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  • Title: The Great King
  • Author: Christian Cameron
  • ISBN: 9781409114147
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Close your eyes and you could be in fifth century Egypt with his trademark ability to step into the shoes of his fifth century protagonists, once again Christian Cameron plunges us headlong into the thick of the action This time, the indomitable Arimnestos of Plataea finds himself caught up in the ill fated Spartan expedition to the land of the Sphinx, while on the horiClose your eyes and you could be in fifth century Egypt with his trademark ability to step into the shoes of his fifth century protagonists, once again Christian Cameron plunges us headlong into the thick of the action This time, the indomitable Arimnestos of Plataea finds himself caught up in the ill fated Spartan expedition to the land of the Sphinx, while on the horizon, forces gather for the colossal naval battle of Artemesium Whether it s in the unforgiving furnace of the Egyptian desert or the blood frothed seas off the coast of Greece, Christian Cameron brings these momentous events to thrilling life as we watch the epic story unfold.
    Christian Cameron
    Aka Miles Cameron Also publishes as Gordon Kent with his father Kenneth M Cameron.Christian Cameron was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1962 He grew up in Rockport, Massachusetts, Iowa City, Iowa,Christian Cameron and Rochester, New York, where he attended McQuaid Jesuit High School and later graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in history.After the longest undergraduate degree on record 1980 87 , he joined the United States Navy, where he served as an intelligence officer and as a backseater in S 3 Vikings in the First Gulf War, in Somalia, and elsewhere After a dozen years of service, he became a full time writer in 2000 He lives in Toronto that s Ontario, in Canada with his wife Sarah and their daughter Beatrice, currently age four And a half.


    For once I was glad of a prologue as hadn’t realised how much had occurred in the prior three outings our hero does “get about a bit”! And at least this time it was done via a neat short chapter as opposed to taking up a ¼ Qtr of the book briefly “visiting” the protagonists of the prior book for no other reason than to reacquaint the reader with them.Even better the story starts from exactly where the last left off & we’re up & running. sailing even. towards Carthage with hi [...]

    Arimnestos from his return from the West till the battles of Artemisium and Thermopyle(485- early 480); the first maybe 3/4 or 4/5 of the book are awesome, both among the best of the author and of historical fiction in general - among the highlights being the political maneuverings to unify Greece in the face of the Persian juggernaut, the Olympic Games of 484, Sparta and the Spartans as seen by Arimnestos, a trip to Susa and a memorable audience with XersesThe last 1/5-1/4 is more rushed and wi [...]

    I love how Christian Cameron's experience with reenacting shapes the experience of individual characters of the story as well as the descriptions of naval strategies and of encounters of different cultures. In addition, this book brings less stereotypical (and back-and-white) picture of Spartans, Athenians, and Persians around the events of Battle of Thermopylae, and it focuses on the overlooked naval aspect of the whole war. Overall it was a very good read, even though I liked this particular b [...]

    Mark Kearney
    Just brilliant roll on the next book

    This is the 4th book in Christian Camerons Long War Series that tells another episode in the life and times of Arimnestos the Plataean. Past 30 years old now, and after his adventures in the western mediterranean, the outer sea, Iberia and Ghaul following the victory at Marathon in Poseidons spear Arimnestos is back in Greece again, deeply involved in cementing an alliance of the divided Greeks against the threat of the Great King of Persia. He's at the Olympics, acts as an envoy and embassy for [...]

    Robin Carter
    I find it more and more difficult to write a review of Christians books, it’s so expected to write how wonderful they are.This book is no exception. The characters as ever are some of the most rounded and real that you will read in any historical fiction novel, the action is probably the most realistic and authentic (all driven by his passion for Re-enactment and trying to live the parts, to write about them). What sets these tales apart is that while i get the cut and thrust of battle that i [...]

    Paul Bennett
    In this volume of The Killer of Men series, Arimnestos continues the telling of his story to his thugater (daughter) and her friends; a story that has seen Arimnestos return to his beloved Plataea to rebuild his home and his life. But, the killer of men was called upon to convey Spartan envoys to Persia to meet and try to placate Xerxes, the mercurial King Of Kings. Of course, as we all know from history, Xerxes was not placated, mollified, or deflected from his goal to annihilate the Greek main [...]

    Matt Heppe
    Another great novel from my favorite historical fiction author. As usual, Cameron brings history to vivid life. The Great King mixes edge of the seat action with politics, culture, and great characters. Loved it.

