the past and present on his journey. The book has the right mix of current archeology and believable adventure to captivate the reader. This is a good classroom read or a fun independent adult quick-read if you enjoy the [...]

    My son was reading this for school and I've always been a sucker for survival stories so I grabbed this after he was done. It was much more than I expected, which was good and bad.The survival aspect failed entirely (which bummed me out because that was why I was reading the book) but that was by design as Hobbs morphed the story into one of hope and discovery.I'd say this was your standard middle grades book that most any kid would enjoy. It doesn't translate over to adults as well but I enjoye [...]

    Andy just wants to feel close to his dad, and have a great adventure when something goes wrong and he has to put all of his survival skills into play. This book was very good to me. It was full of adventure and mystery, and it kept you on your toes. The way the author described things made me picture them in my head and t was like a mini movie. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure books. I would also recommend this to any younger kids because I think it would be a great read [...]

    Jennifer Walls
    I loved the book alot especially with the boy reuniting with his mom at the end and keeping the dog

    Colby Billings
    Wild Man Island ReviewI liked wild Man island because it kept me interested in the plot and the characters through the whole book. It's a young adult book focusing on a Andy who is on a sea kayaking trip in southeast Alaska when he paddles away to go to a site where his archaeologist father had died when a violent storm blows in knocking him miles off course and leaving him stranded n a island with a mysterious wild man. I liked the main character Andy Galloway because he was motivated through t [...]

    Great adventure story; one of my favorites by Will Hobbs. There is tension, adventure, drama. A great read for preteens, teens and adult who want a well-written thriller that is G-rated.

    Walter N
    The theme of Wild Man Island is that if you want the respect of others, show why you should have it. This book takes place in southwestern Alaska on an island called admiralty. Despite it being 40 miles wide and 100 miles long, there is only one village, a small indian village named Angoon. It is mostly a dense forest with a few meadows and beeches. There are many ravens and wolves on the island. There are also many bears which is why the people of Angoon call the island"The fortress of bears".B [...]

    Dan H
    In the survival story Wild Man Island by Will Hobbs, Andy Galloway fights for his life in the Alaskan wilderness, finding many interesting discoveries along the way. Andy is on a vacation with his mother in Alaska. Andy's dad was an archeologist who died when he was on a find in Alaska. In the beginning, Andy travels out early one morning to find where his father may have died and got stuck in a river current and winds up on a deserted island. Andy tries to get back home and along the way he fin [...]

    Haley Kondo
    Wild Man Island by Will Hobbs tell the exciting adventure of fourteen-year-old Andy Galloway. Exploring the vast state of Alaska, Andy ventures off by himself to try and find out more about the place where his father died years ago. When he suddenly gets caught in a storm, he finds himself washed up on an island thick with wilderness, wolves, and bears. Andy has to fend for himself and try to stay alive until help comes for him. While on the island, Andy encounters many obstacles he has to face, [...]

    David L
    Wild Man Island: An interesting book about a 14 teen-year-old Boy named Andy who get stranded on an island filled with bears. Andy was on a kayaking trip in Alaska to see whales, when he decides to secretly go slightly of course to visit the place where his dad died. After visiting the place of his father's death, Andy tries heading back to his group but gets swept off course with a storm. Andy has zero supplies and has to survive on an island full of bears. I liked how the book told us where An [...]

    Marta-Kate Jackson
    Hoping to finally lay eyes on the spot where his archeologist father fell to his death nine years before, fourteen-year-old Andy Galloway secretly breaks away from his Alaskan sea-kayaking group and attempts to traverse some of the most dangerous waters in the world. Despite being an advanced kayaker, Andy is swept far of course by a surprise gale and finds himself all alone on the wild island named Admiralty. The risks are great as Andy tries to find food, warmth, and rescue while avoiding mass [...]

    Nick Jessop
    Wild Man Island written by Will Hobbs and takes place on the islands in western Alaska. Andy is on a whale watching trip on his kayak when a storm hits and he is he gets stranded on an island with a wild man. Andy is cold, hungry, tired and afraid of the wild man and he has to survive. I found out that Will Hobbs wrote this book because he likes adventures and nature so he wants to share how wild nature can be.I connected with the book because I have been in big storms in small boats like Andy. [...]

    Say you've been stranded on an island off Alaska for a week (with no food, fire, or shoes) and finally you were rescued by a passing helicopter. Would you a) kiss the ground the helicopter walks on; b) take the controls yourself and fly yourself out of there; or c) help the crew on their original mission then run back into the island without telling them. Andy chooses C. Andy has some issues with the "wild man" of the island, whom he meets under strange cirucumstances, as well as some of his own [...]

