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  • Title: The Prince and the Singularity - A Circular Tale
  • Author: Pedro Barrento
  • ISBN: 9781482036213
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback

  • This is the story of the Prince aka the Master aka Francis, who is or less immortal and goes through the millennia fighting Desire and Rejection, the roots of all unhappiness and evil He always fails until the moment he loses interest and decides to die, which he doesn t Instead he is promoted The Prince and the Singularity A Circular Tale proposesThis is the story of the Prince aka the Master aka Francis, who is or less immortal and goes through the millennia fighting Desire and Rejection, the roots of all unhappiness and evil He always fails until the moment he loses interest and decides to die, which he doesn t Instead he is promoted The Prince and the Singularity A Circular Tale proposes a fictitious Creation Myth, whisking the readers away on a thought provoking rollercoaster ride of a story that will make them question as never before what they truly believe about the nature of existence At once funny and controversial, it can be viewed as a heretical twist on established religious teachings or as a sweet and sensitive depiction of the ascension of a Bodhisattva or as well, it s up to whoever is reading it, really.You will get out of this story exactly what you put into it Love it or hate it, though, you will not be able to remain indifferent to the message of this funny, touching, thought provoking book.
    Pedro Barrento
    Pedro Barrento was born in Mozambique in 1961 He has published two books The Prince and the Singularity A Circular Tale and Marlene and Sofia A Double Love Story His third book The Algorithm of Power will see the light of day on January 2, 2018.


    Rosa Ramôa
    "O Príncipe e a Singularidade - Um Conto Circular"Não sei que género de leitura é mas que adorei,isso eu seiPedro Barrento de sua graçaeh!Alargar horizontesAbrir e variar!Circular e andar à voltaUps que ainda estou tonta!Em frenteFase seguinte!CircularidadeGrande palavra!Ultrapassar barreiras.Vida! E humorEngraçado!O universo?Verdade ou delírio!A humanidade,por momentos!Desejo e a Rejeição/ÓdioUh!Ai que perigoAi a religiãovro profano!A pensar nos acontecimentos da vidaE,nos sentiment [...]

    There are many lessons to be learned here if one tries in this new ageish pseudoprofound fable based on author's personal belief system or philosophy. The main one I learned is that Barrento should stick to fiction and produce perfectly enjoyable books like his prior novel. This was much too much of various thoughts, believes and ideas jammed together in a blender and set to find morals. It's a morality fable, but with entirely too many messages and just enough confusion to come across as weight [...]

    Pedro Barrento
    (By Clair View, on UK)This is a brisk, no holds barred examination of Creation from the standpoint first of Greek Mythology, rapidly followed up by the orthodoxies of Buddhism, Christianity, particle physics, and then a further alternate mythology that seems to be all the author's own. Never a dull moment, therefore, and frequent touches of humour,pathos, and some fine poetic writing along the way. I doubt you will have read much in this vein before because it is a very original way of looking [...]

    I saw this book advertised with the ads on facebook the other day and the advertisement blurb intrigued me enough to look further into it. Before I knew it, I was buying the book and am very glad I did. I don't think I've ever read anything like it before and won't ever again. I'm not exactly sure what drew me to the book, there was just 'something' there. I had to read it. I've discovered a great many books just by chance that way before.The story and words just draw you in. There's almost a sm [...]

    "O Príncipe e a Singularidade - Um Conto Circular" não é uma história que habitualmente fosse pegar para ler, pois não é bem o meu género de leitura. No entanto o autor da mesma, Pedro Barrento, menciono-me que a sua obra estava disponível gratuita temporariamente na e perguntou porque não aproveitar. E foi o que fiz, e ainda bem. Um dos meus objectivos para este ano é ler livro de género diferente, para poder variar e abrir os horizontes. Este livro encaixou-se perfeitamente, pois s [...]

    Jaqueline Miguel
    Well, first I must say I didn’t expect to read this book. I participated in the giveaway to win a copy but I was not one of the winners. Nevertheless the author gave me a free eBook copy. Thank you very much for that.This book is quite different from the ordinary. I think I can say I've never read anything like that. For a first time and this is not my favorite subject, I really liked it. I found it very original. The only thing I disliked was slightly repetitive parts. After all, this is a c [...]

