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  • Title: Eagle Strike
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
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  • Millions adore him A philanthropist Anti drug crusader Peace activist And former pop star the likes of which the world has never seen Sir Damian Cray even has the president s ear Yet the president s ear is not enough for Damian he wants Such as the president s fingerprints So he can manipulate computer systems only the President of the United States has acceMillions adore him A philanthropist Anti drug crusader Peace activist And former pop star the likes of which the world has never seen Sir Damian Cray even has the president s ear Yet the president s ear is not enough for Damian he wants Such as the president s fingerprints So he can manipulate computer systems only the President of the United States has access to So he can launch nuclear missiles From aboard Air Force One All in the name of peace So what if a few million lives are lost in the process Teen spy Alex Rider survives a bullfight, a high speed bicycle chase through Amsterdam, and even being the target in a human video game, only to face his most disturbing challenge yet when the best of intentions are driven by insanity, how do you reason with a madman
    Anthony Horowitz
    Anthony Horowitz, OBE is ranked alongside Enid Blyton and Mark A Cooper as The most original and best spy kids authors of the century New York Times Anthony has been writing since the age of eight, and professionally since the age of twenty In addition to the highly successful Alex Rider books, he is also the writer and creator of award winning detective series Foyle s War, and recently event drama Collision, among his other television works he has written episodes for Poirot, Murder in Mind, Midsomer Murders and Murder Most Horrid Anthony became patron to East Anglia Children s Hospices in 2009 On 19 January 2011, the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle announced that Horowitz was to be the writer of a new Sherlock Holmes novel, the first such effort to receive an official endorsement from them and to be entitled the House of Silkcmillan author anthon


    I am shocked. I knew Alex Rider’s family (er, uncle) was somewhat crazy, but this I did not expect. The truth is I love twists and turns, so this discovery is filling my brain with excitement. On the other hand, this series will never be the same again. Gone is the little Alex Rider had left of his childhood, because from now on he won’t know who to trust. I won’t say more about the ending, because you must experience it for yourself first. Do not let anyone spoil you or you will question [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani
    Eagle Strike (Alex Rider, #4), Anthony HorowitzEagle Strike is the fourth book in the Alex Rider series written by British author Anthony Horowitz. The book was released in the United Kingdom on September 4, 2003 and in the United States on April 12, 2004. It is set mostly in Southern France, Paris, Amsterdam, and London.Alex Rider series Novels: Stormbreaker آرک اینجل و دوصفر هیچ, Point Blanc مدرسه شوم, Skeleton Key جزیره اسکلتی و گذرگاه اسکلتی, [...]

    Ryan Buckby
    It was the garden of a man who wanted to rule the world but couldn’t, and so had cut the world down to his own size. I was not expecting the huge twist in this book and this has opened up a whole new range of ideas that i have in my head and i can't wait to see were this story goes.Plot:As i said i did not expect the huge twist that has come out of this book and Alex learning about what his uncle really was to me was a huge shock. This story was full of twist and turns but one thing that i lov [...]

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a teen spy for a secret government agency? If you have, then this is the book for you. Alex Rider is a teen spy for MI6, British intelligence. Eagle Strike is the fourth addition to the Alex rider Adventures by Anthony Horowitz.In Eagle Strike, Alex Rider gets acquainted with Damian Cray. He is bent on making the world a better place by destroying a large amount of countries. The history behind Alex is phenomenal. His uncle, an agent for MI6 and [...]

    I think each book in this series gets better and better. Eagle Strike continues the fast paced action. I found the book got a bit slow in the middle, but it certainly finishes with a bang. Off to get Scorpia now!

    Dane Oram
    Eagle StrikeBy Anthony Horowitz1. I decided to read the book Eagle Strike because I have read all the previous books in the series and they were quite interesting.2. An interesting character in the story is Damian Cray. He is a very famous pop singer who is a very influential person to the world, as he has met people like the queen and the president of the USA. He seems to be a very likeable character, that is until the story progresses. He is interesting because he is different to your average [...]

