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  • Title: Valentine's Child
  • Author: Nancy Bush
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  • Page: 135
  • Format: ebook

  • Fifteen years ago Sherry Sterling and J.J Beckett made a child But nobody in the small town of Oceantides was ready to see the golden boy marry the girl from the wrong side of the tracks So Sherry left town, pregnant and alone.Now Sherry s daughter longs to meet the father she never knew, so Sherry returns to her hometown, prepared to face her past and the still sFifteen years ago Sherry Sterling and J.J Beckett made a child But nobody in the small town of Oceantides was ready to see the golden boy marry the girl from the wrong side of the tracks So Sherry left town, pregnant and alone.Now Sherry s daughter longs to meet the father she never knew, so Sherry returns to her hometown, prepared to face her past and the still single, incredibly handsome J.J Despite her determination to forget him, J.J s never been far from her thoughts, and though Sherry knows he will never forgive her, she goes back to Oceantides hoping J.J will at least accept his daughter But then she sees him again J.J Beckett The only man she s ever loved And this time she s afraid she might not have the strength to walk away again.
    Nancy Bush
    Bestselling author Nancy Bush has had an eclectic writing career She started her first story when she heard how young mothers were making money writing romance novels She thought, I can do that, and talked her sister, bestselling author, Lisa Jackson, into joining her in her foray into writing At the time Nancy was a young mother herself Now, she says she s just a mother.Nancy began her career in the romance genre, writing both contemporary and historical novels, but being a mystery buff, she kept trying to add suspense into the plot, as much as her editors would allow In 2002 she was chosen by ABC Television to be part of a writing group think tank which was tasked with developing story for ABC s daytime dramas She was one of two people selected from that group to actually become a breakdown writer for, at the time, one of ABC s top rated daytime shows ALL MY CHILDREN Nancy made the move to New York to join the AMC team while she was writing for the soap That was an experience, she admits Ask her, and she ll swear that the pressure cooker of delivering story every day lots and lots of story helped focus her writing.When Nancy returned to her home state of Oregon she channeled that newfound energy into writing the kind of books she s always loved mysteries She wrote three Jane Kelly Mystery novels in the space of three years, and has another one currently in proposal form The last several years she s turned her attention to romantic suspense novels, writing both with her sister and on her own Like Lisa, sh e s now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, both in her co writing ventures and on her own merits as well.Nancy s latest project Summer 2012 is the kick off for her newest suspense series with NOWHERE TO RUN debuting in August and NOWHERE TO HIDE in September A third Nowhere book is scheduled for next year.Nancy has recently received the rights back to many of her earlier novels and the Danner Quartet, one of her most beloved series, is available again in e book form LADY SUNDOWN, MIRACLE JONES, JESSE S RENEGADE and SCANDAL S DARLING follow the ups and downs of the irrepressible Danner family in turn of the century Oregon Nancy also has a number of contemporary romances that have been updated and reformatted and now have new life as e books Look for THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER, DEAR DIARY, and the Summer Lovin Duets SUMMERTIME BLUES and IMAGINARY LOVER along with many in the coming months.


    Scott-robert Shenkman
    I enjoyed this book. It was different from your standard romance novel in that the author seemed more interested in creating the characters of the MCs more than advancing the plot. Oh, there was a plot, but it wasn’t too complicated and there weren’t too many twists and turns. I was actually impressed with how different J.J. was from the image he projected – sometimes the people you think are happiest…just aren’t. I also loved to hate the villain (J.J.’s mother) – pure evil, ice wa [...]

    A book that somehow gets the emotional turmoil of adolescence. The two MCs were, I thought, nicely developed and I certainly cared for them very much. I don't know why some have trouble with the fact that the heroine's only love (and sexual experience)was the hero. It does happen now and again, and it no more makes a woman into a doormat than a vast sexual experience makes her into a 'slut'. I found it quite sweet that Sherry could make a life for herself while she remained emotionally and sexua [...]

    I would give this one 2 1/2 **I'm happy this one was a freebee because had I spent actual money for this I would have been disappointed, now all I wasted was my time. Sherry (h) was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, her father as an alcoholic who abused both her and her mother. She couldn't believe it when the richest and most popular boy in school was interested in her. When he said he wanted her she thought why not, she loved him and surely he loved her. So she gave him her virginity [...]

    I wanted to like this more, however I found myself skipping chunks. What I really did like was the dialogue between characters. I thought it presented well, and I adored the ending. Personally I felt the characters were good, the story's premise was good and the settinggood. It just lacked something, a little too much in the past events. I would have preferred more relevance on the present rather then the past. Still pretty good by anyones standards though.x

    Sherry Sterling got pregnant her senior year by the most popular boy in town, JJ Beckett. She left Oceantides, WA and went to Seattle where she gave the baby up for adoption. Thirteen years later, the daughter finds Sherry and demands to meet her father. They return to Oceantides where still single JJ still lives.The reunion has its ups and downs, especially when money is involved, but evenutally all comes right. So-so.Author's name originally listed as Natalie Bishop.

    I liked this book, but it made me all depressed thinking about past regrets/experiences! Perhaps this indicates good writing, but that's not why I read bits of fluff like this, and the last page and conversation between the two characters seemed really rushed, which ended the book on a slightly flat note.

    Sherry has a secret & that secret will come out when she returns to Oceantides, WA. Ryan also has a secret. Whose secret blow the other. Storyline was okay, some lines just seemed redundant. Good character buildup. Enjoyed the read.

    Staesha Drage
    This was a good book a quick read. It had one small twist. Great story of a love that lasts threw a lot of ups and downs.

    Denise Smithson
    It was good but I wanted more at the endI guess knowing they got married is good but I want a follow up of what happened after the tree house!

    • [PDF] Download ☆ Valentine's Child | by ☆ Nancy Bush
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