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  • Title: The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros are Fixing our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy
  • Author: Bruce Katz Jennifer Bradley
  • ISBN: 9780815721529
  • Page: 416
  • Format: ebook

  • A revolution is stirring in America Across the nation cities and metropolitan areas, and the networks of pragmatic leaders who govern them, are taking on the big issues that Washington won t, or can t, solve They are reshaping our economy and fixing our broken political system The Metropolitan Revolution is a national movement, and the book describes how it is taking rA revolution is stirring in America Across the nation cities and metropolitan areas, and the networks of pragmatic leaders who govern them, are taking on the big issues that Washington won t, or can t, solve They are reshaping our economy and fixing our broken political system The Metropolitan Revolution is a national movement, and the book describes how it is taking root in New York City, where efforts are under way to diversify the city s vast economy in Portland, Oregon, which is selling the sustainability solutions it has perfected to other cities around the world in Northeast Ohio, where groups are using industrial age skills to invent new twenty first century materials, tools, and processes in Houston, where a modern settlement house helps immigrants climb the employment ladder in Miami, where innovators are forging strong ties with Brazil and other nations in Denver and Los Angeles, where leaders are breaking political barriers and building world class metropolises and in Boston and Detroit, where innovation districts are hatching ideas to power these economies for the next century.Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley highlight these success stories and the people behind them in order to share lessons and catalyze action This revolution is happening, and every community in the country can benefit.
    Bruce Katz Jennifer Bradley
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    Inspiring analysis of the rejuvenation of American metropolitan area in the last 10 years. Katz focuses on how metropolitan areas worked together regionally and not just mayors in big cities. With gridlock in Washington and larger ideological battles have moved to the states - metros are making things work. Cities and suburbs have realized that they are not enemies, and they are not going to let companies pit them against each other.Katz combines strong stories with understanding the structure t [...]

    Aaron Arnold
    This is an attempt to square the circle, a documentation of important innovations in urban policy and practice that tries to be as palatable as possible to the current power structure. Since both of the authors work for the Brookings Institution, this book contains equal measures of interesting analysis of contemporary urban issues mixed with gauzy visioneering designed not to offend anyone important. It's been blurbed by the likes of Cory Booker, Henry Cisneros, Rahm Emanuel, Jon Huntsman, and [...]

    Es un libro con buenos ejemplos de políticas exitosas en algunas ciudades de Estados Unidos, no obstante es demasiado general y las políticas que se discuten lo hacen de forma tan general que resulta muy complicado pensar en extrapolar conclusiones sobre algo en especifico. Los autores intentan presentar los cambios en el proceso de desarrollo de las ciudades como novedosos pero en realidad en algunas partes parecen estar redescubriendo el agua caliente, por ejemplo que parte del atractivo de [...]

    There is an inherent difficulty in writing about the increasing strength of cities: The movement is decentralized, with thousands of varied initiatives across different states and even countries. Not every city needs grass-removal rebates; not every city needs an aggressive vacant-property-registration program. This variation leads to two opposing pitfalls in discourse about cities: getting bogged down in details about individual programs, or speaking so broadly that it amounts to nothing but va [...]

    Michael Lewyn
    Most of the book is a description of various noble-sounding activities performed by various local governments (or in some cases, large local employers or foundations): for example, New York's subsidies to a large university to build a campus in the city, Denver's city/suburb cooperation in transportation, and a Houston nonprofit that educates immigrants and performs other good deeds throughout the Houston region. For a local official hunting for ideas, this might be a pretty useful book.Having s [...]

    "Our nation's top 100 metropolitan areas sit on only 12 percent of the nation's land mass but are home to tow-thirds of our population and generate 75 percent of our national GDP." (1)"[I]t is quite rare for a weak city to be surrounded by a strong metro, or a strong city to be set in a weak metro." (49)"The common thread through all these efforts is differentiation. Following the recession, U.S. metros seem to be rediscovering what makes them special, the distinctiveness of what they make or pr [...]

    This book takes a look at a new approach to US governance, one that's led in large part by metro areas rather than our often ineffective and distant federal and state governments. Who better than local leaders to articulate and implement projects that serve a community's specific needs? The book is bolstered by interesting narratives about metros like Denver, Houston, and Detroit who are hacking the existing top-down hierarchy of procuring investments, or breaking down the silos that encourage l [...]