    Another brilliant instalment from Cameron. Exciting, evocative, and epic, nobody else writes ancient historical fiction this good

    An engrossing book - so much so that I stayed up until 11pm last night to finish it off. I like that it explores the complex relationships between the Greek city-states, reminding us in the process that "Ancient Greece" was not one unified nation as we tend to assume. Each city-state had its own priorities, their own view on the conflict with Persia and their own plans of what to do about it. Arimnestos, as ever, is in the middle of those plans.I also liked that Cameron does not resort to stereo [...]

    Linda Humberstone
    Fantastic book, with a wonderful description of the events leading up to, and describing, the sea battle of Artemesium when the little navy of the allied Greek city states harassed and injured the grand navy of the Persian King Xerxes, whilst Leonidas held at Thermopylae for as long as possible. The book is so well written it makes the politics involving the build up to the alliance of the Greeks and what was happening around the Mediterranean at that time so interesting and easy to understand. [...]

    Paolo Calabrò
    Too long and confused.

    S.J.A. Turney
    We’re well and truly Arimnestos’ captive audience now. We’ve seen him grow and become the warrior, the leader, the sailor, the merchant, the pirate, the explorer. But the third volume in the series, while being a departure that took us on a great adventure, ended with us coming full circle, back to old friends and right back into the heart of what our friend the Plataean had for so long left behind.And so The Great King picks up from that moment. This book will take you to amazing places a [...]

    John Margaritsanakis
    The forth book in a series depicting the wars between Greece's city-states and Persia in the classic hellenic period between 490 and 480 BC dealt with our hero, Arimnistos of Plataea as an old man of thirty five preparing to participate in the period's most climatic battles.If you've read this deep into the series then you know the pieces have been there from the start. The author does a good job of depicting the struggles, political, military and personal that characters had to overcome before [...]

    Michael Da Silva
    Arimnestos is back, and this time we have the introduction of the long-anticipated and much expected Spartans. I figured it would only be a matter of time before these guys were introduced, and Cameron does them justice here.Justice in the sense that they are not the freedom-loving paragons of 300, but more akin to what history would otherwise suggest. I even appreciate the way Cameron deals with the battle of Thermopylae. The Great King still has a lot of naval adventure, but there is less trav [...]

    Fred Pegg
    I am greatly enjoying "The Long War" series. Arminestos of Platea is now a fully developed character and you fully empathise with him.I enjoyed the description of the ancient "Olympic Games" -where it seems politics were as much invoved as they are today! Cameron cleverly avoids writing about the "Battle of Thermoplaye-already much written about by novelists of this period.Instead he concentrates on the probably more important ,but less written -about sea battle of "Artemesium." I did not think [...]

    John Warren
    very good book,it never fails when i pick up a book by mr cameron i read it to fast and cant put it down. instead of focusing on the battle of thermoply he has Arimnestos of Plataea fighting at the least know battle but equally important Artemission. the way he writes of difference between the greeks and there cultural background i really enjoyed along with the his description about the persians getting ready for the war. the book was very well researched as to be expected by mr cameron cant wai [...]

    De la serie de Arimnestos de Platea, quizás el mejor. Me gustó el realismo al narrar y describir a dos culturas, muy humanas, con buenos, malos, aciertos y errores, además de entrelazar las vidas de los grandes protagonistas como Jerjes, Arístides, Leónidas y Temístocles a los ojos de un Arimnestos más maduro y crítico. El personaje ha envejecido y con la edad le llega un sarcasmo y una agudeza que vuelve los diálogos un placer de leer, que provoca sonreír ante la picardía. Muy buena [...]

    Not as strong as the previous book, but greatly improved towards the end. Arimnestos is getting older and is leading the younger generation in to the epic war.I really enjoyed historic characters like Leonidas, Xerxes and Themistocles come to live. Cameron , as usual, does an amazing job integrating the epic history of Persian invasion of Greece in to the adventures of his hero.The naval battles are superb.

    Have grown very fond of Arimnestos and like his contacts with the other Greek cities and with the Persians in this book. Like the throw away humour. And it was interesting to see the importance of the naval battle which is so overlooked because of Thermopylae.Trouble is we now have the wait for the next book!

    This book 'gets it real'. This is the latest book from the Long War Series. It's right up there with Mary Renaults' Alexander trilogy as remarkable historical fiction. If you want to read the Long War series, as with any series, start with the first book,'Killer of Men'.

    All right, not bad, but not exactly compelling reading either, after the other two.The further adventures of Arimnestos are always worth reading.

    Allan Quinn
    This is a great novel exactly what you expect from Christian Cameron The characters are so detailed and events so clear you feel that you are actually their.

    Shady Lubbad
    Amazing as always can't wait for the next book no, really i can't wait

    I enjoy this series a lot.

    James Cox
    I found this one a bit slow in places but overall really liked it. I look forward to the next book!

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