    Another fantastic book in the Alex Rider series!I don't have much to say that's not a spoiler, though(view spoiler)[I love Yassen. Not even kidding a little bit. He's so amazing. I remember first reading this book and having to wait for the next one to come out and ever since then, my sisters and I have chosen to ignore The Ending.YASSEN IS STILL ALIVE. OF COURSE HE IS. HE'S OUT THERE SOMEWHERE AND HE'S GOING TO BECOME GOOD AND HE'S GOING TO MEET ALEX AGAIN ONE DAY AND BECOME A FATHER FIGURE AND [...]

    Loraine Kemp
    Eagle Strike is about a fourteen year old boy, Alex, who is horrified when he sees a known assassin near Alex's vacation resort. It turns out that the assassin's target was Alex's girlfriend's father. Alex investigates and unearths a plot of mass destruction by Sir Damian Cray, a famous singer and philanthropist bent on improving the world by bombing countries and locations where drugs originate. At first, I was pulled into the plot and quite enjoyed how Alex foils Cray's attempts to contain Ale [...]

    Rating: 3.5/5***Minor spoilers***After everything that has happened with MI6, Alex is ready for a relaxing vacation with his friend, Sabina Pleasure, and her parents. Alex's relaxation time doesn't last long, however - when he's on the beach, he spots Yassen Gregorovich, Russian contract killer, coming in on his boat. Unable to resist, Alex follows him and learns that he is here on a mission to kill someone. Alex doesn't have to wonder very long about who it is, because before long, the vacation [...]

    Karley Kent
    Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz has the basic problem solution plot structure, while being dreadfully slow. This book was meant to be an action story; however, it practically put me to sleep. In this book, Alex Rider is a 14-year-old spy! That’s about as unrealistic as it gets, even for a realistic fiction novel. This novel contains explosives, high speed chases, gun fights, assassinations, murders, real life video games, plane crashes and hostage situations, while all being completely predic [...]

    Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz is about a fourteen year old boy named Alex Rider who works for MI6, which is like the CIA. He has to stop a crazy man named Damian Cray from destroying almost half the planet with missiles. But this time Alex doesn’t have the help from MI6 because they think Damian Cray is innocent because he is a very successful pop star and he gives tons of money to charities. Alex undergoes a lot of danger and has a close to death experience. Will Alex persuade MI6 that Cra [...]

    Having read 4 of the books in the Alex Rider series, Eagle Strike has to be one of my favorites. Alex Rider, a 14 year old spy, believes that Damian Cray, the world's most famous pop singer who is always donating to charity and wants world peace, is up to something no good. After Yassen Gregorovich, the assasin who killed his dad when mentions Cray's name in a phone call Alex becomes suspicious. He goes to the MI6 but they don't believe that a person like Cray would be attempting something bad. [...]

    Alice Cai
    5*In my opinion the best book of the entire series. Most alex rider books have a set up in the beginning for about 30 pages before the action starts, but this one starts off with a bang pretty quickly. What really made this book stand out above the rest was that every single transition from action scene to action scene was entertaining. The video game scene was so freaking epic!The pacing for this book was relentless. You know the climax in every book. Every single scene in this book was the cli [...]

    So this time Alex is enjoying vacation in france with his friend's family when tragedy strikes and Alex is again thrown amongst the danger. The difference is that this time MI6 is no where in the picture as they don't believe him when he provides his facts about another villains who is hidden behind mirror of charity. Alex runs around trying to solve the mystery and solve it he does like every time and that too in a very nice way. Way to go Alex.

    Love this series! Lot's of action, gadgets and eccentric rich dudes who want to explode things. Alex is a kid of few words, but I think his deadpan one liners are so perfect. This is a definite turning point in the series and I am so looking forward to the rest.

    Same story boy wonder saves the day. Tried shutting off my brain for a while but I just couldnt do it.

    Read with one of my students.

    D.E.A.R ProjectName Kolten faverPLOT The book starts out with Alex (the main character) going to Europe with his girlfriend Sabina. Will on there vacation Alex runs into the man who killed his uncle, his name is Yassen so he gets suspicious. Shortly after he sees smoke rising and him and Sabina ride home, they get there and the house was blown up there were peaces of wood from the house everywhere they said it was a leak in the gas pipe but Alex knows different. Second he looks into things he go [...]

