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  • Title: Historias cortas
  • Author: Satoshi Kon
  • ISBN: 9788415480075
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Recopilaci n de cuentos del c lebre director japon s Satoshi Kon, prematuramente fallecido en 2010 Incluye las 15 historias cortas Carve Talla 1985 Follonazo Baka Sawagi, 1986 El peque o beisbolista Koz Yaky , 1986 Verano de nervios Kinch no Natsu, 1986 Enfoque Focus, 1986 Es la hora de los adioses Akete zo kesa ha Frae morning sun till dine, 1987 Recopilaci n de cuentos del c lebre director japon s Satoshi Kon, prematuramente fallecido en 2010 Incluye las 15 historias cortas Carve Talla 1985 Follonazo Baka Sawagi, 1986 El peque o beisbolista Koz Yaky , 1986 Verano de nervios Kinch no Natsu, 1986 Enfoque Focus, 1986 Es la hora de los adioses Akete zo kesa ha Frae morning sun till dine, 1987 P rrafo del tema escoc s Auld Lang Syne Kidnappers Secuestradores 1987 Los visitantes Okyakusama, 1987 Waira 1988 Picnic 1988 M s alla del sol Taiy no Kanata, 1988 Joyful Bell Alegre campanilla 1989 Editado anteriormente como La Campanilla de Navidad en la revista Shonen Mangazine Delfines del desierto Sabaku no Iruka, 1989 Las aventuras del viejo Bash Bash no B ken, 1989 Cautivos Primera parte Toriko, 1984 Cautivos Segunda parte Toriko, 1984
    Satoshi Kon
    Manga artist turned anime director Director of Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, and Paprika.Wrote the manga and film script for World Apartment Horror Collaborated with Katsuhiro Otomo and Mamoru Oshii Died relatively young of pancreatic cancer.


    Satoshi Kon (1963-2010) was an acclaimed anime director, making a handful of movies (including Paprika) and one television series, Paranoia Agent. His themes of confusion of dreams and reality, and madness lying just below the surface of society, made his works fascinating. He also spent some time as a manga creator, creating several stories in the 1980s before going into anime full time as an assistant to Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira). This volume collects his short works.The lead story is “Carve.â [...]

    Andre Habet
    Love Satoshi Kon's movies , which made this a particicularly unsatisfying read. Only 3 of the 15 stories held my attention. Glad to see how much a storyteller can evolve over time though, and appreciated insight into his evolving artistry and comedic timing. His manga work relies a lot on tropes common to the medium, and I was surprised by how unoriginal the majority of these stories were. A title as cool as 'Dream Fossil' deserved better stories.

    No soy mucho de historias cortas, pero estas tienen casi todas un nivel muy muy alto. Muy recomendable.

    I wanted to like this, I really did. I love Satoshi Kon and some of his manga work - such as Tropic of the Sea are legitimately wonderful. But Dream Fossil is some of his earliest work from the 80s, before he really matured as a storyteller. The art is satisfactory and serviceable, with some legitimately great moments, but the storytelling is rushed and page layouts are cramped. It's as though he's trying to cram as much as humanly possible into these short stories instead of dialing them back s [...]

    A David
    While there's no doubt Kon succeeded as a visual artist and a filmmaker, it's clear that sequential art wasn't suited for him. Kon's style of storytelling definitely has a film aesthetic in mind, in terms of pacing and staging, and while his art is phenomenal, it really doesn't blend well with comics.

    Skip this you'll be disappointed

    this was really neat to read after growing up with Kon's films (Paprika, Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, and my favorite, Millennium Actress). some of these short stories really could have been something - a film, even! I think the best thing about Dream Fossil is that each of these stories is distinctly Japanesewhich I know probably sounds odd considering a Japanese person drew/wrote Dream Fossil. however, it's the mannerisms of Kon's characters, the settings, and topics that make life in Japan [...]

    Un reproche l'écriture est un peu petite et parfois difficile à déchiffrer. Les histoires sont souvent drôles et imaginatives. On retrouve bien l'univers de Satoshi Kon et aurait aimé qu'il y en ai plus.

    Picnic is a madness. Good collection of stories, some a little dry, some pretty mind-blowing.

    Iman Kurniadi
    semakin ke belakang cerita-cerita pendeknya semkain bagus. dalam satu buku ada berbagai macam cerita berbagai genre dan berbegai suasana. komedi, drama, scifi, horor, petualangan, dll.

    Dream Fossil is a bit of a mixed bag, unsurprisingly. What I enjoyed the most was seeing Satoshi Kon evolve as a story-teller from one short to the next. His illustrations were consistently beautiful and highly detailed. His stories all seemed to have a spirit of fun, even the darker ones.While many of these shorts are just 'okay' there are a few that really stood out to me. I loved Toriko: Prisoner, the final story in the volume. It was sci-fi action at its best. The twist ending was fantastic. [...]

    World Literature Today
    "Despite the passing of late anime director Satoshi Kon in 2010, fans can still get more of his work in the newly published anthology Dream Fossil. The anthology is a collection of short manga that were written by Kon and published in a series of magazines in the 1980s, including the award-winning “Toriko,” written in 1984. Reading Dream Fossil is to retrospectively watch Kon grow into the artist who created such dark, gritty, and emotional pieces of work that stand out not just to anime fan [...]

    Selección sumamente irregular, explicable porque incorpora sobre todo cómics de los inicios de Kon como mangaka donde (es normal) quedan al descubierto sus deficiencias narrativas. Sin embargo, a diferencia del prescindible Historias cortas de Urasawa, incluye tres o cuatro historietas notables que recuerdan al Kon de Regreso al mar, lleno de empatía y con la evocación de sentimientos como bandera. Quería destacar la primera historia de todas, Cautivos, una narración de ciencia ficción so [...]

    While not all of the stories are equally compelling, there are four that make the book absolutely worth picking up. If you're a fan of Satoshi Kon's films or are just looking for manga that goes beyond the mainstream, I would highly recommend this book. (Full review will eventually appear on The Anime News Network.)

    Excellent collection of all of Kon's short comics. My favorites were probably Waira, Beyond the Sun, Joyful Bell, The Adventures of Master Basho, and the two-part Toriko - Prisoner. There was also a nice interview with composer and musician Susumu Hirasawa, who did the music for Millennium Actress, Paprika, and Paranoia Agent. Highly recommended, as are all of Kon's works.

    Richard Erb
    Satoshi Kon's stories were so varied and interesting. Obviously never wanted to tell the same style of story twice. The expansion into the medium of anime was definitely where he found his voice though. His film Millenium Actress is an all time favorite.

    I liked this alot , and I finished it in September . Some of the stories are harder to follow than others . The one about Basho is cute . The one about the grandma is silly . YMMV They are all OK .

    If you're at all aware of Paprika you know Satoshi Kon was amazing and these collected stories back that up. Truly great stuff here.

    Anie Things
    Me gusta el autor, pero el tomo en sí no me acaba de convencer del todo. Prefiero al Satoshi Kon como director de anime.

    Edward Rathke
    Some good, some bad, some great.It's Satoshi Kon, so if you're a fan it's worth checking out from the library, but probably not something that needs to be bought.

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