    Filipe Miguel
    "No ínicio, não havia nada. Não existia Espaço, nem Tempo. Apenas os pensamentos dos Deuses, incompreensíveis para nós, e as suas emoções""O Príncipe e a Singularidade" é indie e uma lufada de "palavras" frescas. À linguagem expressiva de ritmo sedutor, juntam-se cores pastéis de melodia original, quase poética. E surpresa, muita surpresa. Para mim, talvez a maior de 2013.Pedro Barrento pinta-nos um Universo díficil de não apreciar, mesmo, e casos com certeza haverão, que não o [...]

    Vera Castleman
    Once I had started this book I was compelled to finish it. The author has viewed philosophies, religions and theories from a unique perspective. I could not help it when the words that Shakespeare gave to Hamlet crept in:"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."It has always confused me how so many things (good and bad) can be done in the name of religion. Some people understand that religious paths lead to the same place - no matter what thought [...]

    Claire Riley
    I had the pleasure of reading this book before it was published, and can honestly say that Pedro is a very gifted man.This story will have you enchanted from the first page. It is witty and hilarious, yet deeply thought provoking. As the writer infomred me, you will know straight away- within the first fourty lines or so whether you are going to like it or not.

    Erazel Mae
    a page turner and so riveting :O)

    Review Originally Appeared on The Allegorical Hipster“The Prince and the Singularity” attempts to answer the questions storytellers have been trying to tackle since the first story was told around a campfire in the dead of a dark and wild prehistoric night. “Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? And, why do human beings sometimes act in such terrible and selfish ways towards one another? “The Prince and the Singularity” is an entertaining and well written twist on a story we al [...]

    Sabrina Ricci
    The title of The Prince and the Singularity: A Circular Tale is very apt. The story has many circles, which for the most part I found fascinating.It’s another great example of the experimenting you can do with self-publishing, and I really enjoyed how the author Pedro Barrento was upfront in the beginning of the book about what the story is:“It’s prose, but it reads like poetry.It has elements of the fantastical including a prince and a damsel in distress, but it doesn’t belong to the fa [...]

    Jeridel Banks
    I'll admit it: books about metaphysics are boring. They're so abstract and non-committal, I feel like I'm ending a relationship rather than putting a book back on the shelf. Thank goodness there are some good books about metaphysics that don't follow the same dreary format, and that book is Pedro Barrento's The Prince and the Singularity - A Circular Tale. The title is appropriate (thanks for being clear); the main character named the Prince decides to battle Greed and Revenge inside humanity's [...]

    S.F. Hopkins
    I’m giving this five stars and calling it a Must Read, and there is a sense in which that is ridiculous because if you haven’t already reached a level of enquiry about the received religious views of existence then you’re probably not going to get anything out of this book. I’ve seen the book described as “an amusing take on the Creation myth” and that is misleading because it’s too intensely serious to be amusing. Yes, it will sometimes make you smile but that is not the same thin [...]

    K. Parker
    Philosophical ArtI picked up The Prince and the Singularity: A Circular Tale by Pedro Barrento on one of my Bookbub binges back in 2014. Three years later, on a self-imposed book-reading binge for the reading challenge, I finally picked it up and read it.Or rather, I should say that I experienced it. I feel like this would have been one of the texts assigned to me if I were still in high school, taking English classes.So you'll have to forgive me if it sounds like I'm writing an essay instead o [...]

    I received this very interesting creation fable through the GoodReads First Reads Program!One of the things I found most interesting about this book is that in spite of all the religious threads running through it, you don't really need a background in or to believe in any of it to enjoy the story.Mostly you just need to be open-minded about just accepting the events in the story as they happen to enjoy it.Being pretty non-religious myself, I mostly loved it for it's hero's journey/fable style. [...]

    Graham Downs
    For the past couple of days, I've been trying to decide how best to write a review of this book. As the synopsis implies, it's rather difficult to define exactly what it's about, but I'm going to give it a try:It's about the creation of the Universe, and everything in it. Then it's about the people in that Universe, their actions, and how they affect (or fail to affect) everything else in it. Then it's about how everything starts all over again.As a work of fiction, it's pretty good! But in part [...]

    A smoothly written, intriguingly different fable, of faiths and science and fate and free-will and more, Pedro Barrento’s The Prince and the Singularity is singularly absorbing, odd and fun. And thought-provoking. And unobtrusively irreverent. And magical. And coolA hall filled with hapless gods playing cards, a man learning to walk on water, a Magdalene so different and so vaguely familiar, a prince with a mission Behind it all are lessons and reminders of how we twist the truths of faith to [...]