    "Do you really have it in you, Alex? Can you make your finger obey You? Can you kill me?" Eagle Strike. Fourth book in the Alex Rider series. A lot of adventure and fast pace throughout. We finally get to know a bit about Alex's background. More awaits in the next book.

    Nurul Rasya
    The plot twist at the end is kinda expected but in an unexpected way.

    Chris Jr
    It was typical Alex Rider which as always was really really amazing!

    Adam Aufderheide
    this was awesome!!! they just get better every book!

    I really like this series yet this one was the best yet. It was full of action from the beginning, it was the best start in my opinion. Not sure how Alex is still 14, 4 books in, and it seems like only a few months have gone by, the timeline doesn't seem great, but still a fabulous book.Alex has a great way of working through problems, and I like how people still underestimate him, you think by now people wouldn't. Yassen seems to be the only one who sees his true worth.The story is always new a [...]

    Davon Smith
    Teens these days are always complaining about how much of a bummer it is to go to school. The grades, the social environment, the future, its all too much for a teen to think about at once. Well try saving the world a couple of times and finding yourself in several life or death situations. Anthony Horowitz, a British author outdoes himself with another amazing sequel in the Alex Rider series. In 2003 Horowitz published another sequel to his best selling series, Eagle Strike.Eagle Strike is abou [...]

    Nic Salzwedel
    "Eagle Strike" is one of the books in a series titled "An Alex Rider Adventure", written by Anthony Horowitz. This is the fourth book of the series that I have read so far. Although I have been enjoying the series, I can say that "Eagle Strike" was my least favorite up to this point. The plot of this book seemed too similar to the previous books. The story was predictable because it followed the same patterns as the other Alex Rider adventures. The adventures that Rider faces are very random an [...]

    Vivek Trivedi
    Eagle Strike, by Anthony Horowitz is about a fourteen-year-old spy named Alex Rider. Shortly after his birth, his parents were murdered. He then lived with his uncle until a Russian assassin named Yassen Gregorovich killed his uncle. He discovers that his uncle was a spy and decided to follow his footsteps. In his fourth mission, he is sent to investigate a person who wants to destroy all places where illegal drugs are grown with nuclear weapons. He claims that people that use drugs are not the [...]

    Alex Rider is a schoolboy who got sucked into the world of espionage after the death of his uncle, that had left him an orphan. This is the 4th book in the Alex Rider series and this one is quite different from the rest (or perhaps that's just because I hadn't read the graphic novel for this one before the actual book). While on vacation with his friend Alex comes across an old enemy, not understanding what could possibly lead the assassin to him, he follows him. In this book Alex is actually no [...]

    Alex Rider is in France with his friend Sabina Pleasure and her family when Sabina's dad is nearly killed by a bomb supposedly placed by Yassen Gregovich. Alex suspects Damian Cray hired Yassen because Sabina's dad was writing an article about Cray. He then runs to MI6 to get help and stop Damian Cray. When he arrives they refuse to help him and don't believe that Cray would do such a thing. Alex decides he must investigate on his own. Damian Cray holds a release party for his new gaming system [...]

    Jean-Paul Pearson
    "He knew who he was. The son of a contract killer." This book was a killer figuratively speaking except for Yassen Gregorich, Damian Cray, and Charlie Roper. When Yassen Gregorich died I went nooo when Damian Cray died I went yay then eek. Finally when Roper died I had a scared to faint moment of please be over and change the scene now. So as you can guess by the cover of the book Eagle Strike is the name of the operation that Damian Cray tried to make succeed. I won't give away all the details [...]

    This is the fourth installment in the Alex rider series, and I really enjoyed it, (as I do with all the Alex Rider books). This book is very different than the other books in the series because in this one, the protagonist Alex Rider is not sent on a mission by M16, and desides to go by himself, with no gadgets, and no help. I can connect this series to the series “Bodyguard” because they are both about teenagers saving people that are close to they and also are both the same type of action [...]

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