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  • Title: To Feel the Sun
  • Author: Marie Sexton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: ebook

  • Sometimes love isn t enoughFrom the author Very short Very sweet.This story also available in print in the anthology Ever After The Collected Short Works of Marie Sexton.
    Marie Sexton
    Marie Sexton lives in Colorado She s a fan of just about anything that involves muscular young men piling on top of each other In particular, she loves the Denver Broncos and enjoys going to the games with her husband Her imaginary friends often tag along Marie has one daughter, two cats, and one dog, all of whom seem bent on destroying what remains of her sanity She loves them anyway.Coda Which book do I read first Visit Marie s website at MarieSexton


    Beautiful. Bittersweet. Melancholic.Super short but with lots of heart.Atypical HEA, which means together but not in the usual sense.*****You can read/download the book for free here

    Written January 8, 20144 1/2 Stars - a mini-tiny shorty wonderfully emotional and beautiful with a sun-warmed melancholyWhat a pleasure to read these beautifully written few pages (just 8). My heart was broken, my eyes filled with tears and I drank in every sentimental words. It's the summer of 1917 and in two twenty-year youths flare new, unexpected, strong feelings up. They find that most wonderful you can feel and share ere under the warm summer sun. ‘He is warmth itself. Warmer than the s [...]

    3.5 starsCompelling love story, a touching dream and a beautiful one at that. I was immediately drawn in, the surroundings, thoughts and feelings are strong and beautifully heartfelt. Benjamin and Teddy are reunited and happy, the way they were meant to be. So lovely and I had hoped for a little more.

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    Beautiful. It made me cry in only 6 pages. Thanks for the gift, Marie Sexton.

    Marie Sexton has an amazing talent for invoking emotions if I can cry and smile within 10 minutes reading an 8 page long novella!! I will certainly be reading more of her books, this one was magical, tragic but gave me hope :)

    HEARTBREAKING.I was in between books during my commute to my work. I want to read something short. And this one was on my library for quite a while. So I tried it, and oh my! What a short this is!Benjamin and Teddy's affair was heartbreaking. I'm in almost tears while reading this during my commute. It's quite embarrassing. XD Their love for each other was pure and unadulterated. And I ached when I found out that (view spoiler)[they separated and Teddy died. I was very glad that this story ended [...]

    Emma Sea
    Holy Fuck! I thought this was supposed to be the cuddly blanket after the tearjerker. THE CUDDLY BLANKET, CHERYL!!Now I need to put tissues on the shopping list again.Another great pick for me, thank you Cheryl.

    3.5 starsThis is a mixed bag of emotions.d, sweet & hopeful, all in a few pages. Definitely worth the 10-15 minutes to read!

    Wow - look up bittersweet in the dictionary and this book is what you'll see. Amazing amount of feeling packed into a few pages, a perfect short and completely lovely.

    3.5 stars1918. A dream within a dream. Melancholy. Bittersweet/Non-traditional HEA. A bit too short to make an impact for me though

    Nick Pageant
    Wow. This is a great short story. Melancholy and sweet. Loved it.

    Trisha Harrington
    I love Marie Sexton's writing so much. This was so beautiful.

    I love Marie Sexton. I love this beautiful poignant free story and I love that it was free. Very short but a true gem.

    Marie Sexton’s writing is beautiful, a book in the summer of 1917, about friendship, love,hope, dreams… How can a book with 8 pag, touch me so deep… Definitely worth reading!

    Taintedskyee (Books Books&More Books)
    I was amazed that in 8 pages,the author was able to make me feel so many emotions.I wish Ms. Marie Sexton you could hear all these people applaud,they are all cheering for you.A well deserved Hats off.Love this small tale of love.

    JustJen "Miss Conduct"
    Wow, this is just an amazing little shorty. I had a feeling from the beginning, and I was correct. This well written story brought forth strong emotions in just a few pages. Recommend for anyone looking for something a little different.

    A short but poignant story about passing on and finding peace and love. Marie Sexton manages to pack so much emotion in a few pages. Incredible.

    ~ 3.5 stars ~A lovely, melancholy short story that should have made a greater impact on my feelings but somehow didn't. Still worth a read!

    Short and bittersweet. ***3.7 stars***

    First time I ever wanted that to happen. Perfect little sweet, sad, but hopeful story. *wipes face* I'm not crying.

    That fucking hurt.

    How is it possible for an 8-page story written about two fictional characters that lived and loved and died nearly 100 years ago to hit too close to home?You’d think it’d be impossible, but it is not.I spent last summer interning at a war museum where I was responsible for researching a small group of First World War soldiers. I handled their medals. I helped photograph their uniforms. I sifted through their attestation papers, newspaper clippings, official dispatches describing promotions a [...]

    What better a way to face the Monday blues? Well, by reading an amazing story from one of your favorite authors is one; having it be a freebie is just an added bonus!TO FEEL THE SUN is an amazing vignette that takes place in 1918, and weaves a beautiful story of forbidden love. Benjamin and Teddy are childhood friends, but in 1917, they take that friendship another step further and explore each other as lovers. The time is not one that is conducive to the acceptance of homosexuality, however. Un [...]

    Very touching and beautifully written with an unconventional HEA.

    Achingly beautiful and poignant vignette. Lost and found love - perhaps not in the expected way, but appropriate nonetheless.

    Beautiful, happy, sad and poignant. A lovely short story.

    OverallThis short is worth the pain it puts you through. Beautiful and heart wrenching.ReviewThis story is beautiful and painful. The reader knows, nearly from the beginning, that things aren't going to be happy go lucky. And yet there is still a positive feel to the end of the story. It has lovely prose, is well written, and while just a slice of life, it is the most poignant slice of life you can find.I definitely recommend this to everyone, unless you absolutely hate pieces with sad undertone [...]

    Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    This is a free read by Marie Sexton and it's not one that readers would like to miss out on. It's short at 7 pages but what Sexton is able to accomplish within these seven pages is astounding. She brought to life characters and gave them a past and a love story that is timeless. So heartbreaking and poignant, Sexton has all the elements of a great story that is cut down to its bare essentials, making for a unique and memorable read.

    It's sooo good! It has only 10 pages yet the story captivated me. It's HEARTWRENCHING. I felt the MC. He's longing, the love, the passion, in just a short time. It's great. He made connection with me. And Marie Sexton's writing is totally gorgeous! I'm surprised that I haven't read anything from her. I'll check her out now. The story is beautiful and the good thing is, it's FREEEEE!

    Its amazing that Marie Sexton could make me feel so much in just 8 pages. This is amazing storytelling. When I read the very last line, I cried and felt my heart break. This story iswow!

    • ↠ To Feel the Sun || ↠ PDF Read by ☆ Marie Sexton
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