    Brenda Ayala
    The Prince and the Singularity is a really great adaptation of major philosophies and theologies. It draws out the good parts of each and reflects on the different aspects of it that correspond with each other. I don't really have a proper way of explaining just how awesomely written this is. It was clever and induced more profound thinking in such a simple way. I found that I was really enjoying the story lines. They were all totally different and yet intermingled perfectly. The Prince's travel [...]

    Teresa Garcia
    This was an excellent fable. I love circular tales, and it is difficult to find well written ones. I adored the interweaving of familiar stories of various world religions and philosophies. It was a great way of examining, in fantasy format, how one views the world.What a reader will take from this story will depend on what they are bringing with them. My interpretation would very likely differ from that of any of my uncles, or my friends, or anyone else's.Read this when you have time to savor i [...]

    Nicky Fitzmaurice
    The Prince and the Singularity - A Circular Tale is an exceedingly well written piece of work that offers much to the philosophical being within us and yet structured in such a way that if you should so wish may be read and considered in a more light hearted manner.In writing this tale the author has taken bold steps into examining the Creation Myth and encouraged us to question the paths taken and reached in an often challenging and yet humorous way. An echoing combination of Paulo Coelho's dee [...]

    Sandeep Saroha
    Now I know I am gonna be out of words. This book is simply awesome, mind blowing. I Like metaphysics, but it was more than that. I wonder if the author has seen the movies like 'Matrix' or 'The man from earth'. I always like it when someone tries to get behind thingBut to get behind even Buddha and Christ, behind the root of mind working and behind even God! that's just amazing and very daring. As the story kept going, I kept on thinking and concluding from time to time what the main theme of no [...]

    Sandro Marques
    This story is one of the few opportunities we have to see God suffering, doubting and almost playing with dices.If there was only Desire and Rejection what would the Universe look like? To make things go round and around, like on a roller coaster, there is the need for God’s touch and this is just what we call Magic. Or is it the other way around?For some and in some particular moments, that touch can be seen through the non stopping work of a spider trying to sew its net.The Prince and the Si [...]

    Annie Harmon
    I Love the humor in the portrayal of the Gods- that really made the book for me.   I was sad when we left the Gods to follow the story of the prince and was less than excited when I saw the prince interacting with historical persons-stressing that there might have been a motive behind the story.  But as soon as I realized what was happening, I was relieved.   And then back to those querky Gods!!  Yay!  The second time we follow the prince and space-time splits (as I understood it, or rather [...]

    I was going through , and found this. It's a short little book, that is now one of my favorite spiritual books. It's a very cool fable, but it also has a depth in meaning as the story progresses, that made me wonder if I was missing something - which I found I had not. There is a great secret in the book, and it's up to the reader to flow to it. The writer does an excellent job of bringing us there, without cluttering such a sweet story.I really, really,like this book. It is so charming and very [...]

    M.L. Stephens
    Can I give this one 6 stars?I very seldom read a book that carries me to another plane of existence as this one did. The philosophical highs and lows were absolutely stunning. The author's fairy-tale twist on creation and existence was mesmerizing and kept me glued to the pages. This story was beautifully crafted and offered an open-minded way of considering the world around us. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is open-minded or enjoys viewing all things from a new perspective.

    Tabitha Ormiston-Smith
    I don't often say this, but The Prince and the Singularity is really different. It deals with the nature of things, of gods, of creation. An ambitious project indeed, but Barrento brings it off with style and panache. This is particularly impressive given that the writer is not a native English speaker. Some very weighty thoughts are presented, but it is so well done that there is no heaviness at all about the book, which has a deftness and lightness of touch that made it a joy to read.

    Quirky and addictiveIts divine writing. I first read the book when it made its debut on authonomy. To say that the book left the authonomites spell bound would be an understatement. It's not a tome, but has the wisdom of a Matrixisque Oracle. Its one long fable, and its so addictive that most of its readers are gonna read it in one go, no bookmarks required for this one.

    One part religious odyssey, two parts philosophy. This is a book that makes you think. It's written vaguely in the form of a parable and I would recommend this book to both religious and secular people. The prose is well written and beautiful and the thoughts are unique.

    Marcy Rae Henry
    as interestingly as it begins, it starts to fall, flake off and lose all pleasure by the end

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