    This was a great read by Will Hobbs. Set in southeast Alaska at the ABC islands (Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichagof, due south of Juneau), 14 year old Andy is off on a sea-kayaking trip when he gets caught in a storm and marooned on Baranof. The pacing of the story was terrific and it kept my interest, to see how he fared in this strange, cold wilderness. The author's piece at the end explains what is fact and what is fiction, and is a welcome addition to the story. I highly recommend it for all [...]

    Dayna Smith
    Andy Galloway is 14 and on a kayaking trip to Alaska. He leaves the group to visit the spot where his father died years before and on the way back is caught in a storm and swept up onto Admiralty Island. Struggling to survive Andy encounters a run away dog and the secretive wild man who lives on Admiralty. The dog leads Andy to the wild man's secret cave filled with Stone Age weapons. Afraid of the wild hermit Andy retreats deeper into the cave where danger and discovery await. Another Hobbs gem [...]

    This book is about a guy named Andy that went to Alaska to kayak. Many years ago his father died on Baranof Island, Alaska. Andy sneaks out from his group and searches alone the dangerous island. After days of hunger and lack of shelter he finds the WILDMAN. I can relate to Andy because we are very curious. I want to know what happens and what people are talking about. I rated this book 5 stars because it is a great adventure and survival book. I would recommend this book to people who like adve [...]

    Vernon Area Public Library KIDS
    I love anything by Will Hobbs. What an adventure. I know I have done things that I thought "I'll have just enough time for this" and then something goes wrong. This young man should have been able to place his memento at the site his father last visited before he disappeared and get back to camp before anyone knew he was gone. But then there would not be this great adventure survival story.-reviewed by Susan Pinkowski Youth Services

    I really liked this book - lots of outdoor adventure and survival. The main character was alone for much of the book and so there were entire chapters without dialogue and everything was very internal. These scenes reminded me of Hatchet. I would have preferred a buddy to allow for dialogue, but I did like the archeologist figure and liked how he found what his father had been searching for. It really came full circle.

    Benjmin Torres
    Benjamin Torres3/2/15Period 3/4 Review On the last day of a trip, fourteen-year-old kid named Andy Galloway is sailed away from his group which strand him on an island. He thinks he is alone, but he sees a pack of wolfs that has a dog in its pack. The dog leaves the pack and into a cave. Andy walks into the cave, and sees that there are stuff that are made by a person.

    I've heard Will Hobbs speak at conferences and he is a lot like Gary Paulsen. This one isn't his best novel though. [return][return]Thirteen-year-old Earl Pryor is much too big for his age, and much too powerful for the anger that rages within him when classmates tease him, the girl he likes disappoints him, or his parents' problems get too real.

    My Side of the Mountain, Island of the Blue Dolphins, and Hatchet are classical survival books for kids. Wild Man Island is a survival book for a new generation. Like all the books by Hobbs, these high interest books are perfect for reluctant readers. Set on the islands of Alaska, a teenager becomes lost while on a kayak adventure.

    Andy slips away from a kayaking group in Alaska to visit the site of his father's death. On the way back he is blown off course to Admirality Island. He is thought dead, so he must survive in the wildnerness. He encounters unexpected animals, a mysterious wild hermit, and finds traces of the the earliest pre-historid Americans

    I thought this book was well written and the this really jogs mind of a middle schooler like myself. The turning point of this book was when Andy decided to go and find where his dad died but when he starts going back waves start to make him go backwards and he is pushed all the way past his fathers death site he later wakes up on the wild man island!

    This book paints a great scenario throughtout the whole story. Its an amazing story of how a child my age got lost in the forest of Alaska. He fought for surivial. Along with that, he used his techniques for survival.

    Brian Engler
    I really really liked this book. it was a very good story and written well. I wish there were more books just like this. It was a man vs nature type of book. I liked how they had you believing the story was going to turn one way and it turned down a new path. This is why I really liked this book.

    Theo kids
    Another slam dunk by Hobbs! A great adventure peppered with the complexities of human relationships. The archeological background added an intriguing element and I couldn't put it down! Fantastic writing with a purpose.

    YA book about a boy who finds himself stranded on an island in Alaska. He has to survive and learn to get along with the bears and wolves who live there. He stumbles across a man -- a wild-looking man -- living alone on the island.

    • Unlimited [Paranormal Book] õ Wild Man Island - by Will Hobbs ✓
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