    The authors make a convincing case, and I hope they are right. I'd like to be as optimistic as the they, but it seems to me that focusing on a handful of success stories serves the purpose of inspiration more than example. The necessary combination of leadership, networking opportunities, broad based willingness to cooperate, ability to overcome government interference, and several other key factors that helped make the authors' case studies successful will be much harder to replicate in most ot [...]

    It tells better stories than your usual Brookings report, I suppose. Few stories that I hadn't already heard of, but some additional social or historical context around them (particularly the in-depth chapters on NYC, Cleveland, and Denver) was useful.The second half of the book -- policy prescriptions for the way forward -- makes a valiant attempt to show that metro areas have agency, but in doing so it takes too many liberties with their legal and social status. Most metro areas have made grea [...]

    The Brookings Institution's Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley argue that, given the disfunctionality of the federal and state governments, with their constant political infighting, the metro or city level of political organization is in fact where stuff gets done, and they provide a series of strong examples (speciific projects in New York City, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Portland) in support of their argument. This book is heavy lifting, but its arguments are well-structured [...]

    An interesting book. It (strongly) makes the case that metropolitan areas are the key drivers behind economic activity, and that this will become more apparent in the coming future. It essentially argues for the recognition of this fact, argues for a reconceptualization of the relations between state and metropolitan networks for the sake of better cooperation, and throws out (in an organized and interesting manner) a number of detailed case samples where pragmatic and innovative policymaking at [...]

    This is an interesting book, describing one way American cities in particular, and global in a less specific way, might rise above the current national dysfunction. The examples are hopeful and the authors extrapolate in an insightful manner. I certainly take hope from what they've researched and written about, but living in a US metropolitan area (Houston) I can see an endless supply of hurdles cluttering the path. Having recently returned to the US from ten years living overseas I've seen a fe [...]

    Mark Abersold
    This book basically makes the case that the real agents of change or innovation are not in the federal or state governments, but rather, in the cities. That's a view I mostly agree with, and found this book to make the case pretty well. That being said, it was a little dry at times, and while there were some interesting chapters (I particularly liked the chapter on Denver), I generally like books more about urban form rather than urban economy.All that said, this book does make its case well, an [...]

    Mike Staresinic
    Promising examples of metro collaboration and innovation in Denver, Cleveland, Houston and elsewhere. This book hit the market just as cities were recovering and a new cohort of progressive mayors were being sworn in. It ably captures and was in all likelihood an accelerant to urban momentum. Yet ideological zeal traps it in the amber of the post recession debate, a factor which will soon make the book out of date. This is too bad because up to 40 people worked on this book, tremendous investmen [...]

    I wanted to like this book more but I just could not do it. Some of the case studies are interesting but I am not sure what the takeaway is. Metros are doing a wide variety of things in different ways? I knew that. Metros can foster cooperation while state and federal government is in gridlock? Of course. There is some decent material here but it does not deserve 200 pages.I tried again in 2016d failed.

    While the rhetoric around "revolution" bears some tempering, Katz and Bradley present a very contemporary look at the social and economic resurgence of U.S. cities and their metro regions in lieu of coherent, pragmatic, and collaborative state and federal involvement. A very helpful read and frame for thinking about the future of cities, especially those on the front lines of place-based economic and community development.

    Josh S
    An optimistic vision of metropolitan collaboration. I would live to see the future envisioned by Katz and Bradley to come to fruition, though high burdens of legislative gridlock face the policyprescriptions outlined in the book. Still worth a look for policy wonks, especially pragmatic centrists who enjoy examining intersectionalities of public, private and nonprofit spheres. There's also excellent case studies.

    Great read. Started out feeling dense in a way that was daunting, but stick with it; it picks up, especially the excellent chapter on innovation hubs. A very important read, being both visionary and practical. Should be required reading for everyone working for cities today. I really admire this work and know that I'm immediately enriched for having read it.

    Nadia Daniel
    Heard Bruce Katz on NPR and liked what he had to say and how he presented it. A non partisan approach to our cities?! Hooray!

    Appreciate premise that cities clustering innovation economies are, in the aggregate, a driver for national prosperity.

    Not very well written, too broad and general.

    Excellent book focused on examples of urban programs that are working.

    Very thought provoking and interesting book.

    This book had some good points and was an easy read. However, it was also very repetitive and the authors could not hide their bias.

    • ☆ The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros are Fixing our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy || ↠ PDF Download by Ð Bruce Katz Jennifer Bradley
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